Mahathir: Arrogant to the bitter end

February 1, 2013

Mahathir: Arrogant to the bitter end

by Mariam Mokhtar

Mahathir and Tunku2If one could smell fear, then those around former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, his family, Barisan Nasional (BN) politicians and their cronies, would need strong stomachs to deal with the overpowering stench. When a person is running scared, he turns on his attackers or finds another person to take the rap. Mahathir has done both.

As we enter the final stages of the run-up to GE-13, Mahathir has lost none of his sarcasm. Only the most loyal of his sycophants will still receive him as warmly as before. He has become an outcast of 97% of the population.

In the preceding months, Mahathir has remained cocksure and taken pot shots at the Opposition. He did not believe that the Opposition could deliver their promises; nor would he accept that BN has neglected the rakyat, for the last 56 years.

You would expect a former Prime Minister to have some respect for the rakyat; but Mahathir derided them when he said that they could not appreciate political debates because of their immaturity and that they were too emotional to rationalise.

He said, “This is not America, but even in the US, debates only serve to expose how stupid the candidates are.” Might this explain the preponderance of UMNOo candidates’ refusal to debate their Opposition counterparts?

Mahathir’s rhetoric is an indication of his internal fears. In the previous weeks he has shown his trademark arrogance and egotism. The sudden adoption of a defensive position shows an agitated mind.

His remarks about the Opposition are revealing, “They will take actionTun M against people who were not friendly, or they think were not friendly to them,” and he voiced his fears about being arrested by the incumbent government.

This climb-down is unprecedented. Mahathir has never adopted this tone before and to talk about being arrested is unheard of. Mahathir’s lack of confidence is telling. This is again shown by his tacit mention of a “Pakatan-controlled Federal government”.

Mahathir must be fearing the worst. He has never visualised any party other than UMNO in Putrajaya.Perhaps, the other damning insight into Mahathir’s state of mind is his attempt to shift attention from himself to Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak.

Mahathir’s admission that he engineered the foreign invasion of Sabah by the back door, his foolish attempt to sully the name of the Father of Independence, Tunku Abdul Rahman, followed by his effort to implicate his former deputy, Anwar Ibrahim, does not endear him to the public.

Divide and Rule

The rakyat sees that billions of ringgit have been squandered on defence weaponry, when the real enemy was the prime minister.

The Politics of Make BeliefSo, what does a coward do when he is cornered? Mahathir who had underestimated the anger of the rakyat, believing that they still “adored” him, had attempted to deflect criticism and draw attention away from him, by focusing on Najib.

He urged UMNO to cast Najib aside if BN were to perform badly in GE-13. Somehow, he forgot that it is the rakyat who decides, and not UMNO members.

He criticised the former PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi for leaving a weak government for Najib and refused to accept that successive BN governments have been corrupt, inept and weak.

Instead of building on the strong foundations and a united people at the time of Independence, Mahathir preyed on each race’s specific weaknesses, to undermine them further. He perpetuated the British concept of Divide and Rule, to keep the natives in check. We swopped British imperialism for Mahathirism.

Mahathir’s contempt for us is shown when he sniggered at the thought of his possible arrest by the Opposition should they win Putrajaya. “Without the ISA, I feel more comfortable”.

He disregarded the suffering he inflicted on his critics and political opponents, when the liberal use of the ISA and Operation Lalang traumatised thousands of people. People suffered physical and mental health problems. Families were broken-up and left destitute.

People like  Ambiga and Maria Chin Abdullah always kept toothbrushes in their handbags, because they knew that they could be detained whenever they left their houses. Mahathir now knows what it feels like to be hunted.

Finally, Mahathir let the cat out of the bag when he suggested that Najib should step down and allow his deputy, Muhyiddin Yassin, to take charge, if BN were to win by a slim margin. He has always feared that his legacy would be forgotten and his political dynasty halted.

How ironical that Mahathir tried to obliterate all traces of British rule including the language, names of roads and towns, only to find that in 2013, Malaysians are desperate to obliterate all traces of him, his cronyism and his corruption.

A Gaza Folly

Earlier this month, Najib was foolish to visit Gaza when his own backyard isNajib-UMNO like a tinderbox. His diplomatic gaffe put him in the spotlight and the American media has now turned their attention on him and perhaps, alerted the Americans to the wider troubles Malaysia faces.

It is the publicity and recognition that many of us have been waiting for. Najib was daft to fish for Muslim votes that way and Anifah Aman, the foreign minister should be congratulated for being a weak sycophant and not insisting upon adherence to diplomatic protocol and pleasantries.

Najib could take the fast-track to redemption with the rakyat and be guaranteed a place in Malaysian history as a Super-Hero.He should steal a march on Pakatan and arrest Mahathir, before Pakatan gets that honour.

Mahathir must be resigned to his arrest for crimes against the Malaysian people. Like most criminals, he will find great relief when the chase is over.

Mariam Mokhtar is a FMT columnist.

25 thoughts on “Mahathir: Arrogant to the bitter end

  1. Our religions teach us all humility. Arrogance before Al Mighty God? Tun Mahathir thinks he is the chosen one and therefore, he is above the Law, just because Najib is not willing to be tough on him. Wrong. He does not have immunity against prosecution.

    The next government, if it is not UMNO-BN, will deal with him differently. He will be asked by the next Prime Minister to account for his past misdeeds and acts of cruelty towards Malaysians who dared to speak and challenge him. Let us all face this fact. Every man or woman deserves what is coming to them if they have been cruel and unjust. Divine Justice.–Din Merican

  2. hahaha……..but where the 97% came from ? Does it include kampong Pak Ciks and Mak Ciks?

    Don’t discount Mahathir yet. He has a very strong non-biological heart that can take stress till he is pass 100. It would take something ultra extraordinary to give him a heart attack.

  3. The problem with Mahathir is his inferiority complex,to cover that up,he thinks he’s the smartest of all Malaysian,that’s what ego does to a person whose footsteps were once lick upon,I pity him so much that I pray he will live long enough to see all of crumbling around him, and that all Malaysians will see the true Man himself,an egoistic megalomaniac ( even the Mega part,he think he is???? )…more maniac I think..coz I’ve seen n being with him up close,can’t stomach it,so I left without regrets,better penniless then being in his company,my principle and pride,even though some say are stupid, thanks but no thanks….I’ve seen the true Mahathir and it’s garbage all the way,double talk and the lot,I’d only lick beautiful women(if n only when I have the chance )…Oouch!!

  4. so its true than , money cant buy happiness…this ratched old man is a living testimony to that…. if its any comfort to him , then behold , legacy is not only for the righteous , guys like judas , abu lahap or in more modern times , adolf hitler has left something behind for many generations to come to cherished… There is no way , a man can have the best of two worlds , certainly dear old gracious siti hasmah has whispered this into his ear drums countless of times but being mahdir he must have thought it was some sought of irritant or worse , that he was having a nightmare

  5. Daud,

    Can you imagine if Siti suddenly tell Atir;
    Listen Listen Listen; I now have to courage to sack you for you have operated the ra’ayat in all the wrong places. Now redo your houseman. That may be the pin to deflate him.

  6. Okay time to bring up the ghost of nicholae Ceauwho?

    Are you really afraid that what may transpired in Romania may happen in Malaysia? That’s also the lesson for BN-UMNO……Your days are numbered

  7. The attacks now is getting nonsensical and flatulent – Throwing handful of mud at Anwar when he is all covered with, distancing UMNO/BN from Ibrahim Ali when he is patron of Perkasa and Godfather of both?When he enemy is at the gate, the general don’t go throwing sticks and stones, and mud.

    Either he has lost it or Selangor and likely also a few states are already like Sabah…

  8. Dear Datuk Din

    I read about German SS concentration camp guards (as well as Nazi camp guards from other lands such as the Ukraine and the Baltic states) who would torture and murder camp inmates during the day and then go home and be loving husbands and loving fathers to their families in the evenings.

    In Malaysia, do we see the same kind of personality/values “disassociation” (this may not be the right word, in psychological parlance) among politicians, especially of the politically extremist kind?

  9. May God bless those who committed wrongs against Malaysians a long long life so that they will live long enough to receive their charge sheets, be handcuffed and be paraded and shamed at Dataran Merdeka, be charged, be found guilty and then be hung at Dataran Merdeka… I am getting very angry, Dato, pls bring on the GE13 now!

  10. I’m not looking forward for anyone to be arrogantly pushed into the cage like what Mahathir and his powerful police chief did to Anwar.But the manner that the evil Mahathir and his slaves did to Anwar,changed the thinking of many peace loving people away from the arrogant BN leadership and BN government.

    I don’t share the view that Mahathir is great leader.I’m inclined to believe he is a crook or a con man.And if ever Pakatan is given the trust by the Rakyat,by all means take action against Mahathir and his gang of robbers including those who continue to do so until this day but work within the frameworks of humanity.You don’t have to bash him blue black like what he did. We just want Mahathir and his gang of robbers to be accountable.Are we asking too much?? Certainly not.

  11. The George Soros Open Society Foundation is the primary donor of the Human Rights Watch, contributing $100 Million of $128 Million of contributions and grants received by the HRW in the 2011 financial year. What have you Dr MM given to Malayisa, let alone to the global society? Astonomical shame on you !
    Quote from 14/2/2011 Financial Twitter: … ..if you think …Mubarak is…richest man on earth, …hear what has former dictator Mahathir plundered….Mahathir’s wealth easily top US$22 to US$44 billion over his 22-year of iron-fist rule. …. Malaysia has more natural resources than Egypt and economically, Malaysia is richer….not necessary less corrupted than Egypt…..corruption in Malaysia is so entrenched that every institutions are tainted – from the monarchy, judiciary, executive, legislature to the …policemen on the street.

  12. You be the judge of Mahathir’s virtues & integrity on these:
    ‘68. Predicted May 13 Riot in advance which materialized and hundreds were killed. ‘69. Sent a letter to PM Rahman, criticised him for not upholding Malay interests & called for his resignation. Sacked from UMNO & almost arrested. Subsequently caused the downfall of the PM. ’74. Disciplined students and academics who were politically active. ‘80s. His gov’t privatised airlines, utilities and telecom firms, accelerating to a rate of about 50 privatisations/yr by the mid-90s. Most privatisations occurred without open tenders and benefited only cronies. Went ahead with Proton project despite objections by experts, making cars expensive & causing financial hardships. Destroyed the independence of Judiciary over the years, starting from UMNO Baru & Smangat46. Steered amendments to the Constitution. When Lord President of the Supreme Court Salleh Abas objected he & 5 other judges were suspended! Cracked down on opposition with the use of ISA. Then “Operation Lalang”, 119 arrested and detained without charge. Most were prominent opposition activists, including the leader of the DAP Lim, & 9 of his fellow MPs. Newspapers sympathetic to opposition were shut down.[ Ever since, gov’t controlled media with no press freedom. Dayabumi Project. Lost hundreds of millions to corner tin market. Borrowed heavily from Japan to feed his HICOM industrialisation projects. Public Assets privatized at discounts. Air Asia Sold for RM1 !
    Mahathir-Daim mismanagement that culminated in the recession of 85-86. Multi-billion Bakun Dam! Selected a head contractor from Srarwak(bankrupted a few times & couldn’t even speak English) without an open tender! The project was eventually suspended in Asian financial crisis. Then bail out Ekran with RM200m. In the Asian Crisis he was engrossed in protecting cronies and their heavy indebtedness.
    Perwaja Steel lost more than RM10billion, Bank Bumi lost several billions. Costs over-runs in Putrajaya, KLIA. Sepang Gran Prix track, Petronas Twin towers. Suspended KLSE rules to allow crony UEM-Renong’s bailout! Causing the stock market captalisation to fall by RM70billion. Dabbled in Forex money market with RM9.3billion losses. Allowed Bank Bumi mismanagemt, then bailed them out 3 times.
    Grant of RM440million to Libyan InventQjaya. Allowed 1 – 2million illegal immigrants into M’sia, given ICs to boost UMNO’s election, power & control – astronomical treason. Fostered an education system that’s super divisive, racist, causing brain drain outflow of money as Chinese emigrated, and flushing M’sian Univ standard down the drain. Selling MAS to crony Tajuddin who knew little or nothing about running an airline.
    In privatization, sold away the most profitable Gov’t operations: Telecom, Tenaga, in favour of cronies.
    RM1.4billion soft loan to Indah Water. Rescued son Mirzan’s KPB with funds from Petronas!
    Forced MISC to acquired Assets of KPB. Sons are directors of 200-300 companies.
    Bailed out Time Dotcom in RM5billion debt with EPF money! Then EPF money to LRT, PUTRA, Renong,STAR. Awarded RM24.3billion to PSC to build patrol boats! Sacked Anwar when he suspecting a ‘palace coup’ was being plotted. Took over billions of corporate debt (cronies’) without penalizing them.
    Anwar’s first trial & imprisonment His black eye was explained by Mahathir & Rahim Noor as being “self-inflicted”.Only after a Royal Commission was convened did Rahim Noor admit that he had administered the beating to Anwar. A PM fabricating stories with lies. Then Anwars’ 2nd fabricated Sodomy charges.
    Hundreds more of fiascos, cronyism, nepotism, mismanagement and likely embezzlement. RM100bill in losses or more. Brought African Aparthied to M’sia. Alleged to be richer than Mubarak & Sarawak’s Taib Mahmud.

  13. Doesn’t it make you shiver that a man who led Malaysia for 22 years is now seeking to destroy the country?

    He is publicly saying that there should be institutionalised racial discrimination. He is selling citizenships to foreigners by the hundreds of thousands which is treason of the highest order. He encourages intolerance against those who oppose him and his cronies. He uses religion and race to advance his own agenda.

    He is more evil than Satan / syaitan. He is worse that Hitler / Mao / Idi Amin and all the tyrannical rulers put together. He is the most evil of the evil people.

  14. This MONSTER must be put to rest. He has rape the nation and now playing God. He is a sick Saitan. Pls stop giving him attention an space. He should be dragged to the street….

  15. Only by electing Anwar as Pm will justice be done to this Mamak for the tremendous damages/harm done to the people. Change this very corrupted, power crazy govt at the next election is the way save this nation from destruction and ruins!

  16. The old goat is never wrong whatever he did or said during his tenure as prime minister during his time. He just brushed off or put someone in trouble if all his plans were not in line accordingly. All his deputies like Musa Hitam, Tengku Razaleigh and Anwar Ibrahim could not meet his draconian policies and that was his way of holding the power of the pen.

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