Embrace Change

January 1, 2013

Embrace Change

by Mariam Mokhtar (12-31-12)@http://www.malaysiakini.com

Punch and JudyPuppet shows, ‘Punch and Judy’ politics, farcical presentations, tragicomedies, drama queens, flip-flops, U-turns, dress rehearsals and of course, pornographic productions can be used to sum up current Malaysian politics.

It is amazing what the subconscious reveals. When MCA keeps asking if Hadi Awang or Anwar Ibrahim would make the better Prime Minister, you know what the ruling coalition are thinking – that BN is doomed.

Why would one of the main component parties in BN talk about opposition candidates for the post of Prime Minister? If they thought they stood any chance of winning GE13, they would be discussing which BN candidate should lead the country, rather than which opposition politician would make the best PM.

In November 2011, the UMNO Information chief, Ahmad Maslan, talked about a hungUMNO's Ahmad Maslan parliament: “If there is a hung Parliament scenario like Australia, let’s say 112 government seats to 110 opposition seats, it is the worst thing that could happen.” This showed that UMNO had no confidence of victory at the polls.

Ahmad Maslan warned the Malays of the DAP’s Christian zeal: “The Malay language will be lost, say goodbye to the Malay Sultans, the opposition DAP do not even respect the royal institution … they have never accepted royal titles even though they have been offered them.”

Last week, it was alleged that the MCA President Chua Soi Lek also talked about a hung parliament, when asked to comment about a rival in his party. An online newspaper had reported that the blogger, Syed Akbar Ali had written: “Revisiting the issue of factionalism and lack of support, he spoke bluntly about the Ong Tee Keat faction trying to sabotage him in Melaka. Dr Chua feels that if there is a hung Parliament after the general elections, Ong Tee Keat may just pack his bags and leave. Like Chua Jui Ming.”

One year after UMNO raised fears of a hung parliament, MCA has voiced the same anxieties. There are other indications of the lack of confidence in BN.

The sporadic acts of violence against the opposition are acts of desperation by a defeated UMNO which has acknowledged defeat before the election has been held. In the past, the usual spokesperson in Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s cabinet would be quick to come to his defense, whenever someone makes serious allegations about him. This time, they are quiet. Has Najib issued a gagging order?

Enter the Carpet Man, Deepak (not Chopra)

Deepak-The Carpet DealerDespite revelations by the carpet seller, Deepak Jaikishan about Rosmah Mansor and Nazim Razak, interfering in the investigations into the death of the Mongolian model Altantuya Shaariibuu, both the Police and the Attorney-General’s Chambers have taken no action.

Deepak (left) also claimed to be the victim of a business deal, involving a Defence Ministry project, which had gone foul. One would have expected the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate these allegations, but they, like the Police and the Attorney-General’s Chambers, are quiet.

When the former Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Musa Hassan complained of interference in the police force, by the Home Minister and other senior politicians, there was no response from Najib.

Mahathir’s Machinations

Many allege that former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad is behind these revelations.Dr M Why would he support moves that would give an advantage to Anwar Ibrahim, his arch-enemy? Mahathir has been strangely silent about Deepak and Musa’s claims. Why would he give the Opposition a chance to take over Putrajaya, undo his legacy and end his dynasty?

Najib is gradually being undone by his greed and vanity. If only he had paid Altantuya her meagre commission, then none of this mess would haunt him. If only he had paid Deepak his monies from the corrupt land deal. If only he had paid Musa Hassan his dues which most former IGPs received in the past.

Luxury goods up for grabs?

Last week, the Tunisian Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali arranged for the auction of thousands of luxury goods owned by Tunisia’s deposed dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and his family. People have been queuing-up to have a brief glimpse of the dictator and his wife’s ostentatious life. There were fast-cars, jewellery, works of art, shoes, handbags and other accessories.

For years, Malaysians have heard stories about multi-million ringgit rings, expensive handbags, fast-cars and other dizzying displays of an opulent lifestyle by our politicians, their spouses, and their children. When the time comes, will Malaysia’s new Prime Minister arrange an auction of goods, like the Tunisians have done?

So what would you look for if the Opposition were to win and there was an auction of luxury goods formerly owned by BN politicians and their cronies? Would it be Rosmah Mansor’s handbags and rings? Her badminton racquets? Her lycra tracksuit? Her clothes?

Or would it be Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud’s grand piano which allegedly belonged to Liberace? Or Taib’s selection of Rolls-Royces, gems or yachts? Or would you be interested in his son, Sulaiman’s fast cars?

Would you include the items which were ‘lent’ by their cronies, such as the Hummer 2 SUV lent by Michael Chia to the de facto Law Minister Nazri Aziz’s son, Nedim? What about Nedim’s luxury watch which would cost more than the average Malaysian could earn in several lifetimes?

MonkeysThe one item that I would love to see is Mahathir’s little red book, which is alleged to hold the dirty secrets and alleged crimes of his cronies, his corrupt politicians and the other people who were easily bought. Allegedly, he positively encouraged corruption and wrongdoing so he would be able to hold them to ransom at a later date.

The book should make interesting reading, but judging by the number of scandals that have rocked Malaysia over the past 30 years, it would not be a book that one could read in an evening.

Happy New Year to everyone.

13 thoughts on “Embrace Change

  1. 2013 is the year of awakening.”Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give,”Hebrews 4:13.

  2. Happy New Year to all Malaysians. As this is the first day of the year, we need to ponder at the political scene where headlines of murders, rape, sex scandals,religious issues,corruption, street protest over the election commission and etc, we need to find an answer to get out of these if we want to have a dream of being free. We hope for a saviour to lead a revolution that will translate or bring back human integrity after the election. Corruption and abuse of power with rotteness of the link-up of some independent departments that feature less importance than the overriding issues. We pray for a brigher sunny day for all Malaysians.

  3. Sorry but I cannot see why a hung Parliament would be bad… on the contrary, it would present an opportunity, like no other, for forcing ourselves to look for ways to come together.

    I have always said we should try a coalition… if entered into with sincere intentions it would be a win-win affair for Malaysia.

    A coming together is the way forward… not an eyeball to eyeball standoff.

  4. The majority Malays will remain with the status quo. They seem unperturbed and will support the incumbent whatever the outcome.What choice do they have?? They can’t trust Anwar anymore .. So how?? They will certainly unite in GE13 to form the government of their choice that will protect their interest, religion and the Malay Rulers.
    There is nothing wrong in protecting their interest, religion and the Malay Rulers. It is generally accepted by all that the Malays can govern our country. That is not the issue. The issue is the quality of Malay leadership.–Din Merican

  5. The kingmakers in the coming GE13 are not the Chinese, Indians, East Malaysians etc… it will be the Malays themselves. If the Malays want an end to all the things bad thus far, they will change. If they have been lulled into the comfort zone via years of brainwashing and BTN programs, they will not change. My take is they will vote for the known than the unknown and selamatkan negara, bangsa dan agama untuk selama-lamanya….. and I don’t think we need to wait till 2019 for bancruptcy….. once FGVH is permanently below issue price and EPF continues to be used to prop the share prices up, once all the pension funds like LTAT and EPF are fully utilised / exhausted, once all the GLCs start losing their pants as long-term complacency seeps in…. kaboom!

  6. @mr.kong keat khuat,You reming me of what Lee KY of Singapore said before he decided that Goh CT would take over from him as PM of Spore,he said that Mr Dhanabalam was a prefer candidate then Goh CT,but Sngaporeans were not ready to accept an Indian PM then,even today,I doubt Lee KY would say Singaporeans are ready,the answer is obvious from that point of view.I am very highly critical on Lee KY various policies,but on race relation,I totally agree with him then,ho about today,frankly i do not know the answer,cheers

  7. Meriam did not mention Kutty’s massive track of land and southern ski resort called Las Lenas Resort in Argentina ,currently held by proxy T. S . Arumugam !! Kutty had declared that he would emigrate should Anwar ever become PM and you could bet your bottom dollar as to where his preffered destination would be !!! Hope Kutty’s wish would come true this 2013 !!!

  8. the best cure for a hung computer is to switch it off, restart and evtl. repair the OS. the same applies to an hung parliament, dear Isa.

    the majority malay may be complacent but he is capable of thinking for himself. the issue here is ‘are they contend with being hoodwinked by their politicians and corrupt businessmen who are not necessarily malays only’?

    it is New Year so the best is to concentrate on changing for the better. the umno-bn pseudo-coalition is past redemption (expiry date – end of dec. 2012).

  9. During Tunku Abdul Rahman we have Alliance and 5 Year Plan, RISDA and MARA. Tun Razak’s time we have FELDA, BN, Petronas, NEP etc. HUSSEIN ONN? Mahathir we have UMNO Baru, PLUS, KLIA, PUTRAJAYA, CYBERJAYA, MALAYSIA INCORPORATED etc. ABDULLAH BADAWI we have ISLAM HADHARI. Now Najib we have 1MALAYSIA and TRANSFORMASI.


    The 12 million voters please decide.

    I vote for peace, safety, harmony and prosperous Malaysia.

  10. A broken computer is like a hung Parliament? That’s a new one.

    The point is how do we fix our country AND maintain our peace and stability. We do not need to switch anything off…just a serious attempt at reconciliation.

  11. how to fix a broken country and maintain our peace and stability?

    yes why not adopt the Mugabe – Tsvangirai (here, Anwar – Najib – Rosmah troika) power sharing method?

  12. “How to fix a broken country and maintain our peace and stability?”
    Forty-four years ago remember, in 1969 after the General election, because of politics, because of the influence left by PAP the country was broken politically. But Tun Razak managed to fix the “broken computer” by taking PAS, Gerakan and PPP into Barisan Nasional and there was less politicking. Peace and stability was maintained.

    Now because of the 1998 Reformasi the country was broken again politically. Can Najib do the same fixing like his dad did?

    PAS want to join BN? DAP want to join BN or PKR want to join BN? Who want to be the opposition?

    In politics anything can happen. Can this happen -“Kerana Bangsa, Agama dan Negara” + “Islam Semalaysia”? Or can “1Malaysia + Malaysian Malaysia” OR “Transormasi + Reformasi”?

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