DAP is Chinoiz, plain and simple

December 22, 2012

DAP is Chinoiz, plain and simple

by Tunku A Aziz@www.nst.com.my

NOTHING DEMOCRATIC: DAP’s Congress was notable for not electing a single Malay to its CEC, a sign of the chauvinism in the party

tunku-a-azizTHE recently concluded 16th Democratic Action Party national congress gave multiracialism a whole new meaning. The party failed to return even a single Malay candidate, out of the eight who contested, to its central executive committee.

“Malaysian Malaysia”, the party’s stock in trade, proved to be a bare-faced sham, in much the same way as the party’s other bombastic claims.

DAP watchers are united in their verdict that the evidence the congress produced was inconvertible: the occasion will long be remembered by Malays as the definitive triumph of Chinese chauvinism over multiracialism. The “Chinoisnisation” of the party was complete. Multiracialism in the party’s political lexicon is a web of Orwellian doublespeak or, not to put too fine a point on it, a pack of lies. So is the term “Democratic” in the party’s name.

It is nothing if not a feel-good trap for the unwary. The truth has now been laid bare: the overwhelming majority of the Chinese membership of the party voted with their feet to send a clear and emphatic message that they wanted no part in changing the chauvinistic Chinese character of their party. It is clear for all to see that the Lim father and son had scant influence in this matter. There was no overt support for the Malay candidates and that was that.

It is an unapologetically Chinese party, warts and all, founded to continue the failed People DAP Leaders withLKYAction Party’s narrow Chinese agenda in the nascent federation. It is fair to say that the congress had left Malays in utter disillusionment, and in absolutely no doubt about their future under DAP.

Ask any Penang Malay for a blow by blow account of what it is like living in Lim Guan Eng’s much trumpeted socialist paradise. How many Malays after all can afford to live on the island proper without the promised safety net of regular employment and affordable housing, which is yet to see the light of day more than four years after the promise was made to trusting, unsuspecting poor Malays and Indians?

The Chineseness of the party is in striking contrast to the much maligned Malaysian Chinese Association. While unequivocally Chinese, MCA, unlike the Lim family dominated-DAP, understands that given the unique historical, social and economic imperatives that have shaped our fragile nation, playing the zero-sum-game is a suicidal option.

Malays have worked constructively, in mutual trust and respect, with MCA. They have proved to be trustworthy and reliable partners in the demanding task of nation-building. Successive MCA leaders, without exception, have put national interests above sectarian considerations. The contributions of MCA to national unity, peace and prosperity have yet to be given full recognition by the people of our country.

Chauvinistic Chinese such as those to be found in the serried ranks of DAP continue to mount their campaign of hate and lies. Unlike MCA, DAP as a party, in spite of protestations to the contrary, is Chinese to the core. It makes no concessions to Malay sensibilities: its elected members of parliament and state assemblymen refused, in a display of racial arrogance and defiance of an established practice following their unexpected 2008 election windfall, to don the songkok as it was a Malay headgear.

DAP with PAS Leader

Chairman Karpal Singh (above with Lim Guan Eng and Mahfudz of PAS) is on record as having issued what amounts to an edict prohibiting DAP members from accepting state awards from Malay rulers. One or two have gone ahead and accepted these honours, including one man who had made a song and dance over the wearing of the songkok on formal state occasions.

These are the self-same people who at the drop of a hat will proclaim noisily their undivided loyalty to king and country.Can we trust them to govern a multiracial Malaysia?

The UMNO-MCA relationship is based on an instinctive understanding that in a complex society such as ours, the guiding principle as promoted and practised by Tunku Abdul Rahman is to “take some and give back some”. It is about mutual respect, tolerance and acceptance of our cultural diversity.

The politics of hate as practised by DAP and its spiritual mentor, PAS, must be nipped smartly in the bud before they take root among the unthinking masses across our society.

The future of our country must be predicated on a solid foundation of national unity, derived from a sense of a common destiny underpinned by fairness and equity.Their zero-sum-game promoted and nurtured so passionately as an article of faith must be rejected.

The nation can ill-afford to experiment and gamble with what is a characteristically unMalaysian ideology, a luxury we can do without in our search for our Malaysian identity. You cannot say you have not been warned about the hidden traps DAP has set for the unwary.

After all, what is apparent is not always real.

46 thoughts on “DAP is Chinoiz, plain and simple

  1. Don’t like guan eng but rakyat does.give them a chance.if they fail,change.
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  2. Ask Aspen Alias and Dato Aziz Sabri (SakmongkolAK47) and they will disagree with the Tunku’s assessment of DAP’s commitment to a Malaysian Malaysia. It will take time for DAP Malays to rise up the party hierarchy. Like the rest of its membership body, they must prove themselves first. DAP practises meritocracy. There are of course conservative elements within its ranks who want to preserve Chinese hegemony. Over time that will change as a new generation of leaders emerges from DAP’s rank and file.

    I know DAP leaders well and on the issue of Malaysian Malaysia, I am convinced they have not changed. Both PKR and PAS understand this and are working closely with DAP to realise their concept of Ketuanan Rakyat founded on good governance. Tunku, you are rather pessimistic and unnecessarily critical.–Din Merican

  3. Tunku Aziz, as an opportunistic,disgruntled , whinging and FAILED wannabe politician who quit DAP dishonorably and irresponsibly is unbecoming of his age and elderly individual has NO moral standing to pass judgement on DAP.

    He has lost so much of his personal credibility and integrity as public personality, that whenever he opens his mouth, he not only is an embarrassment to himself, but to his friends and colleagues.

    He should just go away into the sunset and spend better quality time with his grandkids and great grandkids , instead of making fool of himself in public.

  4. Dinobeano sir,
    you must be in denials about the ‘give them time’ sentence. The conservative elements is among the young turks of the DAP’s membership who were trained and ingrained to hate anything Malays and Muslims. I bet if the votes for the Malays wannabe CEC members were traceable, most probably it came from the elders of the Dapsters !
    First chauvinist then racist. No two ways about it, that is the reality from my view.

  5. I say friend, you are contradicting your mind. In a democracy candidates including malay ones are up for members to vote. Are you expecting Kit Siang or Karpal to pressure the members to vote malay?

  6. “Malaysia Malaysia” was for the city folks like the Singaporean LKY. The kampong and rural Malays and Bumiputras feel that they woul be forgetten and left behind that is why DAP dont get the support of the Malays.

    1Malaysia is for all Malaysians to progress and to develop, to compete and to succeed in all fields equally.

    Malaysian Malaysia is only for the Chinese DAP.

  7. He is just like a sour grape that has turned bitter . Soon this sour bitter grape will drop to the ground only to be trampened, and disappeared as one forgotten, miserable, speck of mother earth.

    A delusional mindset at his age does reflect his level of consciousness that whatever impressive positions he had held in the past can only be trashed into the dustbin.

  8. Why is this tungku giving tunkus a bad name? What a shame they have degenerared from those who were magnanimous, kind, honest and not whiners such as the founding father and first PM to creatures like this man. Finding fault in everything that doesnt jive with his narrow world views.

  9. Let me show you how easy ruthless hard hitting can be:

    Tunku is, Gentrified SPOILT AGING INFANTILE. There is nothing in his writing to suggest intellectual depth nor aging wisdom. The Analysis is superficial, no real critical thinking – clearly filled with long hidden dysfunctional childish emotions like spite – spilling out in the open because his long carefully long crafted career and life going down in ignominious infamy..

    Its filled with Nonsense – to quote Tunku Abdul Rahman to justify UMNO-MCA when Tunku asked for the destruction of UMNO EVEN ON HIS DEATHBED.???

    Ugly, ugly to see old men revert to bad children..

  10. i am so glad you left DAP. you are nothing but a MOLE for a racist and corrupt, UMNO and for someone who claimed to be a graft-buster can associate with, its mind boggling to the least.
    aziz, can you wake up with an open mind. you mean, it takes a malay to take care of malays. if DAP is stuffed with all chinese through a democratic means and who are prepared to take care of all malaysians regardless of race or creed, you say its racism?
    your ego and elitism are getting to large for you to manage. and i wonder the poor judgement of LKS to even associate with an imbecile like you.

  11. It is time Dato release his Rottweiler Goolbatok to straighten this Frog Prince out once and for all. Like Hussin he’s so full of shit these days.

  12. Tunku Aziz after serving for so many years, he has a very high ego. People of high ego (face), once “sack” from DAP, cannot live in disgrace before the creator calls for him.

    This has to happen in his last years on earth. That make Tunku Aziz on a personal vendetta towards DAP. Luck is just not on Tunku Aziz side. There are so many issue regarding Malaysia, Tunku Aziz is not interesting at addressing it, to save Malaysia. He is only interested to save his own butt or face. er… face on the butt ar… butt face? Whether…

    Samy Vellu also has ego problem. He was disgrace on his birthday will a huge majority in Sg. Siput. Samy Vellu is not making too much noise nowadays. He already happy with the money he has made as a comedian in the Parliament. Enjoying life now as a disgrace Minister.

  13. TAA please do not let yourself to continue being used by the the UMNO-BN media. Save yourself, family and friends the embarrassment and exit the public fora gracefully. Knowing when to quit is a rare virtue and it is still not too late.

  14. Politicians are elected by merit. Those Malay Malaysian just did not make the cut. I do not know any of the names neither are they active serving the people. If DAP has member like Rafizi Ramli, I am sure he will get elected. We have Gorbind Singh Deo from a minority race in the CEC.

    DAP understood of having a Malay rep, hence they appoint those whom fail to make it, just like NEP. DAP is fulling the requirement on NEP by appointment. There is no appreciation on what DAP has done for the Malay Malaysian, instead it was twisted into a different matter.

    It is the same as in University admission, those whom did not make it on merits, are given places base on quota. Some even sent to overseas although having poor merits.

    It is the same as in listed companies, those whom do not qualify to run companies or just do not have entrepreneur skill are given directorship. Bank has to give them loans to secure the 30% quota. It is nearly zero up front because of skin colour not because of merit.

    DAP has done it part in helping Malay Malaysian, the Malay have to buck up to prove they are worthwhile as a politician. Doors are always open for all races to join DAP. Does UMNO, MCA or MIC able to do so? Talk about discrimination.

    If Malay (including those celup ones) politician is really good, they would have joined UMNO instead. There is where the money is, why join DAP, a poor political party that needs donation all the time.

    Appointment into CEC, is already an honour.
    Please say ‘THANK YOU’ !

  15. DAP says it has good reasons to exclude Malays in the voting process, because only those good & clever ones get ‘ elected ‘ through meritocracy….etc. wondering whether its a ‘good’ reason or merely an Excuse or a ploy for voters to be fully prepared to ‘ exclude ‘ the few Malays at all cost. ie : not by design ?

    If you can get close to IA ( Intelligence Agency ), they keep the tab because of one reason : in Meetings within CEC, closed door & in secrecy, matters are thrashed out on pressing issues in a very Clandestine- way, much like the Underworld proceedings by the Sworn-brotherhood of like-minded people. Simply because Policy or Policies formulated after brainstorming sessions, is to make ” a ” Policy statement which cuts both ways. One for ‘outer’ consumption as to legitimise their posture of being ‘Democratic’ ( or benign ), and the ‘other’ for inner consumption for purposes of strategising their avowed objectives of ” chauvenism ” – same statement with double-layered meanings. Hence, Malays must be excluded…..to maintain ” secrecy ” – that’s IA !

  16. Generasi muda Melayu/ Malaysia boleh lihat bagaimana Singapore progress dibawah PAP.Idealsma DAP dan PAP tidak dapat dipisahkan.
    Mustahil,Malaysia yang mempunyai pendudok hampir 60% Melayu,boleh di perentahkan oleh DAP atau MCA atau mana parti CINA.Dan saya yakin semua pemimpin politik cina tahu hakikat ini.
    Apa yang mereka mahu ialah Malaysia sabuah Negara yang progressive,berseh dari corruption,dan bebas dari segala discriminasi.
    Ketua Negara atau PM maseh tetap di tangan Melayu kerana mejority pendudoknya.

    Sama ada orang Melayu di pileh dalam CEC DAP,tidak banyak bezanya.

  17. There is no financial benefit for joining DAP, PAS or PKR except a lot of sacrifices. Not many Malaysian can extend that kind of sacrifices, especially those who are already enjoying the previlage of aristocrat lifestyle like this TAA fella.

    TAA can spew as much venoms he wish to, end of the day he will taste is own venom and die as the most hated Malaysian personality.

    TAA, please visit Penang and get the feeling of stares and the disliking before you pen your egos. Anyhow, I doubt he can change to Malaysian benefits anymore.

    Just consider him another spoilt brat of the aristocrat who has no flair for the Rakyat except his only whiskey as company.

  18. “First chauvinist then racist. No two ways about it, ..that is the reality from my view. “- Abdul Hamid

    Abdul Hamid,

    Without substantiation of facts from you, your reality is actually the view from the toilet bowl when someone is sitting on it. That is the most polite way to describe your view of reality.

  19. My view is this: The fact that the Chinese delegates failed to elect a Malay candidate to the CEC is an act of stupidity and lack of understanding of the changing scenario in Malaysian politics.

    It is NOT the reflection of DAP leaders but rather a disconnect between the RHETORIC of the leaders and the attitude of the grassroots.

    What this means is the DAP leaders ie Karpal, Guan Eng and Kit Siang should spend MORE TIME talking to their own DAP grassroots about their vision of Malaysia than trying to convince the rest of Malaysia. It is NOT good enough for DAP leaders to say all the right things, when the mindset of the DAP grassroots is still imprisoned by their chauvinistic experience of the 60s and 70s.

    DAP leaders got a lot of work to do, not to just to win votes from other Malaysians, but to get their DAP grassroot members to get out of their chauvinistic attitude about the party it self and understand that the nation is changing and evolving faster than DAP.

    If not, DAP is just another party led by well-meaning leaders with idiotic members and followers

  20. I find it extremely interesting that people keep harping on about DAP being a racist/Chinese party for not voting any Malay individual into the CEC. We all know that DAP is trying very hard to strive for metrocracy. The Malay candidates had each some votes. It shows that there are delegates who had high regards for them. But suewly one can’t expect a Malay to be voted just because he is a Malay. I think people should stop this mentality. The sooner people be open minded and strive to do their best, in every sense of the word,, the better Malaysia and Malaysians will progress.

  21. Tunku Aziz and Adam Abdullah December 22, 2012 at 10:13 am forgot this incident:

    When an under-aged Muslim girl was raped by an UMNO man in Melaka, who spoke out for her, and who was jailed under ISA because of this incident!

    Tunku Aziz?
    Perkasa man?

    What if it was your daughter or your sister or even your wife who was the rape victim?


  22. A rumour which is coffee-shop talk in Ipoh town…..the Sultan of Perak is in a coma….has been comatosed for about 4 -6 months now……..

    tak dengar ke?

    khabar angin sedang merebak luas di Ipoh………….


  23. In a Chinese majority party like DAP, where the delegates are mainly Chinese, it is plain stupidity to expect the delgates to vote in a Malay candidate JUST BECAUSE he is a Malay. The CEC is aware of this and they did give representation to minorities by appointing them to the CEC. This intelligent move, together with their proven ability to govern Penang better in 4 years than BN in 50 years, gives hope to Malaysians that with DAP in Pakatan, Malaysia will a bright future.

  24. Not one kind word about Tunku Azz Ibrahim?? Tsk .. tsk … tsk. Surely he must have done some good. Tunku Aziz had an epiphany. He had alsways looked down on politicians and politics with disdain; “Politics is for the common folks”, he has always been heared to say.. It is beneath him.

    But then once he entered his “goldren years” he had an epiphany. He saw himself as the shepherd whose role is to lead sheep that lost their way back to the flock. And for a moment. It worked. He was celebrated as the long awaited messenger leading lost sheep to the flock. There were other flocks and other sheep. But then somebody made a grab for his rod. That did it for him. Without the rod he could not be that shepherd a role destined only for him. He had temper tantrums and fliew into a rage.. Finally he shed his shepherd’s clothing for his pin striped suits and resumed his life as a retired Anglophile to write his memoirs.

    The moral lesson to be learned here? All that glitters is not gold. It could be Hussin’s bald head.

  25. I spoke to some DAP leaders and I chided them as being “stupid! you lost a golden opportunity to make your party a truly multi-racial party… all you need is just vote one young modern Malay like Zairil in and you would have avoided all this nonsense and yet swing the young Malay fence sitters across to DAP. You can appoint Teo Ni Ching into CEC later on….”

    These leaders stared at me and said “are you asking us to manipulate the votes and cheat like the party we are trying to oust? to forego our principles? we get into the CEC on merits and we will apoint those we feel did not make the Top 20 but deserve to be in the CEC, period!”

    I now have a higher respect for these few DAP leaders I met after the CEC results… hats off!

  26. Since DAP’s inception in reality linked to PAP’s LKY after the breakaway from Malaysia, most Malays believe DAP will follow the footsteps of PAP in term of policy making if they do get the opportunity to rule ( which I sincerely doubt)…Thus it’s natural for the Malays to loose faith in DAP capabilities, from the experience of their counterpart across the causeway.

  27. To those who disagree with TAA’s views, why not provide counter arguments instead of attacking him personally? Without counter arguments, one could well conclude that you don’t like him stating an inconvenient truth.

    On whether the DAP is a Chinese or multi racial party, just look at the composition of its membership. Surely this is a no brainer.

    I spoke to Tunku Aziz recently about the negative comments I have been receiving on my blog whenever I post his articles. He told me that it is SOP in Malaysia to attack the messenger rather than deal with the message. He said he is not deterred by them and will continue to write and express his views. When I asked why he changed his attitude towards DAP, he quoted John Maynard Keynes,“When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?”

    Let me say my piece on DAP. DAP leaders are pragmatists; they know that they cannot on their own take Putrajaya. That is why they are with Pakatan Rakyat. They also know that DAP must be multiracial and must attract Malays.Right now, it is a fact that it is still predominantly Chinese, a fact they acknowledge. The same is with MCA and MIC. At least DAP has a neutral name.–Din Merican

  28. If he’s so bothered with race then he should just join united MALAY national organization. That worm hole would fit him well.

  29. I did not expect this anglophile who used to preach about meritocracy, transparency and democracy to be coloured-conscious.

    Remember the favorite terminology used by the Special Branch: “turned over” ? Or maybe Tunku Aziz has attended a BTN course after he left DAP ?

  30. Hi Tunku

    How much are you paid by NST to write this sour-grape article? In this world there are 2 headed snakes and running dogs and I do not know which one do you fit.

    You wrote many articles about UMNO’s corruptions and abuses of power in the past.

    You had said UMNO is a racist party.

    Now you turn around and twist your words against DAP.

    You are shameless.

  31. Mazlan,

    With due respect to TAA, many in this blog will be kinder if TAA would just comment about the deploring affairs of Malaysia rather than to pick on DAP. A political party who he once believed and supported. An example will be to raise discussion on how to fight corruptions which is eating this country alive. What blogers don’t agreed is TAA has been allowed to use the main stream media to support the deeds of the present government. One don’t get easy access to main stream media for speaking against corruptions, especially those involved BN. Get our drift?

    The point here is MOTIVE, what to GAIN and how much DAMAGED is inflicted among Malaysian against the opposition. Well, this is another BTN alright.

    “NOTHING DEMOCRATIC: DAP’s Congress was notable for not electing a single Malay to its CEC, a sign of the chauvinism in the party” – TAA

    This article is plained racist. It is not only unfair to DAP but to all Malaysian at large as it contained element of segregation which will further deteriorate the already tensed relationship among the races. Do you, Mazlan thinks this article helps the development of Malaysia or would it divide? All blogers here are sick of anything that contain racism. We are all Malaysian. And we do support Malaysia for Malaysian.

    It has proven after 55 years that BN has taken Malaysia into a path of divide and rule with fear of religious-race persecutions. Should we have been successful in adopting the Malaysia for Malaysian concept Singapore will not be a nation by its own. Singapore will not have surpassed us in development and prosperity. Malaysia will be the other Asian Tiger with real tooth. Now, Malaysia is a laughing stock to the entire world for all the wrong reasons. Imaging Japan having a PM who is accused of murder and Obama’s wife went shopping all over the world.

    Nobody on their own can govern Malaysia. BN itself is a collusion of many parties. So your argument is invalid.

    Again, TAA should have just let matter rest, retire and enjoy life with his cucus.

  32. About the most sober, pragmatic and Forthright, is very frankly, the Comment here by FRANK. It is an honest piece that we have heard so far – btw, those who make personal attacks on the ‘ messenger ‘ are disgracefull characters who double-speak most of the time…. period

  33. QUOTE:”The Mission of the DAP
    Our mission is to make a difference in the lives of Malaysians by bringing about positive changes. To do that leaders and members must be united, have a vision focused on our ideals and principles, congregate talented people who are – economically competent; and with the ability to deliver efficient management of the civil administration.” UNQUOTE

    Malaysia is made up of towns, cities, villages, kampongs, rural areas and pendalaman but DAP leaders have been focusing their political attention in the cities and towns where their Chinese members and supporters are. So how is DAP going to achieve its mission? They want to make a difference in the lives of Malaysians. How when they only concentrate in Chinese areas and in town areas only?

  34. The issues here are these: Why has TAA suddenly turned against the DAP?
    Why did TAA do what he did? What are the underlying factors?

    The first inkling that we, the public, knew of TAA’s disagreements, was when he openly criticized DAP for supporting, and taking part, in the Bersih Rally. I quite don’t think, that was what broke the proverbial camel’s back. I mean, TAA was still in the DAP when the party supported and participated in other rallies. TAA was quiet then, wasn’t he? So it couldn’t have been public rallies per se, that TAA was against.

    TAA has always been critical of BN’s Govt, their policies, the in-actiion on corruption, in fact TAA was critical of everything BN did, and stood for. gosh, he was indeed leading TI (M).
    One just has to google TAA, and one will have a good record of his speeches, against the BN.

    It’s also an open secret that BN has always tried to convince TAA to leave the DAP, but not to join UMNO, because that would have been too obvious. What UMNO wanted was TAA to leave DAP, not on a whim and a fancy, but an issue that seemed very significant, and the Bersih Rally provided him with a seemingly valid excuse, but not a perfect one.

    DAP’s support of the Bersih Rally was just the justification that TAA needed to opt out, as there weren’t other significant excuses that the DAP would have provided TAA.

    The DAP was, managed quite well, and TAA was hard pressed to find an honourable exit, until the Bersih Rally.
    If TAA had just left the DAP, and gone into retirement, or at least NOT condemned the DAP, as he is doning now, he would have been admired, and even may have had some supporters.

    But TAA didn’t want that, he wanted revenge on the DAP, because they wouldn’t listen to him, and let him have his way in the DAP, as TAA wanted to show he had what it takes, to bring DAP on it’s knees, from within the DAP.

    However, TAA’s arguments didn’t hold any substance or hold any water, the DAP wasn’t going to change, for this man, who didn’t understand what the DAP stood for, and the DAP would not budge on their principles.
    As far as TAA is concerned, he tried, and he failed, anyway that is his official stance. However, what TAA didn’t mention, was that he wanted to change the DAP, in it’s entirety, shredding all that the party stood for, in all it’s 40 over years of existence.

    The big question is: What did UMNO give TAA for turning against the DAP? If one says ‘nothing’, think again, that is not how it works. Besides, if there wasn’t any gratification given by UMNO to TAA, then TAA would have NOT been so vicious against the DAP. He has to earn what UMNO has given him, and he has to do it in a way that changes public perception of the DAP.

    In my opinion, TAA has failed, and UMNO is mad, so he keeps trying harder. TAA’s response to Dato’ Din, “When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?”, is a dead give away. When the facts change, yes, one must change his/her mind too, but not condemn away to glory, that is not changing one’s mind, but giving in to vengeance, and hatred, as is TAA is doing. Any practitioner of politics would have seen through that ruse.

    BTW, I also agree, although, somewhat slightly with Mr. Bean, and surely more with Mazlan Manaf.

  35. Din quote: “I spoke to Tunku Aziz recently about the negative comments I have been receiving on my blog whenever I post his articles. He told me that it is SOP in Malaysia to attack the messenger rather than deal with the message. He said he is not deterred by them and will continue to write and express his views.”

    >> Tunku Aziz (TAA) really likes to tokok. We already have address the message. Please ask him to read your blog, Din.

    Why do we attack the messenger? The messenger could be from DAP or UMNO. If the messenger intend to carry only corrupt UMNO propaganda, than his credibility has to be attacked. The corrupt support corrupt. That is why I support ABU.

    Let’s looks at what evil the spills from TAA. First was inciting that Bersih 3.0 will become violence. Instead of attacking Polis Raja Di Malaysia, he attacks the Rakyat. What kind of evil mentality does TAA has? Has TAA said anything about UMNO, Home MInister and Polis Raja Di Malaysia since Bersih 3.0?

    About DAP, why heighten the race issue? Is TAA trying to create more divide among races. If TAA really concern of fairness of race, please attack Ibrahim Ali, UMNO and NEP. Is TAA attack selective? In election, we are taking about merit, we do not sponsor tongkat neither do we offer tongkat ali drink.

    TAA you are the message and the messenger, swallow your pride and accept it that your comment brings no benefit to the nation.

  36. “About the most sober, pragmatic and Forthright, is very frankly, the Comment here by FRANK. – al’Bozo

    Thanks. Good to know somebody does agree with me. Only 2 out of 10 in rhis blog agree with me.

    You got to read what that celup-eurpoean Ernest Mason got to say about me on other thread. He is so rattled by my comments about him on another thread that he could only calm himself down with mental mastubatory satisfaction just simply by asking others to “fornicate with cows” ( that is the exact words used by that celup-european Ernest Mason).

  37. TAA has a heart full of hate and anger for not being able to stay as a senator for another term. That is the value of him zero all the way.

  38. Dato has missed yet again another opportunity to entertain his readers to his medley of his favorite songs. May I therefore take this opportunity to wish you guys especially the ol’ geezers on this blog a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year — especially to the old geezers who are yesterday’s ‘Young Ones’ who are today unafraid to love again.

  39. din,
    what message is he bearing except to incite now?
    look, was DAP any worse than before when he took membership and given the perk of senatorship? was UMNO any better than before when he was hell and fire about massive graft within UMNO? why the 360 degree turnaround? sure, he has every right to leave DAP just as he joins but one doesnt leaves his/her principles behind, aint it?
    he wants respect? earn it with merit coz he aint gonna get it for free by trying to incite race against DAP. what is his latest lie against a principle man as Karpal? He doesnt bear tidings no more and his latest tirades only expose him as a UMNO mole all these years. Again, let me repeat LKS has made a bad judgement to associate with such a devious arrogant man bereft of principles.
    as an aside Hamid, DAP does not ingrain its members with hatred against others. Its not in the party syllabus like UMNO sponsored BTN, but paid for with taxpayers money. There is enough live evidence on teachings of BTN, which is nothing but racism and discrimination. Hamid, you are entitled to your opinions as a loyal UMNO supporter but dont be a sycophant and liar for UMNO. There is such thing as universal principles of life and there is some being high up for whom we will face one fine day.

  40. Very interesting. Most of the comments are personal attack on TAA. This is the level of our political culture. he is not my friend and i don’t know him at all.

  41. Well, am wondering if TAA wasn’t personal with the DAP too. Some of the views here, though they sound personal, however, they are basically opinions that show the commentators’ disgust for TAA and his politics.
    Surely, if not justified, at least the anger of these commentators’ are understandable. Particularly disgusting is, according to Karpal, is TAA’s lie that Karpal passed an edict that DAP MP’s, State Assemblymen, etc., should not receive any titles’ from the Sultans’.
    It was a trap set for Karpal, and Karpal, though he is a seasoned politician, fell for it, and now we see DAP members’ quarreling amongst themselves. This, for someone of Karpal’s standing and experience, is disappointing, to say the least.
    Karpal, could have handled this in a better manner, well, I can imagine TAA and BN laughing, and for this Karpal must take the blame.

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