NOW, a Vote for Najib is a Vote for George Soros

October 12, 2012

NOW, a Vote for Najib is a Vote for George Soros

by Hazlan

If BN’s attacks on alleged links between human rights NGO SUARAM and billionaire currency trader George Soros hold true, then a vote for Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak is a vote for Soros as well, Pakatan MPs said today.

“I want to see how the mainstream media takes up this issue. As we know there was a secret meeting, where Najib asked for Soros’ support for his global movement of moderates.

NONE“So, if Soros is the bogeyman, then a vote for Najib is a vote for Soros too,” PAS’ Kuala Krai MP Dr Hatta Ramli (right) told Malaysiakini.

Hatta stressed that Pakatan Rakyat wouldn’t want to play on the issue.

However, since the Soros link has been played up by the BN, it now appears that “their own weapon has turned upon them”.

“So, they now have to explain to the rakyat.”

Hatta said this when asked to comment on the quiet chat Najib reportedly had with Soros at a posh hotel in New York, just before his inaugural address to the United Nations General Assembly two years ago.

PKR’s Batu MP Tian Chua told Malaysiakini that Najib’s meeting with Soros was a hallmark of BN’s “hypocrisy”.

“From what we know, Najib met Soros and said that he was a moderate hard-pressed by an extremist opposition at home and wanted to get into the financier’s good books.

Utusan Malaysia and all others are saying that Suaram is a traitor, but former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad met Soros and Najib too met Soros… maybe other ministers met him too.”

What they did, Tian Chua said, was to brand the human rights NGO SUARAM as a traitor for having alleged links with the financier as a “short-term survival propaganda”.

He argued that the attack would not have taken place if SUARAM never took its complaint about corruption in the purchase of Scorpene submarines from French shipbuilder DCNS to France’s judiciary.

11 thoughts on “NOW, a Vote for Najib is a Vote for George Soros

  1. Najib allegedly met Soros to get support for his global movement of moderates – it was support for a global movement. Nothing was wrong with that. No funding was sought from Soros and most probably his support was not forthcoming. Najib will not be beholden to Soros who is still prone to be criticised by the government. A vote for Najib will be a vote for the BN.

  2. Confusion of voters when the latest statement indicating that voting for Najib will also mean votong for Soros. It also means supporting SUARAM, it indirectly means supporting for Soros due to foreign fund for the Human Rights. What are they talking about that our politicians especially opposition that the country will be controlled by foreigners should Pakatan Rakyat sit in Putrajaya ? Maybe, those politicians must have gone through witchcraft training when such statements uttered out or prediction of political outcome after the election.

  3. Darn, Malaysians are so lame! They bicker about Soros and the so-called foreign funding for Suaram. Soros could not be bothered about what people say about him in Malaysia. If he forks out his loose change and convert them into 1 sen coins, I bet he could pelt a few politicians to death with these coins.

    Since we are on the subject of foreign funding, shall we all about Michael Chia and his 40 million in HARD CASH in his suitcase enroute from Hong Kong to Malaysia to give the money to UMNO Sabah!!!


  4. ”Najib met Soros and said that he was a moderate hard-pressed by an extremist opposition at home and wanted to get into the financier’s good books”.- MP Tian Chua
    by saying ‘the extremist opposition at home’ he means not PR but the umno faction against him!

    ”– it was support for a global movement” – hussin!
    hussin should learn to recognise hypocrisy
    if Suaram sought funds for a local humanitarian programme or to fight corruption in malaysia, whats wrong with it?
    and may I ask WTF is that Global Movement doing against the massacre of civilians in Syria? what has the Global Movement of the Moderates achieved until now?

  5. Maybe while we are at it, we could also look at Octo putting his smirking stamp on that giant Ponzi scheme that was backed by directors who were facing miscellaneous charges from the authorities.

    Octo was arm in pocket with the Genneva directors, so does that mean supporting BN means supporting crooks and cronies?

  6. Hussin, isn’t it ridiculous to recruit someone you slam as Jewish and Zionist and trying to control your country to lend support to a “moderates movement”? Sudahlah… kalau nak carma pun, janganlah sampai twist and turn sampai begitu…….

  7. What are these guys talkin’ about?? A man like George Soros would not even consider stopping over to use Malaysia, a third world country as his out-house. He can buy the entire government of Malaysia by erasing its entire national debt if he wants to. He’ll use Najib as a human wheelbarrow to clean up his backyard.

  8. The Brainiacs in UMNO are so short of ideas, that any leap into the Paranoid Abyss must be tried. It’s really a pity to see fellowmen brought to such depths of desperation. For every ‘scandal’ they bring, 10 more boomerang back on them, until they look like an amorphous mass of fractures, welts and bruises Their lapdogs are in worse shape – mauled, starved and diseased. Time to put them outta their misery.

  9. All the skeletons are coming out of the closet to haunt these UMNO fellas. The more they go after the opposition the more skeletons coming out. Leading the pack will be Teoh Beng Hock especially the date 10/10 and Day of the Dead.

  10. Show me 1 Muslim leader who can called the American n Jews anything under the sun n still gets away with it,if you don’t get their blessing first,forget it,kapish,Oouch!!

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