KL112: The Winners and Losers

January 13, 2013

KL112: The Winners and Losers

by Malaysiakini@http://www.malaysiakini.com

Anwar at KL112

For the past few decades, the authorities had placed numerous obstacles for Opposition parties to gather en masse, citing security concerns and traffic as the usual reasons.

The People’s Uprising Rally (KL112), in keeping with its revolutionary theme, saw the authorities essentially giving opposition parties free passage to do almost whatever they wanted.

Obviously, there was a political gamble at play in view that the 13th general election is around the corner. Malaysiakini examines who had most to gain from this high stakes gamble.


Pakatan Rakyat

This is IT-KL112Even before the rally was concluded, photographs of an overflowing Stadium Merdeka had gone viral over the Internet, proving to undecided voters that the coalition does enjoy mass public support and is a legitimate candidate for Putrajaya. What Pakatan needs to do now is to take advantage of momentum and spread the central message of the rally – the ten point declaration – throughout the country.

Civil society

Several key civil society movements, especially for environmental causes, have grown exponentially in strength over the past years and command a sizeable following, which was displayed during KL112.

Evolving from the initial not-in-my-backyard (Nimby) philosophy, Malaysia’s various green movements have now gone national as people begin to recognise the importance of civil society in shaping the nation.

Tan Sri Ismail Omar

In the run up to KL112, the Police released several statements in an accommodating tone, Ismail Omarto the extent of promising that they had set a ‘zero casualty’ target. The whole time, Inspector-General of police Ismail Omar didn’t say a single word, leaving the talking to his subordinates.

Had things turned sour, Ismail would have taken the rap as usual. But now, he will be remembered for the fact that his men stayed true to their word.

Traders near Stadium Merdeka

Save for one stall owner selling gas masks, traders who set up shop around Stadium Merdeka were all smiles because they were enjoying brisk sale of T-shirts, drinks and food.

Previously, one group of traders claimed BERSIH 3.0 had cost them great losses. Perhaps they should sharpen their eye for opportunities.


Najib Abdul Razak

In the past, Pakatan wasn’t able to fill half of the 25,000 capacity MBPJ Stadium in Kelana Jaya. Was the Prime Minister hoping for the same this time round, so he could ridicule them later?

NONEInternally, UMNO die-hards are probably curious to know why their President allowed the event to proceed when it could have been dealt with, by many old and proven methods.

More importantly, the public will also be questioning Najib and his party on whether they can pull off a similar spectacle without paying the participants.


From sodomy to a Christian conspiracy to eroding Malay rights, UMNO and BN component parties have slung mud in every shape and size at Pakatan since 2008.If the turnout was an indicator of reputation, nothing appears to be sticking.

Mainstream Media organisations
112 rally newspaper 130113 02 malay and english

Save for Sinar Harian and all the Chinese media organisations, the focus was not on turnout nor the message of the rally but the various infractions chalked up by the rally organisers.

Unfortunately for them, videoclips and photographs – in particularly an aerial shot by AFP capturing the scene in and around Stadium Merdeka – are being widely circulated online, helping the public to have a clearer understanding of what transpired.

15 thoughts on “KL112: The Winners and Losers

  1. Anwar Ibrahim’s bravado as he reflected in his speech at Merdeka Stadium has uplifted the morale of Pakatan Rakyat. That said, the real winners are Malaysians, young and senior, who care for their country’s future. If the UMNO-BN leaders do not take stock of what is happening and continue to behave like the proverbial ostrich, they deserve what is coming to them–rejection by voters at GE-13. No amount of spin will help their cause now.–Din Merican

  2. In short, the winner is the struggle for a new progressive Malaysia and the loser is the corrupt UMNO/BN regime.

    Let’s now forget about arguing on the numbers of the turnout. Its clear that all Pakatan rallies have attracted more turnouts than BN rallies. Move on to enlighten as many people of the 10 points raised during KL112. The battle is just picking up.

  3. Before PR can change their motto from ‘Lawan tetap Lawan!’ and ‘Ubah’ to ‘Menang tetap Menang’, they have just a lil problem.. They have to keep the momentum, discipline and courage up.

    With Ponggol starting today, Malidur Rasul on 24th, Thaipusam on the 27th, FT day on 1st Feb and CNY within a month, the goodies are being distributed far and wide. That is why the GE-13 is slatted to be the last week of March (23rd?). Many of the Chinapek won’t be able to return to their hometowns to vote. I leave the others to work out the mechanics..

    Can the Opposition withstand and not self destruct from the indigestion caused of a torrent of orgiastic feasting from the paws of UMNO-BN?

  4. Bean, thanks for the Hillsong, they are beautiful. Admire your courage to have them posted. Just hope Dato is not offended.

    No reason to be offended by the Hillsong. In fact, I like Bean’s taste for songs and music.–Din Merican

  5. Vietnam, Malaysia.
    Birds of a feather ………


    Vietnam admits deploying bloggers to support government
    By Nga Pham BBC News, Hanoi

    Vietnamese propaganda officials have admitted deploying people to engage in online discussions and post comments supporting the Communist Party’s policies.

    The party has also confirmed that it operates a network of nearly 1,000 “public opinion shapers”. They are assigned with the task of spreading the party line.

    The tactic is similar to China’s model of internet moderators who aim to control news and manipulate opinion.

    ‘Political opportunists’

    Hanoi Propaganda and Education Department head Ho Quang Loi said that the authorities had hired hundreds of so-called “internet polemists” in the fight against “online hostile forces”.

    While the exact number of these activists is unknown, Mr Loi revealed that his organisation is running at least 400 online accounts and 20 microblogs. Regular visitors on popular social media networks in Vietnam such as Facebook have long noticed the existence of a number of pro-regime bloggers, who frequently post comments and articles supportive of the Communist Party.

    The bloggers also take part in online discussions, where they fiercely attack anybody who they see as critical of the regime.

    On a recent BBC Vietnamese Facebook wall – linked to a story about measures to clamp down on dissent – one such blogger asked why it was that the US “gave themselves the right to criticise other nations on human rights”.

    “They should have a look at their own record!” the blogger stated.

    Another post criticises pro-democracy campaigners.

    “The so-called democracy activists and intellectuals are becoming more and more ridiculous. They have shown their true colour as political opportunists. Their despicability has no bounds,” it says.

    Mr Loi said such bloggers helped a great deal in stopping negative rumours and had blocked online calls for mass gatherings in the city.

    Vietnam’s capital saw at least dozen public protests in 2011, but the number was greatly reduced last year. The authorities also employ a force of 900 “public opinion shapers” who help talk up government policies and promote the party line across the country.

    It is not clear whether these operatives, and the bloggers, are on official payrolls. But they are being praised by officials as a sophisticated and effective tool in controlling public opinion.

  6. The Peaceful Assembly Act was only passed and gazetted in April 2012 just few days before Bersih 3.0 that brought a lot of controversies to the Police, the media, DBKL, the organisers of Bersih 3.0, the political leaders in Pakatan Rakyat, the participants and BN government for the incidents that took place during the rally and demonstration at the Merdeka Square, KL.

    Everyone must have taken steps to understand the PAA. Bersih 3.0 and the previous rallies including the anti Lynas rallies must have given a lot of thinking to the organisers, the political leaders both in PR and BN, KDN, PDRM, members and supporters of political parties in BN and PR, NGOs and the general public.

    The peaceful KL112 is proof that Malaysians, all Malaysians including government agencies, PDRM, DBKL, the public etc can learn and go for the better ways in demonstrating our rights, our differences, in telling the government and the public what is right and what is wrong, who is right and who is wrong and in enforcing and obeying the laws, rules and regulations.

    I hope with the 13th General Election coming very soon all political campaigns by both BN and PR will be held in stadiums and padangs in all states and districts BUT strictly following the Peaceful Assembly Act like KL 112 and other laws.

    The Peaceful Assembly Act is for the people, for the rakyat and for democracy. It is just not for the opposition or for Pakatan Rakyat. It is for the good of nation building towards 2020, towards a better Malaysia.

    The winner is the democracy in Malaysia. The loosers are those who don’t obey and respect the law and the legal system.

  7. “Bean, thanks for the Hillsong, they are beautiful. Admire your courage to have them posted. Just hope Dato is not offended.” — vic

    I am a Malay and I have been a practicing Christian for more than twenty years. It took me a while to come out of the closet and I chose to do so on a friend’s blog not any friend’s but Din Merican’s blog and for a good reason. Now I have him to thank for letting me be myself with the support of other Malays like Semper fi and Kathy – both staunch Muslims themselves.

    I am not alone. There are many others like me. They suffer persecution in silence. It is a choice they will have to make. I have made mine. Religious freedom will never come to the Malays unless they fight for it. Faith is between Man and his Maker.
    Bean, we are free to choose. I will ride the kerbau with you(a Christian) and Tean (a Buddhist)– we are from the Kedah Brotherhood– into the world beyond any time. God Bless us all. –Din Merican

  8. God bless you my friend. Hope to return 2014 and hook up with you and our Wat Siam altar boy and bid my last goodbye to friends and family.
    Bean, we can go back to Alor Setar together and visit our favorite hunting grounds like Wat Siam in Bakar Bata, Jalan Kanchut, Alor Merah, Anak Bukit, Bukit Pinang, and more. We shall pass this way but once. We must thank Almighty God for giving us the good life to appreciate things of beauty. In the meantime, let us enjoy Harvey’s Dara with our altar boy Tean:

    And this is dedicated to all our friends of the opposite gender in Alor Setar General who are now grandmas:

  9. Bean,
    If only if some folks are brave enough to remove the need of having a national religion. That’s why I say secularism is the best solution. Turkey style before the arrival Erdogan is the best…….We do need Ataturk in Malaysia

  10. Dear Mr Bean,I was surprised but not shock about your coming to terms with your religious beliefs and saying it out loud,congrats to you, I’d like to think that I would like to see the real person first,not his colour,race or religion,when I do finally meet my maker,none of you shall be standing by my side helping to answer my faults and sins with Allah SWT,tis only me and him and to those who wear their religion on their sleeves,let them, for there are many…why would you think I chose the name Lok1,( the evil brother of Thor,son of Odin ) coz no matter how I conduct myself,I can’t stop other peoples perception of me,so I’ve decided a long2 time ago that I shan’t give 2 Forks about what they think of me…oouch!!!

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