The Black Rose in Cyberspace

January 4, 2013

The Black Rose in Cyberspace

by Nigel Aw@

The Black Rose, a series of books promised by carpet merchant Deepak Jaikishan, chronicling his feud with Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s family, has finally found its way into cyberspace.

NONEBlack Rose 1.0, the first of the series, was circulated to the media tonight in the form of a 26-page e-book with its author being listed as ‘Spirit of Altantuya’.

The book makes no mention of any specific personalities by name, but its storyline closely resembles that of Deepak’s own story.

The book contained a slew of characters whose names appear to have been assigned nicknames or have had their real life names jumbled around.

Among them include Kapeed, Bijan, Black Rose, Popiah, Lala, Jim and several other personalities who he had implicated or referred to during his warpath against Najib’s family.

From Deepak’s account of his relation with Najib’s family to his involvement in reversing Private Eye P Balasubramaniam’s statutory declaration linking the Premier to murdered Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu, the book appears to mirror these accounts but was penned in the form of a fairytale.

Failing to deliver the ‘popiah’ promise

The book, which did not contain any new revelations, described a “Raja Popiah” who, unlike normal “popiah sellers” that would not double sell their popiahs, sold her already sold popiah to “guppy the fish”. Popiah is a Malaysian spring roll.

The book later referred to the “popiah” as a piece of land which was initially sold to a “true blue Pakistani who travelled by flying carpet”.

NONEThis Pakistani on the flying carpet, the book said, knew that as long as he spoke the truth, Raja Popiah and her affiliates would have to answer for failing to deliver the promise.

“Thus begins the adventure of Raja Popiah, Black Rose, Bijan, Laba and Kapeed,” the book read.

The story goes on for the first 16 pages and the following 10 pages featured documents of diamond jewellery purchases by Deepak’s company.

The documents were the same as those earlier released by PKR director of strategy Rafizi Ramli, who had alleged that they were for Rosmah Mansor.

Deepak had previously denied that the documents belonged to him, but Rafizi had insisted that these documents were obtained by intermediaries who got them from Deepak.

The last page of the book stated that there would be a sequel entitled ‘Black Magic Women’, which would be authored by one ‘Not My Legacy’.

6 thoughts on “The Black Rose in Cyberspace

  1. Hmmm … Scheherazade had to keep on telling her tales of the Arabian Nights or the Sultan would chop off her head.

  2. All this reminds me of ‘Elections’ in the former Soviet Union and Eastern European countries that all had single party rule. They held ‘elections’ regularly and in those elections for positions in government and party there were more than one candidate for each post giving the impression that there was some kind of ‘democracy’. But they all came from the same party. It was a win win situation for the communist party.
    These guys who are making these statements and then retracting them without being harassed by the authorities gives a false impression to the outside world that there there is freedom of speech.

  3. Raja Popiah sounds like a very self aggrandizing, greedy, over-inflated, very shrill, whiny, loud, uncouth female doggie of Wanita fame. Much worse than Puppiah – my 8 month old retriever puppy, who though ‘mouthy’, ain’t no barking entitled bitch. She sleeps outdoors under the rambutan tree.

    Why does Black Rose have sidekicks like these? Simply becuz, like attracts like, despite trite aphorisms and scientific half-truths.

  4. Actually, repressive regimes such as China during its Maoist days had
    some “for show” minor political parties in its National People’s Congress.
    Of course the real rulers all came from the Chinese Communist Party.

    In Malaysia, the real rulers of the BN “coalition” come from UMNO.
    The others are for show, with their leaders in charge of
    minor Ministries. Who controls major Ministries such as Finance,
    Defence, Home Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Information (more accurately,
    Disinformation) ?

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