15 thoughts on “What is happening in my state, Kedah Darul Aman?

  1. I’m sure a lot more mismanagement, corruption, unethical business deals etc will be uncovered in all the UMNO/BN ruled states when they lose power. Those involved must face the course of justice be them Tun, Tan Sri, Dato or whatever title in front of their names. Tiada maaf bagi mu. We all have been screwed for far too long already.

    I just couldn’t understand how some people especially ‘educated’ ones still support UMNO/BN.

  2. Dato, BN/UMNO is WORST than the water in septic tank. Now under the rule of Najib/Rosmah, the matter is getting more worst…What is MACC and Police doing? Sleeping? or dreaming?
    Dato, what do you think of ‘Black Rose’ by Deepak?????

  3. With frequent changes in government and the restoration of the rule of law, there will be less instances of abuse of power and corruption. The modus operandi has been to set up companies and get proxies to act for you. Although a company is a separate legal entity. fraud is easily uncovered with the piercing of the corporate veil so the real players could be exposed.

    Follow the paper trail and follow the money. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist.

  4. What’s happening in your state? Good question, Din. It’s gone to the dogs. Kudos to Al Kutty and his 40 thieves. They have made stealing the rakyat’s money into an art.

  5. dato,

    unfortunately, it is not limited to your home state only. it is clearly stated every year in at AG report and it is being expedited to be archived, wakaka..


    please dont forget that we are now a very, very advanced but not yet 1st world country. dont believe this? look at our yearly budget, 80% is for OPEX, repeat that, OPEX, wakaka… that means what we have now is so good that all we need is just to maintain it, thats all… wakaka…

    so, with that in mind – as the speaker above mentioned… no, no, no how dare you gives them ‘grants’ to us, what u think we are cheapskates? no, give us loans, wakakaka!!!! ini orang kata, “pukul rata” – gangam sytyle, wakaka

  6. What happened to Kedah where Kutty came from.


    Mahathir ‘fears’ Anwar at Putrajaya…why…Anwar will expose everything!!!!
    Mukhriz ‘relies’ on Mahathir to succeed in politics..
    Mahathir’ son, Mirzan Mahathir owns San Miguel Beer Company…BUT HARAM for other Malays!!!!
    MAS must buy fuel for 6 months from PETRON. Mahathir is MAS Adviser and his son owns PETRON…
    Mokhzani Mahathir, is 20th Richest person…How COME……..

    Malaysians of every race need to work together and live together in peace and harmony while helping one another to progress…….UMNO/BN will not be able to do it….WE NEED A NEW, ABLE & CLEAN GOVERNMENT AT PUTRAJAYA……

  7. It only goes further to confirm that the plundering and robbing of the national coffer and treasury is an ongoing affair and that is why the Numero Uno said he would defend Putrajaya at all cost…. the theft has been in hundreds of millions that throwing away USD2 million for a 8-minute song and dance by Korean popstar Psy is done without the blink of an eye… OPM! Other People’s Money, why worry…..

    I was at a very expensive cafe bistro just a week ago in Jakarta located within the JW Marriott and there was this family, very obviously Malaysian because the guy was addressed as Dato Seri by the captain of the outlet, where the teenage son ordered a cheesecake and took a bite and decided he didn’t like it, ordered another flavored cake and also didn’t like it and finally settled for a third – a blackforest mousse cake… wow, must be spending OPM! I was quite shocked because when I looked at the menu, each piece was priced at USD18.95++ so that guy just wasted RM120 just so he could get the right cake (the third one!)….

    When I looked at my wife, all she said was…. OPM haha! probably your income tax money….

  8. Just think! What can Pakatan do if it wins the majority in Parliament in the 13GE, and loses some states with large stocks of natural resourses? This is the next challenge for Pakatan, seeing how the game is being played.

  9. What has been revealed is chickenfeed when compared to what will be revealed if PR really wins the 13 GE. This is the main fear of the old retired doc, because he knows all the dirt that are yet to surface and that is why he keeps saying that if PR takes over the government, UBN will never rules again. He said DSAI will make sure that happens, but the truth is, it is the RAKYAT that will make sure UBN is buried forever.

    Let us all pray that the fear of the retired doc becomes a reality, so that we may have a better future to look forward to.

  10. Northern higher streets in PRC is telling of Kra canal all by PRC expertise and funding………….and of course rights of plenty sorts.

    When this materialize as it may when PRC wants it. Northern triangle will see boom like never before. Sg which used to fence off the kra initiative seemed like had been told to SHUT UP !

    Kra will be a definite game changer to Kedah, Perlis, Penang, Kelantan and Terenggagnu. …….not to forget the whole of Songkla and North Sumatra.

    Sumatra which has 20% of Indon population and 80% of indon land will see ventures like never before. As it is, it has the oil palm, coffee and spices. So much land in sumatra waiting to be tap…………. it has the ring of fire too and where there are rings of fire, there are volcanoes and GOLD.

    Move aside Sg. Penang will replace you !

    A new Nevada of the east in Hatyai…flooded with retired PRC GROS.

  11. I don’t think only Kedah faces these problem. If some would to do a analysis on all 13 states. I believe non is spared.

    Get BN out now.

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