Corruption is not race specific

December 27, 2012

Corruption is not race specific

by Dr Chandra

Dr Chandra MuzaffarTHERE is no correlation between ethnicity and corruption. This is a simple truth that has been proven over and over again right through history.

Take Malaysia as a case in point. The corrupt can be found in all communities. Those who have been convicted in court for this crime from the earliest days of our independence come from different ethnic backgrounds. Some are from the public sector; others are from the private sector.

The givers and takers of bribes, and the go-betweens, constitute a multiethnic community! This is the incontrovertible evidence before our eyes. And yet, there are Malaysians who foolishly, and perhaps even deliberately, attribute corruption to a particular community. They are wittingly, or unwittingly, reinforcing a malicious communal sentiment. Communal sentiments of this sort are a huge barrier to national unity. They run deep and wide in our society.

It is a shame that when such sentiments are expressed openly, as was done recently by a political neophyte from an opposition party, very few within the educated segment of Malaysian society are prepared to publicly denounce such narrow, shallow thinking.

A couple of individuals from the community that was targeted spoke up but hardly any intellectual or analyst from the other communities was incensed enough to condemn the politician’s outrageous remark linking corruption to a community.

What is disappointing is the deafening silence of those commentators and activists who, on other occasions, are quick to expose any alleged act of corruption or to censure the slightest hint of a communal slur.

Why the silence on this occasion? Is it because they, too, subscribe to the politician’s erroneous link? Were they quietly delighted that the politician had smeared his own community with such a reckless comment, a comment that they would not be able to make on their own, given ethnic sensitivities?

It is important to raise these questions because one of the major obstacles to national integration is the tendency among many of the educated to subordinate fact and reason to what is essentially a communal consideration, which is invariably camouflaged as a concern for integrity or justice or human rights.

It is imperative that educated Malaysians, whatever their ethnic affiliation, overcome their concealed, camouflaged communalism and address national challenges with honesty and sincerity if they are earnest about strengthening the sinews of solidarity that sustain this multiethnic nation of ours.

25 thoughts on “Corruption is not race specific

  1. This academic has said nothing new. We know in Malaysia corruption is rampant. He does not suggest what we should do to rid ourselves of this societal scourge. Nor does he talk about the role of the MACC as the institution mandated to deal with corruption. It is an exercise in intellectual syiok sendiri. What he wants to say is that the Malay UMNO Leaders are not the only group that is corrupt. MIC and MCA leaders and others associated with power too. I agree. –Din Merican

  2. First we have to identify a target (80 /20 rule), then we go on to cut off supplies, then isolate the group and then go in for the kill. i will not need to point out the group(s), that i think most Malaysian who have eyes and heart still functioning can see, as for remedial steps i am very keen to see Hudud implemented on this count

  3. We don’t need a Ph.D pin-head to come and tell us that corruption is not race specific or there is no correlation between ethnicity and corruption.

    Did Chandra Muzaffar suddenly have a eureka-moment last night… a blast of enlightenment after an orgasm-depleted instant that he discovered this great Nobel-prize winning idea.

    What a no-brainer. He should give this lecture of his to some Standard Five or Standard Six pupils and funded by the Minister under that “I am a Malay first and Malaysian-second” Education Minister.

    What a waste of time!! Didn’t bother to read beyond the first half of the first sentence.

  4. Chandra, Chandra you have exactly described your ownself. Where was your voice when there were corruptions aplenty in the highest pinnacle of power in the country: Ministers, law officers, judges, crony businessmen, top civil servants, the Police, the MACC, Customs and so on were all infected with the deadliest corruptive virus? To you the BN are all angels and the Opposition are all devils. You are just like a pariah dog barking at the wrong tree.

    Your contention is half-truth because what you assert about a political neophyte from an opposition party making racial comment about corruption is misunderstood and twisted to fit into your narrow characterization.

    The incontrovertible evidence before our eyes is that corruption is reinforced by a certain racial group, known as the UMNOputra Malays. They close their eyes to corruption committed by the UMNO Malays, the MCA Chinese and the MIC Indians. Don’t expect society to be corrigible when every Tom, Dick and Harry know what is going on. Why is Malaysia so far down the ladder of corruption and our next door neighbor is at the pinnacle of good governance? It all begins at the top of the power structure. When the head begins to rot the body will follow.

    So, Chandra stop pontificating your holier-than-thou fatwa and remember you are living in a house of glass.
    Well said, my friend. I am disappointed with this academic who is the Holder of the Nordin Sopiee chair at USM and founder of the NGO, JUST. He has struck a Faustian bargain with UMNO, forgetting that he was once a key figure in PKR. He used to claim with passion to be a defender of freedom, democracy and justice. He should know his own background and not pretend to be what he is not.–Din Merican

  5. Another in the excuse-making for UMNO/BN career/business..UMNO/BN don’t get it that one of the reason why their Ketuanan Melayu ideology is doomed from the start, is the resource spent on this front, excuse-making, is just too much and too unproductive and only purpose is to keep them in power. Like it or not it just have a limited life-cycle.

  6. Ha, ha. someone has given his myopic view, and he shamelessly admits that he, “Didn’t bother to read beyond the first half of the first sentence”, but he has given his view of the entire article. Ohhh dear, why does he even bother, I wonder. People, and Dr.Chandra included, are entitled to their own opinions, as silly as they are. Getting personal with him, just indicates the commentators mentality, which is worse than of that Dr.Chandra.

    In essence, what Dr.Chanra said is that, :
    1)The corrupt can be found in all communities:
    “The givers and takers of bribes, and the go-betweens, constitute a multiethnic community-
    These are indisputable facts – If one thinks it isn’t, challenge him, with facts of your own, not half baked innuendos

    2) It is a shame that when such sentiments are expressed openly, as was done recently by a political neophyte from an opposition party, very few within the educated segment of Malaysian society are prepared to publicly denounce such narrow, shallow thinking.
    This is also true. Did anyone, whether within the educated segment, or the lesser educated ones, but who are nevertheless just as race sensitive, and conscious of right and wrong, denounce those sentiments? NO.
    So what is wrong with what Dr.Chandra has said? If someone has rebuked such racist sentiments, prove it to Dr.Chandra, and shame him, otherwise don’t show your stupidity, and talk of orgasms, and say things like, “You are just like a pariah dog barking at the wrong tree”.
    The user of this particular word, orgasm, is transfixed with such vulgarity, even in previous comments of his. It shows a lack of the ability to project oneself in an intelligent manner. Such people should just keep quiet, and watch, read and learn.

    3) Dr. Chandra did NOT say this at all, in fact he never even implied it.
    “To you the BN are all angels and the Opposition are all devils. You are just like a pariah dog barking at the wrong tree”.
    You can’t just put words into his mouth, and condemn him for what he DIDN’T say, just to sound intelligent.

    4) I find this particularly amusing:
    What a no-brainer. He should give this lecture of his to some Standard Five or Standard Six pupils”.
    What a load of bullshit!!!
    Dr.Chandra is a proven academic, an well acknowledged intellectual, and if the commentator can show that he has greater credentials or track record than Dr.Chandra, then I challenge this person to show it here.
    If one says, “Dr.Chandra is proven academic, and a well acknowledged intellectual” but he has said something not in tandem with his credentials, and go forth to prove why, then that is reasonable, but to insinuate that Dr.Chandra is only fit to lecture Std. Five or six pupils, is an insult to Dr.Chandra’s students and the institutions he represents.

    5) What Dato Din said was right:
    “What he wants to say is that the Malay UMNO Leaders are not the only group that is corrupt. MIC and MCA leaders and others associated with power too. I agree. –Din Merican.
    I agree too.
    That is all Dr.Chandra was trying to say, indeed said.
    One should confine his/her comments on that point, anything else is completely out of context.

    I am also appalled that Dato Din, another acknowledged academic and intellectual, has led the criticism against Dr.Chandra, all for the wrong reasons, indeed it is very disappointing.

    I hope my comment would be allowed, as it would show maturity on the part of the moderator, and encourage an intelligent response to Dr.Chandra, based on his observations, and my comments.

  7. “The givers and takers of bribes, and the go-betweens, constitute a multiethnic community!” I agree.

    In Malaysia, Singapore and other parts of ASEAN, ASIA, Europe, USA and the rest of the world it is the same trend. There will be the givers, the takers and the go-between.

    Just like the community and society it (the corrupts) has a class i.e the upper-class, the middle-class and the low-income-class.

    Corruptions is taking place within the ministries, the departments and agencies, the corporate, business and financial sectors, the contractors and the developers, the directors and managers, the enforcement officers, the traffic offenders, the importers and exporters etc.

    They are of all races, local and foreigners, those who need permits and lisences and those who need approvals and those who go through the many, many trade and business, financial and management applications, tenders and permits etc.

    They are the givers and the takers amongst them. They could be from any political party in the country. They could be from any public, private, financial and
    private sectors and individuals.

    There are cases where a house owner have to bribe to get the CF for his/her house before he/she could move in into his/her house.

    There have been cases where businessmen and contractors have to bribe someone in the financial and/or in the public sectors to get a loan or approval for permit/lisence for his food or construction business.

    How do we as citizens of the country help to stop corruption amongst our community and society, among the local and foreign businessmen, commercial and corporate circles, among the public and private sectors and amongst the political leaders, in the government and in the opposition?

    Several steps have and are being taken by the government to eredicate corruptions i.e through educating the public, through legal, enforcement and prosecution, through religious sermons, seminars etc BUT corruptions still take place amongst the traffic offenders and the traffic policemen and JPJ, the importers and exporters and the Customs officers and it goes up and up the ladder not only in Malaysia but also in the rest of the world.

    The best way to stop corruption is to instill the spirit of self discipline, honesty and sincerity amongst all of us, the spirit not to to bribe, to offer or to tempt anyone and the spirit not to accept or ask for bribes or favours and to be greedy and that spitit must start from every home, in schools, from every office or place of work.

    How can MACC take effective actions against thr givers, the takers and the middlemen when the public (in most cases) only know how to make wild allegations but no concrete and hard proof and evidence?

    The 13th General Election is getting closer so I think Muzaffar is just trying to tell us all that corruption is not just taking place amongst a certain race in Malaysia but amongst the many Malaysians and it is not just amongst the BN but also amongst the PR as have been reported off and on in the media.

  8. This “Sameon” idiot writes like someone I know from another thread, ie the “fornicating with cows” minded celup-european who called himself Ernest Mason. Perhaps don’t have the balls to use the same moniker.

  9. This is how Indian politicians defend this scourge. Yes, in Bangsar illegal parking is not according to race. So are many things in this country we all love.

  10. Sameon,
    Sorry Sameon, it is not Chandra’s opinion. He is spinning for UMNO.

    Adam Abdullah,
    Your comments are justifications and excuses. A wrong is a wrong. Corruption is corruption. It’s absolute. Don’t splits hairs or get others involved. Stick to Malaysia please, The 1 and only Malaysia. Remember, when you point a finger at others four fingers are pointing back at you. Does it mean that others murdered and so can we? Malaysia is so full of shit with people like you and Sameon. Righting what is wrong. Sorry, we are no idiots.

  11. Vic,
    I agree not all Malaysians are idiots. There are a lot of law abiding Malaysians and foreigners who come here as tourists, students, businessmen etc.

    BUT there are still some idiot Malaysians (the givers and the takers) who don’t respect the laws. When they apply for permits or lisence or when they were stopped by the policemen for a traffic offence they offer to bribe the authorities so that their application could be approved a.s.a.p. or the traffic summnons would not be issued and some of the authorities or policemen accept the bribe or offer and some ask for more.
    Adam, my driver was stopped by two Policemen on motor bikes for picking up his handphone to answer my call, and then told that you pay rm300 at the KL Traffic HQ or give rm50 now. He gave them rm20, being all the money he has for lunch. That is not bribery; it is extortion. This has been going on everyday.–Din Merican

    How do we curb, prevent and stopped these nonsense? Just blame the government, the authorities, UMNO and BN? I agree pointing fingers and making allegations don’t give good results. MACC need evidence, witnesses, documentary evidence, truthful witnesses. Hearsay is not accepted in the Court.

  12. Awwhhhhh, come on, read what Dr.Chandra has written, again, again, if one has to.

    Of course we all know that Dr.Chandra is spinning for UMNO, he is an UMNO man now, just as most PKR persons were UMNO people before. That is a well known fact, neither does Dr.Chandra hide that fact. But so what? What is so wrong about that? People change their minds ever so often, in business, in marriage, at homes, in offices, in politics, in the universities, colleges, in politics, there are changes everywhere around us, some are good, some are bad. But who is going to be the judge of what is good, or bad? Only the person who has changed, knows why he has changed.

    When a elected representative from UMNO joins PR, opposition supporters will call him a hero, a brave person willing to fight for truth and justice, never mind that Anwar may have promised him orher the moon, and the stars.
    However, when an elected representative from PKR joins BN, those same people will call him/her a frog, and a a million other things.

    Dr.Chandra PROBABLY saw and heard some things that he didn’t like, so he has a right to make a switch. When facts changes, so does a person. That is another point and story.

    Here, and now, did Dr.Chandra say that there is no corruption in Malaysia? Did he say that corruption is acceptable? Did he say that corruption is to be tolerated? Did he say that MACC is an organisation that is filled with integrity and credibility? Did he say that BN or the police are not corrupt?
    Dr.Chandra did not say any of the above.

    All he said, is that, corruption is prevalent amongst ALL races, not confined to one particular race. The issue is this: the writer of the article that Dr.Chandra is upset about, made it appear as if ONLY the Malays are corrupt.
    Now, come on. Is that really true?

    Let me ask this question, you mean the Chinese and Indians are not corrupt? Hasn’t one heard that the ONLY straight thing about the Chinese is their straight hair? Can someone here provide us with verified evidence that only the malays are corrupt? I can give specific cases of corrupt chinese and indians, however, Dato Din will not allow that comment, or I will be arrested for all kinds of things.

    THAT IS ALL DR.CHANDRA IS SAYING, AND THAT IS THE ONLY ISSUE AT HAND. It doesn’t matter on the degree of corruptness, there is corruption amongst all races. Dr.Chandra, but the Malays are the favourite whipping boys for everyone. That is not agreeable with Dr.Chandra and me.

    Sheesh, that shameless, spineless, brainless, name calling, buffon Frank is mistaking me for someone else he has had skirmishes with. This blog, is ONE OF THE FEW blogs that has some level of intelligence and intellectuality, and with twits like Frank, the standard of this blog will stoop to the level of Papagomo, Zorro, and the likes of them.

    I am very surprised that Dato Din even allows that jerk to comment, and bring down the quality of this blog. I mean, why allow a commentator who comments rubbish, whose comment doesn’t have anything to do with the main article, and worse still allows him to get personal with another commentator? Freedom of speech? Freedom of speech has nothing to do with getting personal.

    I am aware that Dato Din will disallow this comment, but at least he will have read what I have to say.
    Sameon, you are wrong. I have not deleted your comment because you make some good points. Frank is aggressive, but he does make useful contributions to discourse on this blog. Even Bean can go over the top with his comments and I have not spared his comments from the delete button. I receive a lot of comments.I have deleted a lot and those that remain or allowed through are reasonable and acceptable to me. When it comes to this blog, I am the final arbiter.–Din Merican

  13. Vic

    This “Sameon” is an idiot. He sounds and writes exactly like the other bestial-minded celup-european Ernest Mason who asked others to “fornicate with cows” ( exact words used)

  14. Sameon, don’t hide by another name… you write and express yourself as an exact replica of that bestial-minded “fornicating with cows” celup-european Ernest Mason. You even respond exactly as I had expected to come from that celup-european Ernest Mason. Even your language is similar.

    This ” Sameon” idiot is even repeating is repeating exactly what that fornicating with cows” celup-european Ernest Mason was doing – trying to tell the bloghost to manage his blog.

    You can change your name, but you can’t change your skin and mouth.

    What an idiot trying to fool everyone here.

  15. ‘Dr.Chandra is a proven academic’. There seems to be a constant fixation on the Dr moniker, and now ‘proven academic” comes along as if being one means one is not capable of making some silly, self-evident remarks once in a while.

    I thought Malaysians had long discarded the habit of worshipping the new high priests from the numerous denominations spread throughout the country.

    Sameon, take a break for a while – the great Dr. will need do a lot more before attempting to write anything if he wants to regain his reputation for forthrightness.

    ‘Malays are the whipping boys’ the same way the ‘Chinese are the whipping boys’ in Singapore, Hong Kong or China. It’s not ethnicity per se, but statistical reality from a population of a known size in found in a specific geographical area demarcated properly by international law.

    If a statement is one that is capable of being made by a boy-scout, let it not appear as something earth-shaking by someone who has just jumped out from the bath-tub.

    Malaysians deserve better.

  16. Yes Dato, granted, you are the final arbiter, after all it’s your blog. But when you allow one commentator, to call another commentator, on your blog, all kinds of names, not at all commenting on the issue being discussed, but making personal attacks, you describe him as aggressive, and call his personal attacks as “reasonable and acceptable”, then with all due respect Dato, I submit that your judgement is suspect and askewed.
    By all means, call my comment idiotic, but is there a necessity to cal me one too? And you calling it reasonable and acceptable? I wonder if you are being reasonable then Dato?
    And yes, I know your answer would be, “don’t read, or comment on your blog if I don’t like the rules”, but then that would quite unlike the person that you project yourself to be.
    I comment on your blog in good faith, and articulate my views with rational opinions and reasons, expecting to carry out a decent intellectual discussion, on the main article, and these expectations are not unreasonable, are they Dato?
    But you obviously have a few commentators that you often call upon, and you will defend them, even if they misbehave themselves, for you depend on them to make your blog seem lively, even if the comments are irrelevant.
    You are perfectly within your rights in doing that.
    Owwwhhh, I will continue to comment Dato, but I do hope, for I have hope in your ability to apply your mind to what I am saying, and do hope that you will insist that commentators on your blog, respect another commentator.
    Surely, that is not too much to ask, from an intelligent man like you, after all, I am sure you do want what is good for the blog.

  17. Sameon

    You are the idiot who also has the propensity to call others names… Go read what you wrote.

    If you are willing to criticize others as having “myopic” views and writing ” loads of bullshit” ( your exact words)’ you better be prepared to get insulted.

    And YOU don’t make the rules on what constitute the gravity of insults. You in fact are themone who began the first insult on me, and as such, you will get equal measure of them, if not more when I read more of your postings later on.

    When you find yourself under attack, you go crying and weeping like a little kindergarten kid to the bloghost for solace and comfort. What an idiot.

    You can insult others, but you have a thin skin to take one.

    And, that was EXACTLY the attitude accompanied with almost similar response of that bestial-minded “fornicating with cows” celup european who called himself, Ernest Mason. IF (very big IF) you are not him just because you happen to have a different moniker, and you claim you are not, then you must be the identical twin of that bestial-minded “fornicating with cow” celup european, Ernest Mason. Attitude same, writing style same.

    You don’t have to belabour on the fact that the bloghost can do what he likes on his blog, neither you should try to be a smart-ass like that celup-european to “teach grandmothers to suck eggs” – as though the bloghost is a newbie in bloghosting.

    You just confirm what I thought of you… a crying and weeping idiotic wimp who feels macho by insulting others, but unable to take the same barrage back and then goes crying to the bloghost.

    You want a shoulder to cry on and sulk with your thumb in your mouth ? I can give you one, no problem

  18. Frank, as you can see it’s not that I don’t want to take you on, to me, you are intellectually inferior, and you do not have the intelligence to carry out a decent discussion, without resorting to language that is only used, and recognised by the people that are from the lower uneducated classes, where you obviously belong.
    If you are capable of having a rational discussion, then it’s worth my while, at least if you have some respect, then it’s ok, but you are one of those with neither.
    I wasn’t running to the blog host, I answered his remarks to me.
    Don’t flatter yourself please, that’s what intellectually inferior people do.
    You want to throw your tantrums with the other guy, that’s your problem, not mine, well, it looks like you have a thing about seeking attention.
    I can call you names too, but you are not worth my time and effort, for you obviously love basking in self glory, and it’s is beneath me to use such language.
    Anyway, my grasp of the english language is sufficient to get my point accross, without resorting to language used by pariah’s, thanks to a excellent upbringing, and a good and sound education. I wasn’t brought up with the dogs and monkeys.

  19. Sameon aka celup european Ernest Mason

    Aahh!! those familiar same words used for calling me ie “intellectually inferior: etc as that bestial-minded “fornicating with cows” bestial minded celup-european used on the other thread.

    Now, my dear macho idiotic wimp friend, just before you continue showing your smart-ass intellect to us all here with your postings , (btw, those letters below are called a “link” ), try passing THIS test first before you try to post your smart-ass :

  20. “Sameon” aka celup european Ernest Mason

    NOW you are a BOASTFUL idiot by calling others “intellectually inferior” and that’s simply because you cannot take insults from others while you allow yourself to throw insults at others’ postings and calling names,…. to show you have balls and how macho you are.

    And then you come in and sheepishly admit : “….I can call you names too, but you are not worth my time and effort..”

    Hey, You DID call me names… and also you DID give your time and effort to me.

    What an idiot !! Saying one thing and doing another.

    I thought you are just a “crying and weeping idiotic wimp”, but it seems you are also a “boastful crying and weeping idiotic wimp”.

    I am pretty correct you really need a shoulder to cry on so you can get some comfort from your boastful outbursts. If the bloghost has no time for you, I do have time for you. All the time.

  21. Dato’ Din, You and your driver very well know that using the handphone is a traffic offence. The traffic policemen did their duty to stop and summons the driver.

    The policemen “extort” some money from the driver for the offence. The policemen told the driver to pay the policemen some money or get a summon and be ready to be fined RM300.00 in Court. The driver paid them RM20.00.

    Is that a bribe so that he wont get a summons or is that giving money because he was frightened of the policemen?

    A good and discipline citizen could have “minta maaf” to the policemen and the policemen using his discreation could give the driver a warning, “Lain kali jangan buat lagi.” and let him continue his journey.

    If the policemen insist that he be issued a summons then tell the policemen, “Silakan bagi saya saman.” and wait for the notice to pay the fine/compound at the Traffic Polic Station. But how many of us Malaysians would do that? Some of us prefer to bribe the policemen rather then wasting time going to the Traffic Police Station and paying RM300.00.

    If all the motorists and drivers can refrain from bribing policemen for a traffic offence, I think, our police force will have a better set of policemen. That way we are teaching them to be honest and dedicated and motorists and drivers will be more discipline too and there would be less traffic accidents.

    So Dato’ don’t encourage your driver to bribe policemen or to adhear to their extortion. Drivers, motorists and the policemen must follow the laws, rules and regulations.
    Sorry, he was on the way to pick me up. I called him to find out where he was. I don’t know that he was driving. If I were in the car, both the policemen would have been in trouble. Your advice is misplaced.–Din Merican

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