Royal Commission of Inquiry exposes Mahathir’s hand in the IC scam in Sabah

January 17, 2013

Royal Commission of Inquiry exposes Mahathir’s hand in the IC scam in Sabah

by  Wong Choon Mei, Malaysia Chronicle

Azmin AliPKR Deputy President Azmin Ali called on former Premier Mahathir Mohamad to own up and take responsibility for the the influx of illegal immigrants into Sabah, where Mahathir’s administration has been accused of “selling” citizenship to economic and social migrants mainly from the Philippines and Indonesia during the 1980s in exchange for them voting in UMNO-BN coalition during elections.

“The special operations was headed by Dr Mahathir and if you look at the testimony by the witnesses, they confirm that the officers and all those involved were directly under the PM’s office – the Home Affairs Ministry, the National Registration Department and the Immigration Department. All these agencies were under the leadership of Dr Mahathir and so Dr Mahathir must be responsible,” Azmin told a press conference on Thursday.

He was referring to the Royal Commission of Inquiry  (RCI) into the issue, which has been a sore point with the Sabah people for decades. Not only have the influx of migrants presented a myriad of social and infrastructure problems, Sabahans believed their economic heritage has been threatened as well.

Plot to stymie PR’s advance in Sabah: Dr M should “forever shut up”

Azmin, who called on Mahathir to clear his name to the RCI, also revealed a plot toDr M implicate Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim in the scandal.In the past year, Anwar and his Pakatan Rakyat coalition have scored several major breakthroughs in the Land Below Wind, with UMNO Supreme Council member Lajim Ukin, who is also the Beaufort MP, and Wilfrid Bumburing, the Tuaran MP and Deputy President of UPKO, quitting the BN and crossing over to the Opposition along with thousands of supporters.

“I also received information the ultimate goal will relate to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim also.  All the problems in this country is burdened on the de-facto leader and we also expect,” said Azmin.

Meanwhile DAP Adviser Lim Kit Siang told Mahathir to “forever shut up” if he is not prepared to volunteer to appear before the Sabah RCI to clear the allegations against him.

“Azmin has raised a very apt and pertinent question – was former Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir guilty of treason in the “IC receipts-for-votes” and “citizenship-for-votes” scams in Project IC or Project M in Sabah in the nineties,” Kit Siang said in a statement issued later in the day.

Dr M’s confidantes included his Political Secretary Aziz Shamsuddin

Aziz ShamsuddinTwo of Mahathir’s closest confidantes – Abdul Aziz Shamsuddin, his Political Secretary at that time, and Megat Junid, the late former Deputy Home Affairs Minister – were implicated by witnesses who testified before the RCI a day ago.

“After receiving instructions from then-Sabah NRD chief Abdul Rauf Sani, we were ordered to go to KL and were placed at Pak Aziz Shamsuddin’s residence in Kampung Pandan,” Malaysiakini reported Yakup Damsah, who was the Tamparuli NRD chief at that time, as saying.

According to Yakup, they were tasked to sign the identity cards that were to be issued to the immigrants, which were subsequently laminated at the NRD headquarters in Petaling Jaya and shipped to the Kota Kinabalu NRD for distribution. “We were briefed about our special assignment by a person not known to us, named ‘Mat Nor’. He told us to issue blue identity cards to the immigrants,” Yakup added.

He told the RCI his group signed a total of 40,000 blue identity cards within a month, based on the filled up application forms provided to them. “We did not look at the forms in detail, we just signed… We know that they were immigrants, mostly Indonesians and Filipinos, but we did not know whether they were legal immigrants or not,” he said.

Yakup also said the intent of their action was to increase the number of Muslim voters in Sabah and to ensure that these people would vote for UMNO in the 1994 Sabah state election.

Megat Junid

Megat Junid

As for the late Megat Junid (above), former Sabah NRD Ramli Kamaruddin told the RCI  he received personal instructions from the Deputy Home Affairs Minister to issue identity card receipts to immigrants using the details of people who were already in the electoral roll but had never voted before.

“I received a call two weeks before the 1994 Sabah state election to meet Megat Junid at a hotel. I was instructed to help to ensure that a state government endorsed by the Federal government would win. I was instructed to issue NRD receipts using the name and IC numbers of voters already in the electoral roll, with the sole purpose of allowing them to vote,” Ramli said.

NRD receipts are temporary identity card slips that are issued prior to the granting of a proper identity card. This document is sufficient to enable a person to vote, he explained.

The real traitors of Malaysia

“These are the real traitors of the country. People who sell citizenship for the sake of political power,” Azmin slammed Mahathir and UMNO.

Dr M2Mahathir is expected to issue a response to the latest RCI testimony. He had previously denied any knowledge of the scam and had opined that the RCI would do no good when Najib finally bowed to pressure from Sabah parties to hold the inquiry.

However given the limited authority and terms of reference of the RCI, even if found guilty, the panel will not be able to charge or prosecute Mahathir or any other personality found guilty of perpetuating the scheme.

“The RCI will not deliver any result that will solve the problems. When there is a RCI it will bring about other matters,” Mahathir, who governed Malaysia from 1981 to 2003, had responded to news of the RCI’s revelation.

“Previously they have been coming and going. They are not alien to Sabah; they have been going back and forth between Sabah and the Philippines. Maybe they feel Sabah is safer and that is why they stay there.”

Malaysia Chronicle

27 thoughts on “Royal Commission of Inquiry exposes Mahathir’s hand in the IC scam in Sabah

  1. Is this all you have against the Old Goat? Home affairs and therefore immigration and national registration department are under him and therefore he must have a hand in this conspracy to defraud the Malaysian electorate? Purely circumstantial. The Old Goat would not have been so stupid as to leave his digital footprints all over

  2. No wonder there was so many crooks in Mahathirs cabinet – because Mahathir himself was one . And all the Tuns seem to be crooks too – Tun Ling Leong Sick is a crook. Tun Kutty is another and so on. The next Malaysian offered a Tun as a title would probably decline !

  3. Going and coming, going and coming, going and coming? How can a sovereign country allow such lax control of her border. Is our border so porous that anybody can just drop in and say hello and leave as they please. WTF is happening to my beloved country.

  4. Now we know why he objected when the idea of a Royal Commission of Inquiry on the issue was first mooted by Najib. He knew that his hand in the issuance of Blue ID to immigrants in Sabah would be exposed. You can bet that no punishment can be expected because Mahathir is a protected UMNO political specie. Period.–Din Merican

  5. Why in the world do we waste time and money on RCI’s. As seen, it is powerless to prosecute. However for a change the Mamak Kuti was right in his response to the setting up of the RCI, “The RCI will not deliver any result that will solve the problems. When there is a RCI it will bring about other matters,” How true Kuti, prosecute it may not do but it will bring out skeletons. On its (RCI) findings, the New Government will take up the matter left off by the RCI. Like Baginda, Kuti, its best you vamoose from Malaysia to hide away from the ton of bricks that will fall on you, together with your cronies, this I like to see.

  6. OK. I don’t think its just me but I think Mahathir just called Chinese and Indians Pendatang without saying it..When I read what he said, I hear the words of fascist racist with “the final solution” wishes and intentions.

  7. Fyi, looes the irrelevant, I don’t debate with someone i have no inkling off. I’ll debate with my blog buddies Mr Bean, Frank, Kathy, Didi, Tok Cik, Danil, Dr Phua, Semper Fi, Ocho, Makcik, Nora and anyone in this blog within reasonable parameters. Why? Because, i know who i am, you don’t. If you aren’t sure what philos, self-control and perseverance mean, kindly look it up in 1&2 Peter. I’m not interested in your ‘flood of dissipation’ and you’re out of order.

    Now, would some witch or other magician call up the Ghost of Megat Junid to ask wtf had happened? Does anyone here have confidence in proper follow-up to any RCI? Korek, Korek, Korek leads to NFA.

  8. You see while many folks wanna whack PAS, PKR, Anwar Azmin or whoever, see how Mahathir so confident…..Bn will still win with small majority……

    While don’t we force in gunning down Mahathir first…..Put him behind jail just as Hosni Mubarak…..Don’t let the Mugabe of Malaysia get away with it. It’s time to tell Mahathir……Go back to Kerala

  9. You can bet that no punishment can be expected because Mahathir is a protected UMNO political specie. Period.–Din Merican
    He may not be safe if BN fail to return to power after GE13

  10. It was this midget clown (aziz shamsudin) who master mind the sacking of DSAI when he did call all the relevant parties ie ketua bahagian not incline toward DSAI, SBs, political commissar, those involved with the 40 dalil and many others to have a paw war. This was done on the nite of the sacking ie 2nd sept 1998 to find ways and means to crippled DSAI. Moving onward we could see all sorts of false accusations being thrown toward DSAI base on the grand design. In the end 6 years in Sg Buloh for DSAI. Thats why till this date i will never never trust and forgive this midget clown. With this new development am not surprise with what this clown can do. Thanks God, he”s no more the MP of Shah Alam.

  11. So, dead man can vote……… about recent new phantom “citizens” voting this GE in PK states of Sgor and Penang. The registrar of birth and death must be resurrecting names long gone, Who is to check if actual citizens who never voted have been dead and their names resurrected in electoral rolls. Anyone heard of 300,000 MyKad created for ppl who cannot speak Malay to the same numbers who jumped planes from Indonesia, PRC, Bangladesh and Philippines? Wasn’t it reported not less than 10 yrs ago that there were some 100,000+ PRC who never checked out when their time came? These PRC now possibly hold MyKad to the polls and the Indons and Bangladeshi could possible take over Bumis and Indians dead and gone.

    The conspiracy equation is SIMPLE; resurrect name lists from cemeteries and crematoriums = possible number of phantom voters. Dead included citizen and non-citizens, from babies to old who ARE residing below ground.

    A simple kampong Pak-Cik selling meals in urban Penang tell about MyKad fakies. He knows, and likely his kampong peers also.

    Even if foreign observers the GE, how would they tell from MyKad fakies? Sure, their names are on the rolls so they are bona-fide voters. One person, one vote; dead or alive. So the dead have no say but their names are sold for good money for MyKad fakies to mark BN at the polls. How would foreign observers know?

    Would PK form a new EC to slate clean citizen rolls and pack off those MyKad fakies. Its a massive operation. In the late 80s, there was a phantom member issue if those us old enough to recall. How did that happened? Names not transferred from cemeteries, than from where?

  12. These Mahathir and Najib are both what the Chinese refered to as “half kati is 8 tahils” (poon kharn phat leong) ie sama sama saja. Just look at how unethical and ruthless they are dragging in Tunku Abdul Rahman’s granting of citizenship to 1 million Chinese post-independence to equate and justify to their giving 40000 Blue ICs to illegal Filipino and Indonesian immigrants in one month! These two need to be hung from just one noose, save the rakyat the money….

  13. ” …. Mahathir is a protected UMNO specie “. – Din

    This is treason of the highest order. Kutty should be arrested , jailed , his Tun title withdrawn and sacked as adviser to Petronas. We can’t have a man who has proven himself a crook over and over again holding on as adviser to Petronas.

  14. Dear Mr Bean,to say that I know the old goat personally is an understatement,he’s just 1 cunning fox,well as smart as he think he is,all we need is 1 little mistake or him overlooking little details,sepandai-pandai tupai melompat akhirnya jatuh ketanah jua,well I didn’t make that up,it’s was some fool a long2 time ago,surely you don’t believe that he’s vulnerable,and at this last part of his cunning life,he’ll surely get caught with his pants down,and your Gulbatok is always there to fulfill his dream,forking the old goat for what it’s worth.Aziz Shamsudin got his just reward,crash his car n lost his wife,well that’s just the beginning of worst things to come for him,believe me,God is the best planner n the most justifiable.You pay here on earth n still get roasted in hell,well he won’t be surprised coz he n gang can form another cabinet down there in hell,tequila’s all around…Oouch!!!

  15. What’s the point with RCI? Our current prime minister and Tun Dr. Mahathir stated it’s legal to give out citizenship. We all know the wrongdoings but we always close one eye. Thus, we’ve been voting for BN for so many years.

    RCI in Malaysia is a political tool. It is intended to just deflect public attention. There is no need to have a RCI on the IC issue. People in government already know who the culprits were. What is lacking is the political will to go after them and make them pay for their criminality. Let us not talk about Megat Junid who has gone to meet his creator. Mahathir, Aziz Samsuddin, the then Secretary-General of Home Affairs Ministry and others should be asked to explain themselves.–Din Merican

  16. TDM said that Tunku has done the same, Next he will tell us some African nartions have also done the same. He is such a rascal that he can get away with anything and those kampong Malay will just listen listen and listen and agree with him. He must be trialed and put the jail so the blame game of his will die with him

  17. Malaysian citizenship is cheap. Talk Malay, dress as a Malay and promise to vote BN and taadaaa you become a Malaysian citizen. Fast and cheap, no need to wait years and years to get PR, no need for special skills, no need to be recruited by Talent Corp.

  18. Dear Sir

    Thank you for the response. It is frustrating to see our political leaders to lie through their teeth though we all know the truth. Since we are powerless, these leaders will never be prosecuted. I just hope there is hell.

    Today I just saw a video about Teoh Beng Hock. I am just curious how many of us still remember Teoh Beng Hock and Ahmad Sarbani Mohamed. Could you please share this video on your blog as a reminder to your readers of Teoh Beng Hock?


  19. Yes, everything can be recycled even a one hundred year old voter (invisible) can expect to vote in the election. In other words, the dead will rise on election day to go to the polls.

  20. If all the malays are bumiputras and are given special privileges forever, then other races are forever second class citizens. As the malay population consist of more than 60% and the total wealth have acceded more than 50%, and it is high time that all races be treated equal and stop this discriminative policy. This has been going for more than 50 years and the malays have improved tremendously and cannot always rely on the govt for everything. The malays with hard work can easily accede other races in all fields even without govt’s help. As the malays now are not handicaps in anythings, why are they given so much privileges in civil service, police, education, army, govt tenders etc. Do you want to live in a country where you are treated second class citizens by virtue of your race and religion? We are all Malaysian. This treatment is worse than in North Korea and Africa!

  21. sesuatu perkara yg tidak sepatutnya berlaku…masalah ini akan terus berpanjangan tanpa titik noktahnya..inikah wawasan 2020 untuk sabah…

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