Koon Swan honored

October 31, 2012

Koon Swan honored for Contributions to Politics and Business

by Teoh El Sen@http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com

Former MCA Chief Tan Koon Swan will be awarded a “Lifetime Achievement Award” for his contributions to politics and business at the 4th World Chinese Economic Forum (WCEF) next month, announced MCA President Dr Chua Soi Lek today.

Tan will be among seven others to be conferred the award at WCEF which will be held in Melbourne, Australia starting November 12.

Congratulating Tan, Chua said:”It is time for what we call redemption. He has gone through a very difficult time and he deserves the award. The prosecutor in his case has admitted to being wrong and has exonerated him… time has proven that he (Tan) is innocent.”

Chua added that it was high time that Tan, who he described as a “well-known corporate figure”, have his hard work and contributions recognised.

The Singapore Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) in 1985 slapped Tan with 15 charges, including criminal breach of trust (CBT) and share manipulation following the collapse of Pan-Electric

Industries, which temporarily halted the Malaysia and Singapore stock exchanges. Tan, who had a stake in Pan-Electric, was found guilty and jailed two years. He was MCA President between November 1985 and September 1986, before quitting after the scandal.

Glenn Knight, then Director of CAD, in his recently-launched book, “Glenn Knight: The Prosecutor”, apologised to Tan for the “wrongful prosecution”. In his words, Tan was “technically an innocent man”.

Knight’s book was disputed by Singapore’s Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC), which said that Tan’s conviction stood and he remains guilty of the crime that he had admitted to.

Others receiving the lifetime awards are Dr Jonathan Choi– Chairman of the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce (for Community Leadership); Jannie Chan – Vice Chairman of The Hour Glass Ltd & President, ASEAN Business Forum(for Women Leadership);Councillor Ken Ong – Melbourne City Council (for Community Leadership); Jenny McGregor – Founding Chief

Executive Officer, Asialink Centre, Australia (for Leadership in Asian Studies in Australia); Vincent Lee Fook Long – Executive Deputy Chairman, The Star Publications (Malaysia) Berhad(for Media and Communications); Vincent Lo – Chairman, Shui On Group (for Leadership in Property Sector); Liew Kee Sin – President/Chief Executive Officer, SP Setia Berhad Group (for Property Development Leadership).

Meanwhile, Chua said the WCEF, being the first time held outside of Malaysia, was a very significant event for both Asians and Western countries.

“The way to go, as Australia has identified, is to maximise and tap into the growing economy of Asia, China, India, Japan, and South Korea. It is often said that the centre of gravity of the economy has shifted from the West to the East.

“The economic growth in the next few years is very positive about this part of the world, rather than America and European Union, who have not put their house in order. Whereas in Asia, growth has remained uninterrupted,” he said.

9 thoughts on “Koon Swan honored

  1. Good grief! Whatever for..? Rehabilitation of convicted crooks by hooking them up with this useless award? So the Singapore Justices are derelict? Tan, i hope, doesn’t have the thick skin of a pachyderm.

    This soiled idiot is stupider and more desperate than i thought possible. Look at the clowns mentioned and i’d puke. Nobodies – with loads of cash to donate to MCA coffers. Idiots too, for wasting good money on bad rubbish. Donate la to orphanages and other deserving charities.. Why won’t this irrelevant, irredeemable party nominate it’s prez for the Ignoble Prize for Bad Chinapecker Porn?

  2. Hey Soiled-Leg, what about the thousands of poor grassroot Malaysians who had put their hard-earned life-savings into Kojadi, KSM, Multi-Purpose Co-Op, Pan Electric et al and lost their pants and home-sewn navy-blue underwears? What justice is this?

  3. Tan Koon Swan should write the book on Pan El.
    He told me briefly what happen on Pan El.He took over Pan El without doing DD and he trust Datuk Lee San Choon and TS khoo Kay Peng.

    The main culprit is Peter Tham.He was found guilty in Singapore and was jail for 10 year.Khoo Kay Peng had pay Singapore Government to settle his case.

    After Koon Swan completed his jail term in Singapore.he was charge in Malaysia court for CBT for using shares belong to MCA as securities for bank loan and jail for 3 year.
    Subsequently,the authority also going after his wife Peggy for her role in Supreme Finance.

    Tan is such a nice guy and vary supportive of UMNO leadership.He doesn’t understand why they want to destroy him and his family.I told him,they have to destroy you because they want to take away Multi Purpose Holding from MCA.

    Now after 25 years you really can guest who is the man who destroy Koon Swan.
    Yes, there shall be only ONE all powerful man in Malaysia way back then. And he stayed in power for 22 years by eliminating all those who are a threat to him, imagined or otherwise. It is a tragedy that is repeated almost daily when good men are eliminated to make way for the mediocre kaki ampu. The nation suffers in the end and we see the results of this paranoia today in a damaged nation.–Din Merican

  4. If Mr Tan Koon Swan is truly a born-again Christian,he should know who are the real enemy of God, lucifer.
    Christ is in China


    God’s Hidden Advent in Communist China

    Christ Has Returned To The Earth In The Flesh…
    He Is Almighty God, Christ Of The Endtimes, The WORD Became Flesh The Second Time In China

  5. I say Jack.., born again or buried alive or Lucifer aren’t the topics of discussion here. The fact is that this lapdog party is so short of ideas that they are intent on resurrecting ghosts. And it ain’t the Holy Ghost. PRC ain’t relevant here, even though a lot of our Chinapek crooks sojourn thereto escape ‘Pokkaism’ and criminal prosecution.. KKP is no paragon of virtue either but has almost hocked off all his holdings here. Everything that is hidden will be revealed. That is the nature of Light.

    I agree with Greenbug – unless you guys have nothing better to do, it would be better that Georgie be put to R.I.P. Both he and Neo Yee Pan are past due dates, and whatever Octo did is moot. Why? Because these Chinapek were more self-serving, celebrity-accident prone and typified the ‘Emperor without Clothes’, than could be imagined. As the quality of their top honchos deteriorated, MCA became brain dead, by the late 70s. It should be put outta misery. So ‘Long Live’ CSL and his pecker!

    Btw, Sunny is gonna walk free soon. Who?

  6. @C.L. Familiaris
    Sir,thank you for your kind comment.
    Actually my main point is that Mr Tan & many other prominent Asians admire the red Communists(great red dragon) and promote them as possible model for development,I have stated that Communist China is state capitalism,similiar to Singapore,but worst because politically it is still Communism,no facebook and great firewall.If Mr Tan went thro’ to study the words of God seriously,he should have known.
    “Today when he does the work in the country of the great red dragon, that is, does his work among the Gentile nations, he is still doing the work on all mankind. Israel could be the beachhead of his work on earth. Likewise, CHINA can be the beachhead of his work among the Gentile nations. Hasn’t this word, “Jehovah’s name will be great among the Gentile nations” been fulfilled today? The initial step of the work done among the Gentile nations is this work done in the country of the great red dragon.”
    —From <>

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