14 thoughts on “The GE-13 Election Campaign: Anwar starts the ball rolling

  1. March 23rd. So the idiots in PR better sort out the FUBAR in Sabah asap. Sarawak and Johor too. UMNO is not as weak as you dream it to be, although the Albatross on their neck is still alive and kicking.

    Don’t be overly distracted by the hoo-ha of phantoms, ghosts and demons. Get your blardy act together. Stop mainkan your own guli-guli.

  2. Hmmm .. very well prepared video clip . Excellent for more reasons then one. But pity there was not enough copies to be used as this weeks friday sermon. But i am sure there will be enough for next week’s sermon.

    A copy will be given to JASA officers too, for their use.

  3. CLF,
    Start by asking Azmin Ali & the heaven snake aka Tian Chua (another Aussie beep) to hold their horses. PKR has a habit of snatching other people territories.

    One damn good example is Sarawak State election

    It’s extremely amazing that high performance DAP in sarawak only get 15 sarawak state seats to contest while PKR contested 51 state seats…..

  4. I’ve been looking forward to regime change for the past 6 elections since my first voting. GE13 seems to be the best opportunity thus far. My hopes continue while performing my duty through the ballot box… Lawan tetap lawan!

  5. Najib is repeatedly heard reminding Malaysians iwho identify themselves with the opposition that they must accept the results of the GE-13. That can only mean that the outcome has been ‘decided’ for them. The guy is conditioning Malaysians to accept the inevitable. It will be an engineered UMNO-BN landslide victory.

  6. No way, looes74 I’ll not jump off the cliff for all the hantus making the rounds during GE 13. My gut feeling says PR has a fighting chance to wrest control of the state govt. Zambry, however, is so cocksure of winning. Tonite, Fri, Feb 8, he’s treating Indian NGOs to dinner in his official residence. He’s going out of his way pandering to the Chinese and Indians much alike his boss, Najibur Al Rosmah. Let’s see the outcome when rubber meets the road.


  7. Pak Bean,
    While it’s possibliity that Najib may engineer landslide, it’s a close fight between BN & Pakatan. Nobody will know who will win. Anyway, watch this inspiring movie.
    Rocky has said in the end of the fight that shock even the soviet general secretary. I quote”

    During this fight, I’ve seen a lot of changing, in the way you feel about me, and in the way I feel about you. In here, there were two guys killing each other, but I guess that’s better than twenty million. I guess what I’m trying to say, is that if I can change, and you can change, everybody can change! ”

    Guys & Gals,
    If Rocky can change, so all of you can change……Hehehe, as using this clip for Pakatan advertisement……Think through first…..Don’t wanna repeat Robocop incident

  8. The streets say parliament dissolve on 25Feb GE on 30 March.
    The streets estimate there are 5m new voters (both eligible Msians and dubious ones). Excluding these 5m (2m extra since 2008) , assume the other half of 22m are reg voters. so a total of 16m voters, BN should win because 5m are already in their pockets and they need 3m more. 3m out of 11m can get meh? If can then their machinery isn’t working.

    I would like Pakatan to win but BN machinery may say do other ways.

  9. Najib is confident to win the election that engineered the statement to accept the results of the election. He simply tells all politicians that BN will lead another term despite strong sentiment that Pakatan Rakyat government is already in the air after the election. With some extra hands to handle the electoral rolls hidden behind, Najib can laugh after the election. This 13th.general election is important that every vote that can make the difference….sink or swim to the opposition.

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