The Japanese Embassy in Kuala Lumpur never confirmed RM207 billion was paid

January 9, 2013

The Japanese Embassy in Kuala Lumpur never confirmed RM207 billion was paid

Death RailwayThe Japanese embassy in Kuala Lumpur has today (January 8) denied that it confirmed the RM207 billion was paid out by their government to Malaysia as compensation for the victims of the ‘Death Railway project’ which ran from Thailand to Burma.

In a statement sent by the embassy at Jalan Tun Razak, second secretary Takaharu Suegami said the matter was outside the involvement and knowledge of the Japanese government.

“We must remind you that the embassy has never confirmed that RM207 billion was paid to the Malaysian government as compensation to the victims,” he said.

A copy of the letter was sent to Harakah Daily editor-in-chief Ahmad Lutfi Othman, and was faxed to Malaysiakini today, where Takaharu referred to the two articles carried by the PAS mouthpiece titled ‘Embassy confirms huge compensation paid to Malaysian government’ on January 3 and ‘Embassy clarifies report on death railway’ which appeared yesterday.

Suegami referred to the Second World War as “unhappy events” and that war compensation on the matter had been fully and finally settled under the San Francisco Treaty which entered into force in 1952.

“Furthermore, for your reference, there is the September 21, 1967 agreement between Japan and Malaysia where in order to promote economic cooperation, Japan agreed to supply grants to Malaysia of the products and services of Japan to the total value of RM25 million.

“The necessary arrangements for its implementation were already conducted by the two governments and in the agreement, the Malaysian government has agreed that all questions arising from the ‘unhappy events’ during World War II which may affect the existing good relations between the two countries were settled,” he said.

The second secretary added that all the supplies in accordance with the agreement were completed on May 6, 1972.

Deep remorse

He further said that Japan has always engraved deep remorse and apologised for the damage and suffering caused in the past through its colonial rule and aggression to the Asian countries which it had occupied.

“On various occasions, Japan expressed these feelings of remorse and apologised, and its resolve to ensure that such an unfortunate history is never repeated as shown by the statement by the then-Prime Minister Tomiichi Maruyama in 1995,” he said.

“Japan has made utmost efforts to build a future oriented and cooperative relationship with Asian nations and will continuously work to achieve the peace and prosperity of the world in the future as well,” said Suegami.

Previously, Malaysiakini had cited the Harakah Daily report on January 5 where it quoted former Perak Menteri Besar Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin as saying that the amount of RM207 billion had been paid. Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim was also asked to comment on the issue.

25 thoughts on “The Japanese Embassy in Kuala Lumpur never confirmed RM207 billion was paid

  1. Former Perak Menteri Besar Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin must explain and apologise to the Embassy of Japan in Kuala Lumpur and the Malaysian public. He should know that relations between Japan and Malaysia cannot be subject to local politics. Harakah Daily too must do the same.–Din Merican

  2. Any payment or payments would be routed through the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi which has an office in Kuala Lumpr. That’s a short walk from the Bar Council and all you need do is give the General Manager a call. Apart from BNM they would know.

  3. If there was such a settlement, the Japanese government would have been transparent and above board about the whole issue. I am thoroughly disappointed that Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin (former Perak MB) spoke about this matter without verifying the details or getting any confirmation from the Japanese embassy officials. And Anwar Ibrahim too should not have made any statement on this matter without first getting the details through the Japanese embassy and from other reliable sources.

    As the next GE is around the corner, I would expect Pakatan Rakyat politicians to be extremely cautious with whatever revelations they want to make and not to simply issue statements to attract the rakyat’s attention. They must speak the truth and act with only real hard evidence in hand. Pakatan leaders cannot afford to lose the rakyat’s trust in them, especially at this crucial time.

  4. Apart from government sources like the MoF, BNM and the Japanese Embassy, the local branch of Bank of Toyko-Mitsubishi would know since proceeds would have to be routed through that Bank.

    I don’t believe any payments were made.

  5. Bang Din,

    Duit apa banyak sangat tu? Ini rasanya tak betul. Saya pernah juga la tengok maklumat maklumat rahsia tapi tak pernah jumpa angka besar macam tu. Yang pernah dengar cerita pasal blood money masa zaman Uncle Mongkut Bean jadi PM itu adala sikit Jepun bagi. Kalau tak silap kita start MISC dengan 2 kapal tu la ..kalu tak silap…

    Yang lain saya baca pasal Mongkut Bean jual daging lembu Kobe dengan Maria Ozawa tapi itupun tak lah berbillion. Betul ka Mongkut?

    Ini Nizar kena check fact dia dulu la sebelum terjun dengan bom atom.

  6. Dato, not just to the Japanese Embassy, Nizar Jamaluddin and HarakahDaily must apologize to Malaysians who have fallen to the lies and felt angry since January 5th…. I think Nizar is beginning to show his “loose cannon” style again after the recent WWW1 comments against Sultan of Johor…

  7. Democrat the blog’s loser (a case of unrequited love) consumed by his lust for the sensational and fueled by a false sense of pride and patriotism may want to check out the facts before attempting to mount the high moral pedestal. That or be mounted by Goolbatok.

    Some RM207 million is not exactly a drop in the bucket. Anything like war reparations paid by the Japanese to any nation would have made headlines anywhere.

  8. How did they conjure up this story? Apologise. I wish these Malaysian politicians, from both sides, will stop making up stories and drag innocent people in it.
    I agree, Didi. These guys will stop at nothing to gain power. –Din Merican

  9. “Yang pernah dengar cerita pasal blood money masa zaman Uncle Mongkut Bean jadi PM itu adala sikit Jepun bagi. Kalau tak silap kita start MISC dengan 2 kapal tu la ..kalu tak silap” — tean

    Betui kata hang Tean. Hang ingat juga noh? Kalau tak salah kapai Ozawa Maru nama kapai yang pertama. Yang kedua nama kapai tu Maria Maru. Hang pilih mana satu hang nak naik.

  10. Well, my take is it calls for further investigation. It may not be 207 billion but how much? It is also strange that the government did not react to the allegation. Nizar should be sued.
    Nobody knows that there is such compensation until now. Based on past track records our government transparency is questionable. It’s time to pull the rabbits out from the hat.

  11. Maria Maru dan Ozawa Maru tak pernah dengaq.
    Yang pernah dengaq dari Tok Cik . “”Ipoh Maru atau “Ipoh Mariii.”

    Ipoh Mari !!!! itu yang hang dok naik pergi buat Yen Loan. Tapi bila Yen naik dan Ringgit turun londeh seluar anak cucu nak bayar balik hutang Jepun. Yang kena londeh teruk semua Ipoh Mari.

    Yang kaya dari yen Loan Tauke kedai roti The Loaf, budak jual goreng pisang Pekan Rabu dulu.

  12. Was Nizar a victim of a “black ops” operation?
    i.e. fed false information to make him look negative in the perception
    of the public, if he took the bait? In other words, a dirty trick.

    Anything is possible in the world of hardball politics !

  13. Nizar raised a legitimate issue which is of concern to the malaysian public. The BN government since the days of Kutty has been secretive when it comes to mega bucks dealings involving the government and tax money. Instead of playing the blame game, Najib should come clean on the issue, and put the matter to rest, once and for all .

  14. Have we become so paranoid and idiotic, that 207 billion seems reasonable? To put it perspective that’s 207,000,000,000! The sum would have almost bankrupted Japan, with it’s stagnant economy since the eighties. The issue is not just whether Japan has or hasn’t paid up, but the spurious numbers. 207 million is plausible.

    C’mon lah Nizar, use lah sikit math and logic.., after all you’re an engineer kan? There is no excuse for saying you saw an internal memo – it’s just like saying you passed on a fake RM 100 bill, claiming that you’ve never ever handled a 100 bill and don’t know what it looks or feels like.

    I think the Opposition ought to be more careful before barking. I find yapping for the sake of yapping – churlishly childish and irritating. Meanwhile, all UMNO has to do, is to continue feeding misinformation and you guys will erotically asphyxiate yourself.

  15. When I first read the news I had suspected some zeros have been mistakenly added to the RM figures, or it must be in Yen not RM.

    Notwithstanding, the real issue is the non payment to the real victims!

  16. “Suegami referred to the Second World War as “unhappy events” and that war compensation on the matter had been fully and finally settled under the San Francisco Treaty which entered into force in 1952.”

    Bear in mind that San Francisco Treaty was one of USA’s strategies with its so called Allied Powers.

    China, a major victims of Japanese atrocities were excluded from the treaty. Neither the Republic of China nor the People’s Republic of China were invited to the San Francisco Peace Conference, and neither were parties to the San Francisco Treaty.

  17. How can the “unhappy events” and that war compensation on the matter had been fully and finally settled under the San Francisco Treaty entered into force in 1952 when Malaysia was not born!

  18. Japan is abnormal, the country’s debt is more than 200% of its GDP, still occupied by American troops, still making troubles with its neighbors, right-wingers militarism are back again, now the deputy sheriff in Asia?

  19. Embassy statement only said, ” We must remind you that the Embassy has never confirmed that RM 207 Billion was paid to the Malaysian Government as compensation to the victims”. May be some higher authority in Japan could do that. In the meantime, I hope that my government will sue the persons concerned for making such an outrageous claim backed by a denial by the Japanese Government.
    If you can read Japanese, the statement would probably be more precise. What that English statement means is that the Japanese Government never paid RM207 billion (a huge sum of money–around 40 per cent of our current national debt) to the government of Malaysia. Nizar Jamaluddin should explain himself if he has any guts.–Din Mericn

  20. Tean,

    Hang currency trader dah lama. Buat duit dah cukup. Lepaih tu hang dok pi Shinjuku cari Maria Ozawa. Masa aku kerja dulu Japanese Yen 100= 0.88 . One ‘turko’ at nearby Yokohama cost 30,000 Japanese Yen. That translates to RM300 for a rub. In Malaysia the same costs only $70. Hang bagi tau sikit what is the going rate today. Boleh kita bawa Dato pi sama.

    There is no such thing as a Soft Yen Loan even when the Old Goat was Prime Minister. Soft in the sense that it came long and at low rate of interest from government organizations but always for a purpose that would benefit Japanese interests.

    Fund Managers with whom I worked for, approached Malaysia’s MoF with offers of Yen denominated loans. They were not interested even to look at it. All they were interested in was US denominated loans at 1.25% above LIBOR and we were able to offer a few syndicated ones with BBMB leading those.

  21. Mongkut,

    Yen Loan was and is never soft.
    Mr. Kutty found out the hard way.

    It was so hard that Kutty admitted in 95 that the yen Loan turns out to be debt at extremely high interest. When the Yen’s value soar Malaysia must pay double in term of Ringgit.

    100 yen = $3.50 today. If you have RM1000.00 you can only rub your toes in Tokyo. At least when I was there the rate was around 2.2 to 2.7 the highest. If the pak cik and mak cik in the kampung could see the physical money that Kutty loss in Yen and British pound, they would bring their parang to chop off his useless small head.

  22. If indeed it was a false and malicious call by Nizar and the letter from Tokyo embassy has indeed reached the editors, all the more they should publish the letter once and for all, burst this bubble of lies by Nizar. And not to engage in rebuttals and denial postings that can only prolong the issue, leaving readers in doubt over who is telling the truth. Whoever has solid evidence will have the upperhand and can gain advantage of winning the people’s trust if he shows it out first.

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