Let’s Bring on the Ladies of Song

January 26, 2013

Your Entertainment for the Weekend–Let’s Bring on the Ladies of Song

Dr Kamsiah

The strange thing about music is that there are days when it sounds flat and uninspiring. Intervening events can affect one’s mood and how one feels about and react to music depends on one’s state of mind. Dr. Kamsiah and I have not been providing you with the beautiful sounds of instruments and vocal chords over several weeks. The mood was not right because of our politics that is increasingly desperate, dirty, hate rendering, and divisive.

But for this weekend, we decided that it is about time to bring back  memories of what used to be in the belief that we have now the opportunity to bring about change in our country’s political landscape. Bring back timeless values and work towards a great future for all of us and generations to come, where we can feel safe in our homes, at work, on our streets and in our shopping malls.

For this weekend, we bring to you some of finest ladies of song. Our choices are Dame Vera Lynn, Doris Day, Patti Page, Joni James, Patsy Cline, Peggie Lee and Natalie Cole. Please feel their share your choices with us. Let us together have a refreshing weekend.–Dr. Kamsiah and Din Merican

Dame Vera Lynn

Doris Day

Patti Page

Joni James

Patsy Cline

Peggy Lee

Natalie  Cole

9 thoughts on “Let’s Bring on the Ladies of Song

  1. If you play the guitar and want to sing a couple of the songs above, like Crazy and La Vie En Rose, then please do visit my site


    The website is quite unique in that all my songs are transcribed from music sheets. They include bars for timing.
    And, every note and beat of the original song is faithfully reproduced in the transcription.

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