Penangnites came for PSY

February 13, 2013

Penangnites came for PSY, not Najib, says Susan Loone

Psy in Penang

About 30,000 braved the sweltering heat to see top South Korean pop star Psy gallop on stage to perform his world famous ‘Oppa Gangnam style’ at the BN’s open house in Penang today.

They were with Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak at Penang state BN Chinese New Year (CNY) open house held at the Han Chiang College field.The numbers were short of the expected 80,000, although a police officer on his rounds said he estimated the crowd as about 50,000.

As Najib was entering the venue, the emcee shouted “Are you ready for Psy!psy Are you ready for Oppa Gangnam style!” before welcoming the PM and his entourage of BN leaders.

Despite the emcee asking the people to give PM a rousing welcome, the crowd was mostly subdued, many fanning themselves under the burning February heat.

Puteri UMNO and BN supporters were seen waving ‘I love PM!’ banners but they were in the minority. Nibong Tebal MIC chief R Rajagopal said he had arranged 10 buses to the event.

When asked why he was not shouting “I love PM!”, the 62-year-old retiree replied “It’s okay, I’ve done a lot of that already”.

NajibxAttired in red traditional Chinese shirts, Najib and wife Rosmah Mansor together with children Ashman and Nooryana Najwa, arrived at 10.48am and were greeted by a lion dance troupe and a Chingay procession. He was accompanied by state BN leaders Teng Chang Yeow, Teng Hock Nan, and Tourism Minister Ng Yen Yen as well as former premier Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

 Yellow, green and red

As of 9.30am when the programme started, traffic was smooth and hundreds of police and volunteers corps were stationed at various points to direct traffic and manage the crowd.

When met on the field, Penang Plice chief Abdul Rahim Hanafi estimated the crowd to be about 50,000 to 60,000. “We deployed about 1,200 personnel today and it is a peaceful gathering,” he told Malaysiakini.

Many were seen in yellow, green and red. There were also UMNO members wearing red as it is their party’s colour. There were also those wearing the T-shirts of NGO BERSIH.

NONEOne, Alex Tan, 27 (right) from Klang, said he came to see Psy and to support Pakatan.

“I arrived as early as 7am with five others,” he added.

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng had earlier advised the public to wear yellow in a show of support for BERSIH, green for environment and red for change, but his suggestion didn’t go down well with BN leaders.

Initially, participants were not allowed to enter the field without special passes of ‘I love PM’ stickers and many were at a loss as to where to get them.
This is the first time BN had organised its CNY function in the open, at the Han Chiang field which has begun to be a symbol of Pakatan Rakyat.

Pakatan, with DAP leading, held a gathering here before the 2008 general election where thousands turned up to show their support, leading the opposition coalition to victory on March 8 that year.

Before Najib and his entourage arrived, the crowd was entertained by several performances from an orchestra. Traditional dances and a dragon and phoenix dance were also featured.

In his speech, state BN chief Teng Chang Yeow said BN had brought the best in the world and Asia through 1Malaysia initiator of Najib.”We want to bring the best to Penang,” he added.

 Goodies for those with ‘pink papers’

 At the end of event, the crowd lined up at the Han Chiang stadium venue for angpow, goodie bags and boxes of oranges. A senior citizen at the scene said that only people with special ‘pink papers’ were given the handouts by a group in  ‘Kelab Penyokong BN’ attire.

“I managed to get three packets of angpow, a bag with packets of rice and packets of other edible stuff and a box of oranges,” he told Malaysiakini, telling this reporter to line up and get the goodies before they ran out.


65 thoughts on “Penangnites came for PSY

  1. It was a great show. First time in Malaysia and probably the last if BN takes over the state. This is a a gangnam for BN leaders. KONG HEE FATT CHOY.
    Penang will remain under DAP. The people there have been badly let down by Tsu Koon and his Gerakan cohorts. Keep on dreaming, Taib, of a BN victory there.–Din Merican

  2. Dato,
    Ask any businessman who wish to break into Penang fortress to do business will tell you that they are tough and very clannish, the same apply to politics there. Majority of the clans there who already pledged their undivided support for CM LGE will very much want to keep him there for good for he had done an excellent job administering the state.

    As for Koh Tsu Koon and the rest of MCA and Gerakan goons, they can keep dreaming and pouring, more our Rakyat hard earned taxes for any events they wish to;but they will be hard hit this time again. Unless they can change, the Penangites mind not to eat boo hood durian.

    The so called Boo Hood fella is now hiding in Putrajaya wearing Big Mama’s sarong.Tips on how to spark conversation with Penangites, just mention Boo Hood. They will paint you stories of this cartoon fella called Boo Hood.

  3. I was told by a Penang friend this morning that Psy was a superb entertainer who refused to made use of by UMNO-BN politicians. He probably wanted to ensure that he did not offend his Malaysian fans by being seen to favour Najib and co. That is good. I hope the MCA organizers pay him his dues.–Din Merican

  4. Only those with ‘pink papers’ receive goodies……
    As usual, nothing surprising. Not all who go and show support receive their fair share of goodies. Two family members went early and left after the show was over and received nothing. They came home, all the more determined not to give away their votes wrongly- cant blame them for the frustration of the massive crowd, the heat and the jam and the knowledge that goodies were given to some and not all others. If we cant distributed goodies to all present, can we then distributed well the economic cake?

  5. You see the different between Mandela & BN folks…..Mandela go even further to become rugby fan & embracing springbok. It’s like UMNO go on stage & say that Malaysia would be rid of Melayu special position from constitution once & for all. Every Malaysian can be menteri besar of any melayu state including Perak

    That’s the spirit of Mandiba/Mandela that unite South Africa

    Can the melayus do that? Or rally behind a mamak called Madhater

    Can melayus & moslems just as the turks say…..No to Islamic State? Embrace what the Turkey has beeen doing now? Secular State……No JAIS/JAKIM/MAIS……No Islam as nation religion

    Mandela has done it…..South Africa has succeeded

  6. UMNO’s Najib Upping the ante!

    While PAS leader thinks Korean Gangnam style inventor is a FEMALE performer!

    Good to fight it in public, winners see it done, not talk!

  7. Well done Penang and LGE. Allowing the opposition to have their shindig in your backyard. No incidents of cop brutality, rempits sowing trouble, fru gas. Kudos for a great showing.

    Betcha if the shoe was on the other foot, BN would have let loose their dogs of mischief and mayhem, and i daresay there wld have been blood on the streets.

  8. Crowd shout NO to Najib………..looks like SHTF for MCA Gerakan tenancy in BN.
    Chua Soi Lek / Koh Tsu Koon……… are both ‘F’. dehydrated of members as they will katak to Pakatan. The Emperor is Naked: meaning you are desperate for phantom members and will short sell BN.

    limkitsiang Lim Kit Siang Highly Influential “R U ready 4Psy?” Najib asked n crowd responded “Yes!”. He then asked “R U ready 4BN?” but crowd shouted “No”. (Mkini)
    3 hours ago Reply Retweet Favorite 109 similar tweets

  9. A futile attempt by BN to wrest Penang. It’s difficult dealing with the chinaman but the Penang Chinaman, BN are wasting their time and “our”money.
    Can one ever imagine the FLOM singing let alone in Chinese, must be very painful to the ear.
    I have a sneaky feeling that Mr. Rajagopal is seeing his last days as a BN official if what he said is reported correctly:
    ” Nibong Tebal MIC chief R Rajagopal said he had arranged 10 buses to the event.
    When asked why he was not shouting “I love PM!”, the 62-year-old retiree replied “It’s okay, I’ve done a lot of that already”.

  10. Are Chinese Malaysians easily BRIBED with the staging of this Korean song and dance to forget about the 40 years of racial discrimination for scholarships, university places and promotions in public service.

    If that is so, then the Chinese are hypocritical opportunists with short foresight, and they ought to be discriminated against by UMNO for another 50 years. They don’t deserve a place in the Malaysian sun.

    The Chinese are well known for GIVING bribes, let’s see whether they are equally good at RECEIVING bribes.

    But something tells me that Najib has a LOW regards for the Chinese. I think he really believes the Chinese are low down opportunist scumbags who will sell their souls and principles cheaply and totally erase their memories of racial discrimination against them for one Gangnam show, and throw some loose change at the Chinese doorstep.

    That is how much UMNO thinks of the Chinese…. a community of greedy and money-faced opportunist scumbags who will sacrifice the future of their children when money is thrown into their faces for their votes at the coming GE.

  11. I envy the chinese, Jibs is falling over backwards to appease them. learned malaysians should be able to forsee the quality of our next government. is it logical to re-elect these cicus clowns?
    time to say goodbye to the wolves in sheeps clothing

    I wonder whom Jibby will invite for the Indian New Year in April 14th? Maybe MGR and Saroja Devi?! for BN-UMNO nothing is impossibe.
    why not postpone the GE to next year then we can expect more goodies.

  12. Frank,

    What you mentioned applies to most Chinese and almost entirely those in MCA and Gerakan are opportunitsts. There are also many like the old guards at DAP who believe in a brighter Msia.

    There were days long gone in the 70s when many Msian Chinese went abroad during the times when commonwealth countries like Oz, NZ, Canada and Spore had no foreign student fee differential and almost Zero fee too in addition to career opportunities.

    There were also those who returned home as they believe a day will come for a brighter and just Malaysia for their next generation. This higher educated group who chose to keep believing that day will come; we hope for this GE13, they have not waited in vain.

  13. For the Malaysian Indians, all it takes to buy their soul and their votes is a packet of murukku. Deal is done. That is why Najib looks at Indian votes only as an afterthought.

    Meanwhile the stupid HINDRAF is overvaluing itself for the GE, prostituting its small basket of Indian votes to the highest bidder from Pakatan and UMNO-BN.

    Najib and Anwar are laughing their asses off at the HINDRAF snake-oil sellers.

  14. Pity those poor who went there to Han Chiang High but did not get anything because somebody sapu all those pink slips of “Kelab Penyokong BN” which entitled the holders to door gifts of oranges, rice and angpows… some of those who came in tour buses were redeeming so many coupons each! So Najib… it doesn’t change, does it? I was there and I would say 90% of the pink slips were already pre-distributed and it went mostly to those who came on tour buses from out of town and to MCA Gerakan MIC members… any BN members out there want to challenge what I just accused you people of?

  15. Perhaps, Ocha ocha might have inserted the youtube but I felt that this link even more clearer. Najib says : are you ready for Psy…..Yes…..Are you ready for BN……No……..BN/UMNO/Gerakan/Najib & Madhater is doomed

  16. If i were Najib, i would go home, write my political obituary, get a very good french speaking legal team ready and find a third world non extradition country, send my family and put a jet on standby. On the night of election, i would on my actually fly by 8 pm to Singapore quietly be on standy. if everything ok next morning, slide in via JB, saying all kind of BS yep this johor umno began here that sort of thing, other wise spin that burkina faso in vited me etc etc and go an sit and avail of my african host..

  17. “But something tells me that Najib has a LOW regards for the Chinese. I think he really believes the Chinese are low down opportunist scumbags who will sell their souls and principles cheaply and totally erase their memories of racial discrimination against them for one Gangnam show, and throw some loose change at the Chinese doorstep. ” — frank

    Not to put it less graphically, Najib thinks he can make the Chinese in Malaysia lick their own spit.

  18. Here is the big issue. What happened is clear psychological breakthrough where the public have shook off inhibition to say no to UMNO/BN. PR is sure to use Psy material throughout their campaign in key states like Selangor, Perak, Negeri Sembilan and Johor..The ceramah’s will be very well attended. What if PR still loses in Selangor? The consequences then could be disastrous because no one will accept it..

  19. ocho onda

    Bangga ke you orang Penang buat perangai kurang ajar kat PM kita?. Kita memang taulah orang Penang sokong DAP. Tapi give some face to PM.
    Cakap saja Yes. Tapi undilah DAP kerana itu memang pilihan mereka. Their right.
    Kalau mereka anak Mak Chik, dah tentu Mak Chik tampar muka depa.
    Mak Chik tak terkejut kerana CMpun dah ajar mereka buat perangai kurang ajar. Ramai pulak ya datang, walaupun bantah Psy datang.
    Dahlah tu dapat duit dari Najib lagi. Kenapakah Najib asyik beri duit kepada mereka yang tak inginkannya dan tak akan membalas dengan mengundi BN.
    Baik beri kepada Makcik dan Pakchik miskin di kampung Melayu tradisional dan juga orang Asli. Dah tentu mengundi BN.

  20. I went back to my hometown in Johor for Chinese New Year to visit my parents. My father is over 80 years old, a typical village Chinese old man who vote BN year in, year out. He revered the MCA people in town. He has no clue how to turn on a computer but in the past few days, he was telling me stories about how BN and MCA screwed the people, stories you only read about on the alternative media. He’s an old man but there was anger and fire in his eyes when he relates these stories to me. The spirit of Teoh Beng Hock still lives on vividly for this old man. He thinks Ling Liong Sik will never ever be jailed for PKFZ because he couldn’t have done it without approval of the numero uno then.

    I told him in jest that Chua Soi Lek and Chua Tee Yong (‘well respected’ Johor Chinese) will be able to right things in BN and the country. My father politely gave his views. In summary, he said the father and son has no balls (“boh lam par”).

    The tide is certainly turning in Johor …..

  21. It must be a huge electric shock to Jib gor from the crowds replying No, x 3 to our PM…wondering Jib Gor have a nice sleep tonite or having medication first before to bed….chinese are not twin headed snake and we are not easily bought thro ‘ goodies nor PSY….this is true spirits of Malaysian Mandarins….

  22. This is for Bean………It will reminisce his good memories

    This is for BN/UMNO as well as Pakatan too…….Time has changed……No way folks like Madhater who can knew us throughout & manipulate us……Enjoy!

  23. I’m proud of the people of Penang for standing up to BN’s nonsense. Psy or no Psy, the Penang people have “voted” by shouting a resounding ‘no’ three times in response to the Prime Minister.

    Tak malu Ah Jib Hor. Just take care of Pekan before you lose there. Anyway, you won’t get 2/3 rd majority in Parliament. This means that Kutty and gang will force you to resign. Then you become a chicken koop.

    Ah Jib Hor, by dressing up in Chinese attire and speaking a little Hokkien or Mandarin to impress Penang people won’t win our hearts. Treating all non-Malays with respect does. But it is too late. The idiotic Koh Tsu Koon had messed things up in Penang and it is now impossible for racist UMNO to take back the state. LGE is still very popular for reviving the “semangat Pulau Pinang”. Cong Xi Fa Cai to all. Just vote Pakatan Rakyat.

  24. I thought the PM, his deputy and BN leaders said this event is non-political. But why must he ask the crowd whether they were ready for BN?

    When Najib says, “This is a government that cares for all Malaysians, fair and all inclusive”, the immediate thought is that he is talking his usual nonsense to try and fool the public so that they will vote his party back into power.

    The minorities, who have been subjected to threats and severe discrimination and marginalisation, are sick of BN. Many native Malays have awakened to the fact that the constitutional Malays like Mahathir, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Syed Hamid Syed Albar, together with many Umnoputras, have been playing the race and religious cards to get their political support to stay in power and rob the country blind.

    Thanks to the alternative media and blogs, people have realised that the BN leaders and their cronies are stealing about a billion ringgit per week and Mahathir has probably stolen US$44 billion. And the former Prime Minister cakap besar. Even that idiotic Mr Clean Badawi from Kepala Batas turns out to be another big crook.

  25. Want to win back people’s confidence require BN to make drastic changes. They can start by putting Tun Mamak & Ibrahim Ali (Perkasa) in jail for sedition.

  26. Najib has humiliated and tried to blackmail Penangites in public as if Penangites were creeds of the lowest class by enticing them with saccharine sweeteners such as Han Chiang University College status, free port, financial hub, jewel of Malaysia and such.

    As far as Penangites are concerned, Penangites should have all these a long time ago.

    Penangites know very well all they are of a world class status people whose forefathers had seen that, but BN federal government.

    Penang top any state in Malaysia, and it is quite disheartening to see Penangites being treated like little children or even worse animals which do not have have hight morals.

    Najib and the entire BN has failed miserably because they have this centralist attitude locked up in Putrajaya – all other states are deemed inferior and fallible to their devious mind games.

    Only at the very last moments grinding towards the 13GE, they come a calling to propose things that should have been done at least two GEs ago. The worst BN could do is to announce its unconditional implementation. Trying a soft power blackmail is self defeating for BN.

    The only compensation for the Penangites is that perhaps they would feel happy to see the PM and family coming to Penang for visiting during the first two days of 2013 CNY.

  27. The Penangites are really an ungrateful lot! N0 wonder Penang is so “dirty/flthy”!

    Would you prosper as you are today? I wonder. Let’s be thankful with what we have and be a wiser and smarter Malaysian!

    Ajeekkor – mind your language. A learned and a gentleman/lady would not insult another human being.


    Another “Makchik” in the making ! It is time for my friends Tok Chik and Bean to rebut — Din Merican.

  28. Tang Loon Kong

    I wouldn’tg bet on the Penangites. For decades, they knew Gerakan under UMNO-BN is like a castrated chicken, yet they allowed UMNO-BN to rule Penang. They know that UMNO had Koh Tsu Koon wrapped round their balls, yet they voted Gerakan the country while UMNO dictates to Gerakan what they can and cannot do.

    Penangites, especially the Penang Chinese are what we call the “over clever” lot. Their favorite sentence before they start their conversation is. ” Gua chai lah. Lu bo chai” ( I know, you don’t know).

    Don’t be surprised a sizeable chunk of these over-clever snob Penangites would want UMNO-BN to take over Penang.

    Most Malaysians say that when a Penangite says sometjhing, take only 40% as truths.

    Najib and Ng Yen Yen know something we don’t and that is why they are willing tto have this show in Penang and weather whatever insults hurled at them. They know that at the last minute, these over-clever Penangites will shrink in their pants and cast their vote to UMNO-BN.

    Many in Penang are saying they are giving DAP another round JUST FOR ONE REASON: simply to make sure the Second Bridge is built, and NOT for other reasons such as that UMNO-BN is corrupt and racist or that DAP is doing a better job than Gerakan in managing Penang. Penangites are actually short-sighted and short-term gain hypocrites.

    You get the drift???

  29. N0 wonder Penang is so “dirty/flthy”! – Auntie Beez

    How do you know Penang is so dirty and filthy, if YOU are not a party to it.

    Take a good look at your own face and body in the mirror first, and that might be the starting point to make Penang a clean and decent place to live in.

  30. Allowed for good fun.–Dato Din Merican

    Hmmm… the CNY has blessed the bloghost with some sexy humor. The world is back to normal again.
    I am not that square. I am sure you know that. I do enjoy tasteful sexy jokes when I am with my friends. Women are the butt of our jokes, but I am careful when my dear Dr. Kamsiah is in my company. I am sure our women make us part of their gossips all the time. Happy CNY, Frank and thank you for your contributions to this blog.–Din Merican

  31. Malaysia COULD NOT match South Korean Psy’s Gangnam Style, only form, the show, no substance:

    Lim Kit Siang rightly said that:

    Will Najib Abdul Razak make a statement whether Malaysia can ever catch up with South Korea or at least begin to close the yawning chasm between the two countries?

    A cabinet minister said Psy’s appearance will make Penang world-famous but it is more important that Penang and Malaysia become world-famous because of our own achievements in all fields of human endeavour.

    Sixteen years ago, when we proclaimed the Multimedia Super Corridor as “a gift to the world”, Malaysia and South Korea were on the same level embarking on the IT journey.

    Today, MSC and Malaysia have faded away from the world radar screen as an international IT hot spot, while South Korea has powered ahead to become the first country in the world to become a broadband society as well as the land of fastest internet in the world – with an average internet speed in 2012 of 14.7 Mpbs, 650 percent higher than the average 2.2 Mpbs registered in Malaysia.

    Among the worst

    In fact, Malaysia is ranked among the world’s worst nations in internet speed – even slower than Thailand’s average internet speed of 2.9 Mpbs for 2012.

    In good governance, Malaysia trails behind South Korea especially in the Transparency International Corruption Perception Index in the past five years, where Malaysia is perceived as more corrupt, ranging No. 47 to 60 in world ranking in contrast to South Korea’s ranking from 39 to 45.

    In the latest 2002 World Press Freedom Index compiled by Reporters Sans Frontieres (Reporters Without Borders), Malaysia hit a historic low in ranking at No 145 while South Korea is ranked No 50.

    rais yatim akademi seni convocation 211206 graduateRecently, the 2011 Trends in Mathematics and Science Survey (TIMSS) highlights that Malaysia is the country which suffered the biggest drop in scores among all participating countries for both mathematics and science, while confirming the continuing domination by a group of Asian education systems – South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong – in these two critical subjects.

    Malaysia woefully lags behind South Korea in educational excellence. In the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2012-2013, four South Korean universities are listed among the World Top 200 universities while six in the World Top 400 universities – but not a single one from Malaysia.

    Has Najib any answer to the question why Malaysia is lagging so far behind South Korea in all fields of human endeavour, when 56 years ago when Malaysia achieved Merdeka, South Korea was poorer and more backward but is now two or three times richer than Malaysia?

  32. OUTSIDE was the only English word allowed for the linesman when international badminton was competed in PRC.

    OUTSIDE will be what UMNO tell MCA and Gerakan soon.

  33. And appreciative Johor is so clean and pure under BN, auntie beez? Penangites don’t need you to tell them to be grateful. In fact, I’m sure they will tell you to ask BN to be thankful to be elected. If you think the people should be grateful to BN because they can only work if they feel gratified, then they have no business in governing. Time to pack their stuff and move away.

  34. Najib brought in the PSY group to perform in Penang became a total flop despite spending so much money to get them here from South Korea.

  35. Toldja, these Goons are gonna to eat Sai (hokkien for digested food droppings) for bringing in Psy. At least Jibs pronounced it correctly. For the organizers of such idiotic wannabe propaganda, they must have had their noses stuck to their anal sphincters when they farted loudly. Gangnam, indeed!

  36. Makchik February 11, 2013 at 11:13 pm

    Penghianat2 besar dari UMNO dah berkulit begitu tebal, mereka tak padan sebarang muka air. Memang jelas hang ni dari “Obedient Wives Club” yang memilih untuk berkelakuan seperti pelacur yang taat setia kepada penghianat2 yang menghambakan anda..

  37. Ai say, Frank (@2.18pm) – you’re right about the kiamsiap, over clever by half and ‘kwa beh kooi’ (cannot let go) Penang Chinapek! Perhaps, it’s their insular bombastic mental dexterity and smugness. Hahaha. Just had one bunch over for tea, but they are still better than the Singaporean version of dud-heads.

  38. Frank

    Why suddenly you are not confident that DAP will still rule Penang after the GE.?Why do you not trust Penangnites and call them hypocrites?
    Boy, listen tio 45-year old MakChik. Cina will still vote for DAP especially in Penang. Kawan-kawan Cina Makchik kata Cina Ipoh dan Penang paling racists kalau banding dengan Cina lain.
    MakChik rasa Boy Frank Cina Ipoh. Betul kan?

  39. C.L. Familiaris,

    How can I forget the lengendary “kiamsiap” attribute of the Penangites.

    It is a tradition in Penang when you invite Mr and Mrs Penangite for a wedding dinner, you got to specifically say, ONLY both of you invited , no children, babies, grandchildren, nieces and nephews to come along.

    They not only bring virtually the extended family the wedding dinner, but pots and containers and plastic bags to bring home whatever remains on the table. And their wedding gift is an angpow just enough to pay for your parking ticket, and if not, a nicely wrapped photo album.

  40. listen to 45-year old MakChik.- MakChik

    MakChik, you are 45 year old??

    To me and Mr Bean, you are a YOUNG BITCH… oops, I meant to say, you are a young bitching prostituting woman… oops again, I meant to write… a young bitching professional woman.

  41. Hello Frank

    Penangites are always looking for the best under any circumstance. It take serious calculation as to who to vote for. And what is wrong with that? Pakatan happens to the best now. Is there any that is better?

  42. It take serious calculation as to who to vote for.- Tang Loon Kong

    Tang Loon Kong.

    You serious?? Penang willing to take serious calculation???

    They didn’t do it at all and it took DECADES for Penangites to wake up one day and found out that UMNO-BN’s obedient slave Koh Tsu Koon was a “seedless durian”.

    They came out of the long slumber and discovered that they were ” Gua bo chai”

    After 4 years of DAP rule, and you tell them that they are better off now than when under UMNO-BN, they will look at you in disbelief and yell out the infamous exclamation ” Tor. oor long lah”.

  43. Luckily our hero Lim Guan Eng did not attend Najb’s invitation to Psy concert at Han Chiang, Penang. The idiot said that the concert is purely for Penang people to celebrate their Chinese Lunar Year but turn into political motive when he asked the crowd for 3 times ” Are you ready for BN ” and the crowd responses ” NO ” also for 3 times. I salute Penang people being so brave to tell those corrupted leaders standing on the stage that we won’t vote for you for this coming 13th GE. Long Live Penang people.Wan Sui Wan Sui Wan Wan Sui.

  44. I want to tell this little shorty man Mr Lam Wu Chong ( Penang Chinese Town Hall Chairman ) that don’t to try polish Najib’s ball by telling Penang people about Penang Free Port status. Cpme on, Penang was a Free Port state before but it is the MCA and UMNO that stripped off the status during Mahatir mamak’s regime. So , Mr Shorty , don’t make Penangites angry all else you will be in big trouble. Let Pakatan march to Putrajaya and put Penang back as Free Port state.

  45. Frank,
    You forgot one more. Ask any Penang hawkers and they will lament that in Penang, “see peh phai tharn chia, Penag larng, ai chnee ko hai phnee”

  46. “Bangga ke you orang Penang buat perangai kurang ajar kat PM kita?. Kita memang taulah orang Penang sokong DAP. Tapi give some face to PM.
    Cakap saja Yes. Tapi undilah DAP kerana itu memang pilihan mereka. Their right.” – Makcik

    Salah ke diorang bagi “reality check” sikit kat Najib? Padanlah dia macam tak hidup dalam realiti. Rupa-rupanya pembodek dia macam makcik kerja menipu dia je.

  47. Thank God Naib didn’t know there’s another group doing Oppa Gangnam Style too… or maybe he did but Big Rose Mama didn’t give the go-ahead….

  48. hello didi , orang macam you tak faham sikap ahli politik negara kita.kenapa rasa sakit hati bila PM dikecam orang Penang.kalau nak bagi face dekat PM pun kita kena tahu apa dia buat kepada kita semua sebelum ini.adakah PM UMNO-BN dand kroni-kroninya tipu wang rayat , rasuah bermaharalela , bunuh orang tak ditarik ke court bicara , beli cicin bernial RM 72 juta, beli handbag sebuah bernilai RM 300 ribu, halau dan paksa Robert Kok jual gula kilang kemudian naik harga gula beberapa kali tanpa kesian kepada rakyat miskin , naik harga beras , sapu wang petani Felda , korek minyak negeri dan salah guna wang petronas , SPR buat pengundi palsu , polis bunuh orang sesuka hati , MACC buang orang dari tingkap , pakai bom c4 , beli kapal selam tak boleh berfungsi , aset mahatir RM 132 billion , anak mahatir yang beragama Islam beli kilang arak San Miguel bernilai RM 2.9 billion , bagi kerakyatan kepada pendatang asing yg tak berakal yg kemudian rompak & rogol anak perempuan dan bini kita , pakai wang kwsp sesuka hati dan bermacam-macam kerja kecam dan maksiat mereka buat., kesemua ini berlaku dalam negara kita adakah PM bagi kita face . so , mr didi u kena sedar dan ubah baru Malaysia ini boleh betul-betul maju kehadapan.jangan marah bila saya buat komen macam ini sebab apa yg saya cakap ini memang berlaku di bumi kita pijak ini.

  49. Ask any Penang hawkers and they will lament that in Penang, “see peh phai tharn chia, Penag larng, ai chnee ko hai phnee” – ocho onda

    Hahaha… good one.

    Better translate into English for people like Isa Manteqi and Ahmadi Hussein, who might think you were quoting in Greek from Plato’s Republic or they might think you have just crack a dirty joke.

  50. Thank God Naib didn’t know there’s another group doing Oppa Gangnam Style too- Greenbug

    Its a No NO from Rosmah… she can’t bear having to look after two little kids running around the Najib household, a year after the concert by these two SYTs. She won’t even time to go to the hair dresser.

  51. Luckily our hero Lim Guan Eng – Psy

    Hey, what heroic thing did Lim Guan Eng do? You mean by becoming the Chief Minister of Penang? Even that “seedless durian” Koh Tsu Koon was the Penang CM for donkey years.. he is a hero too then.

  52. ….”Better translate into English”…
    Frank February 13, 2013 at 12:34

    It’s a Penangite quality in the ability to laugh at themselves that they are a calculative lot like the English who wants maximum fun with minimum funds.

    It’s Malay translation will be – ” Susah nak cari makan – orang Pinang nak segar lagi nak murah”

    “Hey, what heroic thing did Lim Guan Eng do? You mean by becoming the Chief Minister of Penang?” – Frank February 13, 2013 at 12:41 pm
    Don’t you dare say that in Penang. They may not appreciate reverse psychology LOL

  53. Penghalau hantu

    Saya rasa pandangan kau tumpu salah orang. Tumpuan kebetulan ialah kepada si bodoh Melayu Makchik yang ada otak nya disebelah punggungnya. Cuba baca balik.

  54. penghalau hantu February 13, 2013 at 10:31 am
    Err,Cik memang bermaksud baik tapi botoi kot, pokok yang anda menyalak ni?. 🙂

  55. Pengahalau hantu,

    Huh? Eh Encik, sila baca balik komen saya. Lain kali kalau nak masuk rumah orang bagi salam dulu. Harap maklum.

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