Ex-Don: BN parties and Rulers should respond to Dr Mahathir

January 20, 2013


Ex-Don: BN parties and Rulers should respond to Dr Mahathir

TDM1UMNO, MCA, MIC, and the Conference of Rulers should respond to former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Muhamad’s statement yesterday because it undermines the social contract between Malaysia’s three main races, said constitutional law expert Abdul Aziz Bari.

He said that when Mahathir mooted a Royal Commission of Inquiry on first Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman’s granting of citizenship to a million immigrants in pre-independence Malaya, it was tantamount to saying that they had obtained citizenship illegally.

“Funnily enough,  Mahathir, in his attempt to save his skin has somehow shot UMNO’s own foot. When he said that Tunku has committed the same crime he has actually undermined the notion of social contract which among others include the acceptance of the Malay special privilege position on the part of Chinese and Indians in return for the citizenship status. UMNO, MCA and MIC should not keep quiet. They must state their position. Mahathir has virtually said that the Chinese and Indians got their citizenship through immoral and illegal means,” he said in a statement today.

The former law professor also pointed out that there is a huge difference between whatThe Tunku Tunku did and what Mahathir allegedly did. Therefore, he said there is no need for the RCI that Mahathir suggested because, “unlike Tunku, what was done by Mahathir in 1994 looks like a crime and worse, treason against the nation”.

He explained that this is because Tunku (right) was merely following the recommendations of the Reid Commission report, which were later incorporated in Part III of the Federal constitution.

“Several schedules have also been included (in the Constitution) to explain them further. The Conference of Rulers had been tasked to oversee that. Thus they must break their silence on this issue, just as the Rulers did in 2009 when UMNO began to spin the issues pertaining to monarchy, Islam and the privileged position of the Malays,” he said.

19 thoughts on “Ex-Don: BN parties and Rulers should respond to Dr Mahathir

  1. A point of correction, you state “UMNO, MCA, MIC, and the Conference of Rulers should respond to former Prime Minister.Lets face facts lah,it is the Malays and the Conf of Rulers who can do anything,if they have the “telor” We are “pendatangs” so count us out. It is sickening to say the least when we, the pendatangs are called to react knowing full well that we don’t count at all. Please don’t patronize us.You sort your problems yourselves and leave us to fend for ourselves.

  2. The rulers are the beneficairies of the UMNO larges lacking in moral fibre. Not in a million years will these emperors will raise their voice . My dog will not bark at me in anger…for it know where its meals are coming from.

  3. Raayat Sabah ,terutamanya Kadazan amat marah sekali dengan Tun Mahathir dan BN.Satu kesilapan yang besar bagi Najib yang setuju mengadakan RCI diSabah.
    Di Permatang Pauh,Tun Mahathir meminta orang Melaylu supaya terus mengundi UMNO,jika henadak kekalkan kuasa politik Melayu.

    Persoalan nya bagaimana orang Cina dan India dapat mengikis pengaroh politik Melayu jika jumlah pendudok mereka hanya lah 25% dari Pendudok Malaysia.Ada kah Mahathir bermaksud yang PAS dan Pakatan Raayat tidak dapat menjamin masa depat politik Melayu?

  4. After denying for decades that there was no Project IC, Mahathir finally let the cat out the bag, giving a very racist view for his action. Harris Salleh is still denying the truth but Mahathir’s exposure has made it irrelevant.

    Mahathir has being a trouble-maker since modern Malaysia begun. His tiffs with Tunku Abdul Rahman was legendary. He was kicked out of the party with his sick book, “The Malay Dilemma” banned. This book was a mumbo-jumbo of creating a super-race à la Hitler’ “Mein Kampf” through social engineering and deceptive means. He managed to creep back into UMNO with Tun Razak’s help. He became the Prime Minister by deceptive lobbying which later Tun Hussein Onn regretted. Later he killed UMNO through deceptive lobbying of the High Court, and set up his celup UMNO Baru.

    When Mahathir tried to justify his actions by impugning Tunku and giving his actions as lawful, it create another level of stink. His partners-in-crime, the MCA and MIC were left dumbfounded. He at one stroke reduced the 1 million people who got citizenship legally as illegal.

    Mahathir’s assertion that his action was lawful skate on very thin ice. If it was lawful, why was it not debated in Parliament and why its existent was denied for decades. This, the Royal Commission needs to drill out of him. By taking a very ultraracist stand, he is hoping the Malays could shallow it hook, line and sinker. But then it did not increase the Malay’s number through natural procession and this I think will portend a far greater headache for the Malays themselves, if these constitutional-created Malays begin to substitute the original home-bred Malays in every spheres of life, there would be a helluva mess.

  5. An ex don opinion? More like n X brainer opinion!!
    You can’t expect us to accept a one liner from you. What is your opinion then?–Din Merican

  6. Mahathir is no peddlar of the Truth. He does his sleight of the hand every now and them to mock our intelligence. The Federal Constitution came into law in 1957. There was no law for the Tunku to break before that. So what’s the Old Goat up to this time?

  7. Stop it Brian @ 10.14pm. You are being dishonest . If you are a Malaysian this is as much your problem too. Do not profess to want better and then wash your hands of it. Either you choose collectively or you are noto a Malysian and this improved M’sia you have been asking for is a dishonest claim.

    I have had enough of some M’sians saying we are not involved in this or that matter. You either work together in All matters or you dont.

  8. Yes , Kathy we agree with you. We will work to get our pound of flesh and the blood that comes with it for our jus solis that has been denied to us by this UMNOMelayus by bullying and chest beatring. The international community may not be able to intervene but it has the right the to judge the the corrupt psyche of the UMNOMelayus.

    The ordinary rakyat Melayus have been brainwahsed and enslaved by their racial branding and religious strictures and conditioned to believe they can be only considsered worthy human beings if they adhere to UMNO brand Melayus and the flip flop fatwas of the so called Allah’s brokers and cvommission agents called the imam and muftis.

    What a con job done on a simple minded folks. Kathy, i believe you live in Australia as I do and we are lucky to have a compoartive frame of rereference how the individual’s rights and fereedon with responsibility are respected and encouraged here without all these racial and religious divide.

    in my books, Mahatthir, I refuse to recognise his titles, is a impostor, a crook of a politicians and a corrupter of minds. It is starnge how this low down skunk of Indian ethnicity managed to hoodwink the Malaysians to rape and plunder the nataion. Amazing.

  9. What a lot of Malay intellectual, real ones, struggle with is not that Mahathir is a liar and malicious but rather why he could achieved so much success. The truth lies with Machiavelli teachings which while more famous for deviousness, actually teaches the limits of power and hence justify deviousness.

    Because the exercise of power is limited always, when faced with extreme circumstances which no one else has reasonable alternative, the exercise of lies and malice do work. Nation lie all the time for the sake of national security, war and defense. The great defender of human liberty, the US, has had the CIA for lying and deception to great success.

    But the thing is the ability of govt is limited and more so the use of lying and deception is itself limited. In the end, the only thing that works in the long run is truth, not lies. The mistake, which has been repeated countless times by communists, fascist, dictators, racists, etc, is that they believe they can keep doing it as a long term policy – and inevitably fails.

  10. This crook was saying that TAR was also crook in granting the Chinese/Indians citizenship after the independence. So this crook had the intensity of purpose and mission to boost the population of Sabah/Sarawak esp the muslims from Philipines and Indonesia and ultimately won the elections for both states illegally. Incidentally, both CMs are the greatest fraud/corrupters in Msia. So big difference was TAR was the national hero known as the father of Msia but this crook is the greatest hypocrite, dictator, racist, liar, spin doctor, corrupt, power crazy and re·cal·ci·trant PM Msia ever produced and thus can be known as the greatest traitor Msia ever produced! For Msia semua boleh.

  11. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-21034472

    The Internet and its exposure of serious and even illegal misconduct by politicians while holding high political office is paving the way for the liberation of captive Malaysian minds from the ideology of Mahathirism. An ideology that among other things, denies one’s own ethnic heritage for the sake of socio-economic & political gain; endorses a semi-apartheid system of racial inequality; promotes social division, racial and religious tension in order to benefit a kleptocratic elite; lowers the standing of Malaysia and Malaysians in the eyes of the rest of the world through low grade propaganda and clownish attempts at character assassination of opposition leaders who challenge the kleptocracy; tolerates massive corruption in high places which in turn is threatening to bankrupt Malaysia and turn us into yet another Third World “failed state” etc

  12. Mahathir mooted a Royal Commission of Inquiry on first Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman’s granting of citizenship to a million immigrants in pre-independence Malaya, it was tantamount to saying that they had obtained citizenship illegally.

    Granting of citizenship to the immigrants all over the world is based on merits and universal practices. Malaysia should not be an exception.

  13. anak rakyat, there is no point wanting change but using the argument that, you say we are pendatang, and look away . That is their propaganda not ours. Things have to change. You want new ways you have to speak a new language.

  14. Octo is the typical tribal leader that can do no wrong. If there are chinese, blame it on Tunku, if his son gets sodomized, blame it on Anwar, if the money goes missing blame it on Daim, if the ringgit goes down blame it on the Jews, if the malays remain poor blame it on the crutches…….and all the time, all he cared for was ATTENTION……HE CERTAINLY GOT THE ATTENTION OF EVERYONE NOW ON HIS PATRIOTISM. OCTO is a traitor to MALAYSIA. THAT SUMS IT ALL.

  15. It’s sad that a statesman whom I respect
    has turned into a racist and ungrateful turkey.
    How can he desecrate the good name and
    Father of Malaysia Tunku Abdul Rahman.
    Even sadder is the silence of all the BN
    component parties, especially UMNO, MCA
    and MIC. None has come fwd to defend
    the good name of our most beloved Father
    of Malaysia.

  16. Surely Malaysians of all sides must have realised that this former PM has run past his sale by date long time ago. All had seen the dark days of his politics and should not have allowed it to surface at all especially now. He should be made to face his actions and his takings be clawed back to their rightful owners, whether be it the different states. Such kind should be punished so that future leaders recognise that they are there to serve rather than be served.

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