ALIRAN: Janji diTepati is Janji Kosong

February 3, 2013

ALIRAN: Janji diTepati is Janji Kosong

by Rakyat Jelata

The Federal government (of Najib Tun Abdul Razak) seems to have felt a sudden gush of generosity – tagged with the slogan, “Janji Ditepati” – towards the rakyat. There have already been three, four or more waves of BR1M distributions, and now flood victims in the east coast states are to expect another wave of RM500 aid distribution.

Laying it on thick, the government is also splurging on schools – a sudden windfall of millions or billions of ringgit is flowing into vernacular education, school maintenance and construction, as well as other neglected sectors of socio-economic development. Again we hear the same rhetorical phrase drip from the lips of PM Najib and DPM Muhyddin Yassin – “Janji Ditepati”.


Ini Janji Apa?–Rakyat Jelata

Small business successes deluge television screens with their intermittent broadcasts followed by bold words of “Bajet 2013, Janji Ditepati”. All these sunshine stories appear to take place in a period of glowing economic highs, without regard to market conditions.

The reality is, many new businesses open with optimism, but may eventually fold a few months down the road due to market saturation for particular products or services, lack of strategic marketing knowhow or simply an economic downturn when the purchasing power of the public is at an all time low. Even in the absence of these factors, mismanagement can be the downfall of a well intended business. Like kites, many can take off but how many will stay up?

UMNOOver these large portions of magnanimity are sprinkled discounts in fees for various government or semi-government services such as the 50 per cent discount on passport application or renewal fees for senior citizens and the 50 per cent discount on commuter train fares (citizens can apply for this scheme by submitting a photocopy of their identity card and they will receive a discount travel card with PM Najib’s face on it!). But how many older senior citizens are inclined to travel to unfamiliar places in far-off lands? Not many and not frequently. So will such ‘discounts’ facilitate significant savings for most of the rakyat? Hardly.

There are also goodies for the youth in the form of discounts for Smartphones and iPads and book vouches for those in education. Certainly, those who are not yet working and those unable to afford such items will join the queue to get them, free if possible. The latest UUM fiasco by Sharifah Zohra Jabeen, however, may prompt them to think about the motives for these ‘gifts’. If Umno and the BN think that the rakyat are too naïve or stupid to recognise vote buying, they could be in for a rude awakening, hopefully soon.

Yet, BN ministers seem to hint, that there are more such rewards in the offing – if they remain at the helm with the consent of the electorate. PM Najib even baldly stated, last year, that there was no need for a change of government to facilitate a change of system!

Why is it that only after 55 years does the current BN administration 1Malaysia2suddenly become aware of the rakyat’s needs? Did the outcome of the last general election have anything to do with it? Will this miraculous shift of focus towards the economic needs of the people – away from the needs of large corporations, cronies and foreign investors survive another term of Barisan rule? Can a tiger change its stripes?

Despite the rhetoric, these magnanimous gestures, and hints – that the rakyat will prosper under a regime outstaying its welcome – sound increasingly hollow. When did the country have bottomless coffers into which federal leaders may dip at will to produce all these goodies called”Janji ditepati”? Is there an Aladdin’s cave or a magic lamp with a genie to grant every wish commanded? Or a Fairy Godmother waiting in the wings? No, such fantasy is the stuff of fairy tales.

In reality, the hard cash must come from somewhere more mundane – the coffers of the East Malaysian “White-haired One”, Petronas or even from the deep pockets of other cronies and political leaders with abundant vested interests? Or more realistically, harvested from higher taxes on ordinary goods and services like basic food items, fuel and service taxes paid by the ordinary rakyat? If the latter is the case, then the government’s idea of spending taxes to benefit the rakyat is certainly a twisted one. It is clear to many that this is nothing but a short-lived election ploy, a covert election campaign tactic also named, guess what? “Janji ditepati”, of course!

What next?

The vital question for the rakyat now is, if the UMNOputras and BN in general are defeated, then what are they going to do? They have so far shown themselves to be sore losers, resorting to certain underhanded tactics in attempts to undermine Pakatan state governments.

CorruptionHitting below the belt without even a blush of embarrassment seems normal to them. The electorate has witnessed such practices within and outside Parliament. The ‘kataks’ in Perak have not been forgotten over the past three to four years. The current BN Perak state government was not duly elected by the rakyat but forced on them.

The bigger the shady deals, the bigger the debt, and the payback will no doubt include a huge interest permanently fixed to it. The demon of corruption regularly and efficiently checks and updates its account books.

The only way to cancel the debt owed and stop borrowing from the Hell Bank is to give way to the inevitable flood of truth that will eventually burst its banks. The debt to the rakyat is still outstanding and must be repaid on demand. There are rumours that capital has flowed out of the country; so we can expect certain well known politicians to be doing the same sooner or later. What will it be in the guise of, this time? A holiday in Europe, a visit to the holy land, or the age-old excuse of “my relative has died, got married or whatever else, overseas”? The rakyat must be vigilant; such excuses must be taken with a big pinch of salt. It nearly happened before.

Tunku, TCL and TSNow, the urgent business of the rakyat is to safeguard and ensure our own future as a united, harmonious, peaceful and prosperous nation, cleansed of corruption, graft and all other foul dealings that undermine the rule of law, democracy and justice in this land we call our home.

The time is drawing near, for the rakyat’s clear and unqualified decision on whom the mandate to serve the country will fall on. Use your vote wisely. Don’t be swayed by “janji kosong” (empty promises). We, the rakyat, must persist, single-mindedly for a better future, a better Malaysia! – Aliran

10 thoughts on “ALIRAN: Janji diTepati is Janji Kosong

  1. BR1M, handphone discounts, student cash etc… in the 1980s, in the era of Reganomics revolution debate , was called DIRECT PAYMENTS.. Najib whose career really took off then, should know the debate well..

    Its why its incredulous to watch him wax lyrically about ‘janji ditepati’ when he knows he knew from the start the stuff does not work.. The recent result of Singapore’s Punggol election in Singapore should send a shiver down his spine because even if everybody won’t admit it , he can’t ignore the fact that its not only possible but very likely, like in Singapore, it does not even make a dent at the polls at all in these internet age.

  2. Besides, watching Yes Minister/Prime Minister……If got chance, watch House of Cards (UK version)……..American version is about to air this year……with Kevin Spacey as the Majority Whip in USA poised to be USA President

    Don’t you feel that Mahathir or even Najib is like Francis U in this TV series

  3. Ajib had his chance to do good after 2008. For whatever it took, the hand outs from our own tax money cannot overshadow those huge corruption scandals. These the higher educated Malays already know including those in universities; free phone or not. Come GE13 we will see.

  4. Janji diTepati kerajaan yang Bersih dan Amanah.
    semua lain kita ra’ayat tidak mahu.
    Jangan janji diTepati dari taksiran kita.

    The BN had failed to deliver a Clean and Trustworthy government.

    It was the promised made by Mahathir for Cepat Bersih dan Amanah which was a darn great slogan some 30 years ago and had turned upside down.

    Whose fault?

    NOT Tun Mahathir nor BN

    We brainless people’s for election them to those place.

  5. A command economy can work wonders if DONE correctly by central leadership but still remain to be seen. Perhaps public whipping might set the pace going.

    A few officials volunteer to disclose assets

    Source: Xinhua | 2013-2-2 | NEWSPAPER EDITION
    The story appears on Page A6 Feb 2, 2013

    MORE government officials have said that they are willing to disclose their financial status, though conditionally, after a political adviser proposed disclosing his own assets.

    Fan Songqing, deputy secretary-general of the Guangzhou Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference in Guangdong Province, said on January 21 that he would like to be the first official to declare and make public his own assets.

    Fan’s remarks have sparked heated discussion regarding the long-awaited asset disclosure plan, particularly after a slew of recent corruption scandals tainted the image of the Communist Party of China.

    Guangzhou Mayor Chen Jianhua has said he will take the lead in disclosing his assets if he receives notice asking him to do so. The mayors of Foshan and Shenzhen, also in Guangdong, have made similar remarks.

    China has previously piloted asset disclosure programs in parts of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces, but mostly among low-ranking officials.

    In 2012, the Guangdong provincial government announced that similar programs would be launched on a trial basis in the Nansha New District of Guangzhou and the Hengqin New District of the city of Zhuhai, as well as in Shixing County.

    The government of Shixing will ask its 526 officials, including bureau chiefs and county heads, to declare their family’s assets after the Spring Festival holiday, said Zheng Zhentao, CPC chief of the city of Shaoguan, which administers Shixing.

    Officials will be required to declare their salaries, bonuses and subsidies, labor income, real estate holdings, cars and investments, according to Zheng. However, he added that the financial status of these officials will only be available for inquiry on the government intranet, rather than being fully revealed to the public.

    Fan said the pilot programs will not fully meet public expectations, although such experiments will help to build up experience for future efforts.

    Although the disclosures are expected to be a powerful tool in fighting corruption, the disclosure of officials’ assets is in no way a panacea, some officials say.

    “Asset disclosures are just one of many ways to supervise officials in terms of fighting corruption,” said Wang Yanshi, top discipline official of the city of Zhuhai. “We should not deify asset disclosures, nor should we childishly think that all corruption will be eradicated after implementing such plans.”

  6. And I still do not know why they came up with this silly RM199 Bantuan Lesen 1Malaysia or BL1M to help youngsters obtain a motorcycle licence? What the heck is going on here? I though we want to take them off the street with the Mat Rempit scourge that we have?

    These people in Putrajaya are getting carried away. It seems that anyone who can do a project paper using the 1M will get support and approval…. Remember Listen! Listen! Listen! and the Suara Wanita 1Malaysia (SW1M)?

    And now they splash RM3 million to engage Korean KPop star PSY to sing his Oppa Gangnam Style in Penang CNY do…. you can see they were happy to announce the project but after an entire day of twitter questions on who is paying the bill, it is now said a private company is paying the bill…. just the same answer when the question were asked a certain CM on his RM600,000 lunch for his son’s wedding….

    Malaysia Boleh!!!

  7. Is ‘Janji ditepati’ when Fed govt gives RM120m to Syabas that its multi-ringgit-paid chairman insist its worth more than RM6b and successfully sued Tony Pua for defamation it can’t pay its debt and hasn’t to its treatment plants?

  8. Bigjoe99,
    I don’t mind if BN can give me 120mil. Frankly, Malaysia is indeed damn rich. Malaysia can afford to waste millions of dollars to invite a fatty Psy to sing for Malaysia……Heck, I felt that I have join the wrong profession

  9. NONE of them managed to bring any to after life so why bother to mass up paper and metals ? What goes around comes around. These men time were up do were their families. God is NO debtor.

    Muammar Gaddafi
    When the assets of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and his kin were frozen in March 2011, some of the numbers that came out were astonishing. The U.S. had seized $30 billion of the family’s investments. Canada had frozen $2.4 billion, Austria had frozen $1.7 billion and the U.K. had frozen $1 billion. It was reported that these figures were nowhere close to the actuals. Over his 42-year reign, Gaddafi was said to have amassed

    Bashar al-Assad
    A former ophthalmologist student, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad made sure key relatives were put in prime government positions. The Guardian reports that Assad’s realizable assets stand at $1.5 billion. If this figure includes assets within Syria, which Assad and his family control, the figure would be much larger at about $122 billion. His wealth is said to come from land, energy and licenses. Assad is known to hold his cards,

    Hosni Mubarak
    A military head for over 30 years, former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak amassed wealth while his citizens continued to struggle on a daily basis. The 82-year-old dictator was said to have amassed $70 billion over 30 years, with his sons and family controlling and taking cuts on all projects that took place in Egypt. The Mubaraks lived life regally, jetting around the world and living in palaces.

    Ali Abdullah Saleh
    Former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh ruled over the country for 30 years until he recently ceded power on his own terms. He is said to be worth around $32 billion.

    Zine al Abidine Ben Ali
    Former Tunisian President Zine al Abidine Ben Ali was sentenced to 35 years in prison in absentia. Overthrown by the Jasmine revolution, he lived an excessive life while his countrymen struggled under human rights atrocities. His wife is said to have made her exit with gold bars worth $37 million. Ben Ali is said to have a net worth of $7 billion.

    Robert Mugabe
    Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has turned once-rich Zimbabwe into his personal playground, killing most of his rivals and looting Zimbabwe for good measure. His net worth stands at $5 to $10 billion thanks to his country’s diamond deposits.

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