Understanding the Chinese Mind

January 6, 2013

Understanding the Chinese Mind

by Andrew Sheng (01-05-23)@http://www.thestar.com.my

Andrew ShengBROWSING through my library during the holidays, I came across a book on comparative Western and Chinese philosophy that had an old saying: “Every Chinese person is a Confucian when everything is going well; he is a Taoist when things are falling apart; and he is a Buddhist as he approaches death.”

Chinese culture is like ancient pyramids of different worldviews built over one another. The earliest was animism, where one believed different gods; the Book of Changes taught two sides to every story; Confucianism was about knowledge of self; Taoism about following the natural Way; Legalism about ruthless pragmatism and order; Buddhism about letting it go. In the 20th century, China imported Western influences from Marxism to science and technology.

It is commonly believed that the Chinese think very differently from Westerners. Western minds are considered logical and scientific, whereas the Chinese mind is supposed to be elliptical, contextual and therefore relational. One possible reason is the ideogramatic nature of the Chinese language, based on pictures rather than alphabets, which positions everything in relation to everything else.

The Chinese word for crisis is both risk and opportunity; for contradiction an impenetrable shield facing an unstoppable spear. Chinese thinking tends to sees things within systemic context and history, probably because the fount of Chinese philosophy is the I Ching or the Book of Changes, circa 1049 BC, which is essentially dialectic in tradition, seeing the world as emerging from the conflict, synthesis and evolution from contradictory opposites.

Western science and intellectual tradition stems primarily from Greek Aristotlean logic, which is reductionist and linear, reducing complex ideas into simple theories and principles that could deduce, explain and predict the future. Aristotlean logic prevailed in the West, until the German philosopher Hegel (1770-1831) developed dialectics based upon the concept that everything is composed of contradictions, with gradual changes becoming crises. Karl Marx (1818-1883) built on Hegelian dialectics into historical change through class struggle and dialectic materialism, whereas Mao Zedong fused Marxism into Chinese agrarian reality to form a theory of revolutionary knowledge through practice.

In the 20th century, natural science, such as physics, mathematics and biology began to evolve away from the social sciences, particularly economics. The Anglo-Saxon tradition of linear, logical thinking continued to dominate in social science, through philosophers such as Karl Popper, who rejected the vagueness of dialectics. On the other hand, quantum physics, quantum mathematics, biology and information theory began to evolve into binary worldviews whereby change in nature evolved through the synthesis or erosion of opposites. This is much closer to ancient Chinese and Indian views that saw the world in constant change.

What has been missing so far has been a synthesis of the two divergent worldviews.In his Nassem Talebnew book Antifragility: How to live in a world we do not understand, Black Swan author Nassim Taleb introduced option theory as a general tool to bridge dialectic thinking with mainstream bell curve statistics. The normal “bell curve” distribution is a widely used statistical tool for decision making in mainstream social science. Social scientists look for statistical significance in the high probability (95%) or “robust” zone of the bell curve, tending to ignore low probability events (2.5% each) in the long tails,

By ignoring the long tail events that occur rarely but have large impact when they occur, mainstream thinking like the economic profession missed systemic events like that 2008 financial crisis. There are of course two long tails, one being the “bad” Black Swan events that create systemic damage when they occur.

The other is the upside or “good” long tail events. Nassim calls “anti-fragility” as good actions that compensate for “fragility”, the bad events.

Intuitively, Taleb has reframed Chinese philosophy in modern mathematics with a scientific explanation. What he calls the central Triad of exposures Fragile, Robustness and Antifragile has the analogy in the Chinese trinity of female (ying), Golden Mean and male (yang).

The Confucian concept of Golden Mean seeks to avoid extremes and take the safe middle path. But Taleb’s insight shows why the Golden Mean gets into trouble, because playing safe and mainstream ignores the uncertainty of Black Swan events that could eventually damage the system as a whole. Prudence and conservatism through adopting the Golden Mean prevents the practitioner from adopting “antifragile or (good) high risk-high payoff” strategies that would compensate for the uncertain unknown bad Black Swan events.

A Buddhist would immediately recognise the need to build up good deeds to compensate for the bad deeds that may befall oneself.

By not taking risks, Chinese dynasties that adopted Golden Mean strategies became closed societies that eventually imploded when disaster struck. On the other hand, in the run up to the Industrial Revolution, Western societies took large risks with high payoffs, in science, technology and even colonialism. Western society compensated for fragility by taking anti-fragile measures. No risk, no gain.

The easiest way to think about options and antifragile strategies is in stock market investment. Suppose you adopt a conservative strategy that follows what the market does on average (follow the index). If however the market suddenly drops by 30%, and your portfolio declines by 30%, you will never recover your capital if you continue to adopt market following Golden Mean strategy. To recover or do better, you have to take small bets on risky shares that are “anti-fragile”, meaning that if they win, they win big.

Antifragility loves volatility. Making small mistakes will avoid large mistakes. The more you try to be stable, the more unstable you become, which Keynesian disciple Hyman Minsky rediscovered as “stability creating instability.”。

Fung Global InstituteTaking non-linear options on high risk-high return ventures was exactly what Deng Xiaoping did in his opening up strategy. He knew that the risks of failure were high (and unknown) but taking options by opening up new development zones and new policies created new payoffs and growth areas that were not imagined by the critics.In 2013, Deng’s successors may be making new, anti-fragile options.

Andrew Sheng is President of the Fung Global Institute.

75 thoughts on “Understanding the Chinese Mind

  1. Sorry Dato. Tak faham..

    This piece is about understanding the Chinese mind, from a Western or Oriental perspective? The Chinese developed the following: Taoism, Legalism, Confucianism and the lesser-known Mohism, during the Warring States period. There was not much further development, unlike Western philosophies. Talking Hegel and Schopenhauer etc with Chinese intellectuals is an exercise in futility and is absurd. Christianity shaped much of Western philosophy, while Oriental philosophies were basically dyadic with Cause-Effect or the Law of Retribution ingrained.

    We cannot do a ‘reductive’ analysis of any ‘Race’ – because we’d be talking about Golden Means – which is subjective, unlike the Golden Ratio, which is objective and quantifiable.

    The Chinese mind find it difficult to innovate effectively and their innate ingenuity is limited to ‘practical’ ends. They aren’t interested in esoteric stuff like Quarks or even Quantum Field Theory which are intangible. As such, they remain excellent technicians, but lousy out-of-the-box Triadic thinkers. Even much of their present day architectural and engineering prowess is dependent on Western techniques. They are still mired in astrology, while astrology and cosmology remain ‘curiosities’.

    A typical diaspora Chinese will interact with their social, political and economic environment with whatever adaptive tools they have available – which is considerable, simply because their principles fluctuate in accordance to the Confucian and Taoist concepts of Pragmatism based on stratification of family and society. Materialism for them is an End, not the Means – and in some ways, it becomes an obsession. Hard work, perseverance, prudence, adaptability and honesty with what is known as ‘kum-cheng’ (reciprocal indebtedness) are highly emphasized. The Chinese are much more Egalitarian in the sense, than other Easterners who are more caste like and feudal.

    I can’t see the relevance of comparing Chinese and Western philosophy and anthropology in anything except for syiok sendiri. Sometime ago, i researched conflict resolution and mediation between the two and came to the conclusion that as Far as the East is from the West – they don’t compare.
    Andrew Sheng is a Malaysian from Sabah. He is now in China, after a brilliant career at Bank Negara, the World Bank and in Hongkong. I guess he is sharing his views on the subject. –Din Merican

  2. At some point in our very long history, aliens landed in parts of China and there they experimented with their DNA. At another time and more recently they landed in Africa and there they experimented to see where their DNA would take the ‘human specifie’. There may be other parts of the world that we do not know. The rest is evolution and migration of the species.

    Don’t believe me? Ask ol’ frank. I mean what sort of people would cut their genitals and put them in a bottle so they could pray to them??

  3. Oops, the last sentence in 3rd para should read: They are still mired in astrology. while astronomy and cosmology..

  4. dizaman Rasuallah saw,dia ada berkata jika kita hendak ilmu dia minta umat Islam pergi ka negeri Cina.Rasuaalah ada menghantar sahabatnya !pergi ka negeri Cina untok menyebarkan Islam.

    Baru ini saorang sarjana Saudi ada membuat tafsiran surah Al kahf berhubongan dengan cerita Zulkarnian yang yang membuat barrier untok menghalang Jog Mahjog dari keluar menganas.Ia mendapati bahawa Jog Mahjog itu bahasa Cina,maksudnya bangsa yang berkuda.Mah itu dalam bahasa Cina bermana kuda.

    Dalam hadith sahih Raauallah berkata bentok ruma Jog Mahjog itu orang nya putehmbermata sepet dan hidongnya leper(flat)Mengikut hadith sahih,si akhir zaman,jog Mahjog akan keluar dan menjajah keserata pelusok sunia dan akan melakukan keeosakan dengan megambil apa yang ada diatas bumi dan dalam bumi.

    Sarjana Saudi membuat keaimpulan Jog Mahjog ini orang Cina.

    Sekarang ini jika kita pergi di serata pelusok dunia,di Amaroka Selatan,Afrika,Papua,Fiji,Europah ,Amerika kita dapati orang orang Cina .Di Afrika dan Amerika Selatan mereka menguasai semua sumber hasil alam,mineral dan hutan belantara habis si ambil hasilnya.

    Just for you to ponder.
    Hadis “tuntut lah ilmu kenegeri Cina ” adalah hadis palsu ie Hadis ini antara yang sering bermain di mulut-mulut kebanyakan orang ramai tidak kira orang awam bahkan para agamawan yang turut terlepas pandang akan hal ini. Para blogger, dan facebooker juga dengan begitu mudah menyebarkan hadis maudhu’ ini tanpa mengetahui akan kebenaran status kesahihannya.

    Tujuan mereka mungkin baik iaitu ingin menggalakkan agar rajib belajar dan menuntut ilmu walaupun hingga jauh dari tanah air. Ada juga di antara mereka yang berhujah bahawa Rasulullah menggalakkan umatnya menuntut ilmu hingga ke negara China. Ini adalah satu hujjah yang tidak tepat dan benar.

    Berkata Syeikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah bin Baz (Syeikh Bin Baz):

    “Seandainya ini adalah hadis sahih, maka ia tetap tidak akan menunjukkan kelebihan dan keutamaan negara China dan juga rakyatnya. Maksudnya ialah hadis ini sekiranya ia sahih, ia menunjukkan keutamaan mencari ilmu itu walaupun ianya terpaksa menempuh jarak dan perjalanan yang jauh dan panjang. Justeru itu maksud hadis ini bukanlah menggalakkan untuk ke negara China itu sendiri kerana ia amat jauh dari tanah Arab” (al-Tuhfat al-Karimah fi Bayan Ba’dhi Ahadith Maudhu’ah wa Saqimah)– http://hafizfirdaus.com/ebook/20asashadis/isu20.htm

    Siapakah sarjana Saudi yang dimaksudkan ? Walaupun Quran turun di SA, kebanyakan ilmuan adalah dikalangan orang Parsi terutama para perawi Hadis yang rata2 99% palsu. Janganlah kita menjadi golongan yang memfitnahkan Nabi Muhammad saw, Al-Quran dan Allah swt.

  5. Andrew is in PRC? I thought he’s still in the EC (not electoral commission)?
    It’s an interesting article actually, with a new perspective from Tassim Tayal’s ‘Antifragility’ book. But the only thing tangible, is the relative inelastic quality of the Chinese mind. Just look at the way they’re handling territorial disputes, nowadays..

    The picto-ideo-graphical thought processes versus the alphabetical mindset was one of the postulates given to explain the dyadic-triadic differences, as it lends to neurological recruitment of different ‘domains’ that enable self awareness. The concept and research is still in the infancy. Perhaps the ‘imprinting’ starts at a very tender age and we are being to ‘mechanistic’.

    Recurring factors contribute to China’s cyclical chaos and tumultuous history. Famine, natural disasters and environmental degradation often tip the balance.

    It is said that it easier to transplant a Chinaman into a foreign land, than to take the inherent Chauvinism out of him. Altruism ain’t one of their strong points.

  6. I am Chinese. Both my parents were 1st Generation Malayans – their parents migrated from China in the early 1900s…

    My outlook of life and my philosophy is simply not taught to be via talks and lectures etc but by daily reminders through what my parents did and their justifications for doing those things so these lessons slowly but surely become embedded and entrenched as beliefs and philosophy as we grew up.

    One of the very first things we learned from young is no one owes us a living in this world. We need to fend for ourselves. Our parents will not be around to look after us forever, we need to quickly get ourselves ready to look after ourselves. And of course, the only way you can get out of your present hardship is to get a minimum a good MCE (the Chinese referred to MCE as Grade 9) and those daily reminders slowly become life mantra….

    We were told countless time the two evil things in life that will destroy one’s life forever – drugs, gambling – and always observe the 5 basic principles :

    1. No cheating;
    2. No drugs;
    3. No gambling;
    4. No killing;
    5. Never break up another family.

    Is this Chinese only philosophy taught to the young, I don’t think so, Dato, I think it is universal – except the Chinese make these rules very strict… I have been whacked with bicycle tyre inner tube for breaking rule no 3….

  7. i have a simple answer. we the chinese think long term!
    We need to empower people to fend for themselves. Let us start with quality education, which enables critical thinking to become a force of habit, for our next generation of citizens. That is why the Chinese have their own schools which emphasize maths and science and Chinese culture. They don’t depend on government run schools. That is an example of long term thinking.–Din Merican

  8. Andrew Sheng writes too much to describe the “Chinese mind.”

    There is ONLY one word that need to describe the Chinese mind.

    That word is ‘INSCRUTABLE”

    Those who cannot fathom the meaning, buy a good dictionary, BTW, it is NOT a synonym for unscrewable.

    For those whose IQ stays below 30, the word means the Chinese have their neurons so badly wired and screwed up in his head such that what he SAYS and what he DOES seldom match, and vice versa. Most times, the neurons totally fall off so much so what he says is the totally OPPOSITE of what he does.

    Here is the “Idiot’s Guide” to the Chinese Mind: A better analogy to understand the Chinese mind is this:

    –A western mind can be easily cut with a knife straight through, like slicing an apple.

    –For the Chinese mind, you got to strip off the layers, like peeling an onion.

    I will give an “Idiot’s Guide” to understand the Malay mind and the Indian Mind when the bloghost posts the appropriate topics.

  9. “..comparing Chinese and Western philosophy “-C.L. Familiaris

    Here is one comparison

    Western philosophy – It goes straight to the mind

    Chinese philosophy – It beats round the bush first, then it beats around the bush the second time before coming to the point.

    It has all got to do with the wiring of the neurons in the Chinese brain.

  10. I mean what sort of people would cut their genitals and put them in a bottle so they could pray to them?- Mr Bean

    Mr. Bean, I think you meant the Japanese, the Indians and the Tibetans

    The Chinese use their genitals to sow wild oats… just ask the President of MCA/

  11. To succeed, learn to create new ways, not just follow their ways.- rightways

    What rubbish is that?

    To succeed, you learn from your mistakes and failures. To day, China is succeeding to be a major superpower is because it is learning from the horrible mistakes of 5,000 years of its convoluted civilisation. It learns from the West, even building cities copied from the West, and wearing coat and ties instead of those funny looking robes and gowns.

    By the way, those green robe and turban-wearing PAS leaders in Malaysia are considered RETROGRESSIVE leaders for a good reason… while the rest of the world are moving towards wearing trousers and shirts, these bunch of bearded misfits in PAS are going back to the days of Sir Lancelot and the ancient Chinese. No wonder they say PAS leaders are BACKWARD LOOKING chaps.

  12. The Chinese Mind is shaped by Chinese poetry and Chinese herbs.

    That is why the Chinese are masters of framing memorable quotes like:

    -The Gang of Four
    -Let a thousand flowers bloom
    – It does not matter if the cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice
    – To be rich is glorious
    – communism with Chinese characteristics ( never understood this one!!)

    Ever wondered why William Shakespeare wrote in verses?? The Chinese in ancient days wrote and talked in verses. I strongly believe William Shakespeare’s mother or one of his grandparents was a Chinese immigrant left behind when Admiral Zheng He’s floating flotilla were hanging around the British Isles.

  13. Western minds and their ways of thinking are already in the past.- right ways

    That is absolute crap. Chinese are the greatest copycats of western ideas. China today is because it apes western ideas and lifestyle. China sends thousands of students to the west to learn western ideas to bring back to China.

    People like you are ethnocentric fools blinded by false sense of ethnic egoistic pride. I wonder why are you still writing in English. You should be engaging your verbal diarrhea in those tunnel vision Chinese blogs and FB.

  14. i have a simple answer. we the chinese think long term – roti sunshine

    Yeah!!! For that reason the Chinese allowed Mao Zedong to engage in the disastrous cultural revolution and engaged in regressive Maoist-Stalinist policies that stunted the Chinese mind for generations causing Chinese to flood out offshore to other countries..Earlier than that, the Ming emperors decided to look inwards to engaged in cultural inbreeding of the Chinese, followed by the Manchu emperors who made the Chinese wear pigtails and bound the feet of Chinese girls, and when the white barbarians came, the Mnchu rulers with the white devils made the Chinese to become opium addicts. Ask your parents about this.

    So much for thinking long term. Garbage.

  15. Frank,
    I thought Jesus also speak in parables. Heard of this quote…..Perhaps, CLF should have known by now. Else, it’s time for CLF to go back to meditating on scripture again

    “so that, “‘they may be ever seeing but never perceiving, and ever hearing but never understanding; otherwise they might turn and be forgiven!'”

    Come to think of it, nong nong nong time ago, what the chinese is doing are literally following the scripture. For rightway’s reading pleasure


  16. Nora,

    Apa nak cerita hal Islam dan Hadith Dengan pemikiran orang Cina?

    Orang Cina seperti Ridhuan Tee masuk Islam langsung tak guna kepada manusia walhal di Negeri Cina ada lebih umat Islam dibandingkan Negeri kita.

    Topic sini ialah tentang ORANG Cina dan otak mereka bukan soal samada muslimin perlu pergi ka Negeri Cina.

    Tajuk kau tak ada sangkut paut pun.

  17. Frank,as a student of Chinese Language and Literature,I agree with you,Mr Andrew Sheng is just adding his trendy view to the current very trendy “Why we are different” initiated by self-interest groups,among them,many dictators.

  18. Frank – What rubbish is that?

    The facts are: the West learned and copied from the East. All the present technologies are based on inventions from China, like papers, printing press, compass, ship building, rocketry, gunpowder, etc. China’s 5,000 years testified these. It was China’s educator, Confucian, not the Bible initiated learning culture there. The West shamelessly copied and claimed everything as theirs. No wonder they are on declining now resulting from their arrogance and ignorance!

    Human beings are not perfect, all made mistakes. To succeed, let us constantly learn creating new ways, not just following the Bible said.

  19. “..Jesus also speak in parables…. what the chinese is doing are literally following the scripture. ” – looes74

    One secret C.L. Familiaris didn’t let on to all of us – There was the period of 21 years in Jesus’s life went missing in the Gospels. The New Testament accounted for his birth, then when he was 12 years old and then next scene was when he was 33 years old, about to be crucified.

    No account of Jesus in that 21 years was because he was not in the country ie Galilee or Nazareth or in Jerusalem. He was not around.

    Where did Jesus learn all those things he taught during his Sermon on the Mount. Well, learnt of couple of things in India and most of it he learnt in China after he discovered what Confucius had been talking years before him.

    He found the Chinese scholars and religious characters pretty good in explaining the facts of life through quotes or parables to ordinary people.

    He picked that one up and when he thought he got it all wrapped up, he went back to Palestine. I think he learnt those “miracles” from the Indian yogis and Indian holy-men in India.

    He pissed off the Romans by advocating PEACEFUL REVOLUTION, something which he learnt in India.Mahatma Gandhi used the same method to win independence for India from the Brits.

    The Romans and the Pharisees didn’t like what they saw, jealous perhaps, so they crucified him to die.

    Anyway, Jesus had the last laugh. He woke up after three days and got his disciples and followers to convert the Romans to become Catholics and at the same time became a pain in the ass for the Jews till today.

    Its all in the Bible ( not the ones he went overseas, because they didn’t know about it and Jesus was not about to tell them too, in case the Romans might think he was a foreign agent. )

  20. Looes74.

    … and by the way, when Jesus was in India, he had problems with Buddhism. He could not use most of Buddhist ideas because Buddha didn’t believe in God at all and that is a no-no among the Jews in his time. He incorporated some of the key Buddhist ideas in his Sermon on the Mount and in his parables, like the one which he said, ” “So give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.”
    That’s typical Buddhist approach – ie don’t be confrontational with the authorities.

    Some Christians question me on this overseas trip by saying there is no proof Jesus went to India or China. I said, there is also no written or archaeological proof that Jesus was in the country around in Palestine in that 21 lost years too.

  21. That is why the Chinese have their own schools which emphasize maths and science and Chinese culture. – Dato Din

    Don’t use Malaysian Chinese as representation of the Chinese mind. Wrong example. These chaps don’t have the typical Chinese mind.

    Their minds have been culturally contaminated, some for the better and others for the worse. For the latter example, take that slit-eyed former pork-eater Ridhuan Tee. His brain cells mutated and became a much poorer version of a converted Muslim and a disgraceful example of an ethnic Malaysian Chinese.

  22. The facts are: the West learned and copied from the East. All the present technologies are based on inventions from China, – rightways

    More garbage from a blind-bat Chinese

    Why are you still writing in ENGLISH? and why did your parents sent you tohave an English education.?? You should be only writing in Putonghua.

    Yeah, The Americans learne nuclear physics and making atomic bombs and nuclear energy from the China.

    The more bullshit you raise, the more disgraceful you appear as a Chinese.

  23. rightways,

    You obviously don’t understand what i’m writing about. It’s not Parables. What i’ve said is that the Western Philosophy and Cognitive process developed as an adjunct to the Judeo-Christian worldview. It enables them to solve problems in a triadic fashion, by approaching from different angles and is not merely 2-dimensional. The language of Western Philosophy copies the Liturgy of the Church, whether we like it or not.

    You insist that the West is copying the Chinese technology, which is in part true – but the fact remains that despite the ‘invention’ the Chinese could never develop it beyond it’s limited ‘practical’ purposes. Take the so-called ‘printing press’ – the medieval Chinese were stuck at block printing which they transferred that to the Arabs, who subsequently sent it to the Italians/Germans. They came out with the Gutenberg Press, which ignited to the Reformation and Enlightenment.

    Why do you insist on pride in archaic Chinese based technology, when there was essentially no progress whatsoever over the centuries, with their ossified thinking?

    The modern age and coming post-modern era is the result of Western scientific thought and original research. Once you admit that Progress in all it’s complexity, whether for better or worse, is mainly from a Western point of view and resolve your ‘Middle Kingdom’ attitude, you’d be better for it. Being Chauvinistic, serves no purpose but is equivalent to Blind Faith.

    I have great respect for my ancestors, but i don’t venerate them. The Chinese are being held back by a anthropological and intellectual hubris, that is promoted by blinkered morons – who claim to be educated, but are merely literate.

  24. Frank – That is absolute crap

    You are Chinese ignorance!
    Today most China’s critics are doomed failures!

    Remember, this is an Asian century led by China’s rise. When China fell, whole Asia fell. When China rise, all Asians rise as well.
    Learn Chinese!

  25. i speak purely from the side as an ‘ observer’ , for ages i have been unable to fathom the typical ” chinese ” mind, enigmatic, perplexing, at times bewildering, please excuse me for that. But i think the few of you here have been quite unkind in your words to your own Ancestors, perhaps prejudiced by hardships you have endured….

    Hardships you as Chinese have endured ? Exactly, the 5000 years of Chinese Emperors’ Reign in terms of brutal repressions, brought untold Misery to lives of Chinese masses. Who could undo such brutal repressions, IF Not people like Confucious & Toa, by indulging in subtle philosophical writings, which ultimately created awareness for the masses to overthrow the mighty Emperors ? – you see, in Islamic philosophical thoughts, muslims consider Confuci, Tao or Gautama, and even Guru Nanak are the minor messenengers of the Mystical Traditions, considered as Appostes of ” God ” – yes, God has His Larger Purpose, think of that ! ( Too lengthy to elaborate ). So don’t be too mean on yourselves…..

    One more thing : did you know, the mind of Mao Zedong perplexed the traditional Western philosophical thought-processes by his thought ? He proclaimed on the ” Law of the Unity of Opposites ” as exmplifying the fact that even if on the surface, natural phenomenas that seem to be in conflict with each other, (or one another), the underlying ‘ mystery ‘ was simply nature’s way of enforcing ” a Unity of Purpose ” in the law of phenomanas & opposites….. ( like some extraneous hidden hands behind these ‘ laws ‘ or forces of nature )
    Please consider all the positive things, not just the negatives aspects….

  26. Frank – Why are you still writing in ENGLISH? The more bullshit you raise, the more disgraceful you appear as a Chinese.

    I am qualified/educated both in English and Chinese, and I can see two sides of the world. Sad that many Westerners and Malaysians like you, are Chinese ignorance, repeatedly raised more and more bullshits to mislead the innocents.

  27. C.L. Familiaris,

    Don’t waste your time convincing this ethnocentric Chinese blind bat.

    For all the crap he talks about Chinese, his father did him a favour by sending him to a western ENGLISH education. Otherwise this “rightways” Chinese blind bat is just another illiterate chinese loser on this blog.

  28. Frank,
    Don’t bullshits to mislead again!
    My father never sent me to overseas. I went on my own, self-supported thru work and study, eventually earned a Masters degree from UK .
    God knows if you truly believe God!!

  29. My dear Abnizar, there is nothing ‘enigmatic, perplexing, at times bewildering..’ about the Chinese mind. You can’t learn to be a Chinese, you must be born one. Just like the Hindus. Otherwise, you’d have a hard time figuring out the Samsara and attendant Taoist meanderings.

    We have shared traditions, culture, social mores and a certain way we look at ourselves in a tribal manner. The Chinese eschew strict economic stratification – and are very socially mobile. Feudalism with warlords was never a feature in Chinese Romaticism, cuz being pragmatic, the fittest and strongest wins.

    Education (not literacy) is highly regarded. However, the Chinese intellectuals like rightways may be stuck in the hole. They seem to think that Confucian Classics like the Analects are inviolate and de riguer. Meanwhile, the world has left them by in the time-wrap of the 3rd century BCE. All the Nobel Prize Laureates in the Sciences (Chemistry and Physics) are Naturalized Americans!

    The PRC Chinese aim for the Moon with Russian Rocket technology and insists on refurbishing an aircraft carrier from Ukraine that used to be called ‘Varyag’ which has been renamed Liaoning. Actually, it was auctioned off as a ‘floating casino’. (Genting Bhd. lost the bid, because they were too ‘kiam-siap’ and they were worried that they couldn’t entertain so many UMNO fat-cats on board.) PLA Navy should have named it ‘Three Jewels’ after the Great Admiral Zheng He’s gonads..

    The Chinese may be said to be the epitome of Darwinian evolution for mankind. No Consanguineous marriages – even to the extent that matrimony between people with the
    same surname or family name (irregardless of dialect) is considered Taboo. Quite unlike the other Races. Ridhuan Tee is another matter.

  30. “The Chinese use their genitals to sow wild oats… just ask the President of MCA/” — ol’ frank

    That guy was showing another use for his appendage. The Malays and their culture of entitlement and the Indians their skill in milking the system and the Chinse, the most creative of the lot, new ways of doing old things. In this case the MCA president was showing new uses for the throat. And to think he has been publicly castrated by his own people for that, wither goes the chinese mind after that?

    Care to add more on the Chinese mind?? I had an American female lecturer for “Chinese Studies” in my first year as an undergrad at MU. I can no longer remember how she looked like but I still do how Ms Ong who took me in Public Finance looks like in her red mini skirt.

  31. I had an American female lecturer for “Chinese Studies” in my first year as an undergrad at MU. I can no longer remember how she looked like but I still do how Ms Ong who took me in Public Finance looks like in her red mini skirt.

    This American lecturer taught how the Chinese mind appears to the average ‘gweilo’ but with Ms Ong who taught me Public Finance and showed me all her curves she says it is not so much what curves tell you but the excitement that comes with revealing what they hide underneath — dismantling the assumptions that come with the curves.

    Kapish so far?

  32. Both Frank and C.L. Familiaris should be disqualified on Chinese mind as they are Chinese illiterate and Chinese ignorance. They are just copying and following the Bible stuffs as many Westerners are also Chinese ignorance. They always think with their English or other languages, they know everything about Chinese. No wonder they are doomed failures and declining fast.

  33. I say, wrongways, is that all you can say?
    Incredible to be able to write such bad English and profess a Masters from England.. Surely, the standards have not fallen so low? Did you do it by dissertation or course work? Either way, you must let me know, so that i don’t send my kids to the wrong varsity.

    I speak only for myself, ‘cuz Frank might be a Sikh Bhai for all i know. I am not Chinee Chinese. I was born in Malaysia, bred Malaysian, think Malaysian and eat Malaysian.
    So where were you born? At Lop Nor in June 18 1964, just after the first H bomb exploded?

  34. C.L. Familiaris,

    You mean this Chinese blind bat, righways, studied in England, in the West he so despised, and got a Masters??

    He must be a TOTAL MISFIT in England. I even doubt he will fit in with the Mainland Chinese, many of whom sent their kids to study in the West, yet they don’t pour the kind of garbage about the West as this Chinese blind-bat who can’t even write in proper English.

    Need to check whether his Degree is legit or not. He might have got his qualifiications from the internet.

    What an absolute disgraceful specimen of a Chinese.

  35. My father never sent me to overseas. I went on my own,- Chinese blind bat rightways

    Chinese blind bat rightways,

    So, you got a degree in Malaysia or perhaps from Taiwan in Chinese Stuides and you paid your own fare to UK. I suppose your father did not prepared your education before you went to England?

    What did you study? Masters in Chinese Studies in UK ???… or home study alone in UK in your room or rented apartment where you don’t go for classes and mix with the English kids? And you ONLY mix with your fellow chinamen colleagues in the campus and shops only in Chinese grocery stores and chinese restaurants in UK.

    More likely you were verbally abused by the English kids for your weird Chinese behaviour and called you names, like Chinks, slit-eye, squint-eyed chinaman, which made you hated the West and caused you to be the banner-holder of Chinese pride and honour.

    Now I understand your hatred of the West. You are just one ethno-centric Chinese idiot who got abused by English kids in UK campus and claimed to have a post-graduate degree from UK but who can’t even write in proper English.

  36. I can see two sides of the world.- Chinese blind bat rightways

    Sure, what you see more often is the backside, or the ass-side, of the world. Your stupid view of the West only goes to show you only see the CHINESE side of the world, which is also the backside view of the world.

    An absolute Chinese idiot with a degree in UK but can’t write in proper English and now claims he can see both sides of the world.

  37. Abnizar,

    You want to learn the Chinese mind, learn the game of mahjong well and then have a round of mahjong with him. After that, go to the Casino and see how he handles risks. If he doesn’t gamble, see discretely enquire if he keeps mistresses or not . Then have a one to one round of drinks with him and lastly have dinner with his family.

    By then, you will have peeled off the FIRST layer of the Chinese mind.

  38. Hahaha,Dato,I think you have managed to attract some “brilliant” minds from the Economist,Frankly I would rather not come to such battlefield.
    Jack, never back off from a challenge. You can do it and so give yourself a chance to match wits with these guys. Never sell yourself short. Happy New Year to you, pal.–Din Merican

  39. But then Frank, Chinese also think that our entire Life is one BIG gamble, and how not to take risks, if one does not try ‘ luck’ on the mahjong or the gambling table ?
    So can you blame Chinese wives loaded with a lot of money from wealthy husbands loose few hundred thousands in one go at the Genting sessions, after which few have been known to commit suicide ? But then again, the author says in every crisis there’s an opportunity – not in the case of Genting, in which opporutnity sought turns into crisis & nightmares….

    that’s bewildering to some of us non-chinese !

  40. Dear CLF, it has also been said that most Chinese have become billionaires or millionaires in Hong Kong by Secondary inventions alluding to the fact that they are great ‘ copy=cats ‘ of almost everything and anything that the Westerners do in terms of scientific innovations & tech.
    Is’nt that amazing, if not bewildering ? That’s why, methinks that the in-built DNA of the Chinese acquired from the 5000 years of the Regime of the Represive Emperors, has given this extraordinary Qualities of Industry & Resilience in the general Chinese character befitting the adage of ‘ the survival of the fittest ‘ – more by foul and lesser by fair means…. Enigmatic to me !

    Btw, could your goodself or Frank, enlighten to me this special quality of Resilience, though i have my own understanding of it, something i would’nt disclose….thanx

  41. So can you blame Chinese wives loaded with a lot of money from wealthy husbands loose few hundred thousands in one go at the Genting sessions -Abnizar

    These housewives and mistresses of rich Chinese men got nothing else to do at home and their lifestyle will be retarded without maids. And the husbands know what happens when bored housewives do? And the rich Chinese husbands’ are familiar with the TV show “DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES”. So what do they do? Give their bored housewives to go to casino and to play mahjong so that they themselves can spend more time with their mistresses and girlfriend.

    Nothing mystical about the Chinese mind like this Andrew Sheng wants us to believe.

  42. this special quality of Resilience – Abnizar

    Resilience is the consequence of and a instinctive response to adversity and climate of oppression.

    The average Chinese had more than their fair share of oppression in the 5,000 years under murderous imperial regimes and warlords and undue adversity in recent times under communist rule.

    For Overseas chinese as diligent and enterpreneurial immigrants , they face another form of oppression and adversity to survive in the equally harsh environment in their adopted land even if they are born therein.

    Don’t look far… just ask the average Chinese in Malaysia under the racially divisive UMNO-BN regime in the last 40 years, and ask them why it is mostly Chinese Malaysians who are migrating out if they can, and if not get their children to study abroad and start a new life in other countries like Australia, UK etc ( exclude idiots like that Chinese blind bat “rightward” who is a total misfit in any modern society including mainland China).

    When you have to survive and to give your next generation a future they deserve when the political and social environments are stacked against you, what choice have you got, and to teach your children and grandchildren? YOU BUILD RESILIENCE and CRITICALLY, YOU STILL THAT ATTRIBUTE INTO YOUR CHILDREN IN WHATEVER WAY YOU CAN.

    IT’S ALL ABOUT ACHIEVING RESILIENCE AGAINST THE ODDS (like the racist implementstio of NEP by the UMNO-led BN regime) which are stacked overwhelmingly against you.

    See, nothing mysterious about the Chinese mind.

    For the Malays, they DON’T need resilience, because UMNO is PROVIDING resilience for the Malays for free. All the Malays got to do to acquire resilience is to vote UMNO at every general election . Give me the choice, I want to be a Malay, no need to be hassled by resilience. Too hard. Having said that, by the way, folks loke Mr Bean, Semper fi, Dr Bakri Musa, Dr Azly Rahman, Dr Farish Noor are not your ordinary Malay… they belong to a rare and special breed of self-made resilient Malays.

  43. Abnizar,

    Here is a little secret you can share with your UMNO who have the keys to the corridors of power in UMNO.

    One sure way to make the Chinese at par with the Malays since UMNO-BN failed to do in 40 years with BILLIONS of ringgit via the NEP policy to bring the Malays at par with the Chinese, is to GIVE RESILIENCE to the Chinese for free, like what UMNO did to the Malays.

    By the second generation at least, Malaysia Chinese will be so dependent on the Govt to survive that there won’t be racial jealousy anymore. UMNO will ONLY have to worry about the Indians by then.

    This advice is given free of charge, like resilience.

  44. Resilience?
    The only resilience, we Chinapek have is to plug on – no matter the circumstances. One thing our parents and elders drum into us – is that success is not measured in the why, how or when, but in the end result. Fortitude and stoicism is bred into us, and delay in gratification with forbearance, temperance, patience and gratitude is highly regarded.

    For example, i was shocked when i met a Malaysian Chinese Accounting student studying in Oz, who subsisted on canned dog-food because he ran out of money to pay his varsity fees, even while he was moonlighting as cleaner in a car-washing establishment. His whole being was concentrated on passing and doing academically well, irregardless of his diet and present environment! Do you think any Malay scholarship student would do that – given the ridiculous pampering and fascist indoctrination by the Powers-that-be? That boy is now a contemporary of my son, who’s serving with the Aussie government. Talent Corp? Yeah…!

    There are among (some of us), special talents which require special mentoring and development. That’s where the role of Sifu, which does not only imply a Master-Slave relationship, but also one of long apprenticeship and obedience is important. The problem with such an arrangement is that it does not encourage ‘lateral’ thinking, individuality nor ability to do fundamental research. Therefore, improvisation is limited to practicalities and immediacies. Industriousness depends on the velcro-like ability to copy technological advances from the West and to do it with massive mass production.

    You mentioned the Millionaires etc in PRC/HK. Let me give you an example again, relevant to the piece above. Andrew Sheng is a member of the Fung Global Institute. He has some wooly ideas, but because he graduates from Harvard etc, people look up to him. But who are the Fung Brothers? They are low profile Malaysian self-made billionaires who reside in HK, who are similarly well educated who decided to give back to society – writ large, by means of consultancy and enabling. Philanthropy that doesn’t mean just money, but mentor-ship and teaching. I’ll stop here and let you ask the questions.

  45. Abnizar ,

    Here is another advice for your UMNO friends:

    If UMNO REALLY wants the Malays to be like the Chinese with attributes like resilience, diligence and adaptability…. easy… Just OPPRESS the Malays at every turn, put road blocks what they want to do… Run it for about 20 years, assuming they will win the next election and the next.

    Believe me, the Malays will be more resilient than the Chinese.

    Case example : See what UMNO did to the resilience, diligence and enterpreneurialship of the ordinary Kelantan Malays who voted PAS to run Kelantan for decades. ( Of course there are the usual bad eggs like the UMNO Kelantan Malays )

  46. Pointless arguing with real Chinese blind bats: Frank and C.L. Familiaris, with their manipulative, speculative, intimidating, slanging and belittling behaviors like the typical Chinese illiterates.

    The facts speak itself, logic and common sense prevails.

  47. Oops.., Victor and William Fung were born in HK, and are American Citizens. My bad. Robert Kuok and the Kuok Foundation also comes to mind.

    Aisay. rightways i can’t speak Hailam, but am fairly comfortable in Cantonese, Hokkien, Teochew and Hakka. Mandarin is marginal. True, my Chinese calligraphy is zero, and suffer from terrible ‘character amnesia’ – but i can still recognize words like duck, chicken and toilet. So yes, i’m not a Chinese Peking-duck, like you. And i don’t get lost in toilets, nor call women ‘chickens’.

  48. Okay…okay….good lecturing i have got from you both, and thanx for the mouthfull….but something you forgot which i have in mind. Resilience in the chinese is that no matter whatever obstacles they are faced with or put in front of them, they will ‘circumvent’ and even take a longer route, in order to achieve whatever they had intended from the start !
    Look at our Bumiputra youths as a contrast, most desire the short-cut to success….instant fame and glory, run up up stage to perform, emulate the ‘ artists’ , go wild singing…..and they think that’s instant Success ! Gosh ! their mothers are the first to push ” anak saya ada bakat ” , mempunyai talent, never realising they were all croaking on stage most of the time… ( xcept for ta handfull few, of course ) – yup, the world of Glamour, most times… Few would want to soil or dirty their hands at the garage or workshops, but that’s crucial ….
    i agree Frank, yours @ 11.14amm, the new breed of upcoming Malays who are resilient, the BUM-NO should prop them up for the New Leadership we desperately need….NOW !

  49. what does it take to change the mindset of blind bats and headless chickens?- C.L. Familiaris

    Send to Tanjung Rambutan.

    If there is no vacancy there, put it through the sausage maker.

  50. Abnizar,
    Forget the lecturing from Frank and C.L. Familiaris on ‘Understanding the Chinese Mind’, They lecture us like Chinese experts, in fact Chinese illiterates, truly blind bats, how shameful!

  51. Finally, come to voting time, i have to agree with, and put up my hands for, Frank & CLF, b’coz you have gone the ” Wrongways ” – sorry, no substance in your arguements…..’ rightways ‘

  52. Nobody would appreciate rightways, unless you know the substance of its root. – Chinese blind bat rightways

    What a crap… Trying to imitate Chinese sayings but ends up looking more like nonsense

  53. Again, Frank claimed as a Chinese expert, an illiterate in reality, shameless!
    You are back to your old ways. This is not on. The delete button is on standby mode. Be forewarned.–Din Merican

  54. I like practical simple examples.

    To understand Chinese resilience partially one should walk around Sungei Wang or Low Yat Plaza and talk to those guys manning each of the outlets including those ‘pseudo’ brunettes.

    Imagine each outlet selling similar highly competitive hi-tech products that hardly has any difference amongst them. Most hardly know the technical attributes. Yet they are in there day in day out earning a living.

    If you ask them most of them have aspiration to open a similar outlet somewhere. They will say it is tough but they have to make a living.

    Similarly if you look into the numerous hair saloons in Sungei Wang.

    I am sure most of them when they have children they will want their children to have a better live either here or anywhere. It is in the genes to strive for a better live because nothing come easy.

    Rewind back a few decades earlier. Replace the electronic stores with motor workshops and you will similar imprint.

  55. What a round about way to talk about what China’s approach should be in further economic reforms. This Andrew guy Sounds more a pseudo fake intellectual that like to use big words that is unnecessary just to make himself sound cerebral.

    In Plain words one should not be stuck in ideology and stick with what works and take calculated risk not excessive risk to move forward. But nonetheless acceptable risk must be taken else stagnation and being left behind is its huge cost.

    Using Bell Curve which has been discredited heavily by majority of scholars and esteemed academicians and intellectual is a bad move. It is a racist theory that uses it as Scientific Racism not judging a person by merit but by color of their skin. The Bell Curve theory states Mat salleh and Chinese have the highest IQ in the World in their DNA are superior. Pure bull and racist as hell.

    A simple thought experiment is more than enough to show this theory is nothing but Scientific Racism. Anyone any race if born say in Europe in a middle class or rich family will have receive their standard of education, social mindset and values that would than give the same result as any race is conclusive hence the Race superiority thesis is based on fantasy and racism of superiority of any particular race. Education standards and quality, wealth background and values of hard work and fostering creativity and challenge conventional wisdom is what works the race superiority thingy is pure hogwash and complete fraud. Chances goes higher if all the supporting environment and values is assimilated but sometimes even if only one of it is sometimes enough to reverse ones fate but much lower chance of that happening is all it means.

  56. I felt that guys such as CLF, Frank & Rightway are sucked into this clash of civilisation thingy espoused by Huntingdon. Oh come on la! Stop this stupid generalisation. Who say that chinese not as creative as the western folks? Didn’t they invented compass or so many other thingys in the first place. Whom did the spinard copied from …..I mean the 14th century Galleons. Have you noticed that chinese horse carriage carried more weight than the western…..Don’t know google it

    Of course, folks like rightway go the opposite way…..just as what the chinese in the past has exhibited…..Me the centre of the world…..All else are barbarians. Ming emperors only had contacts with 2 entities…..Kingdom of France & Holy Roman Empire…….At one point of time, the dutch got to kneel before the emperor in the 16 or 17th century…….But then what happen to China during the 19th century

    Civilisation rises & falls…..why not we focus on the virtues of each civilisation. Learn from Lee Kuan Yew laa……..not Madhathir

    Judeo-christian aint western…….It’s middle eastern…..In fact, Persia is considered eastern civilisation…….For goodness sake, stop this foolish generalisation

  57. Thank you,Looes74 for bring great leader Lee KY back to the picture.I stay in Singapore,and takes a very strong interest to what Lee KY said and did.
    I do take a slightly different view at Dr.Mahathir as compared to many here,as I view him as one Malay Nationalist who completely lost his way but a nationalist none the less.
    I find the following article interesting comparing the two men that you mention.
    Mahathir, Lee Kuan Yew and The Lazy Native

  58. looes74

    Firstly, what you are trying to tell me…That is NOT the point.

    Secondly, that is ANCIENT history,.. it is like giving credit to our cavemen ancestors for being the first to discover fire and inventing the wheel.

    Thirdly, it does not make the Chinese of today to be m intellectually, technologically or spiritually more advanced than the West/Caucasians, which that Chinese blind-bat “righways” is trying to make us believe.

    Fourthly, whatever ancient history is dug up, the fact remains today the leader of modern civilisation is the West since over the last two hundred years, from weaponry, space technology to nano-technology. The human spirit of today about freedom and democracy is advanced by the Anglo-Protestant Movement of the west and by the revolt against the obscene excess of imperial dictatorships. Think of the Magna Carta and the American Bill of Rights and the French Revolution. The Chinese got control of their own destiny only at the beginning of the 20th century. China was in deep sleep for 500 years.

    By the way, I have read a book, called “The Psychology of the Chinese People”, edited by Michael Harris Bond, with essays written by Chinese scholars, and a book (forgot its name) distilling the impact of the 5 classical texts of the Chinese upon which the core of the Chinese philosophy is founded upon. I have seen enough video documentares and read on the history of human development and the contributions from the different civilsations of the world to what we are today.

    So when this Chinese blind-bat ‘rightways’ try to preach to me his half-baked view of the Chinese, I get pissed off, knowing the shallowness of his world view, and he pretending to be a chinese scholar just because he speaks, reads and write chinese.

    Today, the Chinese in mainland Chinese is aping and copying most western social norms from the west, to advance the Chinese nation.

    Yes, China will be,or already is, a major player in the affairs in years to come. But that is not because they were the first to invent gunpowder or the first to invent paper or the first to use paper money.

    Overseas Chinese surge well ahead their mainland counterparts is because they absorbed and assimilate western values (not all) and lived the lives of others in their adopted land. Not because they read the Chinese classical texts or they began inventing new gadgets or discovering new ideas to contribute to the progress of western civilsation.

    I have seen more than what you posted which you got from Youtube .Youtube videos are just snippets.

  59. Frank,
    Neither it means that western folks are superior in terms of technological & intellectually. I am not sure about spiritual though because chinese one heck of a materialistic, dogmatic & pragmatic lot.
    Even our western friends have stopped this nonsense generalisation. Should we do the same? I repeat learn from the virtues of each civilisation. Including africans, my friend, Frank.
    What I am saying is that if the chinese had the capability of innovation in the past. They can do it again…..they can do it big. The difference is they do it with humility. Which is very similar to judeo-christian tradition. The meek shall inherit the earth.
    The concept of freedom & democracy comes from Greece. Which is not exactly western civilisation. The concept of compassion & ruling a vastly multicultural society comes from civilisation, notably Persia…..Which is happens to be eastern civilisation. That is what western civilisation deriving from, my dear Frank. Persian kings has been humbled enough to learn from conquered folks including the Jews…..Ah so
    Plus, you also forgotten Japanese also one kind of chinese too. They are not inferior in terms of technology. My point is stop generalisation. CLF should have known from this virtue of Jesus…..Love thy neighbour as thyself. Live & let live laaa…
    Chuck Huntington book into the fire please

  60. What I am saying is that if the chinese had the capability of innovation in the past. They can do it again…..they can do it big. – looes74

    That’s pushing the chinese barrel with hypotheticals.

    You can the same thing about the African bushmen in the Kalahari Desert.

    And you are clutching on straws to buttress your arguments about the West and the Chinese.

    Your ethnocentricity is getting the better of you causing you to lose your faculty for reasoned thoughts.

    Useless argument. Waste time.

  61. Frank,
    Wrong! It’s nothing to do with ethnocentricity but the fact that olden civilisation such as chinese civilisation can advance far better. Yes, the west has provided avenues for folks such as those from far east to harness their potentials but again it’s the individuals such as those from far east that makes the different
    Humility is the key word…….Some western friends knew it & never harp so much about their superiority…..Why should you Frank?

  62. looes74

    What’s all this humility, superiority crap? For some mad reason, you got to show me a clip about the Chinese rocket planning to go to the Moon as though I just came out of the Brazilian jungle. Americans gone there and came back LAST CENTURY.

    Now you really are on overdrive in your ethnocentricity.

    My mental faculty is about to be degenerated and it is hopelessly tiresome discussing this issue with that Chinese blind bat “rightways” and now with you taking over the baton from that Chinese blind-bat.

    I am closing shop on this issue with you both… meanwhile you and the Chinese blind bat ‘rightways” can go and stir your own juice… but do let me know as soon as the Chinese reached the Moon.

  63. Hahaha.., yeah, i gess it’s time to call it quits, Frank.
    The Technicians are still stuck at Newtonian mechanical thought. Only problem is that their Fluid Dynamics and Thermodynamics don’t come up quite right.

    They haven’t got the thought and cognitive processes, to get beyond that 5 millennium of homogenous cultural hubris. Just like the good Prof. Michio Kaku said – out of the many doctoral students he supervises in Theoretical Physics – the PRC Chinese ones, take absurdity to its logical limit – Nowhere! In other words, they are not just kangkung, but also kaku..

    How do you expect these fellas can ‘love thy neighbor as oneself’, when they can’t take away the log before their eyes or think 3 dimensionally? I seldom quote from the Bible, but it shows that Bible Thumpers are sometimes worse than strumpets.

  64. What the mouthful, bad mouthing Frank, typical blind bat Chinese illiterates!
    They are rootless form without substance.

    Technology is developed, obsolete fast if not continuously improved and developed. In facts, all technologies are copied from one to another: from the East to the West, from the West to the East.

    It is dangerous if you do not know how technology works when you buy it, like flying a aircraft without proper know-how to use it.

    Know-how or technology is invisible competency within the root, i.e. fundamental self you can’t see. You only see the tree, but not the root!

    The technology we see in everyday life is only a form not substance!

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