Your Weekend Entertainment

October 27, 2012

Your Weekend Entertainment

Aidil Adha is behind us. Enough of ketupat, lemang, asam laksa, rendang and other dishes that come when Muslims in Malaysia welcome this occasion and with one stroke, we have also been able to reduce the population of cows in our country, while Shahrizat and her family are battling in our court over the National Feedlot scandal. So let us put all that behind us momentarily as we welcome the Sabbath.

Hari Raya Haji 2012

For this purpose, we present Ronan Keating and Boyzone, Air Supply and the Stylistics. We hope you like what we have chosen for you this weekend.–Dr. Kamsiah and Din Merican

Ronan Keating


With Boyzone

Air Supply

The Stylistics

24 thoughts on “Your Weekend Entertainment

  1. This is for Wat Siam’s altar boy Tean Rean, to welcome him back from his self-imposed seclusion from the world after his guru passed. The grieving is over. It is time to let a little light into your life.

  2. Kalau bab tayang diri dan bini, Din Merican paling best. Lepas tu nyanyi. Yang lain takde modal. Yalah, kan ke PKR akan kalah teruk.

    Apa hubungkait kekalahan PKR ramalan mokcik dengan lagu, dan gambar gambar yang saya gunakan? Kalau mokcik nak, saya boleh letak gambor mokcik dan lagu2 pilihan mokcik minggu depan. Tapi, kalau dah pakai identiti palsu, apakan daya, kan ?

  3. I must confess I’m biased leaning towards everything Thai and I’m not talking just about taste buds and everything culinary. I have Thai blood from both sides maternal and paternal. Tean is my blood brother.

  4. We should celebrate our cultural diversity and not pretend it doesn’t exist.
    Yes, I agree with you, Bean. We should be proud of our heritage, not pretend that it does not exist and be more Malay than we really are. My family has more than 2 centuries of service to our country and I am proud that I am doing my bit now.Take care.–Din Merican

  5. Makcik, I am sure Dato Din Merican worked hard during his younger days and had a good record with the likes of Bank Negara and Sime Darby and enjoying the fruits of his hard work is no sin and he happens to have close buddies who are also blog readers so they are familiar with each other.

    I do not know Dato Din well but got acquainted with him by being a follower of his blog for a while now and I respect him for his views and his values.

    I am also happy and proud he has a beautiful wife who enjoys music and bloghosting besides drilling into people’s root canals ouch! That’s his blessing and we should all be happy for him and wish him more years of happiness.
    Thanks, Greenbug, for those kind words. The word is judoh. I am proud to have a very intelligent wife who has strong views about ethics and Malaysian politics. We argue often about what is happening before we write and that is a good thing. Our relationship is based on mutual respect. Have a good weekend.–Din Merican

  6. Greenbug, do not bother to answer or explain. iI is quite disrespectful to make rude remarks here at Dato’s blog. It is akin to coming to Dato’s house ( uninvited) and then being rude. Ugama apa tu?

  7. First of all Khop Khun Mark mark to Khun Din Merican and his lovely wife Dr. Kam for posting my favorite Ronan Keating this weekend. I posted this song earlier as I know it would be hard for Mr. Rimau Kayu to win today.

    I want to post the song here again for Khun Mongkut
    as we never know if tomorrow never comes for any of us.

  8. Terima Kasih kerana print comment saya. Okay, minggu depan tolong mainkan lagu Chicago untuk MakChik. Tiket untuk tengok deorang perform kat KL Covention Centre sangat mahal untuk Mak Chik yang berniaga pasar malam.

    Printlah gambar orang macam Makchik.

    Janganlah asyik tayang bini dan diri je macam orang muda. Keehkeehkeeh.

    Insyaallah , tapi bagi lah gambar original. Ramai orang UMNO dapat lesen menjaja dan tapak perniagaan , tak kira pasar malam ke, pasar Tani ke, pasar Chow Kit ke,pasar biasa ke . Ramai juga menyewa lesen dan tapak kepada warga asing. Tidak lama nanti, negara pun turut terjual dengan mekanisma sedemikian.

  9. yes, makcik, people like you should learn to appreciate good things in life, what you sow in your youth you reap when you are older.
    brush your teeth for at least 2minutes 3 times a day and replace your toothbrush every month if not you’ll end up in the dentist chair of Datos better half who’ll come with a special half inch drill………ouch….ouch…amboi, sakit lah

  10. That’s right Tean. Tomorrow may never come because the biggest storm ever is going to hit me tonight. So if you guys don’t hear from me, it means I’ve become a part of this storm of biblical proportions.

  11. Alamak, isteri Din dentist ya. Takutnya. Mesti mahal dia charge. Tapi takpelah dalam umur 40an, gigi Makchik masih original. Maklumlah masa kecil sental dengan arang.. Darlie tu tiru stail Marchiklah.

    Mr Bean, lagu if Tomorrow Never Comes tu lagu favorite DS Rosmah tau. Dia selalu nyanyi lagu tu dalam setiap perjumpaan.

    Takpe harap Din tunaikan janji nak mainkan lagu Chicago untuk MakChik. Janji mesti ditepati Din, seperti DS Najib laungkan kebangaan BN. Kahkahkah.

    Selamat menyanyi sebelum Auland Syne untuk Din dan kawan-kawan sepcaily Kathy dan Reperbahn selepas Pakatan kalah.

  12. don’t be too sure Makcik, even the kampung folks are talking about ‘Change’ nowadays.
    the report card of umno-bn convinces us that it doesn’t deserve to serve us for another term.
    whether umno-bn wins or loses makes no difference for Najib or Rosmah because Mr. Moo is there to take over after the election (won or lost) –
    auld land syne for Rosie and Jibs!

  13. Selamat hari raya Aidil Adha to Dato’ and family and also to the Muslim friends here. To bean, ready for Sandy? Stay safe.

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