DAP’s New Year Fun Gangnam Style–A Parody of Sorts

January 2, 2013

DAP’s New Year Fun–A Parody of Sorts and Gangnam Style, New York

Relax guys, early days yet but brace yourselves for exciting times ahead.–Din Merican

DAP launches Gangnam-style ‘Ubah’ video

by Hafiz Yatim@http://www.malaysiakini.com

An air of festivity surrounded the official launch of the DAP’s catchy multi-language ‘Ubah-Rocket style’ video at the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall last night.

ubah rocket style new year party 010113 06 rosmahThe individual who caught the most attention was ‘Datin B’, who dressed up as Malaysia’s ‘First Lady’ aka Rosmah Mansor, the Premier’s wife.

Datin B called herself ‘momma’ in a sketch depicting Rosmah’s allegedly expensive and extravagant taste in clothes and handbags, among other items. Many present took photographs with Datin B, who featured prominently in the four-minute Ubah video.

DAP national publicity secretary Tony Pua, who produced the video, said the DAP got started after secretary-general Lim Guan Eng suggested last September that a video be made based on the ‘Oppa Gangnam’ style popularised by South Korean rapper Psy.

dap ubah rocket style screen capture 010113 5“Lim asked whether I had watched the video as it was very ‘hot’. It was a month after Psy launched the video and it had registered 178 million hits … (it) has become a worldwide phenomenon,” Pua said.

“There was difficulty in making the video as the authorities, namely the highway authorities and light rail transit (LRT) officials, stopped the shooting.”

Shooting was stopped twice along the Linkaran Trans Kota Sdn Bhd (Litrak) highway, while security personnel stopped shooting at malls in the vicinity of Jalan Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lumpur.

“I had to ask assistant producer (Serdang MP) Teo Nie Ching to negotiate with security (personnel) to shoot the scene (in a mall), assuring them there was nothing negative,” Pua said.

ubah rocket style new year party 010113 02In recording the ‘Datin B’ footage at a LRT station, the crew had to move between the Kelana Jaya and Damai stations because security personnel became suspicious.

“Nevertheless, we managed to finish shooting the video and produce it in the various languages,” he said in thanking the crew for their efforts.

At the launch, several bloopers were screened, including one depicting Litrak highway officials laughing in the background as a scene was being recorded.Another showed ‘Datin B’ pretending to fall several times at a LRT station.

Campaign via social media

Pua urged DAP supporters to share the video clip with friends and colleagues as part of the party’s campaign election material. “Please ‘like’ it on Facebook, and share in on Facebook, Youtube or Twitter to drive the message across to the people,” he added.

The video was first shown at the DAP national congress last month.  Also present at the official launch BERSIH co-chairperson A Samad Said.

7 thoughts on “DAP’s New Year Fun Gangnam Style–A Parody of Sorts

  1. What is Truth? Psy-Gangnam and Lady Gaga. Remember?
    Ahh.., DAP released it at last! After much editing i presume?
    See Bean, i wasn’t joking.. Lady Gaga was trumped and thumped!

    The effect seems juvenile to serious political pundits, but it’s meant mostly for the less sophisticated and cerebral folk. Nothing beats a good beat and arrhythmic lyrics. Parody or Reality, they decide. Who cares, as long as the participants had great fun – which i’m sure they did.

    Since there’ll never be any serious civilized Debate between the warring factions anytime soon, let’s see UMNO-BN come up with their Lady Gaga flick. Hope it’s as entertaining.. And puh-lese, the children are watching!!

  2. The seriousness of it is that sensationalism works everywhere more so in Malaysia. Just managing to paint Rosmah as our very own Imelda Marcos will win votes even in the most remote corner..

    Public office can be unfair but simply because the system of accountability can never be perfect. if you don’t stray too far in the negatives, then should also be limited compared to the upside. They took more than their fair share of the upside and ignore the downside so the downside is fair game..

  3. “If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution”
    Rosa Luxemburg

    Malaysian Social Democracy has a sense of danceable humour !

  4. Heh heh heh, I was at the Ubah Rocket Style New Year Launch Party in Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall last Tuesday evening. I met with YB Lim Kit Siang, YAB Lim Guan Eng, YB NUrul Izzah, YB Tony Puah, YB Siva Kumaran, YB Datuk Ngeh, etc. The show started with some dancers dressed as ‘cows living in condos’ strutting their Gangnam-style dance accompanied by roars of laughter from the audience. After the formalities, YB NUrul Izzah started off with her campaign speech and she had to leave immediately after that but not before they all sang together the Gangnam-style ‘Ubah’ anthem. YAB Lim Guan Eng gave a very heat warming campaign speech and made some promises should PR win GE 13. What I like about DAP’s do is that they always use all the three main languages, ie. Malay, English and Chinese. There were other sketches and dances and the Indian version of the Gangnam-style ‘Ubah’ was very interesting and entertaining. Of course, ‘Datin B’, who dressed up as Malaysia’s ‘First Lady’ aka Rosmah Mansor, the Premier’s wife was the life of the evening and I had the opportunity to have a photo taken with her. All in all, it was a ‘fun’ affair and I believe everyone left happily after the party. If that’s the mood as shown that evening, and if PR wins GE 13, we are all going to have a lot of good times in this country.

  5. Macam-macam cara dan usaha boleh dibuat untuk mendapatkan perhatian dan keyakinan dari rakyat dan pengundi. Itulah dia kebebasan. Itulah demokrasi. Tayangan vedio yang menyeronokan tanpa keganasan, tanpa demonstrasi jalanan, tayangan vedio yang boleh memberi rakyat dan pengundi berfikir dan bertanya serta tertanya-tanya.

    Karpal Singh bagi ingat, “Jangan main-main” kepada DAP, PAS dan PKR sendiri dan juga kepada UMNO, MCA, MIC dll parti.

  6. If a party can laugh at others and at itself, then they are “realists” – I will vote for it. Its the party who “kuman diseberang laut nampak, gajah didepan mata tidak kelihatan” which is dangerous.

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