Malaysia has a Cat among Pigeons not a Nelson Mandela

January 13, 2013

Malaysia has a Cat among Pigeons not a Nelson Mandela

by The Ice Cream Seller @

In the last few weeks, I have been prodded enough to awaken my few and far between bouts of commenting on issues here. The bile and venom that spews out of one man is enough to awaken a grizzly bear from hibernation.

MandelaAs I thought about it, I also thought of Nelson Mandela (left) (can someone please tell Ibrahim Ali that he is not a footballer playing in the African Nations Cup?). How blessed South Africa is to have such a statesman and what did we do to have a cat among the pigeons?

Then I thought back to the days towards  the end of Apartheid when I first set foot on the African continent and what it was like then and now. At that time, Mandela was the rage.

Also at the time, our then Prime Minister was also riding high, but somehow, it always seemed that hands down, Mandela was it. The man. The hero. Now both are past leaders. One is revered in retirement and the other, working feverishly as a “dalang”.

Let’s examine some aspects of each based on their actions, qualities and achievements, and from there, a reader ought to distinguish the one with the broad shoulders and the one with a chip on his shoulder.


One spent a considerable time in jail in Robben Island. The other sent a considerable number to jail all over the country.

Revenge and Separation

After Apartheid (can someone please tell Ibrahim Ali that it is not the name of some kuih?), Mandela worked tirelessly for reconciliation. A truth and reconciliation commission was set up.

At the televised proceedings, white Police personnel and Army officers broke down and wept when confessing their misdeeds. Likewise the black community, whether they were from the ANC or not. They sought forgiveness and forgiveness was largely given. The price of the terrible acts they committed was the weight of their conscience.

Here, we can’t even allow Chin Peng to return home. Unlike the MalaysianChin Peng Bali bombers, Chin Peng (right) fought for independence though his ideology was different in terms of what we felt should be, post Merdeka.

On the contrary, our exported terrorists have their bodies brought home in RMAF aircraft and we are so humane as to fly their relatives or spouses to accompany the bodies home.

Whilst Apartheid was dismantled, our NEPartheid grew and flourishes till today ― separate schools, separate examinations, university placements, civil service intakes, promotions in the various government agencies and bodies, separate mutual funds, separate plates, separate cups, scholarships, housing discounts, loan schemes, set apart cities (Putrajaya, Shah Alam, Bangi), etc.

Forgiveness vs Revenge

Mandela was able to forgive those who put him in jail ― even the wardens became his friends. He earned their respect and made them see the error of their ways and value system.

He could sit and talk with FW de Klerk (the then leader) and de Klerk ― though a political opponent ― could see the larger picture through humane eyes that Apartheid was wrong. He could also see the measure of the man in Mandela. A white Afrikaneer (please tell Ibrahim Ali that it is not a type of cheese) that I knew told me that he was so proud of what he referred to as “my president”. To come from someone of the opposite divide and to say so with such pride was something to hear and behold

Here we are being taught and brainwashed against the perils of imaginary enemies. And our enemies are everywhere ― Jews, Christians, pendatangs, gays, lesbians, Singapore, Valentine’s Day, Bibles, etc, etc.

Odium and disdain

One is a revered statesman and hugely popular, even amongst past political Dr Mopponents. The other (right) is looked upon in utter contempt and disdain bar the life members of the racist NGO, PERKASA, where he is the patron.

Rugby World Cup

Years back, South Africa hosted the Rugby World Cup. At that time, it was almost entirely played by the whites and the challenge was to get the best team to play for the new Rainbow nation.

Mandela realised that this was something that would help cement the nation’s peoples. He called for the captain ― a white ― and had tea with him in the Presidential Palace. It didn’t matter to the President that he was white and that nearly all the team would be white.

The equivalent of PERKASA was screaming that the black players should be the majority. Mandela reasoned that they should not take away what was so important to them (the white population ) ― Rugby ― and his view prevailed.  Bottom line: They won the World Cup with nearly all their players white and sweating blood and guts to bring glory to their country and the event was a great advertisement for their country.

Dato Soh Chin AunHere, what were multiracial teams for football, hockey, rugby that represented the nation are reduced to mono-ethnic camps. Almost every sports association has been politicised and consequently, the spirit of the nation has been crushed under the tidal wave of NEPartheid.

Our best years in football had the likes of Chin Aun (left), Mokhtar Dahari, Choon Wah,  Santokh Singh, M. Chandran, James Wong, Spiderman Arumugam, Chow Chee Keong, etc. The hockey team that came in 4th at the 1975 World Cup was only unusual in that every race was present except a Punjabi!! Where have all the so-called “pendatangs” gone in team sports?


South Africa is made up of many indigenous peoples. Add to that the migrant Asians, white settlers and other neighbouring African states. Today, they celebrate their diversity and are called the Rainbow Nation.

Ibrahim AliHere, we threaten pendatangs with revocation of citizenship. Even the word pendatang, which I never really heard in my school days in the 70s, has gained considerable currency so much so I am quite nonchalant to define myself as a pendatang even though I am “Genpentiga (Generasi Pendatang Tiga)”.

Pribumi, Bumiputera (all imported words from India by the way) are singled out at the expense of people of migrant descent. Unfortunately, the singular defining factor of separation in our land has been for sometime now along the lines of religion ― diversity can be accepted provided religion is the same.

Genuine warmth

When Madiba ( as Mandela is affectionately known), the smile radiates warmth. There is no venom in his smile. When Madiba laughs, it is a hearty laugh. Madiba does not snigger.

Confidence vs Insecurity

When Mandela speaks or walks, there is an air of authority, presence and confidence. Despite all the years spent in jail, he never thought of payback time by clinging on the reins of power. Equally, he was able to entrust his political foes with the reins of power. On one occasion, he appointed a political opponent, a tribal chief ― Mangosuthu Butolezi ― as the President whilst he was away from office. Mangosuthu Butolezi was a Zulu chief.

Can we envisage a situation where a Karpal Singh or a Lim Kit Siang is given the reins even for a few hours?

Chiefs of national institutions

During Mandela’s tenure (though not necessarily during its entirety), he showed he could govern with a robust Opposition, a Judiciary and Police force headed by whites. Compare that to the situation here ― where they were either sacked or retired off. Magnanimity, grace, compassion and exemplary leadership compared to deceit, lust, jealousy, greed and insecurity all rolled into one.

Post retirement

Madiba does a lot for charity and in his early years of retirement, was a sought after peace maker throughout the African continent. He lives is a relatively modest residence and does not involve himself in the pits and gutters of politics.

He does not promote his children to higher office ― certainly not at the expense of and detriment to others. More than anything, he is a powerful symbol of unity despite there being no such thing as “1 South Africa”.

Noble Peace Prize

South Africa can stand proud and tall as a nation that two of its leaders ― from opposite sides of the political divide ― were recognised for their efforts in forging peace and dismantling Apartheid by the award of the Noble Peace Prize. Unfortunately, here, opponents are ostracised and those who are not get awards from PERKASA

To the younger readers you will note that in many parts above, I only allude to Mandela. To elucidate on our equivalent situation will only add to your despair and grief. So I will spare you that.

* Ice Cream Seller reads The Malaysian Insider

21 thoughts on “Malaysia has a Cat among Pigeons not a Nelson Mandela

  1. Mandela rose above the politics of hate and race while the other thrives in power, rancour and hatred. I need not say more except to note that most Malays cannot see the man who governed our country for 22+ years for what he really is. I too was once taken up by his Bersih, Cakap dan Amanah slogan. Today, we have become a nation devoid of ethical values.–Din Merican

  2. This Kutty Bersih Cepat Amanah was a ploy. In the end it really materialized as “Amanah lah, bagi I (Kutty) bersih cepat”…….so all our wealth went fast to him alone because from LADA became LAMA.

    Forgiveness is humane: We Forgive, we don’t FORGET !……… ..
    First return the people’s wealth paid by their taxes to the people. If in earnestly the corrupts seek forgiveness. If they repent by returning all the people’s wealth, then we forgive them after we rehabilitate them in jail first (so they wont sin again against the people).

  3. To liken the NEP to apartheid is just way off. The NEP is more comparable to post apartheid affirmative action policies by the ANC government. Apartheid favored the privileged minority, while the NEP and ANC’s affirmative action seeks to assist the disadvantaged majority. Its not perfect and has been abused, but anyone who is against the underlying intention of the NEP must surely also be against ANC’s affirmative action for South Africa’s blacks to be consistent.
    Mazlan, you make too much of the NEP. Let me say to you that you were chosen to study at Stanford University, Palo Alto, Calif under a Sime Darby scholarship NOT because you were a Malay or bumiputra. I know that because I was one of those SD officers who sat on the panel to interview you after your application had been rigorously vetted. You competed with the best who applied. We have to make the Malays competitive and less dependent on a nanny UMNO state. Salams, Din Merican

  4. I think we need a leader like Tun Mahathir to run a multi racial country like Malaysia.Dollah Badewi and now Najib is too weak.
    If no firm action taken by Najib to stop all the extreme leader like Ibrahim Ali and Hindraf,I can smell we are heading for another trouble.

  5. Narayan:
    comparative well put. Pauline Hanson and Ibrahim Ali make great partners. I wonder if they have met in secret.

    The NEP cannot be NOT supported. It is in the spirit of development but the abuse were unchecked. The NEP in the Pakatan Government needs to be revised and closely monitored on development of the masses i.e. the rural Malays whose minds are still not liberated. The higher educated Malays are already on their own at par with the rest. Affirmative action need to be properly defined towards the masses. We are already a literate country. With literacy the masses still remained shackled. Something is not correct. Are they bind to blindness so that the few who could see can continue harvesting?

    Next question is what sort of democracy are we on? What social ideologies are we tagged to?
    Social conservative, social liberals, social democrat, progressive social democrat or….??????

  6. Our politicians are not the honorable lot. They used affirmative action as cover to introduce apartheid of kind so that they can be TUAN. All races other than the ‘Malays’, whether inherited, constitutional or ‘celup’, are oppressed in this country.

  7. The abuses and manipulations by a select few of the NEP are the key factor that have caused the policy to be viewed with scepticism…… What is obvious , after decades of implemention , the NEP has never really met its target of lifting the economy of pak abu and mak minah , dwellers of the malay heartland , not in totality it has not… Needless to say , those that have benifited the most are those that are\ were calling the shots and the vicious cycle continues to this very day….Who to blame if not you bloody malayans for lettting that mamak guy to a field day for 22 number of years

  8. Dear Ice Cream Seller,your article which I think is great and true but I truly have to say this,
    ” You’ve done a great injustice to put Madiba’s name in the same article as those 2 idiots of ours,sad but true,between Mandela and those 2 idiots are a great abyss,just like comparing an elephant to an insect ( dust mite ), Nelson always keeps to his principle,where else our 2 idiots,Mahakutty n Ibrahim Katak think principles are their former headmasters,an Englishman no doubt,when that happens,their lives are constantly on inferiority complex mode.When Mahakutty was a houseman,he was constantly admonished by his superior,another Englishman,so now you understand his weaknesses.He reads and try to outdo his past,his inferiority complex has got the better of him,too sad,neither a Malay nor refusing to acknowledge his Kerala’s origin.As for Ibrahim,his past and future are the powers,wealth that he desires,his worth are like the jumble sales we have everywhere nowadays.He is still in dreamland,neither wanted nor needed,what do you do with Dust mites,you, UV them to death”….oouch!!!

  9. “I think we need a leader like Tun Mahathir to run a multi racial country like Malaysia.Dollah Badewi and now Najib is too weak.”- Meor

    I don’t think I want a leader, who, now we have just found out is “clueless” about the goings on in the country. Also, he never seemed to be responsible for whatever happened under his watch. No, no, we don’t want another SOCIOPATH as our leader.

  10. He had to virtually kick his own backside to go….but he did;nt go….he did not want to let-go. and with GE 13 on stage for the big=show, he will not let go…

    Why ? he had thought it was going to be an easy joy-ride for his son to the next DPM, but has suddenly been showed a ‘ vision’ that PM Najib is about to select the I.S.A. flur who was supposed to have been ‘ locked ‘ in Kamunting, will be the sure Candidate for DPM. ! And so, he must not let go… ;cuz if he does, he & cronies will be forced to go, and Anwar is hoping that it will be to Kamunting…

    Big Question is : Who will be the DPM after GE13 ?
    So he will not let go…..

  11. didi,

    The only leader we have had was Tunku.
    Thereafter, 2 were unhealthy,
    1 overstayed and now psychopathed disowned all issues and gave his dep black eye and stab him from under behind.,
    1 so called Mr. Clean had a hairy SIL who now has no cabinet post though youth head,
    then 1 now plenty issues.

    How this country survived is a miracle and now more blessed with more oil fields discovered so I dialed Jeremiah 33:3 (because its said to call Him when got problem) and a message said.

    The almighty God has a purpose for more black gold. Its like, bagi u people chance, here start again. Do it right this time everytime. Don’t worry those bagers and their seeds will be roasted by my thunder flashes.

  12. Sure, we have a cat. Its called KUCHING that went berserk and fell all trees and chase the apes into kaliman.

    Now, more bomoh coming for GE13 because ajib need FLOM power so bad

    I got a Black Magic Woman
    Yes, I got a Black Magic Woman
    She’s got me so blind I can’t see
    But she’s a Black Magic Woman and
    she’s trying to make a devil out of me

    Don’t turn your back on me, baby
    Yes, don’t turn your back on me, baby
    Don’t mess around with your tricks
    Don’t turn your back on me, baby
    ’cause you might just wake up my magic sticks

    Yes, you got your spell on me, baby
    Turnin’ my heart into stone
    I need you so bad
    Magic Woman I can’t leave you alone

  13. erh……he also ? no wonder la we all blinded. the one who could not be blinded got a black eye.

    There are many powerful witches in NW PRC but collectively dared not disrespect sovereignty. Here our sovereignty is compromised to the unknown and the repercussion will be beyond dead serious according to a top notch bomoh who respected most of Brunei sultanate.

    Brunei, a small kingdom ruled by justice and governance flourished and flourished without need for NEP. It has only one tier citizenship regardless of color or creed. There is no such thing as bumi or non-bumi status. Brunei has many twinning projects with Sg. If Brunei malays can progress to this level, something must be horribly wrong with our system that retrograde the masses. Once we were ahead that than Bruneians. Now we are behind. Their B$ is par with S$. No corruption there. Theirs is truly high income society when people are more learned, respectful, cultured and progressive.

  14. See! WE are hearing different stories from different versions from different folks including the philipines officials. Those sulu royals armed or unarmed? Lahad Datu area under control or not? Why nego with them to allow them to leave without charges incriminating against. If you nego with terrorists, what makes you think that they won’t come back for more

  15. Definitely not in Nelson Mandela’s league.

    More in the league of Third World dictators who controlled
    oil rich nations (and squandered billions of $$$, while spending some of the
    oil wealth on showy projects).

  16. At least in Nelson Mandela’s South Africa the Balade Runner was charged swiftly inspite of his popularity. In many Third World countries such a high profile case would never have seen the light of day.

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