A project most foul

February 6, 2013

A project most foul


Either Dr Mahathir Mohamad or Anwar Ibrahim was responsible for Project IC. Or were they both partners in this ‘political crime’?

The nation reeled in shock when the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) holding court in Sabah heard witnesses testify about a devious scheme to populate Sabah with foreigners. This secret project – Project IC – was set in motion in the early 1980s to give away blue identity cards to illegal immigrants in Sabah in exchange for their votes. As a result, the state saw a dramatic increase in its population.

From 1980 to 2000, the population rose from about 1,013,003 to 2,603,485. It is estimated that there are now 1.75 million foreigners – mostly from the Philippines, Indonesia, India and Pakistan – in the state compared with 1.5 million genuine locals. The dirty game was played out when Dr Mahathir Mohamad was the Prime Minister.

Anwar Ibrahim joined Mahathir’s Cabinet in 1983 and 10 years later, wasMAHATHIR MOHAMAD, ANWAR IBRAHIM anointed as the Deputy Prime Minister. Anwar was just a heart’s beat away from the centre of power but fell from grace in 1998. Project IC was conceived during Anwar’s time and it was said its objective was to ensure Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) would not be returned to power in the 1994 general election.

It nearly achieved its mission because PBS came back with a reduced majority. PBS governed the state from 1985 to 1994, which was certainly distasteful to Mahathir and perhaps Anwar.

The thousands of illegal immigrants who were given the blue ICs and had the right to vote had evidently played a major role in seeing PBS cut down to size. Was Anwar in the dark when the BN devil’s workshop was busily plotting the downfall of PBS? Meanwhile, with the passage of time the suspicion grew that Mahathir was the man who engineered Project IC. He was not directly implicated and had never admitted to this foul practice. But then in recent years the call grew louder for a RCI to get to the bottom of this morass.

The RCI hearings revealed a shocking tale of government collusion in giving away the blue ICs to the illegal immigrants. Mahathir himself admitted the existence of this nefarious project. He justified its existence because the immigrants had stayed in Sabah for many years and had mastered Bahasa Malaysia. His justification carries little weight especially when there are thousands of locals born and bred in Malaysia who are denied the right to citizenship.

Political game

Mahathir now blames Anwar for Project IC. Anwar claims innocence and points the finger back at his former boss. If Mahathir’s accusation sticks, Anwar will be in hot water because Sabah will be unable to come to terms with the “treacherous” Opposition leader if Pakatan Rakyat comes to power. The old doctor is clearly hoping to undermine Anwar’s credibility as the latter fights to stay clean and honourable in the political race.

Project ICMahathir is standing on thin ice because he has indirectly made a confession. Shifting the blame suddenly to Anwar is a lame attempt at extricating himself from a political mess. But Anwar, too, cannot claim total innocence because he was in the government for so many years and was Mahathir’s right-hand man and heir apparent. Didn’t his boss whisper in his ears about Project IC during all those long years of political partnership? Didn’t he become Mahathir’s “errand boy” for the dirty job?

Both men, now mortal foes, are willing to testify at the ongoing RCI hearings but with politics in their minds. Mahathir will want to convince the voters in Sabah that Anwar is the “political crook” who had initiated Project IC and had acted without orders from the top. Anwar will play the “guiltless hero” who will argue he was never consulted about the stratagem and therefore could come out smelling like a rose.

But Mahathir is irrelevant because it is unlikely he will make a political comeback. It is a resurgent Anwar who must speak the plain truth because Sabah is pivotal to his chances of occupying the chair of his former boss. Project IC is now an albatross around his neck and he must get rid of it fast if he wants to win over the people in Sabah. It will certainly work to Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s advantage if Anwar turns out to be the main culprit.

Still the old man cannot be let off the hook. The citizenship-for-votes scheme is a political crime for which he must take full responsibility because it all happened under his watch. He cannot plead ignorance for a massive operation that robbed the genuine citizens of Sabah of their sovereign rights. If a special court is to be set up to try the culprits for their despicable role in Project IC, Mahathir should be the first to face justice. He should stand in the dock for “selling Sabah” for a few pieces of ballot papers.

51 thoughts on “A project most foul

  1. The political fight between these two men is not about to end any time soon. Perhaps, it will never end. The former Prime Minister is determined to ensure that his ex-Deputy will never take over Putrajaya. Will he succeed? If it is destiny, then no man not even Mahathir can stop Anwar’s rise to power. The de facto PKR leader could be the phoenix (rising above the ashes) for our country. So, GE-13 will be the decider. People will decide between Najib and Anwar who will be the next Prime Minister.–Din Merican

  2. Does this constitute an opinion piece, or is it another shot in the dark?
    I’ll give you a clue. It has all to do with Chinese astrology.
    Octo was born in July 1925 – which makes him a ‘Wood Ox’.
    Anwar was born in Aug 1947 – which makes him a ‘Fire Boar’.
    Jibs was born in July 1953 – which makes him a ‘Water Snake’.
    Which also happens to this year, 2013 after CNY.
    The astrologers say that this is not a favorable year for the fire element.
    What on ‘Earth’ do these 3 characters have in common?
    They are all Animals.

    This RCI is akin to a Ghost in the Machine – entirely dualistic (good-evil; positive-negative) mental gymnastics with mode of interaction impenetrable – and which are at best speculative. Where it leads will be NFA, as it has come too late and too little. At best it gives the natives of Sabah a sense of ketuanan from all these pendatangs. That’s what i told my distant cousins in Sandakan: Live with it. Blame not the Animals.

  3. A CEO claiming he is unable of happening should be sacked. But with ISA gone and he being irrelevant at his age and senility for blaming all except himself, it is now for Sabahans themselves to fend their rights.

    Najib and Pak Lah too should know because it continued in their administration.

    The losers are Sabahans: they are everyright to secure the best justice available in the world for their 1963 constitutional rights. They alone can help themselves and its a real pity the mess they are done in by BN.

    Like wise, it didn’t stop there. In Peninsula, the IC thing also dug in


    Why so easy to get Blue when the RED holders cannot even get theirs converted?

    The next issue is how to clean up this mess as GE13 is so near.
    What can Sabahans do?
    After GE13, if BN wins it will be business as usual with more MyKad vending machines.

    Is the RCI serious? Now at investigation stage but what good is it when the issue continues to be under investigation and no resolution?

  4. Projek IC.
    Apa yang berlaku terdapat arahan dari Tun Mahathir sabagai Menteri Dalam Negeri memberi arahan untok di beri ic kapada raayat philipina dari Mindano yangbsudah lama menetap di Sabah.
    Arahan ini sudah di salah gunakan oleh pegawai 2 di jabatan Pendaftaran Negara Sabah.Mereka mengambil kesempatan ini untok menjual I.C. Kapada sesiapa yang memerlukannya.

    Akibatmnya ,mereka saramai lapan orang telah ditangkap dibawah ISA.Apa yang perlu dibuat oleh Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara,mereka sepatutnya membatalkan ic yang dikeluarkan sacara haram ini.Pembatalan ini tidak dibuat.Malah ramai mereka yang mendapat ic ini terus menetap di Sabah dan mengundi dalam Pilehan Raya.

    Saya tidak nampak bagaimana Anwar terlibat dalam scandal ini.Perkara ini juga tidak di bincangkan dalam kabinet.

    Pada mulanya Najib tidak mahu meneruskan RCI ini kerana takut ia melibatkan Tun mahathir,tapi ia menukar fikirannya dan meneruskan dengan RCI ini kerana ada penasehat Najib memberitahu RCI ini dapat digunakannrok memburokkan Anwar.
    Tun Mahathir panik kerana ia tahu BN akan kalah.

  5. Don’t you folks get it? This is It. Mahathir is ready to “go down” and drag Anwar together with him. He is the sacrificial goat to appease the Devil so BUMNO can continue to rape the nation for another 50 years. The plan is to neutralize Anwar.

  6. I am thinking very hard which other country have open their back doors for non-citizens to legally invade their own country. This indeed if not tantamount to treason why else is? But the RCI wouldn’t dare or even Ajib wouldn’t dare charge MM on this. This investigation is just an investigation and no dead line as to what to do with all the manufactured MyKads.

    This is the new twist of Malay Dilemma created by the same author of the first Malay Dilemma. The first Malay Dilemma was inspiring and created people in the likes of Dr. Bakri (in other threads). The second Malay Dilemma of the MyKad issu puts down the next generation after Dr. Bakri. The championing of Malays eventually defeated its own cause. What an Irony of going round one big circle back to square 1 ?

  7. The damage is done, but not forgiven, nor relief rendered to the Sabhansa, from the evil deed done by this Indian Muslim mama Kuty. Only a charge of treason and admission of guilt leading to severe punishment of incaceration with hard labour for those responsible will provide some relief from this grievious hurt to the victims. Anything short of this would make the victims unforgiving with dire consequences for the survival Malaysia.

  8. Anwar has agreed to testify in the RCI if being called. Mahathir should do the same rather than trying to give excuses about his involvement. Or he is trying to avoid being subpoenaed like what he did during sodomy 1 trial?

  9. We and US are on the same topic somewhat.
    The US is having an immigration overhaul. It too has plenty aliens who tunneled in, or dropped from thin air.
    Ours are even better. They just came invited so long as the vote BN. We are so advanced that we made it easy to become a BLUE IC.
    The US had better learn from us.

    Wait, No, they want people to earn citizenry. We on the other hand, have not understood what citizenry means and give them away.

  10. Nothing will come out of the RCI in Kota Kinabalu UNLESS Pakatan Rakyat takes over and it will be time for a complete clean up…

  11. A few generations of Malaysians have been infected with the virus called Mahathirism. It will be tough to change that in a jiffy. Heavy dosage of antibiotics will be required over a period of time to eliminate this virus from the national psyche. Every young person I meet these has the Gordon Gecko mindset, “greed is good”. It is the generation of easy money, fast cars and tantalizing women.–Din Merican

  12. Dr M?

    A few apt phrases immediately spring into mind:

    American ones —- “motor mouth” “verbal diarrhea”

    Malaysia ones —- from rapper and satirist Namewee
    “Talk east, talk west, talk 3, talk 4, tokok !”

  13. 1. Explanation of “talk east, talk west, talk 3, talk 4, tokok”
    for non-Malaysian readers:

    Talk 3, talk 4 = Cantonese expression for talk nonsense (or in the context of
    Dr M, self-serving, finger-pointing, responsibility-avoiding propaganda)

    Tokok = Talk co*k (vulgar Singaporean English expression for talk nonsense, talk rubbish)

    2. Here is our famous satirist Namewee !
    (Viewer advisory: profanity here and there)

  14. Sabah vote buying through giving IC to immigrants is undermining our national integrity and soverignity. However, it is happening on a grand scale in West Malaysia as confirmed by the Bangladeshi Government and our Malay brothers and Sisters will be the main bearers of the pernicious effect for generations to come. Dear Fellow Malaysians, please rise up and tell UMNO/BN that enough is enough and that this is treason.

  15. “Anwar was just a heart’s beat away from the centre of power but fell from grace in 1998.”

    Sheeesh. Can’t even write English properly.

  16. West Malaysians read about it. They have felt it from heresay and where there’s smoke there is fire, real ones as shown in phamtom MyKads cited daily in many media (except those owned by BN).

    The East Malaysian have felt it long before and today on increase magnitude beyond their anger but they can’t do a thing because they are too lame to rise. Their leaders were sold to BN. Power corrupts and corruption is easy is some places because the system induces it.

    When MM first came on board, he fought it and championed many good causes. Then he found it very difficult to overcome the PBS chap Pairin and Jeffrey so he tested them with sweets and cakes. They took the bite and from that day MyKad vending machine was born. So a few officials were sacked as for show after they have reaped but it process continued to this day. It was the only way UMNO could retain control of East Malaysia.

    What can West Malaysians do when East Malaysians chose to be lame and not revolt for their land? NOTHING. The RCI is just investigation and had not mentioned any drastic action to those who got MyKad from vending machines. Can they impeach Najib, Pak Lah and MM? …….. Until the RCI shows actions that reverse the process and imprison the top guns from the PM, what good are they for?

  17. ” Dear fellow Malaysians , please rise up and tell UMNO / BN that enough is enough and that this is treason. ” – Jeffery Lim

    The main stream media ( RTM, TV3, Utusan Melayu, New Straits Times , etc., ) and UMNO BN’s propaganda machinery – Jasa , Kada , Department of Information, Felda , Felcra, Risda, etc., – should be told to stop perpetuating the lies, as told by the UMNO BN politicians. Instead they should be ” informing ” the public and not MISINFORMING the public.

    For example , of Mahathir is guilty of treason for project IC in Sabah , then they should be telling the public that he is a traitor – period.

  18. Reckless granting of blue ICs and Malaysian citizenship to illegal aliens will also pile up social problems for the future:

    1. Being low skilled and poorly educated, they will be in direct competition for jobs with low skilled and poorly educated Malaysians. The latter
    include lower class Malays (crazy UMNO Baru-BN is once again
    foolishly undermining its own political base for short term political gain)

    2. Downward pressure will be exerted on working class wages
    How will industrious working class Malaysians get out of poverty, even with full employment?

    3. This supply of cheap labour will reduce the pressure on Malaysian employers to go up the value chain, automate production etc.

    4. Similar to other Third World settler regimes (e.g. Israel, whites in Algeria before Algerian independence, whites in Kenya before Kenyan independence), we may get a hard core of immigrant far right supporters who will defend their shaky legal status (and undeserved special privileges) with hard right politics

    5. Some of the Bangladeshis and Pakistanis may bring in extremists versions of political Islam into the country. Remember, Pakistan is imploding and turning into a failed state because of the extremism promoted in some of its
    madrasah religious schools

    The PAP in Singapore, losing support from its Singapore-born population, brings in skilled and highly-educated foreigners to gain votes.
    UMNO Baru-BN in Malaysia, losing support from its Malaysia-born population, brings in unskilled and poorly-educated foreigners to gain votes!

  19. I do believe that Dr M was solely responsible. Its such a simple logic, when he tried to get rid of Anwar in the 1st sodomy case, Why didn’t he used the ‘project IC’ and put the sole blame on Anwar? That way he could have got rid of Anwar permanently as he was all powerful then. Now that he is cornered, Why only now he tried to shift the blame to Anwar?

  20. I keep wondering when they talk of the Project, that no one seems to mention Mustapha Harun open declaration and his own campaign to bring in Muslims to Sabah even changing the Sabah state constitution to Islamic state, the 1985 incident which he openly declared he had KL complicity, and also long known Harris Salleh continuing the policy?

    The real reason why this issue has long been rising up again and again leading to nowhere until now is because the idea isn’t original from Mahathir in the first place although he is responsible for the largest numbers and Sabah leaders refuse to recognize their own impotence and mediocrity.

    Mahathir may be the biggest traitor in this whole thing but given their track record, Sabah leaders who insist on painting grandeur over practicality, are just not taking responsibility and its really opportunistic business as usual that got them to where they are today…

  21. If UMNO/BN managed to wing the GE13, Malaysians are doomed. For those fellow Malaysians who are still being hoodwinked by them, please, please, please think before you cast your vote for them. A vote for UMNO/BN is a vote for disaster.

  22. Phua Kai Lit,

    6. They are also gobbling our resources including our highly subsidized public health services and public schools. Our tax payers are footing the bill for our new fellow citizens. Not to mention they also get to enjoy bumiputra privileges.

    7. They will significantly contribute to the expanding social class divide and its attending problems.

    In return we get cheap labour and our leaders get to extend their hold on power and continue plundering the nation.

  23. Mahathir’s trusted confidantes, namely the late Megat Junid and Aziz Shamsuddin were directly implicated by NRD officials. These two traitors were directly under Mahathir in the home Ministry and Mahthir’s politcal secretary at the time. If you look carefully, the NRD, Immigration and PDRM are under the Home Ministry all under Mahathir who was at the relevant time its Home Minister. Anwar’s name was never mentioned at all.

    Now, having the treasonous IC for votes scandal exposed at the RCI, Mahathir has no choice but to admit that he leaglised the IC approval to illegal immigrants. If you remember, he denied the existence of any directives for granting IC to illegal immigrants earlier on.

    So how was Anwar involved in the Project M ? The covert operations were conducted in Mahathir’s political secretary’s house at Kg Pandan, Kuala Lumpur. Mahathir is a smart strategist to keep the secret operation to as few a number of people as possible. I do not see how Anwar can be linked anyway except that Mahathir wants to discredit Anwar.

    To pacify the bumiputras, he had to drag the opposition into the treasonous project as the only way out. He also drew a parallel with the Tunku’s “jus soli” granting of citizenship to non-Malays which were two different projects altogether.

    One was in the open with the Rulers, the British and all parties consenting to it. The Project M, on the other hand was not approved by parliament and worst still was conducted in a secret and covert manner in a private individual home. This is against the law as IC approval must be done at NRD offices.

    This act is treasonous of the highest order.

  24. Dinobeano

    Da Siu Yan (cantonese)

    In HK, during CNY, they would pray at the temples and use their shoes to beat a yellow figurine with some mumbo jumbo chinese characters depicting their hypothetical misfortunes of the coming year………….some type of voodoo.

    So how about making paper man and write Mahathirism on it, then beat the heck till it steams.

  25. I do not see how Anwar can be involved as implicated by Mahathir.

    Firstly when pressed for evidence that Anwar was involved, he said he had none.

    Unless now to save UMNO and himself personally, he will get his ex-IGPs to come out and “manufacture” evidences as in Sodomy 1.
    We saw how an innocent person was bashed till one almost died, mattresses were dragged all over the court house , “manufactured witnesses” were coerced to become a party in the sodomy trial, Anwar’s trusted friends were harassed to get them to implcate him in the sodomy and the story was made into a wayang kulit show just to discredit his former deputy.

    Any other person if not for his determination would have gone beserk. That is how the police”gempar” inncoent victims into submission to say what they want him to say. Is this the way to treat another human being ?

    This showed the true character of a former PM.

  26. BigJoe,
    As for Mustapha, we must hold Tunku accountable for Islamisation of Sabah. It was Tunku who forced Fuad Stephen to resign. It was Tunku that allows Mustapha to be the muslim CM. It was Tunku who made sure almost all governors are muslims. Islamisation was started during Tunku but of course, it has gone worse under Mahathir.
    Tunku has reneged on the promise of giving MCA a Malaccan non melayu chief minister. Thereafter under Razak & Hussein, even Finance & Trade ministers taken away from non melayus…..Since time immemorial, there were 2 classes of folks & Mahathir, an Yindian (Check out NUS registrar & confirmed by singapore colonial government). Guess why LKY has a different opinion on Tunku. Why Lim Chong Eu left MCA?

  27. The perils of Hung parliament!

    Take a look at this documentary how Britain grapple for 5 days over who form the government. One do wonder if it happens in Malaysia…..What would be the outcome! Perak has experienced it & failed to hold on to power 1 year after running Perak

    Yes, Anwar or rather Azmin Ali should be hold accountable for Perak mess…….In which I am adamant why DAP should have 10 parliamentary seats & 20 state seats as envisaged by Perak DAP in the first place before being brow beaten by Anwar/Azmin/PKR in relegating to junior party

    Can Anwar be bold to let go of Perak & Penang? PSM has demanded one state seat…..PKR should yield a few to them

    Anyway, enjoy the documentary

  28. Ever since Man stepped foot on this Earth he has moved in search of food and shelter (read: better weather). History is replete with stories of migratory flows both intra regional, rural urban and cross border flows etc. It is a fact of life that people migrate.

    The United States is one good example where everybody is from somewhere else. Until recently it is a magnet for jobs. Today we could be seeing a reverse flow in undocumented workers (or illegal aliens or workers) back to their home countries as the U.S. economy takes a dive south. That too could be changing as the U.S. Congress seeks a pathway to legalization for some 25% of these undocumented workers.

    In the Malaysian case I suppose an entirely different scenario has emerged. It is the UMNO led government that is opening the floodgates to illegal immigration and they do it stealthily and in defiance of the law. They do it selectively allowing only Muslims to enter and issued them with papers, making them instant citizens in many cases. Do they care that they are scarring the demographic landscape of their country? The socio-economic problems that come with uncontrolled migration of unskilled workers of diverse backgrounds? Of course, they don’t. They do it for their self interests. But let’s not forget the Brits did the same once upon a time and they changed the demographic landscape of the country forever. They did it for economic reasons which served their interests at home.

    Today UMNO through its policies of attrition is hoping the most able and skilled among the Chinese and Indians would migrate and a million may have done so.

    The narrative over here in the U.S. today is fast changing into how to get the most talented among foreign students who come to study in universities here to stay and become U.S. citizens. Many of them having tried and failed to get permanent resident status have gone home to build up companies which would later compete with the U.S. Malaysia is doing the same thing but with their own people.

    Does any of these make any sense??

  29. “I do not see how Anwar can be involved as implicated by Mahathir”

    He was deputy to the Prime Minister and part of the same administration. The presumption is that a deputy had to be privy to everything that went on. Unless you have other information to rebut the presumption perhaps that Anwar Ibrahim was not part of Mahathir’s kitchen Cabinet which may be true for a brief while before he was ousted.

    Anwar Ibrahim however stellar his performance politically is as a comeback kid is damaged goods.

    But any man deserves a second chance. The United States is one country that allows second chances and this is evident in the many laws it has on its books. But that’s another matter.

    It is what Pakatan intends to do with these ‘new citizens’ that matter. Will a Pakatan government introduce amnesty and a chance for them to qualify for Malaysian citizenship the right way? It is a mess but it has to be solved.

  30. Pak bean,
    Second chance hey! Tell that to my matey, ktemoc & the One called RPK…….To RPK, Anwar is an unrepentant bastard! For me, I care less so long that Mahathir/BN/UMNO is long gone……..See, when LKY buried PKMS, Singapore prospers. Brunei doesn’t have UMNO, it’s damn rich.

  31. What is Pakatan saying to all these people who have been given blue ICs illegally? That they will deport them back to where they come from? Or a policy of self-deportation perhaps? A do-nothing policy? Don’t ask, don’t tell policy? What of the rule of law which has become the cornerstone of the opposition struggle for a better and just Malaysia?

  32. There is no ‘right way’, Bean. We are talking of a lapse of 1 generation and those folks can no longer be considered stateless. You can call them anything else, but they were part and parcel of Octo’s treachery. duplicity and megalomania.

    However unethical and immoral, the exercise was done with full legality in terms of paper work. The RCI can make recommendations, but the die is cast and Sabah needs to move on as their socio-economic problems are humongous and infrastructure condemned. The native born are just as likely to demand another special affirmative policy and where would that put us? Bumiputra squared?

  33. Pak bean,
    I heard Anwar saying that to give all illegals PRship. No sure how true is that. It’s going to be a big issue. We can’t follow Maclehose’s method of first past the post. Meaning if illegals not get caught at the border after certain period, those illegals become hongkies.
    I have several ideas on my mind. First illegal folks got to be deported back to their original countries. As most of them are from the Philipines & there isn’t any civil wars anymore in Mindanao, time to go home. That requires cooperation with Philipines which I believe is not forthcoming. The Philipines still claims Sabah. Guess why I am more supportive of PRC/ROC claim on Spatlry islands over the Philipines.
    Another idea would be to blacklist them denying them the right to vote. Force them to pay higher income taxes. Unconstitutional but boh pian.
    The issues are the second generation illegal immigrants. Those who are born in Sabah. Perhaps, another way is to amend the constitution
    TIME TO REMOVE ISLAM AS NATIONAL RELIGION FROM SABAH………IT’S ALL TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN’S FAULT FOR CREATING THE MESS. Tunku favoured Mustapha who in turns pursued the Islamisation of Sabah. If Tunku were to be impartial, he should have kept Donald Stephen who was then a christian, the CM of Sabah.
    Second rest the configurations by giving majority votes to non muslim bumiputras together with the chinese. Lets say 50.1%. You want precedent………Ian Smith’s solution should be considered

    Pak bean,
    While I don’t really worship ang mohs, I believe that the world should have left Rhodesia alone just as USA should leave China alone……..

  34. Megat and Aziz Shamsuddin were among the key players to pull down Anwar.The others were those corrupted ministers in Mahathir ‘s cabinet.They were successful and Anwar was thrown to Sg Buloh.If they were not on the same side with Anwar will they confide in Anwar to carry out this unholy act.Most likely not thus the chances of Anwar to be involved is either slim or nil.

  35. Lee Kuan Yew perhaps wants Singapore to be independent on its own but he feared that the mighty britain would never let Singapore. Hence, LKY decided to form Malaysia together with Peninsular Malaya. Brunei, fully melayu state refused to kowtow to Tunku’s wishes………Rather place Brunei under British protectorate till the 80s……….Sabah & Sarawak

    Imagine if Donald Stephen heard of what Ian Smith done with his UDI in Rhodesia. Even our beloved Tunku had become ruthless in ensuring Sabah under the moslems…..By siding Mustapha. Tun Mustapha is responsible for the bombing in 1986. Along USNO folks, once supported wholeheartedly by Tunku

  36. While we are still on the subject of vote baiting, here is a perfect and legal way for the politikus to fish for voters.
    The party that promises to change the law to allow dual citizenship will win my vote. I will hop on a flight back to cast my vote in the coming elections. I am sure I will not be the only one and how Malaysian expats are there living overseas?.
    There you go, BN and PR, get the ball rolling.

  37. After PR comes to power at the federal level and has to solve
    the “illegal aliens-given-blue ICs” mess left behind by Dr M:

    How about this —>

    1) Put the masterminds of the entire project on trial for high treason.
    Lawlessness in high places will not be tolerated under the new Pakatan Rakyat government.

    2) The children of these people born in Malaysia will be recognised as bona fide citizens

    3) As for the illegals themselves, they can be granted recognition as long as they ADMIT everything in formal hearings and formal declarations.
    But this is only valid for those granted citizenship illegally before year XXXX.
    No such amnesty for those who are currently being granted blue ICs by the
    desperate UMNO Baru-BN ruling kleptocracy.

    What do legal eagles like Mr Bean think about the above proposals?

  38. Phua,
    That’s the Maclehose’s method………First past the post……Meaning if you are not caught at the border…..After residing few years, you have become resident or citizen of that region with full rights.
    I would preferred a modified Rhodesia method. One of the predecedence is to create a non muslim constituencies…….Non muslim/chinese controls 2/3 or more. Remember, during malaya independence, Anemo controls 2/3 of parliamentary seats even though the melayus only got 40% of malayan population.
    As for 1st generation illegals, expunge them. Else, blacklist them…..Allow them to work but to pay high income tax than the native. Natives inclusive of chinese who have been there for generations

  39. Perhaps we could borrow a leaf from the U.S. experience with its undocumented workers (or illegal aliens). The U.S. has some 11-14 million undocumented workers. Deporting all of them back is out of the question. No can do. So a more realistic solution would to be to work a legal pathway towards U.S. citizenship which would require them to qualify for work permits, continue working for a period of time and then return to their home country and to the back of the line like everybody else who are waiting for their turns. Any other way would be unfair to those who wait patiently in line for their visas. Any other way would be to reward those who break the law.

    Those who refuse to come out of the shadows and are unable to prove that at least one of their parents is born locally and with no birth certificate of their own to show would be deported, all expenses to be paid by their respective embassies. As a country we do not subscribe to either jus soli or jus sanguinis. Ours is a hybrid.

  40. In the U.S. if your parents are illegals but you were born in the U.S. then you are a U.S. citizen. Your parents can be deported back to their home country at their own expense or their embassies’. They cannot of course deport you. That is according to the principle of jus soli. It is your birth right.

  41. Another way is to grant outright amnesty for those who have been here for a number of years. U.S. President Reagan (a Republican) did that, followed by Bill Clinton ( a Democrat) and Bush Jr (Republican) who opened a limited window of three months in 2001. Millions qualififed and became U.S. citizens after five years.

  42. In Malaysia it is more complicated as illegals have been issued with apparently valid blue ICs which is proof of Malaysian citizenship. In the U.S. illegals buy forged social security cards with forged numbers for US$20 a piece so they could work. It can be proved that they are false. How do you prove forged blue ICs when they are not forged but unlawfully issued?

  43. Bean,
    USA is built on the backs of immigrants. We are talking about Sabah & Sarawak. Thank God that Sarawakian muslims not as devious as Mustapha…..Flooding Sarawak with muslims……Merely ensuring that governor remains in the hands of muslim & a doa during the assembly opening.
    Sabah is a different nut case. Hence I truly suggest to look at the modified Rhodesia method. Not accepting wholly what Ian Smith’s advocating…..Gradual reset to Sabah racial composition as in 1963…….A non muslim secular state…….
    Gerrymandering is one method of resolving these issues. Amend the constitution in giving Sabah non muslims including chinese more votes…….Ian Smith in Rhodesia insisted that those who wanted full rights, pay certain threshold property/poll taxes…..Those illegal immigrants are poor……hahahaha

  44. And now suddenly you will receive a post card with your beloved BN MP on the flip side in the Mail to tell you that you are now a registered voter. But the strange thing is that you cannot remember having registered.

    Well this can be expalined and may be ok. But now, the Election Commission having allowed absentee registration, must ensure that those on the electoral roll do not become absentee voters come the next General Elections without their knowledge. To assist in this all important process the EC must allow election agents of the candidates to supervise the the issuance of ballot papers to voters inside the polling station. The voter then should be allowed to peform his constitutional duty in a specially desinated and isolated area inside the polling station.

    Both the BN and and PR should have no problems to agree to this process as it will allow them to govern without prolonged court battles after the General Elections.

  45. This mamak will do anything to save his skin and break up this country. He has the cheek to say that our Bapa Malaysia, The Tunku also did the same during his time…..?? The only thing left to do is to make sausage out of this mamak and feed it to the dogs.

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