The Day Panellist Sharifah Zohra became a BTN philistine, and Bawani a Future Ambiga

January 16, 2013

The Day Panellist Sharifah Zohra became a BTN philistine, and Bawani a Future Ambiga

by Wong Teck Chi (01-15-13)@

It was meant to be a forum involving university students, but in the end one of the panellists had only wanted her views to be heard. That was the often drawn conclusion of Internet users after watching a video of a forum for Universiti Utara Malaysia students which took place last month.

NONEThe 24-minute clip (above) depicted an exchange between panellist Sharifah Zohra Jabeen Syed Shah Miskin and student KS Bawani, which has become a hot topic of discussion on Facebook and Internet forums.

Bawani had spoken out from the floor against the forum organisers for what she believes was their wrongful presentation of electoral reform coalition BERSIH and its leaders, S Ambiga and A Samad Said.

She also pointed out that a number countries could afford to offer free education up to the university level and asked, to the applause of the audience, why Malaysia couldn’t do so.

‘Listen to me’

Midway through Bawani’s response, Sharifah Zohra left the stage and stood in front of her. Since Bawani was unmoved to Sharifah Zohra’s intimidation tactics, the latter decided to cut her off.

Sharifah Zohra said “listen” about 10 times before taking away the microphone. This was when the browbeating began.

Listen, Listen“Number one, this is our programme and we’re allowed to speak. Number two, when I speak, (you) listen,” demanded Sharifah Zohra.

The plucky Bawani protested to no avail for being abruptly interrupted, but Sharifah Zohra would have none of it.

“Let me speak,” she said seven times, before reiterating points she had made in her presentation earlier.

She said that she had called Ambiga an “instigator of demonstrations” and mocked Bawani for supporting calls for free higher education.

“Don’t equate Malaysia with other countries. If you (want to do so), what are you doing in Malaysia? Listen. What are you doing in Malaysia? Go to Cuba, Argentina, Libya, everywhere. Because, you know what? All the students in this hall are happy with what the government have done for them,” said Sharifah Zohra, followed by applause from the floor.

From fish to quadrupeds

Sharifah Zohra’s lengthy rebuttal took a twist as she tried to implore the students to stopChicken complaining and think of problems faced by animals.

“Even sharks have problems. People (on the other hand) complain, complain, complain, complain, complain (and) complain.

“Have you eaten shark fin before? Have you seen how people slay the shark fin and throw the shark back into the sea to die. See how humans are more greedy than sharks?”

Her examples also included birds and quadrupeds. After about seven minutes into the tirade, Bawani appeared to have enough of it and walked off.

Victorious, Sharifah Zohra got back to business by asking the students “who want a Galaxy Note” before screening an Islamic-themed video.

Brainwashing session

A check on Facebook revealed that Sharifah Zohra leads an organisation known as Suara Wanita 1Malaysia (SW1M). The forum, titled ‘Seiringkan Mahasiswa dan Politik’ took place on December 8 but the video on the question-and-answer session was only uploaded on YouTube last Wednesday.

As of this morning, there were more than 170,000 views of the six-day-old video, which has drawn an overwhelming number of “dislikes”.

Contacted yesterday, Bawani said she chose to speak up because the panellists had defamed Ambiga and Pakatan Rakyat leaders. She said a video clip demonising the BERSIH rallies was also screened.


“It was purely a brainwashing exercise,” said the second-year law student, adding that Sharifah Zohra’s group had spoken at other universities as well.

45 thoughts on “The Day Panellist Sharifah Zohra became a BTN philistine, and Bawani a Future Ambiga

  1. Bawani is rather exceptional among her fellow students at Universiti Utara Malaysia, Sintok, Kedah. The rest who were at the forum are just victims of an education system that has failed us.They were cheerleading and not thinking for themselves. Good luck to Bawani.

    As far as this Sharifah is concerned, she should look at the video and see how she became a philistine on December 8, 2012. Disaster for Malaysia.–Din Merican

  2. This is what has become of our country – a patronage/rent seeking system where people in power can do no wrong, and whatever the views or opinions of others are rejected, and even despised. There are hundreds of such characters like Sharifah Zohra, each waiting in queue for their turn to enjoy the rewards for loyalty and spreading lies. Just look at Wanita wing of UMNO (Raja Roopiah and Shahrizat Abdul Jalil).This Sharifah is no different from Dr. Ridzuan Tee Abdullah who is a propagandist for UMNO.

    Guru Nanak never taught us, sikhs, to be idiots.Seek and speak the truth, that was his advice.


    Two persons expressed their opinions against the present Malaysian federal government. One got suspended while the other was bullied. The one who got suspended was the chief economist of Bank Islam – Azrul Anwar Ahmad – after his presentation at the Regional Outlook Forum in Singapore, which amongst others stated that one of the most likely scenarios was that the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition would likely win only between 97 and 107 of the 222 parliamentary seats, which are insufficient to form the next administration. In what seems to be a damage control attempt, Bank Islam distanceD itself by suspending Azrul and declared it was Azrul’s “personal opinion”.

    While you’re still scratching your head as to why Azrul was suspended if what he said was his personal opinion, another person, a student at UUM (Universiti Utara Malaysia) was bullied and insulted during the university’s forum. The video of how the forum moderator, Sharifah Zohra Jabeen, President of a women organization called Suara Wanita 1Malaysia (SW1M), insulted the UUM student, Bawani KS, has since gone viral over YouTube and Facebook. After the university students were made to take an oath which contains some elements of brain-washing, the video zoom to the university student, Bawani KS, who stood up to express her opinion.

    Apparently, Bawani tried to clarify that BERSIH movement is legal before question why Malaysia (under the current regime) was not able to offer free education like other countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Philippine etc. The missing part in the video could be where Sharifah tried to brainwash the UUM students by rubbishing Opposition’s proposal for free education and demonizing Ambiga Sreenevasan, the heroine of BERSIH movement. The lopsided story from the 1Malaysia champion wannabe Sharifah could be too much to stomach hence Bawani KS sprang into her action.

    The whole episode could be just another usual boring brainwashing exercise by the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) regime if not for the rude, unprofessional and arrogance of Sharifah in handling the student.

    Not wanting to lose out and with the intention to humiliate student Bawani KS into submission, the elder Sharifah took away the microphone before making her stunt – repeating “Listen, listen, listen …” for 11-times, while the poor Bawani struggling to finish what she wanted to say. In a trademark similar to Barisan Nasional arrogant politicians, Sharifah told the students that they can go to Argentina, Cuba, Libya or anywhere they like if they’re not happy with the country. Worst still, Sharifah belittled Bawani because while the former has a degree, the latter has only an “O” level. Surely Sharifah must have forgotten that Bawani is doing her degree and could further her study hence the insult on the education difference was amusing, not to mention PLAINLY stupid.

    Obviously Sharifah Zohra Jabeen was one super arrogant woman who wants people to kow-tow to her as if she’s second in command after her idol, PM Najib Razak. However, just like Najib, she proves to be another empty vessel without her realizing it, when she started to talk about animals having problems such as cats that do not get enough leftovers, along with cows, fish, dogs and whatnot – apparently trying to sweep constructive opinions under the carpet – if animals having problems are not complaining, surely humans shouldn’t to. Now, why didn’t PM Najib thought of using such tactic to debate with Opposition leader Anwar? Thank God animals can’t speak otherwise they would have ask for Democracy, no?

    Sharifah could have mistaken UUM as Universiti UMNO Malaysia or thought she shouldn’t waste the chance to impress some top guns in UMNO. Interestingly, she is one of the speakers for the upcoming talk programme on “How to Make Your First Million”. She may think she’s super-duper genius hence she has the license to insult a student, or any student she likes. But her arrogance and link to 1Malaysia brand causes so much damage that even both Deputy Minister of Higher Education and the UMNO Youth Chief distanced themselves from the woman. UMNO Youth Chief Khairy even twitted that nobody in the BN government knows Sharifah.

  4. unbelievable!

    sSome of things that bothers me to no end;

    look at the audiance and the thing that gets me is the fact that they cheer both side equally. its as if they have they have no opinion, NO, make that the “the inability to form an opinion”. if u cant differentiate what is right or wrong and then express it by supporting both side by clapping mindlessly indicate serious flaw of their thought process mechanism. the inability to think critically and form an opinion. does it have something todo with them galaxy tabs?

    look at the oath itself. what kind of crap is that? OMG!!!

    finally, look at the ‘penganjur’ and its cohorts (subcon etc.) – the approach it takes reflect their level of thinkin. it reflect the gomen’s vision as well as its willingness to execute those vision.

    do take note that the majority of these student are malay – which is why i believe one of the issues (there are many) is that fuedal barrier. which is why i think it is critical for PR to win this PRU. it will greatly change the outlook of the malays (tough to win but there is a chance). otherwise it willbe status quo. again, as i say, “kita kawal adat – jangan adat kawal kite” supaya yg elok kekal dan yg burok buang.

  5. Ini mengingatkan saya satu ketika dulu a dashing young lawyer yang menjadi hos kepada program dateline, beliau adalah Cik Azalina Othman Said. Sungguh lantang dan penuh keyakinan menghentam para penyokong reformasi serta DSAI. Berbagai hujah yang buruk dilemparkan kepada pembangkang.
    Rupanya beliau mempunyai agenda di sebalik itu.Menubuhkan Puteri UMNO, menjadi ketua dan seterusnya di angkat menjadi menteri.
    Kita tahu banyak keburukan dari kebaikan dan jika kita timbang dengan dacing BN, memang senget ke neraka. So another species of her in the making.Sharipah, bullshit,PITA.

  6. Din,
    I think Sharifah has thought that she may become margaret thatcher of malaysia. Hahahahaha! Asking Najib to use the same tactics against Anwar. Are you nuts? Najib would be dead on arrival if he ever hints such tactics. Frankly, what makes me more appalled would be students clapping hands while Sharifah browbeat poor Baswani. Takdak otak kah? Reminds me of one incident I had in Bercham when my dad & I had a minor accident with a motorcycle. Like any bollywood, out of no way huge crowd appeared. What happens next is regardless how my dad explained, it’s a foregone conclusion. Perhaps, Sharifah should venture into Bercham area one of these days…..
    Oh by the way, Thatcher at least didn’t really browbeat Dimbelby

  7. Parenst should be asking what are the schools and universities teaching nowadays? The uni must answer why such forum is allowed? UUM is not a universities. It’s a political institution replacing or expending the work of BTN. In other country UUM is held accountable. It’s fair for UUM to declare their political affiliation and operates like one and not hiding under the pretext of educating our children.

    Sharifah is not a moderator, she is there to brainwash the students. She is a bully. The panellists are all one-sided. And thank God we have Baswani speaking up. Worst, we have 1999 brainwashed students and 1 Baswani. Parents, are you not concerned?

    Sorry, Malaysians, our education has a long way to reach maturity.

  8. Who was really the the biadap one hear ,that Bawani are not trying to make her point across in a diplomatic way ,but instead pushed it into an argument ,shows arrogant attitude of opposition mentality that what always display in our dewan rakyat.
    If this is going to be a future opposition ,it’s does’t make much different that what we had now. A good quality opposition is part of the good government .

  9. Boy am I glad I pull my kids out of the national school system. I shudder to think this will be where they will end up in, god forbid in UUM. How the hell are our students going to compete with student from our competitor countries if they fed with such crap! God help us.

  10. With a butch like this mami Sharifah, i tremble to think what their babies have to suffer. Child abuse in all it’s forms, ain’t legal and is downright abhorrent.

    As for SW1M, i’m sure my missus can find some use for discarded, diseased swim bladders as fertilizers for her chilli padi plants.

  11. I think the students were applauding both because it was the most excitement they’ve seen in the past 12 months. If I were them, I’d probably be wishing I brought popcorn.

    I don’t think they’re stupid. Even applause can be sarcastic.

    Bersetuju dgn jamilnor. Memang ada ramai yg mempunyai agenda tersendiri yg bakal dibuktikan dgn laluan masa.

  12. I’m sad that the other students are like “lalang”. It’s even more depressing that most seemed to be easily bribed with Samsung Galaxy. Worse, most of them are Malays.

  13. The way things ar turning out the Sharifa girl best look for another job. My sincere advice is do it well before the GE13 because Barisan will themselves be out of a job and so will be all the arse lickers.

  14. Mongkut Bean/ Bro Din/ Tok Cik,

    Imagine sleeping with this woman in bed and suddenly she said listen ,,,listen….. listen… and then take away your microphone..

    What would be your reaction?

  15. Bawani is not the only heroine here.

    The other hero / heroine is the student who has the guts to post the video on youtube. He / She is definitely in deep shit now with the uni and barisan nasional because it is so easy to track down who filmed the event, edit and post it on you tube.

    We need to protect this person, whoever he / she is.

  16. Tean,
    I have something even more sinister that I am not going to discuss in this blog. Especially when it comes to Sharifah. Perhaps, Pak Bean can fill in the blank…….

    To Sharifah, our response

  17. Hang on…Don’t get your knickers in a twist.. these kind of arguments happen everyday in kedai kopis, mamak stalls etc… just that it got recorded and happens at an intellectual centre. I am sure we all have heard more stupid things from more learned people…As for the students.. clap clap.. they weren’t thinking anyway… no need to judge too harshly..This is Malaysia la… who wants to butt in a good fight!…. Freedom of speech at its height! Well done Malaysia!!

  18. Are we a true believer in democracy and the freedom of speech?
    Both girls have the right to differ in their opinion and must be left to settle among themselves
    The BN fanatics are supporting Sharifah and the Pakatan worshippers are supporting Bawani
    Maybe,the adults needs to grow up!

  19. Kenapalah kita perlu bertekak pasal dua perempuan bodoh. Sorang nak jadi Kak Ijat. Seorang nak jadi Ambiga. Audiencepun sama-sama bodoh. Sana cakappun tepuk, sini cakappun tepuk.
    As usual we are turning this to a racial issue. Hello dua-duapun India or separuh India. Si Sharfah Syed Jumaat tupun ahli Kimma yang telahpun kena buang.
    Dua-duapun ada agenda tersendiri. Bavanipun bukan innocent. Diapun NGO person. Questions diapun sebiji yang diambil daripada debate Ambiga dan KJ.
    Tak perlulah nak melaga kaum. Anak Melayupun condemn juga si Syarifah tu. Kalau dia Cina atau India dah tentu Nons akan sokong dia.
    Lepas tu siap bawa dia Umnolah, BTNlah dan example of Malaysian grads. Bak kata KJ, SWIM tu tak ada kena mengena dengan UMNO.
    Mungkin Syarifah tu graduate overseas. Nak cakap apa? Bavanipun bakal graduate IPTA. kenapa pula dia dipuji dan diangkat jadi heroine.
    Kalau cakap tu kena ingatlah skit supaya tak tempias kat orang lain.

  20. I salute to the Deputy Higher Education Minister, Dato Saifuddin. I will vote for you. At least UMNO have one good guy…
    SiJalang 1 Malaysia President, i believed being trained by Shahrizat or Khairi..She really talked like COWS…or being COWED by Khairi.
    Why i called her Jalang? She really behave like a street prostitute…THIS BITCH IS REALLY A PENGAMPU UMNO…HOW MUCH SHE IS BEING PAID? Maybe paid by the duit Lembu.
    Bawani, Malaysia is proud to have you…..Keep on fighting. Sharifah talked about sharks fin…and corruption. Correct UMNO are really CORRUPTED PARTIES AND FULL OF CORRUPTED PEOPLE. Being a Malay, i really feel ashamed seeing UMNO full of corrupted, indiscipline, unfaithful leaders. I REALLY WOULD LIKE TO SEE THE CHANGE.
    Dato Din, how about you…..
    As someone in his Seventies, I am disappointed that we have come to this stage with all the symptoms of a failed state. Education is vital for the nation and yet we are allowing politicians to play pucks with it. People must be taught to think critically.–Din Merican

  21. Why o why? Sharifah.. U shud go & learn more before you bcome a leader. I dont hv to go to ur seminar to know how you got ur first million. And whats this about you were a clerk who wrote letter using excel? Lol.

  22. I feel sorry for the 2,300 students who were there, well, minus a few who didn’t join in the clapping of cheering. If they can’t develop critical thinking at a university, they won’t be able to elsewhere. After all, Bawani wasn’t asking for free education just for herself. Or the Indian community. She was asking for free education. For all. And they couldn’t tell the difference. And like lap puppies, throw them a biscuit (in this case, a Samsung phone) and they will roll over and have their tummy tickled by a bitch.

  23. Meanwhile RCI Sabah has come up with some interesting story

    Is it Najib’s strike back at Mahathir? I am beginning to wonder if Najib has signed a deal with anwar in order to keep his skin so that Najib would peacefully handover the job to Anwar while he perform this act. By the eway, for that was for the viewing pleasure of CLF……

  24. Kassim,
    One thing you must remember Sharifah is one the panelist. She is an adult. In fact, she should maintain her decorum rather than rubbishing the poor Baswani. No way we wanna sweep this under the carpet so that BN folks can get away with it. If a true gentleman, Jim Callaghan faced his critics like a gentleman……Likewise, we should……Kafir yang makan babi, minum arak ada otak……Tak malu kah orang yang panggil sendiri muslim berperangai macam ini……..Usah nak pertahankan Allah sebagai nama Islam exclusive. Muslims such as these have destroyed God’s name in vain….Mark my word!
    Watch my clip about that guy telling Sharifah…..May God have mercy on you?

    Otak tinggal kah mana? Takdak otak…..Tak malu tak….Orang2 kafir yang minum arak, makan babi & tak cover sini sana berjiwa….Apa jadi dengan mengembangkan prinsip2 keislaman……Defending the indefensible…..Even Khairy also distance himself from this cow……OMG, I wasted too much saliva on you

  25. Watched the Video and it is quite sad on the level of maturity and intimidation that is showed by the Host of the event…Funnily enough when caught without a response (with her knickers in a twist), the lady used, 1. Respect, 2. Age, 3. Gender. 4. Blind Patriotism, 5. Asian Values and 5. Graft to wiggle her way from an answer. What her Brilliant to win over the young when you can’t conduct a debate on intellect…

  26. Listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen…

    Cows also have problems, so the Shahriat family needs to buy bungalows for the comfort of their cows. Scopenes (sharks) also have problem so a bribe of RM500 million needed to be paid and Atantuya needed to be blasted off with dynamite. Najib also got problems, so he needed to “lu tolong gwa, gwa tolong lu”.

    In Bolehland … , listen, listen, listen… everything got problems, people with tongkats, complaining cows, greedy pigs, planes with missing engines and submarines that cannot dive – all have problems!

  27. Makcik is an idiot. She said don’t make this into a racial issue but she then went on to talk about race. WTH??!

    This Sharifah lady actually reminded me of somebody. TDM. I’m sure she’s the female version of TDM.

  28. Brian, Tean, Bean, Listen,listen,listen,listen,listen……….., it is dangerous to play with the mic, can cause electric shock, so don’t pray pray pray (as PCK likes to say), ok ?

  29. The fact of the matter is part of UMNO/BN politics and governance is PREDATORIAL.. Mahathirism is essentially predatorial. All this idiot of a woman did was figured out, just like Mahathir, she could do the same and get rewarded handosomely like he and his cronies did..

  30. See I have told you that something sinister may come out from our mouths. You need a little imagination & creativity

    Guys & Gals,
    It’s time we should focus on what’s happening in the RCI on Project IC. Mahathir can be so paranoid that he needs so many hantus to win election in sabah…..OMG

  31. Pingback: Talking Back – Listen, listen, listen! « Winking at Life

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