Secretary-General: All BN candidates for Generel Election free of Graft and Crime

December 30, 2012


And then this : Secretary-General: All BN candidates for General Election free of Graft and Crime

All Barisan Nasional (BN) candidates for the 13th general election have been found to be free of corruption and other crimes, BN Secretary-General Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor said today.

He said the candidates for the 222 parliamentary and 505 state seats had undergone screening by the Police, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and Department of Insolvency to ensure that they were “clean” and did not have any problems.

NONETengku Adnan spoke to reporters after presenting school aid and People’s Volunteer Corps (RELA) uniforms at a gathering of the people here where a durian feast was also held.

He also said that the background of the candidates was subjected to scrutiny to ensure that they were the people’s choice.

“We want the candidates to be whom the people want, not whom the party or individuals in the party want. We want candidates whom the people feel they can represent them,” he said.

Asked about new faces and women candidates, Tengku Adnan said that was a confidential matter.

Recently, MACC’s Consultation and Corruption Prevention Panel chairman Johan Jaaffar had proposed that all political parties send their list of candidates for the 13th general election for vetting by the MACC to ensure that they were free of corruption and to avert baseless accusations against any individual or party later.

Tengku Adnan, who is the MP for Putrajaya, said he would get the assistance of the Putrajaya Corporation to provide more facilities for the comfort of the residents here. He apologised to the residents for any shortcomings on his part and reminded them to be a model society for the country, saying that Putrajaya was a sustainable city.

– Bernama/

17 thoughts on “Secretary-General: All BN candidates for Generel Election free of Graft and Crime

  1. Terence Netto comments on this in

    “The situation is positively hilarious when you have characters like Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, the preternaturally sanguine UMNO Secretary-General, who yesterday announced that both the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission and the police have cleared all BN candidates for the parliamentary and state assembly seats at the coming polls.

    No doubt the member for Pekan has also had his credentials cleared. This is not the first, nor will it be the last, time that Tengku Mansor has delivered himself of such fatuities.

    Next month it will be five years since he unleashed that classic explanation for why people used his name as they please: asked by the royal commission on the Lingam videotape why the lead player in the drama had mentioned his name in connection with what seemed look a scandalous attempt at judge-fixing, Tengku Adnan said he has discovered that people were wont to use his name, even inmates in prison have been known to do so.

    Little wonder some pundits concede that while the provenance of the saying – ‘May you live in interesting times’ – is assuredly Chinese, its pertinence is decidedly Malaysian. What with our political stage peopled with the likes of Deepak and Tengku Adnan, our times are not just interesting; they can be riveting. ”

  2. How should voters take this message? This is how. If you are a BN supporter and disgusted by it, then don’t go cast your votes. You’re making a fool of yourself by giving your vote away to corrupt politicians. You don’t have to cast your vote. Time is better spent counting hairs in each other’s arm pits.

  3. Dato,

    First thing first,… Wakaka!!!!… Ehm, ok – my Q, is there a list in the first place??… Continue again, wakaka… Sorry about that… Now 222 MP… So, the no of canidate would definitely exceed that… But submission of names for verification indicates finalization but, but, but lobbying still persists… wakaka…
    Wakaka to you for 2013–Din Merican

  4. From now on I shall refer to all BN’s and some PR’s MP’s as Memang Penyamun n most too are Main Puki’s,that’s what they are really…Oouch!! siapa makan chili dia lah yg rasa pedas.

  5. Don’t take Tengku (Teuku) Adnan’s proclamation seriously. Once we know the list of UMNO-BN, we can be sure that even the corrupt ones like Pehin Seri Taib, Musa Aman and others will not be left out. MACC can be relied upon to do their duty for the powerful. –Din Merican

  6. I don’t know why people say its hilarious. What it really means is that Tengku Adnan is giving the fingers to the people with his words. People think being given the finger is funny?

    His words just keep confirming that UMNO/BN will never accept the demand of the rakyat to clean up corruption and abuse of power. They will never change even if you drag them there screaming and shouting..Their minds are spewing profanity at the rakyat even if the words are hidden.

    The rakyat think being insulted and being degraded by people who are suppose to be OUR SERVANT is hilarious? I take it very very seriously..

  7. I don’t know whether Najib is cheered, dismayed, embarrassed, or simply too worried with Deepak’s sudden decision to be talkative, to bother to reprimand Tengku Adnan, “Look mate, say something believable to make life easier for me and Rosie.”

  8. According to the statement made by the secretary of UMNO that all candidates including the prime minister vying for seats as member of parliament are cleared by MACC and police. I congratulate the secretary for such fine statement that most of the politicians are corrupt free in the coming election. Do we trust those scrutinising those candadates are genuine in vetting activities in view of our image as 2nd highest corrupted country according to International Corruption Integrity group from Washington. If politicians are genuine in their desire to serve the people, let a committee be formed to strip themselves clean, then only we say they are incorruptible candadates. At this point in Malaysia, there are only a handful of genuine people who move quietly with the crowd to help rebuild the country back to glory.

  9. If the BN politicians are clean than the WSJ is lying why doesn’t the PM sue WSJ for giving Malaysia first in corruption compared to Thailand, Indonesia, Philipines and China.

  10. This should be voted the Best Joke of 2012. BN is such a bull. Their faces are so thick that no bullet can scar them. Gentlemen, we MUST give this government up. They are not repent-able and never will be. Forget them and move on.

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