Hindraf’s Overconfident of Indian Support

February 17, 2013

Hindraf’s  Overconfident of its Indian support

by http://www.malaysiakini.com

Pakatan Rakyat may risk losing 25 parliamentary seats in the next general election if it does not receive support from Hindraf, the movement’s chief P Waythamoorthy says.

hindraf 5th anniversary 251112 waythamoorthy waytha moorthyThis comes in light of the Indian community warming up to the BN under Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s administration.

However, Hindraf can help swing them back in favour of Pakatan if the Opposition coalition forms an electoral pact with the movement, Waythamoorthy (left) said in a statement today.

“The Indian community is not at war with the government as we were in 2007-2008. Najib’s administration has done tremendous work on the ground and if they are successful in gaining 55 percent of the total Indian voters, Pakatan is likely to face risks in 25 Parliament seats,” he said.

Furthermore, Waythamoorthy said, Kedah would be “sure to fall” and Selangor would be at great risk of being recaptured by the BN. “We at Hindraf believe we can prevent this. Our almost 2,000 cadres are prepared to go on the ground – they are unpaid volunteers. They will do the magic.”

He said a partnership between Hindraf and Pakatan could ensure that at least half of the undecided Indian votes would go to the opposition coalition.

‘Hindraf blueprint the main priority’

It was reported on Feb 14 that Pakatan’s discussions with Hindraf for cooperation had come to a stalemate after Hindraf had demanded to contest in seven parliamentary  and 10 state seats.

Waythamoorthy later clarified that Hindraf had proposed to contest in all the MIC-held seats and had no desire for any seat held by an incumbent from Pakatan.

NONEHe had said that the main priority for Hindraf was still for Pakatan to endorse its blueprint to help the Indian poor.

Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim has been coy about endorsing the blueprint and has instead stated that the principles of the blueprint were already embodied in Pakatan’s Buku Jingga manifesto.

However, Waythamoorthy maintained that Hindraf’s blueprint was more specific and the Indian community would not accept the vague promises that have been the norm in previous general elections.

“Hindraf has been questioned by the Indian community at all our road shows on the reason for Pakatan’s reluctance to endorse our blueprint. We have no concrete answer that is to their dissatisfaction to give them,” he said.

Waythamoorthy urged the Pakatan leaders to gauge the sentiments on the ground instead of relying on hardcore party supporters to feed them with information.

42 thoughts on “Hindraf’s Overconfident of Indian Support

  1. Hey, Hindraf, why not talk to MIC and UMNO if you can deliver 25 seats in Parliament. The Indian vote is unpredictable; it could go either way. Hindraf is irrelevant on that score. So keep on dreaming.–Din Merican

  2. Hindraf overvalues itself. A case of “cakap besar, pocket kosong”.

    Hindraf’s influence in the Indian community is only a small basket full. It is trying to make itself relevant after all the bungling initiatives and pure arrogant rhetoric since it first came out on the national scene.

    Its leaders are more concerned about their self-importance than the welfare of the marginalised Indian poor in the country.

  3. Dato Din.
    The only problem with Hindraf blueprint with Pakatan is they want articles 153 of the constitution to be abolish.This is vary sensitive.Anwar told them he cant do it.

    Do you think UMNO/BN will do it.?

  4. Dato,

    You are kind to use the word “unpredictable” with regard to Indian voters. I regard them unreliable. Don’t believe me, just ask Samy Vellu. He used to bribe and threaten them using Indian gangsters and other rogues, and keep them under his control by dishing out money. So BRIM1 and BRIM2 and after elections BRIM3 will induce them to vote for UMNO-BN, not Hindraf’s Blueprint.

    Waythamoorthy, you are truly dreaming and I do not think Pakatan Rakyat will accept your assessment. You can join on their terms. You are in no position to demand for seats.

  5. Hello Tambies,

    Pakatan coalition is colorless. Many non-Malays in Pas also as well as DAP and PKR. Why for have an Indian splinter group. Just join PKR or DAP or PAS. There is no point champion a splinter minority’s ideology. MIC will do their homework for BN.

    The est 10% population Indians are split among MIC, DAP, PKR and others minor fraction so what significance of swing can there be when 60% of 27m are voting age?

    Of est 1.5m Indian votes across MIC, DAP, PKR and others, where are Hindraf members across constituencies in WM? So tell us, how having Hindraf in Pakatan can swing the votes.

    Long ago, Chinese votes were between DAP and MCA and that might swing as seen in 2008 and 1969 as Chinese voters are mainly in cities / towns.

    Not too long ago, UMNO baru won against S46 because ajib swung UMNO youth to favor Madhater (he utang him that one)

    Malay votes are among UMNO, PKR and PAS as Madhater said.

    The fight for votes in within Malay heartland and EMsia. These have insignificant Indian voters.

    Better you assimilate Hindraf ideologies into PKR or DAP. Alternatively you can choose MIC if color is important.

  6. Again, tamby,

    Introduction to Marketing 101:
    GE13 is simply another market effort or carving specification to suit: segmentation, customer profiling, likes/dislikes, etc.
    Where are your seats that will pose a 3 corner fights?
    this round 3 corner fights will habis monyet kechit get between 2 gajah bercinta2.
    this round kataks are in EM if you want to know.
    EM kataks are different. Their ideologies are nativity founded in their heartland; Ibans, Dayaks, Kadazans etc etc.etc.

    So either you join PKR/DAP (or even PASS), or MIC if you want to be relevant otherwise sorry to see you go your way.

  7. If Hibdraf is sincere in helping the Indian community, why can’t they work within the Pakatan Rakyat framework which is to champion the rakyat’s cause regardless of race and religion? Its for everybody’s benefit. If the Malays are beginning to see this, why can’t Hindraf. Why are they inciting the Indians to fight based on Indians cause only.

    If Hindraf wants to play a threatening game, then go and join BN. Pakatan Rakyat shall continue to reach to the Indian community to explain the struggle for a new Malaysia. I believe the Indians are not stupid anymore.

  8. Hindraf. Shd demand bn. For the seats. Can they outline the no of indian ngo ,s helping the marginalized the indians. Hindrafonly fight to build Hindu temples. Tamil schools, social other issues not dicussesed .tcorruption within Indian based organizations was and is not in the agenda I will rely on. Present pakatan and bn minus mic to look at the poor malaysian needs

  9. It is best HINDRAF throw its weight and support behind Pakatan and give them a 5 year trial to attend to specific marginalised groups such the bottom rung Indians. What is 5 years gamble against 55 years of proven disaster. HINDRAF has neither the infrasctucture nor the resources to turn become a political party on its own to win seats. It may do so over the next 5 years if Pakatan fails to deliver an equitable outcome that are measurable for a marginalised group, including the Orang Asli and the rural natives of Sabah and sarawak.

    being a statistical minority within a minority of 8 % HINDRAF does not have much levearge , only moral and goodwill of the majority and that politically speaking.

  10. Hello tamby,

    Not one here support your stand. Either you join one of the 2 big gajah else when the love making begins, the juice will drown you.

    You wanna fight in 3 corners? Be prepare to loose your deposits according to higher educated independent Indians.

    cukup bagi kita opinion ! peace out.

  11. Hindraf not happy with UMNO-BN because Najib refuse to give enough murukku to Hindraf leaders.

    And this P Waythamoorthy wants Tandoori Chicken from Pakatan Rakyat.

    Mana boleh, thamby. You are only worth a packet of murukku

  12. Looks like the bags of rice thrown at Wayta’s brethren in Semenyih has worked its magic.

    If Wayta thinks the BN is the answer to solving the plight of the Indian community, he needs to have his head examined to see if there’s anybody home. Either that or he has suffered from Mahathir’s “mudah lupa” syndrome.

    Or maybe he thinks the issues unfolding in bolehland the last couple of years is one big Tamil movie drama where threats and beating around the bush is the way to go.

  13. Dey, if PR wins – there ain’t no more BN. Just a loose conglomeration of self infected masturbators. Hindraf for all it’s hype and ethnocentricity is no feather on any ones cap. They can be the tip of UMNO’s French Cap (yeah.., i know it’s archaic) for all we care.

    What we need is caring, just, honest and transparent Governance – not a bunch of agitators brandishing their own narrow set of agendas – which more often than not, besmirch the ideals of equality (at least in a political sense), liberty, freedom and universal suffrage.

    If Hindraf wants more dough to build up their Bread – continue suing the Queen of England for the Fall of Great Britannia. What a Sour Sinister Puss without Boots (or is it Butts?)!

  14. Frank,
    Nowaday, papadam refuse to expand in microwave oven.
    Last time Samy Vellu papadam just put in sun, expand like vijandran.

  15. Dungun people just said, BR1m cake increment if BN win was laughed by pak cik and mak cik……….so clear cut sign in malay heartland means battle ground sinking.

    Good things need no discount. This time plenty of hand-outs.

    Final hand-out is coming: KWSP dividend. We may expect 8% ? Long ago, used to be 8% then jatoh. This will be the final topping on the cake.

    If anything less than 8%, more votes leave BN. If 8%, lost is curb though gain is unlikely.

    So much cakes promised by BN.

    Pakatan just promise ONE cake i.e. good GOVERNANCE, the only cake people want.

  16. If someone wanted to be blunt with Indraf, they would tell them – THIS is Malaysia and Hindraf is not Malay – meaning if its too difficult, they got to live with it..

  17. Aiyaa what are you talking Bro Moorthy…You should thank your good friend in Makkal Sakthi for ensuring your safe return to the country from self-exile in Singapore and not charged for the infamous ‘Hindraf fiasco’ in 2007. And even the majority members of Hindraf have joined forces in Makkal Sakthi, the new Indian platform in BN with strong blessing from the PM himself…So what’s your game now Bro?

  18. PR should go ahead without Hindraf. At this juncture, there is no time to accomodate those who can and will swing either way. Just bite the bullet and move ahead. Hindraf is done and dusted.

  19. The best way is to leave Hindraf alone where the pressure group do not see the change as their top priority that benefits all Malaysians. They are not genuine in their desire to see the improvement of the Indian community under Pakatan Rakyat but more to themselves. Hindraf chief can tell BN that they can deliver 25 parliamentary seats for them if they are cock sure of helping out BN.

  20. The idea of going to the Queen of England to help resolve what is a domestic matter ignoring the issue of sovereignty makes me sick to my stomach.

  21. I have nothing against the Indians as some of my closest friends are Indians. Some Malaysian Indians living in London that I met have both Malaysian and U.K. passports. Although Malaysia does not recognize dual citizenship U.K. does.

  22. I am apalled by the racist stereotypes that are used to adress the Indins of Malaysia -thambies, this is eactly what is wrong with this country . institutionalised racism is getting more and more entrenched. Malay racism in government circles and chinese racism in the private sector. PR or BN it is the same in this respect and you know who knows best… the victims of the racism. Malaysia is soon ooing to feel the impact of their racist policies in international circle and look like an outcast. Soon very soon.

  23. Untuk perhatian anda semua, jangan memandang ringan pengaruh Hindraff dikalangan rakyat india . Sebelum pilihanraya dan selepas perhimpunan hindraff , ramai pemimpin yang cuba memperkecilkan pengaruh hindraf dikalangan rakyat india di Malaysia. Tapi , rakyat india telah membuktikan kepada semua pemimpin termasuk Samy velu, hindraff dibawah pimpinan uthayya dan wathy adalah cukup besar dan kuat. Perkara yang sama telah diulangi di pilihanraya kecil Hulu Selangor di mana hindraff telah mengambil langkah untuk tidak menyokong mana-mana pihak kerana kegagalan pemimpin pakatan untuk mendengar suara hindraff yang mewakili majoriti rakyat india. kini tiba , pilihanraya umum 13, mengapa pkatan masih tidak sedar kekuatan hindraff dan angguh.

  24. subramaniam

    What’s wrong with the word “Thamby” ? My Indian friends call me Thamby, and I am not offended, neither do they when I call them the same.

  25. Subra,
    My Indian friends called me chardiear, machang. I don’t get offended. Don’t try to claim ownership of words here. Poordah.!

  26. Stereotyping? Yeah.., lots of that – especially when you’re perceived to be anti-whatever establishment.

    The difference is how you handle the odium and vitriol. A truly educated soul, of any race sees himself above mere ethnicity or even religion (or none, thereof).

    A pariah Chink dog like me, just keeps a smile on – provided they do physically abuse me. If they do – then i bite back, hard. Being forward looking, does not mean we bark at every noise. The inscrutable Chinapek has it’s virtues and as Bean says, the only thing we have straight – is our hair. Tribal? Yup. That’s why we have so many derogatory terms for aliens outside the herd.

    The Malays otoh have been taught from young to be polite and ‘gentle’. Except when they feel threatened or exposed. Then their emotions overflow – sometimes beyond reason. They are shackled by a societal stratification which although is not religiously caste-like, is dependent on money, power, glamour and celebrity. That’s why the need for Feudal titles. (Meaning no disrespect, for those so afflicted, including my own).

    The Indians otoh, especially the semi-educated (define that), have this massive chip on their shoulder. One offensive word (or even an innocuous one, like Thamby) and they go ballistic. Their views of themselves are so hyped and bombastic up, that they can’t see their hubris. The sheer verbosity challenges even the most rational and forgiving observer. And they don’t abide particularly well when liquor flows..

    So my question is: “Is Hindraf daft, or merely drunk?” O had great hopes for the Makkal Sakthi movement – but see where that went.

  27. Yea, what’s wrong with the word “Thamby” not to mention the former CM of Malacca, and many more there where their ancestors blended in the Malay society and customs centuries ago and proudly maintained the namesake.

  28. first of all Hindraf or Makkal Sakti are not representatives of all malaysian indians. would it not be proper for us malaysians to understand each other and treat one another with respect?
    CLF merely says our chinese have thick skins therefore they are not easily provoked – yes; as long as it is good for business they’ll tolerate any insult. the ‘thambies’ are different, not because they are uneducated but because they occupy the lowest social rank in Malaysia.
    John Nathan,
    there is nothing wrong with the word Thamby but the way it is used. you may call someone younger than you or your pal thamby but a person older addressed as such will be offended. (yes I am old fashion) isn’t it a pity that we understand little about each other but still want to be proud of our multiethnic country?
    1Malaysia Boleh!

  29. Regarding 350,000 stateless, here is the reason.


    “Many of those eligible to be citizens by operation of law in Malaysia are stateless because they carry no birth certificates like their parents, grandparents and ancestors. These include Indians and the Orang Asal (Orang Asli) in Peninsular Malaysia and the Orang Asal – Dusuns, Muruts, and Dayaks — in Sabah and Sarawak. The sea gypsies or Bajau Laut — Pala’u – in Sabah are also stateless.

    The issue of a citizen by naturalization – i.e. the latter a foreigner who obtained citizenship in Malaysia – is eligible for citizenship by registration. If born overseas, there are the other requirements to be met.

    Failure to register as a citizen or failure to register the birth if born overseas would mean that the issue would be considered a citizen of the naturalized citizen’s old country.

    There are many in Malaysia in this category as a result of being born in Brunei, Indonesia (Kalimantan) and India, among other places. They are permanently doomed to carry red (permanent residence) and green cards (temporary residence) or even Special Passes (white) from the Immigration Department.”

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