Shame on All of Us, Fellow Malaysians

January 30, 2013

Shame on All of Us, Fellow Malaysians

Note: We are all so engrossed with our nation’s politics that we lose our compassion and sense of caring. One of the objectives of  9 strategic objectives of Vision 2020 is to nurture and build a caring nation. But we have shown our ugly side. The passing of young William Yau has not moved us one wee bit. What is wrong with us, I wonder. Other kids before William  too have died in vain because we do not care enough.

Now  I read the story which appears in the New Straits Times today about the poisoning  of elephants in Sabah. I hope the authorities find the culprits of this barbarous act and make them pay for their cruelty to animals with punitive sentences.


I am moved to see the above picture of the baby elephant trying to revive its mother. It shows me what love is about. I don’t think animals have problems (I disagree with BTN propagandist Sharifah Zohra Jabeen) but we do as we do not know how to co-exist with them.–Din Merican  

Jumbos believed poisoned

10 DEAD: All were found to have badly damaged internal organs

KOTA KINABALU: A TRAIL of 10 dead elephants in one of the last bastions for the species in Sabah has raised concerns on how far people will go to protect their interest.

Carcasses of the Bornean pygmy elephants from a single herd were found near a logging camp and an oil palm plantation not far from the Gunung Rara Forest Reserve, about 130km from Tawau, between December 29 and January 25.

The elephants were believed to have been poisoned with a rat poison-like chemical, large amounts of which may have been used in areas where they feed on.

Only a 3-month-old male baby elephant was found alive next to its mother and promptly sent to the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park near here. The odds of the elephant surviving, however, remained slim as it was still nursing from its mother.

Sabah Wildlife Department director Datuk Laurentius Ambu yesterday said the discovery was disturbing because of the large number that were found dead.

“We are on the lookout if there could be more in the area, which is part of the Forest Management Unit concession held by Yayasan Sabah.”

The 100,000ha concession area, between the Danum Valley and Maliau Basin Conservation Areas, accounts for nearly 1,000 or half the elephant population in the state.

Laurentius said the family of elephants live within a 400km square area.”The dead elephants, three males and seven females, were found within an area of about 10 sq km radius but it may have consumed the poison elsewhere before dying near the logging camp.”

A post-mortem have been conducted on most of the carcasses and senior veterinarian Dr Sen Nathan said all were found with badly damaged internal organs.

“There were no signs of external injuries such as gunshots or cuts.We have sent samples to the Chemistry Department as well as to the Veterinary Services Department to check on the possibility of bacterial infection.The livers were enlarge or inflamed, the lungs congested and there was internal bleeding in the intestines.”

A task force made up of the Wildlife Department, Forestry Department, Police, Yayasan Sabah and World Wildlife Fund has been formed to probe the findings.

Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Masidi Manjun expressed shock on the death of the elephants.”This is a very sad day for conservation and Sabah.”

10 thoughts on “Shame on All of Us, Fellow Malaysians

  1. Come on, Malaysians. There is no reaction from you on this sad episode.No Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to All Animals(SPCA) and other animal rights members among you to take up the challenge of writing to the authorities in Sabah for action against the perpetrators of this dastardly act against the elephants ?–Din Merican

  2. I was told Dato, this might be a minor case. There was a case a couple of years back where a whole tribe of proboscis monkeys were shot down from their hangouts on the trees to make way for a dam construction and this I heard it from a buddy of mine who is a video cameraman with National Geographic…. and a tribe is not less than 1 dominant male, 40 females and many baby proboscis monkeys….

    What kind of government we have? Wiping the land clear of forests and wildlife….

  3. Sounds very much like coumarin poisoning. Yeah, they use that indiscriminately as rodenticides in oil palm estates. The point is that they ain’t effective and endanger other wild life more than their target.

    I suggest we catch hold of the culprits and hang them by their toes above the stinking, rotting carcasses of those most valuable of pachyderms. But.., guess what? There ain’t no Law that says what they did was ‘illegal’.

    I don’t think many folks bother about environmental KPIs or whatchamacallit – that’s why we have horrendous ‘accidents’ and massive ecological disaster in making..

    Remember, ole Octo deriding the Westerners for making an issue about the Rape of our Tropical Rainforests for timber and such ‘productive’ economic activities as mono-culture on industrial scale? Nothing changes until we all asphyxiate.

  4. Dato, this is nothing new, as the people are following the BN government has wiped out thousands and thousands of primeval forests in Malaysia, participated in murders against orang asli leaders such as Kelasau Naan, and put up a bounty for the head of Bruno Manser. The same is happening to our Jakuns of Tasik Chini which is a world heritage site, but now a tragedy, huge lake that is nearly biologically dead and a government that dont care. Malaysians do not value the forests because they cannot associate any benefits from these incredible ecosystems. Nature have somehow ensured that Rain Forests are water retainers and filters. All the flooding in Malaysia is not only due to heavy rain, the rainforests are gone, and the palm trees do not have the root systems to contain surface runoffs. And the goodies they spray – all those herbicide that is not bio-degradable are congregated in the water dams. Most of you in Selangor don’t know it yet, but you can be assured that your tap drinking water is not only full of benzenes, flurocarbons and heavy metals simply from aggregation of top soil and agricultural and industrial runoffs. You cannot remove these via water filters, the larger molecules can be removed by membranes, but not the heavy metals. The only membrane system in use in the region is at the Bedok plant in Singapore, where they turn sewage into potable water. Maybe you may think I am scaremongering but hopefully some one will get some sense and have a spectrometer test. It would be most interesting….what happened to the elephants may be happening on a wholesale scale to Malaysians particularly in the west coast. Quietly, slowly and courtesy of the people you call leaders…they are blessing you all with cancer…..the elephants had a quick tragedy. Malaysians will have one that will last a few generations…Malaysians are poisoning their own environment in the search for wealth. Luckily for us, our epidemic is nothing compared to China, where 25% of its water source is simply too contaminated to be used for industries, and only 27% can be used without treatment for human consumption. In other words, there is no safe potable water in any city in China. Malaysians will get there if we choose to destroy the very nature that has blessed our country.

  5. a friend of mine who came back from visiting Malaysia asked me point blank why malaysians are so stupid to allow the decimation of primary forests for oil palm monoculture, just for the profit of a few politicians and businessmen.
    when it involves money there is nothing sacred for them.

  6. My dear James Chua,
    It’s not they don’t know about the water supply and all that. It’s that the average man on the street is so busy trying to eke out an existence for himself and his family, that he’s blind to almost any ecological disaster that can – and will – happen in the ‘future’. While you cast aspersions about Selangor, the same can be said of Penang with it’s massive load of E&E contaminants or anywhere else in industrial Asia or any of the developing countries.

    It’s a matter of economics. Conventional wisdom says that rabid environmentalism is inimical to ‘inorganic’ economic growth.

    That is why the West, having destroyed much of their environment, is now shifting gears to an intellectual capitalist economy, leaving the rest of the world mired in commodity and consumerist industrial economies which pollutes. The change is insidious but real. The tendency to export ‘Services Industry’ is gaining momentum and so-called Free Trade Treaties must take into cognizance this new reality.

    Many claim that PRC is the new Superpower.. Yeah, if they don’t poison themselves first like their first Emperor Xin Shi-HuangDi, who croaked because of mercury poisoning.

    Oh btw, i think heavy metals can be also be removed during water treatment by chelation in ion exchange columns.

  7. Dato, the photo is all over FaceBook and the whole world is watching and concerned with this event. Unfortunately Malaysians are not active animal lovers and groups such as WWF and Zoo Negara should be at the forefront. Even though these are wild animals, if we don’t care then they will be extinct. However if any foreign organization were to write to the government of Malaysia, they will be told to butt out. This is a domestic issue.

  8. Its surprising to know we still have these beautiful creatures around.

    Hasn’t someone not flattened Sarawak (and Sabah too) for the balak and no care less for wild lives? These creatures died due to poisoning within their reservation? So who violated their habitat? Can be natives because they love nature. Definitely must be poachers wanting the babies. Rich people are willing to pay a good price for having these pygmy as showcase in their backyard. A normal size elephant is nor cute………..pygmy baby elephants together with quarter horses looks good in a private ranch in Europe or US………..or best still Las Vegas.

    BTW……….if this had happened in Thailand, the culprits would be castrated for sure. Without tai-ha they will have to serenade in Pattaya .

  9. We could’nt have said any better, James Chua…” Malaysians are Poisoning the Environment in their Greed for wealth….etc ” –

    Its the Government Authorities at fault, who are to be blamed wholesale….our ‘ wealth’ and/or financial resources being squandered elesewhere, and everywhere , for the benefit of the Few, no one bothers about environmental degradation and the massive destruction of the forests…..
    Nothing much can the public at large in their remote villages can do, who can hardly even eke out their own two meals a day, and the Wealthy plunderers going around with impunity to make more wealth….

    Pakatan Govt-in-waiting, MUST levy a heavy-duty Tax on these plunderers who are licensed to ‘ destroy ‘, such that this special Fund, will be used in priority, much higher than the priority for the ” Human specie “, who supoosed to be ” the first of things…” ( my foot…)

  10. Dear Datuk Din

    It’s quick poisoning of a herd of elephants in Sabah and
    slow poisoning of 700,000 people in Kuantan !

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