Ibrahim Ali’s Destructive saber-rattling antics hurt UMNO-BN

January 23, 2013

Ibrahim Ali’s Destructive saber-rattling antics hurt UMNO-BN

by Terence Netto@http://www.malaysiakini.com

COMMENT: Just now Pakatan Rakyat ought to be glad that the Opposition coalition’s propensity to feuds and follies has been overshadowed by Pasir Mas MP Ibrahim Ali’s penchant for destructive saber-rattling.

The PERKASA Chief’s urging to Malays to burn Malay-language bibles which use the term ‘Allah’ for God has drawn public odium, with consequent ill-effects to UMNO-BN’s prospects.

Pakatan leaders must be beside themselves with glee: in the final few weeks to a much-deferred general election, incendiary calls like Ibrahim’s are just what could tilt fence-sitting voters into voting against parties seen to be in cahoots with the firebrand.

umno 2007 pemuda keris 061107 raisedAgainst one inflammatory shot like Ibrahim’s, such mistakes as the PAS-led Kedah state government’s guidelines on female deportment in cultural shows during Chinese New Year and the PAS Syura Council’s flip-flop on non-Muslim use of the ‘Allah’ term pale into insignificance.

Ibrahim’s blunder is on the order of Hishammuddin Hussein’s waving of the keris at the 2006 UMNO Youth annual assembly which the then UMNO Youth Chief unrepentantly went on to re-enact at the following year’s confab.

The gesture was seen as a sinister threat to non-Malays that they not press their claims too zealously for equality of opportunity in Malaysia.

The first time Hishammuddin waved the keris, the repugnance of the gesture took time to sink in. When he repeated the act a year later, its insolence was magnified to an enormity – augmented, no doubt, by all the perceived injustices of the preceding year.

The fact that the gesture was enacted and repeated by the scion of one of UMNO’s respected founding families only served to accentuate the shock of the public discovery of the extent of the damage done to UMNO by its progressive loss of resistance to the barbarous undercurrents swirling underneath it.

No restraint put on Ibrahim

Ibrahim Ali has emerged from those currents. For the large part of the last half-decade, he has strutted about the national stage, spouting racial bluster and provocation. Except for de facto Law Minister Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz, who expressed confidence that Malaysians knew Ibrahim to be a clown and as such were unperturbed by him, nobody in UMNO felt bold enough to restrain him.

True, the public were apt to view Ibrahim as a clown, what with his frequent party-hopping and penchant for ludicrous statement.

NONEBut when former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad began appearing at public forums organised by the PERKASA chief, the inclination to dismiss his antics as clownish receded as Ibrahim’s right-wing rants began to be act as checks on Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s liberalising moves.

Mahathir chose to forget the contempt he had once had for the party-hopper, claiming that the public had learned to disrespect political invertebrates like Ibrahim.

But, apparently, to a politician of Mahathir’s manipulative instincts, even frogs like Ibrahim could be useful. Via Ibrahim’s vociferous rants about Malay rights, Mahathir was telling the non-Malays, “It is better for you to prefer us moderates when there are extremists like Ibrahim around.”

By cavorting with Ibrahim, Mahathir wants Malaysian politics to continue revolving Perkasa's Patronobsessively around the old shibboleths of race and religion.

Crossing the red line

Thus unconstrained, the danger-courting Ibrahim was led to flirt with racial and religious bluster until last week he crossed the ‘out of bounds’ markers that circumscribe our sensitive Malaysian polity: at a PERKASA-organised function in Bukit Mertajam last weekend, Ibrahim called on Malays to burn Malay-language bibles that used the ‘Allah’ term for God.

Incendiary calls to “burn” holy books and gestures like keris-waving are lunges across the red lines the Malaysian collective conscious had drawn in its recoil from the trauma of the May 13 racial riots. Politicians cross these red lines at their own peril.

Pakatan ought to be glad that Ibrahim has obtained for them a reprieve from a spell of dissonance within their ranks that raised doubts over the durability of the Opposition coalition. They ought to take advantage of this fortuitous turn by allowing Ibrahim, and, by extension, UMNO-BN to stew in the predicament inflicted on them by the PERKASA leader’s rashness.

Attempts by DAP chairperson Karpal Singh and Puchong MP Gobind Singh to compel the Attorney-General to take action against Ibrahim run the risk of allowing the latter to take diversionary sidesteps to protect himself from the fallout his inflammatory remarks have brought down on him. Ibrahim has provided Pakatan with a gift horse; they should not look it in the mouth.

18 thoughts on “Ibrahim Ali’s Destructive saber-rattling antics hurt UMNO-BN

  1. One East Malaysian’s intelligient response to this bumbling idioi form PERKOSA.

    Rem Dambul
    POST-SCRIPT: Censored Version

    Datuk Ibrahim: “How many Malays are Christian? Why do you have to have bibles in Bahasa? Why not use bahasa Iban, or Kadazan?”

    I seriously find this very, very insulting.

    I’m a Kadazandusun muslim, and have a very strong faith in my religion. But speaking on behalf of my Christian cousins i.e whom I grew up with (some of them) in the very same household: let me tell you Datuk Ibrahim WHY.

    When Sabah, Sarawak and Malaya formed Malaysia in 1963, the process of ‘Malaysianisation’ has agressively taken its course. What the ultimate aim is? Untuk membentuk satu identiti sepunya, sesuai dengan status sebuah negara bersatu.

    Maka terbentuklah dasar pendidikan dan kebudayaan kebangsaan untuk ditaati seluruh penduduk Malaysia. Most of these policies are heavily Malay-centric; but we the indigenous people of Borneo never complained. Kerana kami setia kepada semangat konsensus Malaysia.

    Life is about give and take. Terutama dalam konteks membentuk satu negara daripada pelbagai entiti asal. We, the Sabahans, always know when to take and when we should give.

    When I came for my first-degree graduation at University Malaya in August 1994, I was only allowed to dress either in lounge suit or baju kebangsaan. I can’t wear my traditional Kadazandusun costume because apparently it does not fit the definition of baju kebangsaan.

    Did I complain? NO.

    When I started my primary school at SK Kundasang in 1977, I was made to learn everything in Bahasa. Kenapa Bahasa? Sebab itulah medium pengantar pendidikan yang diiktiraf sebagai Bahasa Kebangsaan di Malaysia. Saya lahir dan membesar dalam keluarga yang hanya bercakap Dusun di rumah. My command of Bahasa was extremely limited. So imagine how difficult my life was at school, then.

    Did I complain? NO.

    Now, let’s get into the real deal.

    The system has changed me forever. Dusun used to be the language I had the highest proficiency. Now, my Bahasa is much better than my Dusun.

    Proses pendidikan yang dilalui (natijah pembentukan Dasar Kebangsaan), telah memberi satu orientasi baru kepada naluri linguistik saya. Kini saya, secara natural, lebih efektif berfikir dan berkomunikasi dalam Bahasa.

    Fenomena ini bukan unik untuk saya sahaja. Tetapi situasi yang sama turut dialami oleh majoriti masyarakat pribumi Sabah/Sarawak. We still use our own native languages. Tetapi lebih menjurus kepada konteks informal: misalnya dalam perbualan kasual. Untuk konteks persuratan, Bahasa Melayu lebih lazim digunakan.

    Why? Because that is the formal process we all have been put into, and get used to it. Pada setiap peringkat pendidikan: primari, sekunderi dan tertiari. So, why should we get punished for using Bahasa?

    We, the Sabahan/Sarawakian indigenous should be applauded for accepting Bahasa Melayu as the national language. Kami terima dengan penuh rela bila ia diangkat sebagai bahasa pengantar untuk semua tingkat pendidikan di Malaysia.

    The Sabahan and Sarawakian natives have lived here (the land we call Malaysia in this modern time) probably much longer than the existence of the Malay ancient kingdoms (Malacca, Langkasuka, etc). So by right, we could have demanded our Kadazandusun/Iban/Bajau/Melanau to be endorsed as one of the official languages of Malaysia.

    But we didn’t. We chose not to.

    Why? Because we are naturally nice, reasonable and tolerant people. We know how to compromise.

    Negara bangsa yang kuat tidak boleh dibina kalau semua orang mahu menang dalam hal mempertuankan kebudayaan masing-masing. Mesti ada pihak yang mengalah. Jika semua etnik mau bahasa sukunya diadun ke dalam dasar kebangsaan, sampai bila-bila pun kita tidak boleh membentuk satu identiti sepunya yang dapat mengikat seluruh warga Malaysia.

    Sabahans/Sarawakians have compromised so much. Tidak kan soal agama dan kepercayaan pun, mereka harus juga mengalah? Apa guna gagasan Malaysia sebagai milik sepunya Sabah/Sarawak/Tanah Melayu, jika tiada give and take?

  2. When Hisham started out, many hope he would be like his father. How sad, Now we more more illegal MyKaders to topple Khalid Ibrahim as with no other issue can they do with him. The same is said of Guan Eng.

    A leader’s duty is to lead in serving. We don’t need politician as rulers. We already have a ruler council of 9 sultans. No other country in this world has this sort of monarchy system.

    Who is to be blame? The ra’yat because they sold their votes for some sweeteners.

    Come GE, vote wisely.

  3. Again Haters..

    Things must change TODAY, not tmrw, not a few years from now. Today. Because if you say tmrw, if you say a few more years, then when THEY TURN TO YOU AND THEY WILL, people will say tmrw, or a few more years or they don’t care at all…

  4. “The PERKASA Chief’s urging to Malays to burn Malay-language bibles which use the term ‘Allah’ for God has drawn public odium, with consequent ill-effects to UMNO-BN’s prospects.”

    If he wants to burn let him burn. It is his free speech right. Don’t just burn the Malay-language Bible burn the Bible. He is not burning the churches, and running the Christians out of the country. Burning the Bible is an expressive conduct and is protected speech.

  5. Let’s give Ibrali, his Patron and his horse-boys a hefty encore, shall we?
    Let’s watch with trepidation whether this ‘threat’ will be carried out, shall we?
    Let’s hope against hope, that our most astute and paramount leader, who’s loafing in Cairo, Gaza and soon, Davos – will come up with another inane slogan uttered in utter confusion from the slopes of the Alps soon, shall we?
    Let us notice UMNO-BN’s utter silence in the face of outright ‘demagogy’, shall we?
    Let’s try to fathom and pierce the depths the deep UMNO Ketuanan hubris, for which there is no reprieve, shall we?
    Let’s take the future into our own hands and drown the drivelling fascist morons with peanut brains and dysfunctional jantan cojones the size of pomeloes with the slime they slobber us in, shall we?

    No? Then let this be hot coals heaped on your heads!

  6. But thrusting the blade of your keris and cutting the air with it, threatening to bathe it with Chinese blood that is inflammatory and qualifies as an incitement to imminent violence and is unprotected speech..

  7. People who secure themselves politically by advocating racial and religious supremacy and antagonism must be full of sands in their brains. Please grow the HELL up will you!!

  8. They let us talk and talk here as we are just a few ikan bilis votes. The numbers are from those who are not here to read and think. They are out there waiting to be sensationalized so what can PR do about it?

    Ibrahim knows the idiot in him is his product brand niche that few who need to fan or diffuse an issue will pay a good price, so he is protected. This sort of person is uncommon because they have a psychological problem that their conscience say its alright because society allows for it………….so he keep inciting hatred and became a sadist at it. Who allows it? again politicians but really who is responsible for putting the politicians there? Not you or me, then who?

  9. Someone should just end this son of ali’s misery. Burning Bibles, he must have shit for brains. Bijan should be asked to respond as Perkosa are the thugs of UMNO. Bijan met with the Pope and now this son of ali is asking Malay Mualims toi burn the Bible. Bijan needs to be called up by Vatican and asked openly what Bijan plans to do with this son of Ali.

  10. Masalah hak milik “Allah” hanya terjadi di
    Malaysia saja! Ini karena pemerintah UMNO
    mempergunakan Islam demi
    mempertahankan kuasa mereka. “Allah”
    sudah lama dipakai orang Kristian dan
    Yahudi sebelum munculnya Islam. Saudara2
    Kristian di Indonesia pun sudah lama pakai
    dlm al Kitab (Bible) mereka tanpa apa2
    masalah dgn saudara2 Islam mereka.
    Gimana sih sekarang bisa jadi hak milik
    orang Islam Malaysia?!

    UMNO mendapat kuasa dari sokongan
    orang Melayu yg hampir 100% Islam. Jadi
    untuk terus mendapat sokongan, pemimpin
    UMNO sanggup menghasut orang2 Islam
    karena mereka tahu mudah dapat reaksi.
    Orang Islam biasanya beremosi dan tak
    bisa pikir secara objektif pasal Islam. Ciri ini
    bukan hanya di Malaysia malah di seluruh
    dunia sehingga tercetus keganasan yg tak
    masuk akal yg memalukan Islam. Meskipun masalah “Allah” ini masalah internal Malaysia, oleh karena hasutan UMNO dan Perkasa melibatkan umat Islam dan Kristian, bisa juga terjadi pergaduhan kaum di Indonesia. Awas UMNO dan Malaysia kalau memangnya berlaku!

    Mungkin di Malaysia mudah aja
    membedakan orang Islam (Melayu) dengan
    yg bukan Islam. Coba teka agama orang
    Indonesia atau Arab! Rupanya sama aja tapi
    bisa Kristian, bisa Islam. Di negara lain,
    satu keluarga bisa terdiri dari berbagai
    agama termasuk Islam. Tak ada masalah
    pun! Memang masalah di Malaysia sekarang
    ini buatan pemerintah UMNO! Malaysia

    Gimana dengan bertahun2 pendidikan Islam
    wajib untuk orang Islam Malaysia? Masak
    kualitasnya begitu jelek! Kok istilah “Allah”
    pun bisa mengelirukan! Goblok benar orang Malaysia!

    Terdapat jauh lebih ramai orang Islam di
    Indonesia dan Timur Tengah dibandingkan
    Malaysia. Jadi harap pemerintah UMNO
    Malaysia bersama budak2nya, Perkasa dan
    Utusan, jangan memperbodohkan Islam dan
    umatnya! Jangan melibatkan agama,
    terutamanya Islam, demi kesinambungan
    kuasa UMNO!! Jangan ganggu ketenteraman
    umat Islam dan agama lain dengan masalah
    artifisial buatan UMNO!!

  11. See how UMNO or rather Mahathir played with the mind of the masses…..Razaleigh fell because of sigah kadazan. Would Pakatan fell for the same trick

  12. Arrogant people often fall prey to their own bias and prejudice, and frequently claim to KNOW more than they actually are.
    ” The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.”
    The best deceivers do everything they can to cloak their roquish qualities. They cultivate an air of honesty in one area to disguise the dishonesty in others. HONESTY to Ibrahim, Mahathir, Najib and the GANG is merely another DECOY….
    Politicians like Ibrahim, Mahathir, Najib/UMNO is very good at exploiting the sensitivities and emotions of the communities for their OWN PERSONAL BENEFIT. And now Najib is talking about WASATIYYAH…..I bet he knows the real meaning..What do you think Dato Din?

  13. Everybody knows this katak is the Mamak’s running dog. Why do you think the Mamak ‘uses’ him to say this? Because he knows the katak has no brains and will do anything for him. And this latest stupidity will take the heat off him from the citizenship issue. Abu Nawas is right in this. Let’s not be too reactive over this. We all know it’s just this empty can making all the noise to divert serious attention away from the real problems arising. Better to channel our anger at the ballot box.

  14. As far as I know ALL LIVING languages will evolve, transform, and adapt to new environment and situation. A living language too is able present ALL thoughts, concrete and abstract, religions, culture etc……… Why is Bahasa Malaysia not allowed to be play its role?

  15. Din,

    good to talk and yak here……….but the ballot numbers are out there ………..how they will read what’s here should be the pinnacle purpose of this blog. Maybe response here are useful homework for the Pakatan people to make political speech on issues.etc…………that being so, then Pakatan robots better ask questions here for free good answers to issues.

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