Not Possible to have 100% Clean Electoral Roll, says EC Chief

January 30, 2013

Not Possible to have 100% Clean Electoral Roll, says EC Chief

by Hazlan Zakaria

It is not possible for any country to ensure its electoral roll is 100 percent clean, the Election Commission (EC) says, for the list will be affected by daily occurrences of deaths as well as changes in addresses as people move about the country.

“If I clean today, tomorrow someone dies and it is not clean again…NONE“How clean do you want it to be? What kind of detergent do we need to use?” EC chief Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof told a press conference in Putrajaya today.

He stressed that in spite of revelations to the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) on immigrants in Sabah, the electoral roll for the state – and for the rest of the country – was as clean as these could be made.

“Believe us, the electoral roll is clean. As far as the EC is concerned, we only accept citizens with blue MyKad as voters.

“As for how they got the identity card, that’s (under the purview of) the National Registration Department (NRD),” he said, washing his hands clean of possible inaccuracies.

Before the names are entered into the roll, the EC carries out a “vigorous check” with the NRD to ensure that those being registered are citizens and are alive.

“If it is okay, only then we register,” Abdul Aziz explained after launching the commission’s dedicated 13th general election website.

He also appealed to members of the public to be proactive and check their details for discrepancies and update the EC with their latest details and addresses.

For this, he said, voters could SMS, email, phone in or go through the EC’s new dedicated GE13 website at

No comment on Sabah RCI

Asked to comment on the ongoing RCI, Abdul Aziz refused to touch on the testimonies of the witnesses.

“I have been advised not to comment as the proceedings are still going on. Four EC officers are waiting to testify and they will answer any and all questions that the commission may ask,” he said.

The RCI hearing in Kota Kinabalu has to date featured damning testimonies on the awarding of citizenship to illegal immigrants and their subsequent registration as voters.

Asked why the Human Rights Commission (Suhakam) was not named as an election observer, Abdul Aziz said it was the EC’s prerogative to choose whoever it wanted, and he went on to say it was not because Suhakam had any ill feeling toward the commission.

NONE“(Suhakam chief) Hasmy Agam (right) is my friend too.”

He added that thus far 16 NGOs have been appointed as local observers while five ASEAN countries and the grouping’s secretariat would be coming as international observers.

‘Malaysia, Australia poles apart’

The EC chief also dismissed Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s early announcement of election dates as inconsequential to Malaysian politics as both countries were poles apart and used differing electoral guidelines. “We have different laws, different systems and different conventions.”

Commenting further on the EC’s dedicated GE13 website, Abdul Aziz said it would be the one-stop portal for all things related to the coming general election, including news, turnout rates, enforcement updates, nomination statistics as well as other information and a live stream of all voting results.

He said the new site costs less then RM100,000 out of the total RM400 million budgeted for the commission’s GE13 budget. This budget is a whopping RM150 million more than the cost of GE12 in 2008.

Abdul Aziz attributed the inflated cost to inflation, ballooning staff and allowances as well as extra expenses for new types of voting, overseas voting and to handle and increasing number of voters, which will total 13.3 million as against the 10 million voters in 2008, after the latest registrants are gazetted in March

29 thoughts on “Not Possible to have 100% Clean Electoral Roll, says EC Chief

  1. If this is his attitude, then he is not fit to be the EC Chief. You can be sure that the elections will not be clean and fair. I know what I would do with an idiotic character like this fella, but what about you guys, Bean, CLF, Frank, Tok Cik, Semper Fi, Abnizar, Mak Cik thinks Aziz is a great guy because he is there to ensure UMNO-BN victory, by any means.–Din Merican

  2. Din,
    Can I apply for a job as EC chief? Like that also can hah! Makan Gaji buta.
    Looes74, you will not be eligible since you are not an UMNO crony. Anyway, most civil servants makan gaji buta.–Din Merican

  3. Mr EC Chairman,
    Cannot have 100% “clean” electoral roll, fair enough. But can you tell us HONESTLY how “clean” is our roll? 60%? 50%? 40% or less? What about all those 100’s of thousand/millions(?) “instant voters” that rumoured to have found its way into Selangor?

  4. Hahaha! Read between the lines of what this bloke is effectively telling Malaysians,

    Rakyat : Clean up the electoral roll!

    EC chairman : FXXK off! You Malaysians can scream until your face turn blue. I don’t give a FxxKing sHXt what you say. I only serve my bosses at UMNO.

  5. What kind of detergent do we need to use? Is that all the EC Chief head can think of?

    It seems to me he sounds so stupid. He doesn’t seem to understand the meaning of ‘Fair and Clean’ election in democratic system. With this type of election chief that we have how can we move into a Developed First World country.

  6. He is trying TOO HARD to help UMNO/BN..He is over-doing it using words and phrases like ‘detergent’ and ‘impossible 100% clean’ that are unnecessary and over-defensive. while just skipping over the obvious elephant in the room – like a really bad door-to-door appliance salesman with a broken appliance.

    Its so obvious the electoral roll in Selangor is so messed up..If UMNO/BN can’t get back Selangor, its no just a loss, they should hang themselves out of patheticness..

  7. “How clean do you want it to be? What kind of detergent do we need to use?” EC Chieftain aka Tok Pawang.

    Aiyah Dato Din, why did you choose that jarring photo of that clown? Now i’ve no choice but to rebut his question in this manner:

    ‘The detergent you use doesn’t matter – as long as you can get rid of those checks on your jump suit – which clashes horribly with your equally horrid looking tie. If that is your attitude towards ‘dressing’, i have no doubt that the rest of you won’t account for much. It’s better for you to sit quietly beside the kampong perigi and play with your guli-guli.’
    CLF, this guy is wearing an expensive suit. But that does not make him less of an idiot. All the suits in the world like All perfumes of Arabia (Lady Macbeth) won’t alter that. Pochee fella.–Din Merican

  8. What arrogance… this will definitely cost BN some votes in the urban and informed netizen voters but most kampong folks will actually think he is good saying such stupid things…. so sad for my motherland!

    People like this will most likely have a stroke and lay in coma for a few months before they are up to meet their makers… we have seen them all from judges and senior ministers to senior cops… all will die this way, cruel you may say, but isn’t that what is happening in Bolehland?

    In the early 2000s there was a minister in coma in Brunei for a long time and when he died, the authority didn’t even know about it coz the family kept quiet as the minister’s salary and allowances and perks in Brunei is not les tha B$200,000 per month!

  9. After the 13GE there will be a lot people out of a job, this geezer is one of them.Mr EC,please choose your words, 100%, detergent, I have a sneeky feeling that your statement was written for you by the FLOM, shows sings of primary school English, no semblance to the topic and its gravity.

  10. Sheer arrogance, that’s all I can say. He’s just sucking up to his boss, the great Najibur of Pekanputra. So what’s clean about this Aziz fella? Nothing. See the look on his face? He’s a cheat and he’s placed in a position of power to do just that – cheat.

    Like they say, those who live by the sword die by the sword. That fate awaits this man. Amen…

  11. I hate to sound petty, Dato – but even the ring of his pinkie resembles the one on the belakang mati taikor, i had to pay homage to as a frightened kid trying to get to school on time many, many years ago. But we have all grown up and rings like that don’t intimidate us with it’s ‘Tumbok’ power anymore.. What a class act!
    Does he wear a Rolex too?

  12. “The EC chief also dismissed Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s early announcement of election dates as inconsequential to Malaysian politics as both countries were poles apart and used differing electoral guidelines.”

    Yeah, if we use similar electoral guidelines Najibur and Losmah would be long gone and Aziz would probably be in Kamunting or selling satey by the roadside. What a stupid comment.

  13. What kind of stupid answers is he giving..? if he don’t like the job of cleaning the electoral roll, then he better quit and let someone else run the show..!!

  14. the electoral roll is dynamic and not static; which idiot doesn’t know that? do we need this katak face to tell us that the population fluctuates according to births and deaths?
    what we are asking is whether the electoral roll is infested with illegal entries to the advantage of the ruling party. he being a civil SERVANT should be answering our questions and not joking.
    these types of near morons only regurgitate certain non-binding statements they have memorised before hand.
    isn’t he talking like that Listen – Listen – Listen Virago?
    that expensive coat and tie might look good on a tall young man but he looks like a dressed up chimpanzee.

  15. This EC Chief doesn’t understand his role and responsibilities as EC Chief. When citizens ask for a clean electoral, they are asking that EC ensure the electoral role is updated and as accurate as can be barring all the reasons he cited like death and change of address. Yes you cannot have a 100% clean electoral roll but you can have 99% accurate electoral roll.

    He certainly doesn’t understand his job. Clean the electoral roll of dubious and suspicious voters, maintain an accurate and updated electoral roll. Cross reference with NRD and other peace agencies, in case of death check police report and Registrar of Birth and Death. Check with EPF and JPA Bahagian Pencen whether the person listed is still alive or dead or still receiving benefits. Talking about pencen, this EC Chief should be pencened off. Check with local authgorities whether address given is legitimate. Check with RIMV and see if the voter has a driver’s license and see if address matched. There are many ways to verify data. This is the age of super fast computers, no need to use the abacus or yellw pad anymore. Waste of funds funding the EC.

    MAMPU should be tasked with implementing new system for EC, one that have access to NRD, RIMV, Police, Registrar of Birth and Death, JPA, EPF and Jabatan Pencen database. The list is endless.

    Do we have to teach this idiot how to do his job?

  16. Is Pakatan allowed to scrutinize the electoral rolls that are with EC which is pro-BN?

    What is not telling is exactly how are the rolls vetted?

    On record, it is known if a valid MyKad had voted last time
    Registrar of death and birth record can be compared with electoral rolls to create a ‘black list’. The black list could contain name, race, kp, dob, dodeath of expired people. This black list then is to be used to compare against all voters. Anyone meeting name, kp, etc should be flagged as a basic check….There are other checks for bona-fide voters that EC and parties know and which can be done electronically.

    Wa…this EC will have plenty of issues even before parliament is dissolved.

  17. Errr….i have a sneaky suspicion that he is making a preemption, merely a preemptive statement. He may not be the so-called smart ‘ independant ‘ Commissioner of the EC, but he is a shrewed psychologist, b’coz he is preparing everybody’s mind, to wit : if (IF) in the unlikely event BN does win the GE, please don’t blame the Election Commission for faulty Electrol Rolls…..( that’s exactly what they are ‘intending’ to do….- ” Faulty ” without so much as saying it…..)

  18. Stop talking and stop making excuses.
    Get going cleaning up the electoral rolls.

    Fulfill your duties as an impartial civil servant and
    official of the Government of Malaysia
    (not a politically partisan servant of UMNO Baru-BN),
    whose salary and benefits are paid for by the hard-working tax payers of Malaysia.

  19. Invite highly esteemed people such as former President of the USA
    Jimmy Carter, the Reverend Desmond Tutu of South Africa, and
    Mary Robinson (Former President of the Republic of Ireland)
    as election observers, if you want to regain your credibility.

  20. When the time comes, all these idiots, whether they are from the EC or any other enforcement agencies, should be put in jail for a long,long time, as these are the people who carries out the dirty works of the dirty politicians.

  21. Dear Malaysian,
    As employers of this government and all its institutions. Do you accept such attitude from your employees?
    My bosses will show me the door with such replies. And I don’t tolerate such subordinates. So, coming GE-13 is the time for re-engineering of these employees and their institutions. It’s time to boot them out for incompetency and corruptions.

  22. Mahathir told so many lies and committed not only theft and treason but was also a crooked deceptive ass. No nobody believes anything he says .

    This EC chairman is a product from the Mahathir era when asses were prompted sky high so Mahathir could syapu and syapu because everybody was too stupid to ask any questions . So can anyone be surprised by the EC chairman’s statement ?

    If he can’t ” clean up ” the electoral roll , instead of making stupid remarks that reflect on him , he should just announce his resignation, so someone who can clean up the rolls, can take his place.

  23. Vic,
    He is no dif from Boehner, wanting to keep his job with his party.

    Call observers is for show. Look what happened when the best of best (AA) were asked for their Enron report. Both AA and Enron died instantly when stones were overturned. PKR must have a say in accepting the electoral roll.

    Time for another Bersih for a 2 sided election committee?

  24. The Election Commission says that it is impossible to have 100% clean and fair on the electoral rolls. Does the election commissioner take an effort to delete those new voters with the same addresses as pointed out by some members of parliament. That is cheating if the EC chief is truly sincere in his efforts to clean up on those thousands of new voters with same addresses. EC has the prerogative to delete such cases unlike the daily occurrence of deaths in the country.The people don’t expect 100%. clean ……. 50% consider to be excellent from EC. Do it now when the time is still available before the polling day.

  25. I can bear, for a while, with the stupid and evasive answer of not guaranteeing that the Electoral Roll is 100% clean. But tell the Rakyat what you have done with all those complaints of irregularities brought to the attention of the SPR. The answer given each time is: “We will look into eat”. Wong Chin Huat has done an analysis (MERAP) that there were 3.2 million “suspicious” names. What has been done about this?

  26. This retard has the audacity and the arrogance to tell the Malaysians that he does not give a hoot about the accuracy of the electoral roll. As long as UMNO/BN wins, he does not give a monkey. This retard MUST be make to eat his WORDS.

    Do we all agree that its high time that the PEOPLE of Malaysia BOOT out UMNO/BN as soon as posible.

  27. PS. W have a big task ahead of us. The EC is trying to tell us the citizens that it is ok be a bit tipsy from time to time. But we are telling the EC that is not ok. We wnat to be sober when we elect our leaders and do not want a government that is created in a fit of absent-mindedness of the EC. Our leaders should start from today to think about what we the citizens want and not what they, their famiies and friends want.

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