Deepakism and 55 Shades of Spin

January 11, 2013

Deepakism and 55 Shades of Spin: The Wheels of Deception keeps on turning

by Mariam Mokhtar (01-07-13)@

Deepak JIf the carpetman Deepak Jaikishan has aspirations of changing career and writing books for a living, he should not give up his day job of flogging carpets too quickly.

For many weeks, he tried to enthrall the Malaysian public with stories of senior politicians and lawyers breaking the law, of underhand business tactics and broken promises, and the abuse of power by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and his family. Sadly, his stories did not live up to expectations.

Shakespeare’s line, ‘All the world’s a stage’ suits Malaysians very well. All of us are acting our roles according to the script, but the identity of the author is not known, just yet.  The rakyat are the bit players, who appear happy that they are sharing the limelight with the stars. Some of us fail to realise that we are being sucked in by this great show.

If we are to be honest with ourselves, we should ignore this play and concentrate on the bigger picture.  We are so desperate to see the end of corrupt rule and the downfall of UMNO, Najib and his ‘self-styled First Lady’, Rosmah Mansor, that we wish Deepak’s spin will have a fairy-tale ending. It won’t.

The contents of the e-book ‘The Black Rose’ are neither earth-shattering nor revelatory. Much of what is written is already known. Deepak the carpetman is no saint. He is like a mercenary who plans an offensive only if the price is right. He told another online portal: “I cannot be bought. I am not for sale. I am priceless.” When his motives were questioned, he exposed his true colours.

Referring to the botched business deal relating to a Defence Ministry project which involvedWanita UMNO Selangor Chief RP Raja Ropiaah Raja Abdullah, a Wanita UMNO member who is close to Najib, Deepak said: “I think it’s unfair, it’s my land. I paid for it, I get a pittance and she gets the lion’s share. She got the appreciation (value) but I got nothing. I only got what I put in.”

Does the majority of the rakyat keep quiet because the deal involved UMNO, a woman, Najib’s close colleague or a Raja? Deepak made his exposé only because he was let down by equally greedy people. Even when he said he would reveal sensitive information, he has chosen to do it in installments, just like a soap opera.

Why trust a man who boasted, for weeks, about the publication of ‘The Black Rose’, then denied that he wrote the e-book with the same title? He said: “My version is completely different from this one, I have nothing to do with it.” So, where is Deepak’s e-book which he said would be published on January 2, 2013?

Why books?

Why do some Malaysians feel it necessary to publish the ‘truth’ in a book? The ‘self-styled First Lady’ wants to relate her version of Malaysian political back-stabbing in her biography. Deepak also said he would write a book after Rosmah’s book comes out.

He subsequently changed his mind and said he would publish a 26-page booklet, but publication of this book was eventually delayed and Deepak said he would then publish an e-book. Deepak blamed the delay on PKR’s Rafizi Ramli who had divulged details of jewellery allegedly being bought for Rosmah by Deepak.

People will ask, ‘Why books?’, as Malaysians are not known for being avid readers. Rosmah is probably doing it for prestige. Perhaps, she is trying to gauge the rakyat’s love for her, by their reaction at the pre-launch.

Is there a more sinister motive for Deepak’s series of installments? Are they a clever ploy to distract us from whatever UMNO has in store for the rakyat, in the last lap of the race to GE13?  In Malaysia, money talks. There are few men or women of integrity, and everyone has a price.

After 55 years of independence, UMNO has run into the buffers. It is facing an internal crisis and its political survival depends on the outcome of GE13. UMNO will cheat and bribe people. It has engineered acts of violence to intimidate the public.

So, is Deepak and his carpet-tales, a clever decoy to distract us for as long as possible? Will Malaysians ever learn to distinguish between drama and real life? Can Malaysians learn to take control of their lives?

Studies by the French have shown that men who are in need of attention will woo their conquests with gifts and sweet-talk them with things they want to hear.  Once these men have had their way with the women and achieved orgasm, the men will roll over and fall into a deep sleep.

Substitute the word ‘men’ with ‘UMNO’, ‘orgasm’ with ‘GE13′, ‘conquests’ with ‘rakyat’ and you’ll get the general idea: after the election, the rakyat, like some women, will be left frustrated and insecure.

The woman knows that one thing is certain. The same ritual will be repeated when the man wants more sex. That is what happens every five years, when UMNO wants to woo the rakyat.

50-shades-of-grey-matterThe fastest selling paperback in history, the erotic novel ‘50 Shades of Grey’ tells the sexual relationship of Christian Grey, a man with sado-masochistic tendencies, and his absolute control over the naïve student, Anastasia Steele.  The innocent Steele is mesmerised by the billionaire Grey, with the large ego. He seduces Steele and tells her that she will be happy under his power.

Malaysia’s story could be told in a novel called ‘55 Shades of Spin’. UMNO is the dominant, aggressive subjugator with many dark secrets, like Grey. UMNO has exercised absolute control over an impressionable and submissive rakyat, like the naïve Steele, for 55 years.

UMNO and the rakyat are locked in a violent relationship, with the rakyat being forced to obey the rules and surrender itself completely to Umno or face punishment.

It is time for the rakyat to take charge, to be the dominant partner and dictate the future of the country. We don’t need men spinning yarns to tell us what is right or wrong, nor do we want men and women who keep silent in the face of allegations of corruption and murder, whilst pretending everything is all right. Now, the rakyat must wise up and stop being raped by UMNO.

28 thoughts on “Deepakism and 55 Shades of Spin

  1. Deepak is the arch typical carma character. His tales are larger than fiction and his God is money (kasi). Nobody believes him, not even his dog if he has one.–Din Merican

  2. I remembered reading somewhere a Perak Exco comment on Indians which goes like this: If u see a snake and an Indian, kill the Indian first. Wonder if Deepak falls into this category. I read the Black Rose and am much disappointed, there is nothing new.
    No malice intended and wish to apologize to all Indians if I went overboard with my comment.

  3. For once I believe in Din. Baik baca Fifty Shades of Grey. Deepak ni maybe fan of Harold Robbin’s Carpet Baggers yang MakChik baca masa sekolah dulu. Curi buku abah dan baca under the desk while the teacher is teaching.

  4. Friday, December 7, 2012

    Najib a Nero of sorts?

    by Toffee Rozario

    Is there to be a sort of Malay Renaissance?

    Some young UMNO members who seem to be really full of fire believe they can do it – renew UMNO from within what they call “cleansing,” purging the party of the corrupt self-seekers.

    After having spent some few hours in the corridors of the UMNO General Assembly, and after having been warned by one of my UMNO friends that I was spotted, I left the premises only to join a group of UMNO members, a group I was taken to meet by my friend at a restaurant on the other side of the City.

    After my meeting I felt I had to put all this in writing, because this group looks promising, it seems set and determined for change, change from within UMNO and to accomplish this it is willing to sacrifice the power of the BN at the next General Elections, that is how serious this group is.

    Ousting Nero

    Is the present ring of fire being laid around Najib coincidental that it had to come out just before the UMNO General Assembly or was it deliberately planned?

    Is it something planned by UMNO itself to rid themselves of a man they see as, “a huge liability to the party, race and country,” as one Johor UMNO member put it.

    We must give Najib some credit for trying hard to salvage his name and reputation, but even his best efforts are not good enough and he has only himself to blame, he is complacent, lacks strategy and is too weak.

    Today a good many UMNO members believe he had something to do with the murder of Altantuya Shaaribu, although they do not believe that he has done it himself or that he had given the orders to his two body guards to do it, but they have been silently pointing their fingers to someone so close to him saying, “only that person would have had the authority to direct the guards.”

    UMNO members are not really too worried about the murder of Altantuya though, “after all she was not a Malay and not a Muslim but only a Mongolian and that too a woman,” said one source. The way UMNO men behave in Parliament and elsewhere I do not think anyone of us could be taken by surprise by that statement, after all that is the pakar UMNO mentality.

    Najib is seen as a weakling because of the Rosmah factor, his inability to silence his contradicting deputy and the fact that he has hardly come out to defend his name each time a damaging accusation is made out agaisnt him, they feel that Rosmah has too much control over him, in fact the whispers in the corridors at the recent UMNO meeting by the anti Najib faction were all centred on Rosmah, his deputy and the fact that he hides under the office of the Prime Minster using his power not to answer but remain silent.

    They were talking about Rosmah’s insatiable hunger to grab business opportunities, wealth and anything that would enrich her. The name of a certain prominent Malaysian Indian businessman (not Deepak) kept coming up over and over again, a new Television Company to rival Astro was mentioned, so many things and all roads led back to the house of Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak.

    UMNO Cleansing

    Imagine the Johor UMNO members attacking Hishamuddin, saying he knows nothing and does not deserve a seat, leave alone the position of Home Minister. They were comparing him with more prominent Malays who’d do UMNO proud according to them, that seems to be a direct affront to Najib.

    The dissatisfaction in UMNO is coming from its bright and intelligent young members in their thirties to early fifties, I encountered a successful Charted Accountant, two lawyers who are not in the business of law, economists, engineers both software and hardware types, managers from industry including some from Civil service, one from PNB, and they claim to have a direct group of more than 250 professionals in their group split into functions and looking after districts in various states, but alas they have to be quiet, these are accomplished young Malays, they are academically accomplished too, and one of them quipped, “you’ll not see me sitting on the same table with him,” the ‘him’ was Khairy Jamaluddin and the reference was made after he was asked why this group did not attempt to engage Khairy to support their cause to what they call, “cleanse and purge” UMNO as he is an ‘intellectual’ too. One of the lawyers in the group looked at me and said,”intellectual” as though it was a question and smiled.

    This Johor UMNO group seems to hold swing among the members in certain key states, many of them academically accomplished members from local and foreign universities , they have identified who must not be returned to Parliament, they are confident BN will win but with a huge reduction in the UMNO seats, they are prepared and even not too worried about the BN losing control and they seem to want it that way to pave the way for what they call a “Cleansed UMNO.”

    One of them who identified himself as Daud said. “very honestly we do not mind losing this time around, we know we can win the next time but that is only after we purge this party, it requires to be cleansed totally even if that takes twenty years, we need to cleanse the party, not “reform thee party” as they say, its all just pulling wool over our eyes, if it is not cleansed it is only a matter of time before we go this route again, and the grassroots must understand the consequences of what is really happening. They must see the potential outcomes after it is cleansed, and they will follow us, they have been lied to once too often by a party they trust, a party of self seekers.”

    “For us more than anyone else it is the country and the race that matters,” when asked “what about the King?” one of them immediately replied, “oh yes! the King, indeed the the King, but that is understood,” he said.

    So is it a coincidence that Deepak and Musa Hassan has come out at this time?
    Does Musa know what we do not, is the BN in for a big fall?

    Is Najib the ‘Nero’ of UMNO?

    Is it a coincidence that Johor PAS has lodged a Police report on the matter of Musa Hassan’s allegations? In fact even the PAS leadership was not aware of the Johor PAS move to lodge a police report?

    The action according to some PAS members was done on the instigation of certain friendly UMNO members in Johor, all this is being done to embarrass and tire Najib, whilst in the front there seems to be the most cordial of relationships between Muhyiddin and Najib, but are these Muhyidin’s men in the first place? It’s really hard to tell, to them Muhyiddin may be a ‘stop gap’ we have had a few in UMNO and he seems to be the next.

    Najib almost caved in, had it not been for the Deepak and Musa allegations he would have announced the General Elections, giving way to the demands of the ‘Muhyiddin group,’ he came in hinting that it was going to happen till Deepak and Musa came and threw the spanner into the works.

    Muhyiddin’s men or at least they seem to be so “his men”, are fed up, they have given their boss an ultimatum take on Najib or face the wrath of the membership, and they have many friends in both PAS and Keadilan and make no mistake DAP sympathizers too and they will help the opposition no matter what the pledges taken at the UMNO General Assembly they have nothing but contempt for the leadership.

    Whilst Najib is beginning to win some confidence of the urban electorate, many and I mean many of the rural voters are beginning not to trust this son of Tun Abdul Razak anymore.

    If the young group in UMNO goes about doing what they are now UMNO and BN for that matter are heading for a huge change.

    Will Najib make it?

    “Yes, of course he will win Pekan, unless they give him a really tough candidate, because he is known to self destruct when faced by challenges (a typical Nero), however whatever is said he will win Pekan but he will lose the battle,” that was the opinion of this young group.

    The BN will win with an even more reduced majority, UMNO’s performance will be pathetic, even Muhyiddin may lose his right to lead, and with that Najib has to make way, this is not something plucked from the air, whilst some say Mahathir may be called back the young silent elite are totally against it, this seems to be another group of ultras only that they are more refined and totally against Mahathir.

    “We’ll oppose Mahahtir with all our might, and he will not be able to take us on, we do not want a dynasty or dynasties in Malaysia, you can have that in India (the Nehru dynasty), in Pakistan, you can have that in the Philippines you can have it anywhere but not in Malaysia, this country belongs to the people and not political dynasties, we have a King to protect, we must not allow political dynasties to crop up, there is no place for them in this Kingdom, they will undermine the authority of the Sultans and the King” said this chap with a white skull cap and a goatee, who refused to divulge his name, but only say that, “history and Constitutional law are my major.”

    “UMNO has lost its identity, Mahathir has stolen UMNO for himself and that is why UMNO Baru was created. Musa used to say “UMNO is Malay and Malay is UMNO” and yes that was the spirit of UMNO, it has been robbed, it has lost its Malay identity, take a look UMNO is no longer Malay, the Malays is subservient to this ‘Melayu Baru,’ we are second class.

    “He (Mahathir) is trying to rewrite History with him being the centre of Malaysia, he has robbed us of our heritage – UMNO, say the word “Bapak Malaysia” to him and let him know you are referring to the Tengku and he’ll go all mad. Look we are good people he has taken advantage of us, and now we want to reclaim UMNO and our identitiy, the party that will really lead the Malaysian people, not this stupid, corrupt group of people who have actually robbed UMNO from us, and to make matters worse it is being done with the help of some Malays whose parents were great UMNO leaders.”

    “These people have dynastic dreams, they have joined forces with the likes of Mahathir and robbed us, we need to stop it, we need to make the Malays aware, he drove a Malay out (Musa Hitam) and he took over UMNO and brought in his people, people we accepted in good faith, they have come in and taken all, just look around you and you’ll see it, and they even changed the identity of the Malay, they are the higher class Malays when in fact they are no Malays at all, they have mistaken our generosity, we are not fools, we will now have to show them, to come out in the open in UMNO is to welcome a compromise, we are not for compromise, so we have to do it discreetly for now.”

    When asked who will back you, the immediate response was, “the grassroots, remember we are working hard we are making sacrifices, some of us sleep in our cars when we go around, we went to the ground to buka puasa, the people did not have to clean their houses and serve their best to us, we took food along too, we have our people at Division and Branch levels, the new members are young, we are recruiting new members too, the young like us, we are seen as vibrant and more relevant with the times, we do not clamor for power, we are Islam, we are here to serve, we hunger to serve our race, our country and King” then looking across the table he signaled one spectacled gentleman, who rose up and said, “sharing is over we have to get to our tasks, please take note we are not in this for ourselves, but for the race the country and the King, and we ask for nothing in return, we do not want to be rich through politics we want the Malays to progress and become rich, we want Malaysians to become rich and ours is a sacrifice we call it “Korban” we ask only that you report fairly, so people will look at us an judge UMNO correctly sometime soon.”

    This group was introduced to me by my friend from Melaka where UMNO is strong, the present UMNO I mean, (after the recent General Assembly) and he said this to me, “Toffee, I promise you after we have purged UMNO, this country will be good and even the non Malays will vote for us, I promise you that, we are not here to take from them, we are here to share the nation with all the races, we believe they (other races) are part of us and without them it is a no win win situation but rather a lose lose situation, we want a strong and vibrant Malaysia, that is why we say if Anwar wins this time around may Allah bless him, we think he deserves it more than anyone else, he’ll do a much better job than the present group in our party, but given the time we hope to mend the rift and bring this great nation together all of us and we can, and for that Najib and all those cronies and this practice of nepotism must be wiped out and UMNO will no longer be corrupt, we want this nation to be a shining example in line with Islamic values clean and efficient and friendly, in our culture we have always been a friendly and hospitable people, Mahathir changed a lot of that, people in UMNO think every Chinese and Indian is an enemy, they have preached this – in this UMNO of Mahathir.”

    Change. It’s all beginning in Johor and I am wondering if history is rewriting itself?

  5. UMNO can change if it wants to. There is serious talk among my UMNO friends yesterday at the RSGC that something must be done before G-13 if UMNO-BN wants to remain in power. Johor will probably take the lead as after all UMNO was born in Johor and its first President was Dato Onn bin Jaafar.

    One of my friends angrily said that if a man cannot control his wife, he cannot lead our country. He added that Rosmah must be stopped and that can happen if Najib is no longer UMNO President and Prime Minister.–Din Merican

  6. Leaders in UMNO will NEVER change, regardless of hundred of promises..Most of THEM are corrupted.They will never change…..Let PR manage the country and we will see…I would like to see THOSE IDIOTS being prosecuted.

  7. I don’t get it what Deepak was thinking about when he started this. He had RM3b of deals prior to this deal going sour. Even if he lost his RM30m investment in the deal he talked about, did he think there was no cost to getting the first RM3b worth of deal before?

    THEN when he got back his RM30m investment, he still continue to attack Roopiah even though it add continue problem with Najib-Rosmah and their proxies. For a businessmen he seem highly confused of what he is suppose to be – he seem entitled to a special status in his class of people that being dubious is really the norm..Smart business people take the money and walk away even if everyone spits on his grave.

    For me, all I want to know more is what are the RM3b of deals that Deepak did with them before???

  8. If I see a UMNOMELAYU and a wild boar on my hunting trips I will shoot the UMNOMelayu as such creatures are vile pests for well being of all Malaysians. These scums cannot be eradicated even by total excise.

  9. Musang Berjanggut.

    Your example about the snake is racist-intended to insult the whole Indian community and totally uncalled for. Such statements are made when one sit on the toilet having a conversation, not here.

    Knowing it is offensive, you actually wrote it and posted and then you apologized. That is hypocritical. Your apology is a load of bullsh*t.

    Your posting should have deserved a delete button!!

  10. He added that Rosmah must be stopped and that can happen if Najib is no longer UMNO President and Prime Minister.–Dato Din Merican

    Who is the next best choice in UMNO then?

    Is it that pea-brained “I am Malay first and Malaysian second” #2 who carries truckloads of allegations for corruption, blatant cronyism and utter incompetence???

  11. Kudos to these bright,young men on a mission to change for the better! But why must it always be race and religion can’t it be simply Malaysians?We’re Malaysians afterall! We all helped build this country irrespective of race or religious beliefs and that’s the bottom line!Get rid of the bigots and their divide and rule modus operandi and we’ll find getting along is actually a breeze macam dulu!

  12. Toffee has written a good piece and that seems to the reality on the ground. The thesis is flawed, because many UMNO hacks cannot see out of their box.

    In the long run, there will be a paradigm shift on the ground. The ethnocentricity and superficial religiosity is slowly, but surely dissolving in the face of a more pluralistic form of nationalism. That is the reality in this age of instant communication and digital media.

    We can talk until the cows come home about UMNO rejuvenation and what not, but it’s incumbent to remember that their other lap-dog components within BN are as good as dead and putrefying. No Coalition can win any General Elections without the support of the substantial minority, an inclusive agenda and perceived social justice.

    The central dogma of these youthful closet racists and neofeudal-fascists have not changed from the ‘Victimization’ syndrome bandied around, as an excuse for the divisive, ‘affirmative’ policies of old. That piece of ‘enlightenment’ is thus eluded them, who remain insular, misogynistic, irredeemable Malay-first, always and forever morons. Correct me if i’m wrong. True Education and ‘Professionalism’ is limited by BTN-ization.

    Should UMNO-BN lose in the coming GE-13, which is supposedly slatted on 23rd March, it will be time to dissolve the unequal, dysfunctional, corrupt and senescent entity and synthesize a more holistic and service orientated coalition, on the lines of the old Alliance.

  13. Dato’ Din,

    I am tired of reading so many speculative articles. I better rest and turn to Channel 114, 119 and 106 Astro.
    Adam, you deserve a good break. See you when you are already well rested so that you can take on Bean, Frank and CLF.–Din Merican

  14. Just wonder,Najib nampak macam tak ada maya salepas pulang dari India.TS Mahayuddin banyak membuat policy speech.Tun Mahathir makin aktive.Mahayuddin sekarang ini yang menyerang Anwar dengan ganas.Dia lupa samasa Anwar menjadi PM,Mahayuddin dan Syed Mokhtar amat rapat dengan Anwar dan Anwar tahu berapa banyak toll dia collect dari Syed dan Abu junction.
    UMNO war room tahu bahawa dalam GE13,mana mana party yang dapat sokongan 65% pengundi Cina,40% penguni Melayu dan 10% pengundi India dia akan mengesuai 100 kerusi Parliment.Yang pening kepala sekarang BN hanya dapat 10% pengundi Cina,50% pengundi Melayu dan 30% pengundi India.

    Sebeb itu mereka akan buat sesuatu untok menambahkan undi Cina,ujudkan suasana panic supaya orang cina takut.

  15. Lets not be too quick to discount the carpetman’s stories. There are still many questions in regards to the murder of the Mongolian lady, the alleged corruption on the purchase of the unsinkable submarines and the abuses of power from the PM’s offices.
    There are much injustices in this country and too few dare to step forward. One need a thief to catches one and the carpetman tends to play that role for the moment. Before he came forward many are still speculating the involvement of Rosmah and company. Now, the story begin to fall in place. And Bala’s SD is vindicated.
    So, let give him room to spill all his beans and then we verify whether they are spins.

  16. These UMNO dissenters did not get seats on the gravy train. Once Najib et al let these people in on the spoils, you can be sure they will be singing praises of the people they now whine about. Such is the culture, the values and people of UMNO.

    Can a leopard change its spot?

  17. In a nut shell Toffee Rozario is right. For a changed UMNO, UMNO must lose the election. UMNO is spending too much time protecting their corrupted assets than serving the people and country. To move 3 steps forward one needs to move a step backward.

    The young and intellect members must form a forum strong enough to rid the corrupters and purge the deadwoods to eternity. It’s time for all who love Malaysia and Malaysian first to step out and be recognised or Malaysia and Malaysian will be doomed by the current administers. Maybe then, UMNO will see the light of the day.

    Now, UMNO/BN stinks Malaysia’s name.

  18. I agree with Frank, Musang Berjanggut. wrote disparaging remarks about the indians, and then hypocritically apologized to them. I am also disappointed that comment wasn’t deleted.
    It is not fair to associate all indians with Deepak, just as much as it is not fair to associate all malays with the actions of one malay.
    Deepak is negotiating with Najib and Rosmah through the alternative press, and it bothers him that Najin and Rosmah are not taking him as seriously as he would want them to.
    The contents of the The Black Rose, the timing, the roles of each player, would only have been known to him, no one else, and it is inconceivable that anyone else would have known the sequence of events that took place, besides Deepak. Malaysiakini, Free Malaysia Today, etc., have allowed themselves to be used by this individual, and all Malaysians believe Deepak, at their own peril.
    PKR is right in not wanting to do anything with him.
    Dato Din, you are spot on, if a man cannot control his wife, he is devoid of leadership skills. he should go, though I must admit that Rosmah is not our usual ordinary wife, she is both disobedient and bent on dishonouring the husband.
    Yes, UMNO must taste defeat, to re-invent itself. However, Dato Din, I can’t believe that UMNO does not know what we know, that Najib and Rosmah are a liability, I am sure it does, then why isn’t UMNO acting to get them out of the picture, surely it can’t be that difficult, even if incumbency has it’s inherent powers’ and influence.

    Why do you think that UMNO hasn’t acted yet Dato?

  19. Alamak, while i think musang berjanggut’s comment was a bit over the top, i would say that he has a right to say that. Qualified privilege as a ‘redneck’. He was just quoting from a State Assemblywoman’s documented remarks and i don’t think he meant it with malice. More like cynical humour.. Insensitive perhaps, but not earth shattering.

    Generalizations are mimetic forms of labelling and ‘branding’, so beloved of this regime. Obviously, no one believes it to be absolutely true! Except blinkered amphibians living under the tempurung.

    This quote is quite common among the Malay AND Chinese elite, out of earshot of the afflicted or aggrieved party. Are most Indians truly aghast? Only if they were being hypersensitive; ‘cuz i know for a fact many of them say the same things about their own.

    Being a sepet, greedy, stingy, inscrutable, kafir China babi who has been called many other disparaging ‘labels’, i can live with it without rancour. The moment anybody becomes hypersensitive to such remarks, their ego goes into defensive hyperdrive which they never get out off. Siege mentality. It’s not false humility nor lack of pride – it’s self-confidence and knowing who/what you are. Think about it..

    I think the ability to laugh at one’s own foibles and understand other’s perspective of us is terribly important for a multicultural setting like ours. Don’t get angry. Change!

  20. Yes C.L. Familiaris, you are right, perhaps I over-reacted, we should be immune to such statements anyway. Perhaps, I acted on my initial disgust, rather than, after thinking.
    I just wonder what the end of this episode will be like, how will it end I wonder?

  21. “Only that person would have had the authority to direct the guards” referring to the murder of Tuya.

    And that’s why we have made plea bargaining legal over here. Otherwise the real criminals would walk free. Those two found guilty of the murder know the identity or identities of the other players and if offered a lesser sentence would have turned over the co-conspirators. It can still be done.

  22. “Some young UMNO members who seem to be really full of fire believe they can do it – renew UMNO from within what they call “cleansing,” purging the party of the corrupt self-seekers.”

    A little too little too late. This should have happened two elections ago. Where were these ‘change from within UMNO strategists’ then?? I think they were stopped.

  23. “Once these men have had their way with the women and achieved orgasm, the men will roll over and fall into a deep sleep.”

    Why do you think Che Mah Chot appears angry and unsatisfied if not Najib would fall asleep and rolling over before she could come? This is when the services of carpet muncher Democrat come handy.

  24. SSN,

    There will be no end of speculation, intrigues, claims and counter-claims as long as the factions within UMNO can’t close ranks. Sweeping this under the (sic) Carpet ain’t gonna happen. Jibs and FLOM actually encourage the frustration and confused bickering, by refusing to be drawn in – hoping that their detractors blow themselves up. No joy there, since FLOM has really made many mortal enemies, even long before her reign. Jibs never really got beyond his adolescence and infantile urges. His Oedipal complex is unresolved, according to my psychotherapist friend. You’ll have to figure that out.

    I think we have to look at how cover-ups on an industrial scale has been done in the past including air-crashes and other deliberate misadventures. Desperation leads to sometimes strange, but reliable accidents.

    But the problem is not only within but without – in France, which works on a different set of rules and time-scale. That’s Gallic justice and humor for you. Ultimately, there’s where the ball court will be.

  25. To be cleanse and be reborn, first you have to die, play your politics right then perhaps you ( Umno ) shall rise again,perhaps…Oouch!!

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