The Chief Constable and his warnings

January 27, 2013

The Chief Constable and his warnings

by SakmongkolAK47 @

Ismail OmarPoliticians and civil servants are saying a lot about religion nowadays. The Malaysian IGP or equivalent to UK’s Chief Constable has come out warning those who make fun of religion and racial issues.

He says doing that can create hostilities and disunite the country. We agree with him fully. He should use whatever powers he has to haul these people in without fear or favour.

So why are the Police slow in taking up action against Ibrahim Ali? This fellow has made seditious calls for Malaysian Muslims to seize and burn bibles. He should have been called the instance he uttered those words. Are we waiting for some bonfires somewhere before action is taken?

Then, representatives from the NGO which Ibrahim heads deny any knowledge of a planned bible burning event in Penang. Having thrown the stones, you hide your inciminating hands.Why has Penang been singled out? Penang which is headed by a non-Muslim, allocates more than RM60 million a year for Muslim affairs. It has increased allowance for mosque and surau officials. Gave money to Quran reciters. And so on and so forth.

PERKASA as the self-appointed guardian of all things Malay, Islam and the King shouldIbrahim Ali congratulate Penang rather than turning Penang into a Bible burning venue. If PERKASA wants to burn Bibles, it should choose Seremban. The Chief Minister there, a Malay and a Muslim, can only manage to give RM10 million allocation. The same amount he asked one money changer to send over to UK.

But back to the IGP. Having declared it, he must translate his talk into action. Please arrest Chua Soi Lek for making fun and mocking Islam at his MCA General Assembly late last year. The whole of Muslim Malaysia heard what he said. Soi Lek has made so many disparaging remarks about Islam.

PERKASA was silent on the things Soi Lek said about Islam and in fact condoned and agreed to what Soi Lek said. Maybe Ibrahim Ali needs to be arrested too because he has said that one of the reasons why Malays and Muslims lagged behind in business is because Islam is inhibitive.

Perkasa's PatronPlease also arrest Najib Tun Razak for being physically present in the event where Soi Lek uttered those words. Later Najib also endorsed what Soi Lek said. Please arrest Mahathir for saying that if Allah has not chosen Muhammad to be the Messenger of Islam, He would have chosen someone else. That’s blasphemous.

Otherwise the public will interpret that Ismail Omar’s statements were only directed to those opposed to UMNO’s interpretation of Islam. To Muslims please read Surah Al-Ma’idah 5:57 (f0r clear image of this verse please one image below).

” O you who have believed, take not those who have taken your religion in ridicule and amusement among the one who were given the Scripture before you nor the disbelievers as allies. And fear Allah, if you should [truly] be believers.”

After reading that, will they still want to support Najib? – as long as I am PM, we will not implement Islamic laws. Will they continue to believe what Mahathir says?

5 thoughts on “The Chief Constable and his warnings

  1. IGP, cakap saja lebih. Tapi pukul orang bukan main pandai. Tangkap katak tu, pukul sampai mati.

    Dah biasa orang ramai mati dalam tahanan polis tapi belum ada katak yang kena dera.

  2. The Police should put away this son of Ali under ISA and just like the others the Police can always say we are arresting him for his own safety.

  3. Every time I see a photo of this Ibrahim ali goon, he befits a driver, although most drivers have a higher intelligence level than this goon. Frankly the less time spent on this goon the better. As for the IGP who is looking at his job security, is a NATO (no action talk only), cant blame him, if he is too vocal he might become a driver, a little more appropriate.

  4. Our IGP is just another CARMA gov servant. He is serving the interest of bn, not that of the people. How d you expect our country to be fair and progress with so many CARMA.

  5. This is the police of UMNO, by UMNO and for UMNO. And the IGP has been playing his role very well in this UMNO political sandiwara.

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