The Malaysian Insider to PAS: Are You For All or Exclusively for Muslims

January 16, 2013

The Malaysian Insider to PAS: Are You For All or Exclusively for Muslims



The doublespeak over the Arabic word “Allah” and Kedah’s guidelines for entertainment has put the spotlight on PAS’s political philosophy and policies.

In the “Allah” issue, PAS has said the term may be used by all, even those who are not Muslims, as there is only one God. But it cannot be translated into or used in other religious texts apart from the Quran. How does one reconcile this: That there is only Allah, but if you are not Muslim, your God cannot be called “Allah” in a religious text?

As for Kedah, the PAS-led Pakatan Rakyat state government has now back pedalled on restrictions for the Chinese New Year celebrations next month, but the damage is already done.

Yes, it is a predominantly-Malay state but there are other races who celebrate their own cultural and religious festivities that might involve adult men and women, not just youths.

PAS must understand that Malaysia is a multiracial country and belongs to all ― not just the Muslims, and not just the Malays. That it has joined PKR and DAP shows it knows it needs the support of all to form a government.

After all, the Alliance and now the Barisan Nasional have done it for years, demonstrating that no one race or community can go it alone in Malaysia. Wasn’t this single-minded insistence on doing things its own way that unravelled the Barisan Alternatif a few years after the 1999 general election?

If PAS wants to insist on its way, say so now and Malaysians can decide how to treat Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang, Mohamed Sabu and their cohorts in the polls.

It must decide whether it is a party for all Malaysians or just exclusively for Muslims. One cannot cater to all Malaysians but have restrictions according to just one view. Malaysia is for all, not just for one community.

31 thoughts on “The Malaysian Insider to PAS: Are You For All or Exclusively for Muslims

  1. PAS is a chameleon. It is confused about its representation, although it is ideologically coherent, especially on Hudud and the Islamic state. But it must state clearly whether it wants to represent all Malaysians. If so, stop making life difficult for non-Muslims. DAP and PKR must also realise that they cannot condone recent actions of PAS. I am sick of the flip flopping by PAS leaders in Kedah in particular.

  2. The vocal objection and condemnation of concerts by PAS of the likes of Erykah Badu, Elton John, Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez, and the crazy pronouncements in Kedah and their stupid investment in Papua New Guinea…. I think PR might not make it to Putrajaya… only DAP will retain Penang and maybe retake Perak while PKR keeps Selangor and both share Johor. The way my Chinese friends talk about PAS, I think it has lost the goodwill of the Chinese voters….

  3. See, I say bring up the red flag………DAP should lead the way in Pakatan Rakyat…..Just like what Kamal Ataturk has done to Turkey

    Love live secularism! & Socialism

  4. This our PAS policy,
    We say we are for muslims only when addressing a Malay crowd but when we are facing a non-malay audience we say that “We are for all”

    We don’t understand why you people cannot appreciate our stand!

  5. It is without doubt, PAS & PR must surely understand that there is no 2 way about it if either cherish in winning GE 13 .

  6. “In the “Allah” issue, PAS has said the term may be used by all, even those who are not Muslims”

    Who is asking for permission? Didn’t God appear to Moses behind a burning bush to say He is “a jealous God, that He is the only God”? Moses wasn’t the last prophet.

  7. As de day of dawning draws nearer, let us pray, the leaders with PR are matured and not fall ploy to others. The are growing numbers of good moderate intellectuals in PAS while the old guards of DAP have better rein in their young opportunists. Politics is to serve just like the old guards of PKR, PAS and DAP without fearing or favoring. Let us have the old guards form the new govt and their collective wisdom nurture the next generation of leaders.

  8. Greenbug,
    Ok la, I felt that Kedah government kenna hentam enough but then again if only Mahfuz were to be menteri besar, semua pun beres. If we can’t find any Ataturk like melayus around, at least some folks such as Khalid Samad or Mahfuz Omar or better still Mat Sabu…..These are pragmatic folks

  9. PAS RAPIDS AHEAD! Religion and politics just cannot go together and that’s just the truth!Secularism is the only way forward!

  10. “In the “Allah” issue, PAS has said the term may be used by all, even those who are not Muslims, as there is only one God. But it cannot be translated into or used in other religious texts apart from the Quran.”

    Why are we still bogged down with this issue? It is getting so ridiculous, it is seriously not funny anymore.
    If the above statement comes from PAS, PAS should from now on be an acronym for Philistine Anti-Christianity Society.

    If there is any party which has the moral authority to make a genuine case out of the Allah issue, it is the Christian Arabs.

    It is kind of ironic, when you realize that it is the Muslim Arabs who have usurped the use of the word ALLAH, not the other way round, as it is obvious that Islam came after Christianity. 🙂

    May I humbly suggest that all the Arab palsu in Malaysia visit the two links below, to enlighten themselves and learn how to behave like their Muslim Arab counterparts who have enough common sense not to open their traps to save themselves from embarrassment.

  11. I wrote this in Lim Kit Siang blog, but the post was suppressed:

    Mr LKS, the moronic antics of PAS is going to piss on your parade. I cannot trust the Talibanists with their doublespeak and double talk. If there are racists in the BN fold, in the Pakatan fold there are bigots who want to solve social ills by chopping off hands, and to confine woman in their homes as sexual slaves. And now they change their tune to say that they have the right to dictate to non-Muslims on how they should practice their religion. Aiyah, so hard to decide who to vote. In Bolehland we are faced between a rock and a hard place. Better not to vote at all. Can’t Pakatan refrain from shooting its own foot?

  12. PAS is Confused.
    UMNO is Confused.
    Both have similar blabbering, self appointed, incoherent, mean-spirited religious Fascists and Bigots in their midst, who masquerade as learned Theologians, Linguists. Jurists and what not, all rolled into One.
    Both subscribe to an irrefutable Monad, for whom they are the sole moral police, judge and executioner. Knights Exampla of Jihad.
    Both speak in ‘Tongues’ – sometimes forked. Other times, the Tongue is incomprehensible and retractable. Political Religiosity tinged with a huge dose of Hypocrisy. They brook no argument, for professors of other Religions are the Other and Lesser.

    They confuse Man. They confuse the Malays, Arabs, Indonesians, Turks, Western Brothers and many other true Believers. But they do not confuse God, the One and Only.

    The Keeper of the Key to the Kaaba and the Grand Mufti of Mecca, Cairo, Jerusalem will probably look in askance at their antics in their quest for Salvation.
    They may be seen as to insecure, ignorant peasants who feel that Allah needs ‘protection’, from the other Heretical People of the Book who do not really understand what Monotheism must be.

    That’s Politics.
    Forgive me, if i’m wrong. But I’d rather it comes from God’s Mercy and Grace.

  13. Nasty to say this, Kit Siang & Anwar should do what the Old Goat across the c/way did when he used the communists to assist the PAP into power. Once in power he banished them using the ISA away from Singapore. We dont have the ISA but Anwar is shrewd if not as intelligent as LKY. PAS in its “lallang” thinking cannot gat the trust of the non Malays. Anwar should tell the PAS Listen7 and ask them to go back to whereever they came from.

  14. There is no issue. God has no other name except “I am I am ” Whether it is Allah or Tuhan, as there is no issue whatsoever. Please do not mix religion with politics!

  15. So PAS so-called Ulamaks likeTok Guru and Sabu have changed their stance on the Allah issue.
    My question to my Chinese friends:
    Do you still want to vote PAS in the absence of DAP candidate in your area?

  16. Well, not sure of what PAS stands is on any matter in regards to Muslim because I do not have the resources to verify them as truly PAS as a Party, but whenever such issues arises we simply associate them with PAS and sentence PAS to “death”.

    Come on lah! I have well notice the agendas portrayed by many within but let’s not get into it as it will create unnecessary argument which bring benefit to non other that BN.

    What I have learned is to stay objective whenever members from PAS comments on religious issues. Member’s comments do not represents PAS as a party. We all know PAS form a collision with PR and DAP. So whatever issues PAS has as a party had to go in tandem with the others or risk messing the collision.

    So for those who still think that spinning works are deadly wrong for many Malaysians have matured in their thinking. We seek the source of the information and not any tom dick and harry comments.

  17. “They may be seen as to insecure, ignorant peasants who feel that Allah needs ‘protection’, from the other Heretical People of the Book who do not really understand what Monotheism must be.”

    My version on the above is “They who feel that ignorant Muslims need the protection from those who do not really understand and who are just paying lips service (for reason best known to them) of what Monotheism must be.

  18. Why are we even talking about such nonsense? If UMNO fights with PAS to decide who owns God (read: Allah a word which predates Islam) let them fight. Why must the rest of us even be part of that narrative?

  19. Mr. PAS,
    You could be mistaken about the support you are getting from non muslims, Their support is not a Blind support. They are supporting you for the simple reason that you are working WITH Pkr and Dap.
    On your own, you’ll find yourself in no mans land.
    I hope you will Speak what you speak and mean what you speak and please please no double speakee .
    Hmmmmmmm ! SO NEAR yet SO FAR !! Got the drift.

  20. I have received two SMSes in Chinese that says Vote PAS for Federal, to make up the numbers for Putrajaya, fuck them out of state govts.

    Looks like some things have changed… two weeks is a long long time in politics PAS!

  21. To Mr bean,ocho dan CL.
    PAS di tubohkan oleh Hj Fuad .Hj Fuad saorang ulama UMNO dari Bukit Mertajam.Ia tidak setuju dengan fahaman secular yang menjadi teraju UMNO.
    Beza UMNO dengan PAS jelas.UMNO memperjuangkan nasilisma Melayu dan ketuanan Melayu dan PAS memperjuangkan politik berdasarkan Islam.Ini bermaana perjuangannya merangkumi semua bangsa,Melayu Cina,India dan lainlain bangsa.Tapi UMNO hanya menumpukan kapada bangsa Melayu.perjuangan untok bangsa lain jatoh ktahap kedua.
    Bagi saya tidak ada bezanya UMNO dengan KKK dan Nation of Islam di Amerika.
    Masaalah besar PAS ialah ia tidak dapat membendong pemimpin lain dalam party membuat pendirian belainan.PAS tidak dapat membendong policy yang di buat oleh MB Kedah dan MB Kelantan,dua negeri yang di perentahnya.
    Kenyataan Majelis Shura PAS mengenai issue Allah betul tapinianya telah di putar belitkan tafsirannya oleh media dan party politik .

    Allah ,dalam Islam merupakan nama Tuhan yang ESA.Dalam Islam Tuhan yang ESa mempunyai 99 nama saperti yang terkandong dalam Quran.Jika nama Tuhan itu Ali,bagaimana kita hendah menterjemahkan nama ALI.Sebab itu PAS bertaka nama Allah tidak boleh di terjemahkan.
    Dalam kitab Injil bahasa Arab,Tuhan itu di terjemahkan sabagai Rub,dan bukan Allah.Perkataan Allah hanya terdapat dalam kitab injil bahasa Indonesia.Ini satu kesalahan yang tidak di betulkan oleh ulama Islam Indonesia.

    Walau bagaimana pun,Sikap AS lebeh liberal dalam hal ini.PAS berpendapat orang bukan Islam boleh menggunakan nama Allah dibandingkan denganpendirian UMNO dan Raja Melayu yang melarang sama sekali orang Islam menggunakan nama Allah.

    Saya berharap kita tidak kehilangan akal dalam hal ini,Dosa yang dilakukan oleh UMNO dalam memeantah Malaysia salama 50 tahun amat banyak dan besar terutamanya dari segi salah guna kuasa dan korupsi.Sebab itu agenda kita untok menukar kerajaan Putra jaya amat penting.

    Ini merupakan peluang yang terakhir.

  22. My family & I shall continue to vote DAP if Govind still stands as MP, but for the state seat which we have always voted for PAS: we shall spoil it….. I cannot trust PAS anymore……. I hope DAP will pull out of PR and stand on it’s own foot…..

  23. i greatly admire Patrick Teoh for summoning uo courage to tender his Appology, which i consider he has done it with ‘ wisdom ‘ : too sensitive for the Muslims that no one can even make comment/s for the minutest ‘ full-stops’ & ‘ commas ‘. ? How sad !
    Anyway, when the Brits decided to ultimately leave Tanah Melayu ( having crafted the Secular Constitution for ” Malaysia ” ), they too left with Wisdom, and they said ” Where Ignorance is Bliss, it is Folly to be Wise…”. i am a muslim, but am lamenting : when will Muslims wise-up ? – period.

  24. Btw, its so heartening & joyous to see the Grand Mufti of the Egyptian Mosque with his entourage of Islamic scholars & Judges, going into the Christian Church, AND, after his sublimal delivery of the message, they EMBRACED all the Christian Bretheren assembled there on Christmas Day ! !
    Never too late….MERRY CHRISTMAS, in the spirit of Brotherhood !

  25. But Greenbug,
    It also means that folks such as DAP would lose the state government….See the dilemna we are in. Even PAS also in dilemna …..In fact there is already a split….Just like a labour party in the 70s. Hence, why I say let DAP take the lead…..DAP is the strongest link in Pakatan…….Forget about the spin about the recent Kedah issue
    By the way, look at the situation carefully……Is it something to do with internal strife within PAS Kedah administration

  26. I AM NOT AWARE OF ANY OTHER GOVERNMENT OR COUNTRY CLAIMING EXCLUSIVITY TO ‘WORDS’ EXCEPT IN MALAYSIA. Some in PAS & BN has proven their stupidity in many ways. But I believe there are many liberated Malaysians who are moderates and will do their utmost to build bridges between the different races in the country. Malaysia is big enough for all of us. Shalom.

  27. Yes Greenbug @ 11:45.
    That was what i was alluding to some time ago. Vote out those full of Form, Substance and Solidity – but without ‘essence of chicken’ at state level. Let the syiok sendiri at Federal, where they remain as diluted as they are.

    Nora @ 12:16,
    You may go to sleep with the ulama for all i care. I’m not interested in the Allah confusion as God was, is and can never be the same, even when the Holy Quran says so. No wisdom in flogging a dead kuda. I rather dance the poco-poco and listen to dikir barat.

  28. Abnizar,
    The Allah word is a non issue if Islamisation didn’t forcefully enforced thanks to Mahathir. Nobody wanna create ruckus but then shits happen. Plus, I got to tell those people who are contemplating in supporting PAS in federal & state otherwise, may result in good DAP folks voted out. Seriously, some folks are so naive thinking that while their votes are important, they really think that their votes are like magic wand. My advice to them is…..Go out evangelise the muslims & telling them the goodness of 1957 constitution.
    Better encourage more melayus to join DAP instead. Meanwhile, PAS moderates are there…..Support them. Nizar is one of them. Now, the RCI revelation deserve more attention. It’s amazing that BN is trying to spin its way out of the mess

  29. firstly, no party is going to pull out of PR; DAP will never stand alone and win in the present configuration.

    let PAS do as they are doing now but let them remain in the coalition and they will slowly die a natural death. why should we bother? everybody knows that religion and politics is like oil and water, it produces an emulsion but never a homogenous mixture. an emulsion is unstable, you let it stand for some time and it will slowly seperate.
    PAS has to satisfy its conservative crowd, so lets not criticise them overly for the theatrics they are offering.
    PR should stay the present course.
    Malaysian Insider is doing a good turn for bumno-bn

  30. Oh ya, Makcik @ 8:57am, I would advise the Chinapek in where PAS has a State candidate to give him an earful and threaten Not to vote anybody, except their kuching, tikus, arnab, ikan yu or whatever pet they have. You see, most of the areas where PAS state candidates are strongest are in the Malay heart-land. No where else. But in Urban and Semi-Urban Parliamentary seats, they should vote whoever PR puts up.

    The tipping point may lie with the Nons (since they aren’t Malay, Muslim dan lain, lain), but there’s no point in propping up fascism (racial, religious, moral, legal, language or any other form of anthropological victimization complex) of any kind. Better to remain neutral, otherwise lose face.. er padan muka.

    Faham ke tak?

  31. Dear PAS,
    GE13 will be the Election when I will be voting for PR, come what may. As a voter in Parliament seat Ulu Rejang I know your influence here is minimal be it to seduce me in your ceramah or as a catalyst for change. To put it bluntly the non-Muslim Bumiputras make up more than 90% of the voters here.
    But I just don’t understand you. Every time we see a glimmer of hope for Malaysia you try so hard to put a nail in the coffin. BN has a field day in Ulu Rejang now saying that Christians will be banned from using the word Allah if PR wins Putrajaya. And BN controls basically all media in Ulu Rejang. Like I said earlier, 90% of the voters here are non-Muslim Bumiputra which basically means the Christians are the majority.
    We have lost our lands to the Bakun dam, the timber companies and now the palm oil industry due to sheer greed of the BN leaders. Thus they have lost our trust. We are prepared for a change.
    And when we have lost all, we only have God left. But you saw it fit to bring us fear throught the issue of Allah when BN had lost our hearts. We understand Buku Jungga but you are not helping at all. As Christians we have our PAS heroes in Nik Aziz and Nizar but all these comes to nought with one unnecessary statement and it’s illogical explanation. You are making us fearful when we should be welcoming PAS with our hearts.
    For us in Ulu Rejang GE13 is the fight for our survival. If PR wins we hope that the interests of the Dayaks as a whole will be taken care of for once. If you fail to take Putrajaya we become beggars in our own land within a generation for we are losing our only asset, our land, to these BN leaders.
    With all the issues in Ulu Rejang being raised against BN on a daily basis, principally land being stolen, don’t add in God for Allah is our only hope now. You are asking us to chose between 2 evils now, the known devil who is stealing our lands and the unknown who is saying we cannot call God ‘Allah’. Let BN also be the unknown devil and UMNO the messenger.
    And Yes when we pray to God in our churches in Sarawak, we refer to God as ‘Allah’ as well.

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