Robert Phang sues Former IGP Musa Hassan

January 4, 2014

Robert Phang sues Former IGP Musa Hassan

by Hazlan Zakaria@

Former Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission advisory council member Robert Phang has filed a RM100 million defamation suit against former Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan for alleging that the former had links to criminal activities and interfered with the workings of the Police Force.

However, Phang stressed that he sought not to profit from the legal suit, but only wanted to clear his name.

NONE“If I win, I will give everything to charity,” said Phang to reporters before filing his suit against the former top cop (left) at the Shah Alam High Court this morning.

“The court will decide who is the great liar”.

He was accompanied by lawyer Sankara Nair, who is acting on his behalf.

Other than the RM100 million in damages, Phang is also seeking an injunction to stop Musa from defaming him, legal costs, as well as aggravated and exemplary damages and other reliefs the court deems necessary to absolve him from the former IGP’s public allegations.

Musa had attacked Phang personally in a series of media interviews, in which he had alleged that Phang had interfered with police personnel movements and was linked to criminal activities.

The allegations were made by Musa around the time he was made patron of the PKR-linked Malaysian Crime Watch Task Force (MyWatch). He was previously linked to the opposition party and reports circulated of him joining the opposition. Some have claimed that his recent revelations were prodded by Pakatan Rakyat.

‘IGP, Home Minister must respond’

Phang had earlier sent a letter of demand to Musa asking the former IGP to retract his allegations and stop defaming him, and hence the legal suit is a follow up to the letter which Musa did not respond to or comply with.

“If you dare to say something, then you must dare face the consequences,” Phang said.NONEPhang lamented the fact that Musa had dragged the entire police force and the serving IGP Ismail Omar (right) through the mud in his personal attacks on Phang.

“He said that the current IGP had met him and cried, how can you do that?”

Phang told Malaysiakini in a phone conversation later that this is the first time in the history of Malaysia that a former IGP turned his back on the very institution he once served and besmirched his own hand-picked successor.

However, Phang viewed the allegations by the former top cop as serious for it linked the police force with criminal elements. He urged the matter be investigated as it impugned on the honour of the nation’s men in uniform.

More so, Phang called on the IGP and Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein to respond to Musa’s allegations and clear the air. “Allegations in public domain, if not answered, will become perception,” warned Phang.

12 thoughts on “Robert Phang sues Former IGP Musa Hassan

  1. It is time someone took on this Mahathir stooge aka Balachi, and Tan Sri Phang has taken on this task. I hope he succeeds in his suit against the former IGP. Sankara Nair is a very good lawyer to have by his side. Happy New Year, Tan Sri.–Din Merican

  2. Dato Din,

    Even the best of the best lawyers in a skewed and compliant judiciary would have little value. Need I cite cases?.

  3. You’re no ordinary citizen. You are a public figure. Your lawyer must have advised you that it is not smart to throw good money after bad. In defamation you have a high threshold to meet. That of malice. And not just reckless disregard of the truth.

    Don’t be silly Phang. Furthermore guess who will end up paying the millions in terms of damages you are claiming if not Dato and taxpaying Malaysians, readers of this blog – ordinary folks you claim to be fighting for?!

    In any case the chances of you winning a defamation case like this given the facts and the law is zilch. Nada. Nought. Kosong. Zero.

  4. “Robert Phang sues Former IGP Musa Hassan”

    Is this headline supposed to be a head turner?? You can sue anybody. It is your case to lose.

  5. Dear Mr Bean, a Very Happy Belated New Year to you n all,you’re right in your assessment of Robert’s case, but then again, someone has to do it,Robert would probably assessed his position and has probably listen to his lawyer’s advice,I guess it’s the thought that counts or rather the action taken,I fully agree with Dato Din,but deep inside I know that with those (some) bunch of idiots running our judiciary,chances are near zero,but we will never know until the name of the judge is known,please God may it be Supian Lian,then half the battle is already won,Insha Allah.Amin

  6. ‘Eppy New Year ! But then, loookie here Lok1, in BolehLand it is not God willing, it is UMNO willing or unwilling depending on one’s perspective. Ouch …!

  7. The saying goes, Hero dies first, Tan Sri. Mr. Bean do has a point. Look at what happen to Lawyer Rosli. I pray that he don’t die fighting.

    But than again I also agree with Greenbug that we, Malaysians share the bills. It’s a noble cause. If we can foot the Government corruption bills why not this.

    Sound like no “back bone”, right but there again isn’t everyone.

  8. Both fellas are about as conflicted and self-serving as each other.
    To be honest, it serves no cause except their own inflated egos and irredeemable hubris.
    Enough said.

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