Prime Minister of Malaysia’s New Year Message: A Happy 2013

January 1, 2013

Prime Minister of Malaysia’s New  Year Message: A Happy 2013

December 31, 2012

PM of Malaysia

Bismillahirahmanirrahim” (In the name of Allah The Most Merciful and Most Compassionate)

“Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and Salam 1Malaysia.”

 Fellow Malaysians,

1.”Alhamdullilah” (Praise be to God), in a few more hours we will welcome the New year 2013. As Malaysians, we should be thankful that we will be celebrating the advent of the new year against the backdrop of our various successes and achievements through our combined efforts during 2012.

2.The year 2012 witnessed the end of the first phase of the Transformation Initiative involving the Government, Economic and Political sectors. This initiative has had most positive effects. At the international level, for example, there has been an encouraging increase in the country’s indices in various sectors. The World Bank report, Doing Business 2013, for example, has placed Malaysia as the 12th most business-friendly country in the world while the report of the World Competitiveness Yearbook 2012 has placed Malaysia as the 14th most competitive country in the world.

My beloved Malaysians,

3.In addressing the challenges ahead for Year 2013, and in order to build sustainable success, we need to learn from our past experiences. We have to carry on with and improve on what is good and has proven to be successful by rectifying all weaknesses. What has proven to have failed should be discarded and regarded as a lesson. In order to continue our efforts to achieve Malaysia’s national vision of a high-income developed nation, we have to build on the foundation that has been laid through the National Transformation Policy.

4.For the year 2013, we need to proceed with the national agenda to strengthen national unity, which is the core of the nation’s perpetuity, based on the 1Malaysia Philosophy of People First, Performance Now.

5.Secondly, we have to continue our efforts to improve the well-being ofthe people through the social safety net system whereby every Malaysian who needs aid will get it, where welfare and subsidy assistance are targeted at the truly needy, and reinforced by the welfare net of family, corporate and religious institutions.

6.Thirdly, we have to increase the wealth of the nation by ensuring sustainable economic growth and fiscal health, and stimulate the social movement rooted in hope, where the achievement of an individual is limited only by the imagination, entrepreneurship and the extent of the individual’s willingness to work hard and where the creativity, innovation and willingness to take risks will bring lucrative gains.

7.Fourthly, we have to ensure that Malaysia will be the best place to build a life; the best place to have a family and raise children, a country that has a caring society, a strong family system, neighbourhoods and streets safe from crime, a sustainable environment, quality schools and educational institutions, as well as the best and affordable health care system.

 My fellow Malaysians,

8.I am convinced and believe that the dawn of success will always shine on Malaysia and the life of its people. God willing, with careful and thorough planning and effective implementation, this day will be better than yesterday and tomorrow will bring endless possibilities.

 9. Let us ask ourselves what we can do to determine what we desire, what wecan dream of that can be achieved. There is no terminology for contributions small or big, only the willingness to do something. The country needs you, ladies and gentlemen. Join me to make our dream a reality. Stand by my side forus to together determine success, move along and work with me to carve a great future for our country and our children.

10.The government of today and I will not be able to serve you Malaysianswell without your solid backing and support. Give us a clear mandate and wepromise to use your trust to the best of our ability to build a Malaysia forall. All along, it has been proven that we have kept all our promises and commitments.

My fellow Malaysians,

 11.The future of the country and our children is too precious to be gambled or experimented with. Building a successful country requires continuous effort and a clear direction. Destroying a country only requires a short time, but the consequences will prolong. In our hands lies the decision of how the country’s future is to be shaped, of where we want to take Malaysia. Our founding fathers and mothers have steered Malaysia to great heights with blood, sweat and tears.Today, the responsibility lies on our shoulders, to determine whether Malaysiashould continue to move forward or lag behind.

 12. Malaysia is indeed a country where opportunities, responsibilities,prosperity and noble values are shared by a plural society, with an abundance of opportunities springing from various potentials. These potentials are a blessing. These potentials are the basis of aspirations. I urge that all of us together shape the destiny of realising Malaysia as an ever-shining potential.

13. Finally, I pray that the Year 2013 will bring blessings to all Malaysians.

Happy New Year 2013.


Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim’s 2013 Message


Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, has pledged a better management of the country’s assets and economy and no leaders will be allowed to enrich themselves if Pakatan Rakyat comes to power.

In his fiveminute New Year video message, Anwar said this was the promise or pledge that he is making, although it may not seem big.

“My small promise to you is that the nation’s assets will be managed properly as no robbery will be allowed. A minister, or the Prime Minister or ruling elite, would not be allowed to enrich themselves in taking the country’s assets and not be held accountable,” he said.

“That is our pledge to the people in 2013 and we hope that this is attainable when the country is geared for elections early this year,” he said.

Citing the negative reports on corruption and outflow of illicit funds from the country which involves billions of ringgit as highlighted in the Wall Street Journal and the Global Financial Integrity Report, he said this requires immediate attention. These reports, he said are shocking but do not leave an impression on the ruling elite in UMNO and BN.

“We must ensure that the leaders stop robbing the country’s assets and that the ruling elite would not enrich themselves, their family members or their cronies from the country’s finances and that the management of the economy would be better,” he said.

“If the economy is better managed, I am confident there will be equitable distribution of income and there would not be unhappiness among the races of being sidelined in not getting a portion of the economic pie,” he added.

The Global Financil Report lists Malaysia as the second biggest country after China to have money transferred out in the region of close to RM200 billion. Transparency International also lists Malaysia as among the highest in an international survey, where company competitors responded that they lose out on business due to bribery.

Free education for all

Anwar who is also Permatang Pauh MP, also pledged to provide free education for all from primary school to the tertiary level by properly managing the economy. For those who cannot or are unable to go to the university, Anwar pledged there would be various opportunities given to them to enrich their skills.

“There are those who question that the pledge is made because the election is looming. I do not hold that view as we have the capability and the economic strength through the gas reserves, palm oil, and revenue from income tax. The problem is the management of the economy, and I focus on education as this are pressing issue in the early part of they year. We will also focus on issues like housing, health, and ensuring price stability,” he said.

He said by focusing on education regardless of their ethnicity, religion or social standing, the nation can help build on their human capital to thrust the nation forward.

18 thoughts on “Prime Minister of Malaysia’s New Year Message: A Happy 2013

  1. And the Prime Minister still says NOTHING about the Allah debate raging in the country. The silence of the PM Najib as reached a point of being un-bearing.

    A leader of a nation who mouths sweet-nothings and asking for the vote of Malaysians at the same time but REFUSES to engage in and address directly substantive issues affecting the country does NOT warrant the vote of Malaysians to give him another term.

    UMNO Supreme Council (NOT Malaysians in general) got him to lead the nation which means the buck is on his two shoulders.

    Instead what Najib as PM is doing is out-sourcing ALL the politically unsavoury issues to his minions in his Cabinet and to irrelevant individuals like the Perak mufti, nobodies in right-wing Malay NGOs and to Jakim, whose authority on non-muslims is zilch, while he preaches about sweet-nothings such as 1Malaysia and all the mutant versions of it.

    The silence of Najib on substantive issues facing the nation is tantamount to evasion of responsibility of him as a leader, and smacks of cowardice of leadership.

  2. A desperate man’s New Year plea. So let us send him a clear message that we do not want such a tainted politician and his thieving team who will only continue to plunder our country. Najib is a man full of scandals and does not have the character to lead our country. All talk, no action, this Ah Jib Hor.

    We will give the mandate to Pakatan Rakyat to clean up such mess and put Mahathir and his cronies behind bars for corruption and abuse of power and recover all monies that octogenarian aka octokutty has taken out of this country. We must have two party system for the long term benefit for the rakyat. ABU, ABU. . Not Lok1’s Oouch, but cry Geranimo.

  3. Surat khabar lama whatever he said. Talk only never do the walking.PITA (pain in the $$$) Anyway Happy New Year and God bless us.

  4. A jellyfish is an invertebrate i.e. it has no backbone. It also has no brain. It has one hole which it uses both as a mouth as well as an anus for secreting waste. I might as well have a jellyfish as a PM – at least it doesn’t spend my tax monies flying an expensive load of parasites on an Airbus A320 Executive Jet to Milan to shop….

  5. Rocky aka A. Atan, must have one too many over the festive season !! He nominated Najib as Malaysia’s Man of the Year and sneakily seconded by Pasquale the Fcuking Magpie !!! Where was Najib , speaking from over the new year? Has he gone MIA due to Deepak’s revelations??
    I am told he has taken a break overseas. The DPM is in charge and also UMNO-BN’s Director of GE-13. What do you read from this?–Din Merican

  6. Geranimo surely don’t realize that it take more than sheer guts to change the incumbent. You can bark at the mountain till you vomit, but the hard fact remained that the majority Malays population holds the key to whatever changes for this country. Though the current trend indicate a slight change in their perception on who should govern especially amongst the younger generation x (or y?) in the cities, but the majority will definitely remain with the status quo.

    Happy New Year.

  7. Happy New Year 2013, Dato Din and Datin Kamsiah. Stay young and healthy always.

    Let’s hope the new year 2013 has less controversial issues for us to think and write about, so that we,the old geezers in here, can spend more time to reminisce and write about the good old times… as we all know, Mr Bean can’t wait to tell all of us his adventures with Hyacinth Goddard in the 3rd RC back in the old days in MU.

  8. Nero fiddles away as Rome burns…. history repeating in Bolehland and looks like MSM reports cutting down coverage of Nero and AM putting up lots of articles promoting #2….

  9. A New Year address in absenteeism. Where did Najib & Rosmah celebrate NY eve this year? They were more discreet with their holiday plans this year.

    Last year it was at Darling Hotel overlooking Sydney harbour. Rosmah must have her year-end holiday cum shopping trip irrespective of the impeding GE. Win or lose, they are already set for life or what the locals express as ‘tak akan habis sampai ke anak cucu’.

    So Muhyiddin again willingly leads the national NY celebrations. He even had to stand in for the Selangor UMNO chief during the celebration at I-City. They seem very confident of retaking Selangor back.

  10. “Mr Bean can’t wait to tell all of us his adventures with Hyacinth Goddard in the 3rd RC back in the old days in MU.” — ol’ frank

    I was more into Adele Koh, and Daisy – both deceased sadly. Don’t know what happened to Ivy Goh. Maybe she went into business selling lingerie. Life has its funny twists and turns. Ivy Goh had nothing on as an undergrad.

  11. They seem very confident of retaking Selangor back-Jamal Majid

    Yes they do, the Phantom voters and the instant citizens have overwhelmed the Selangor,electoral list. That Raja Nong Chik is absolutely certain of defeating Nurul Izzah with his bus loads of instant citizens and phantom voters.

    Remember what Najib said,… They have to win AT ALL COSTS…. if they have to cheat again, they will do. After all, they rigged the elections in the last 40 years.

  12. Never use the word “independent” to describe the ELECTION COMMISSION. It never was and with the current mob in charge of the EC, it will never be.

    The Constutional crisis in Perak should be the lesson to learn for all Malaysians if legal recourse is the option for redress of election misdemeanors . The Perak case is the benchmark as to how Opposition politics are being damped down by the very institutions established to ensure fairness and transparency.

    Pakatan Rakyat is already cooked even the GE. Pakatan can only PutrajY win with Divine intervention

  13. Divine Intervention will not save the day for Pakatan.. Allah has seen to it. Pakatan has come delivered pre-cooked and ready to eat . Ordinary folks have been asked to pick up the tab.

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