Taib’s Ill-Gotten Wealth: Sarawakians Know, not MACC

September 21, 2012

Taib’s Ill-Gotten Wealth: Sarawakians Know, not MACC

by Dukau Papau (09-20-12)@http://www.malaysiakini.com

The revelation that Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud is the richest man in Malaysia does not surprise the majority of Sarawakians, who claim that they know how he obtained his immense wealth.

But what surprises many of them is that the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), the Police and other authorities have not taken action against Taib, even though several reports of corruption, abuse of power and cronyism have been lodged against him.

According to Swiss NGO Bruno Manser Fund (BMF), Taib is worth US$15 billion, or about RM46.5 billion, making him the richest man in Malaysia.

Politicians and the ordinary citizens interviewed in Kuching the past two days say that it is common knowledge that Taib is a very wealthy person. “But we won’t know the real extent of his wealth unless the MACC, the Police and Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak carry out investigations,” they said.

Most Sarawakians know who owns the local Cahya Mata Sarawak (CMS) giant and its subsidiaries, which are given big projects, and who controls the supply of cement which goes into construction projects, roads and road repairs and dam construction.

They also know that the family wealth is also generated by companies that are owned by Taib’s son Abu Bekir, including:

  • Titanium Management Sdn Bhd, which was given the construction of more than 300 bridges in the state.
  • Mornada Sdn Bhd, which was alienated 269 acres of prime state land at BDC Stampin, Kuching.
  • Sarawak Cable Sdn Bhd, Trenergy Infrastructure Sdn Bhd and a host of other companies including those in oil palm plantations and smelting plants.

The family also owns about 400 companies around the world and more than 300 in Malaysia alone.”But it is difficult to believe that a native-born Sarawakian from an ordinary and humble background can be so outrageously greedy… it is beyond the wildest imagination,” said businessman Tedewin Ngumban.

“If he were a Dayak, he would have stopped, at the most at RM100 million, and then he would panic,” quipped Tedewin, a former supreme council member of Parti Rakyat Sarawak.

‘Taib controls everything’

A former Assistant Minister, Ambrose Gramong, who served under Taib in 1980s, claimed that the Chief Minister controlled everything – from timber, land, quarries and forests to hotels and plantations. “Name it, he has it,” Gramong added.

A retired army major expressed similar sentiments and he went on to claim that the people’s land in his village, including that of his family, had been alienated to Taib’s brother.

NONECommenting on the same issue, Sarawak PKR chairperson Baru Bian (right) said: “I would like an immediate investigation to be carried out. But what is the status of MACC investigation that had been reported earlier?

“We would like some response from the MACC,” said Baru, who is the assemblyperson for Ba’Kelalan.

Lawyer Abun Sui called for a royal commission of inquiry to look into Taib’s wealth, pointing out that everybody in Sarawak knew how much Taib’s monthly salary was.

“We want to him how he got all this wealth. We know how much he gets if we deduct his salary and allowance as a state minister. But the balance, where did it come from?

“Therefore, I call for the setting up of a royal commission to investigate his wealth,” said Abun, who specialises in native customary rights (NCR) land cases.

Sarawak National Party Secretary-General Frankie Nyumboi said the financial data was staggering and concentrated around a small family circle.

“It is also reported that a number of countries are showing interest and are watching and, I assume, Malaysians too want to know what action the Malaysian government will take through its anti-corruption commission.

“If we are serious about combating corruption, a disclosure of this nature must be investigated thoroughly. We should not go into the denial mode,” Frankie said.

“The people involved must answer as to how they got their billions of ringgit, now that a disclosure has been made public.”

Efforts to contact the Chief Minister’s Office on the BMF document have been unsuccessful. None of the BN leaders want to say anything about this issue.PRS president James Masing, who is a senior minister in the state cabinet, refused to make any comment when contacted by SMS.

Masing is usually very quick to respond to queries or make comments on any issue.

17 thoughts on “Taib’s Ill-Gotten Wealth: Sarawakians Know, not MACC

  1. Some people can do things with impunity. Here is a good case. MACC is dysfunctional. UNMO-BN needs his support, so their leaders are willing to let it be. So it shall be, friends.–Din Merican

  2. When they say Sarawak and Sabah is Fixed Deposit…it also means when money needed to bribe some MP to cross over to continue the PLUNDER…they can turn to TAIB for a $1 Billion……easily…. Perhaps we need to spell out what we do to their family and relatives like we did to HEE of Jelapang to warn others of the ETERNAL Pain and Social OUTCAST!!

  3. Just follow what is going on in India. Citizens who go around making fun of the corruption in that country are being prosecuted while in other Third World countries they are being taken out of the system.

  4. He bears a beautiful Muslim name, liken to the Prophet. But is he one? Shame to him, shame to all Muslims who condone him, and shame to the Islam these people claim to adhere to. I am ashamed.

  5. $46.5 billion? When is enough , enough? What kind of greed is this? And the present people who move around in their circles? Have you no shame to be associated with this? Whose money is this? The people of M’sia. The children, who deserve the best education that that money can buy them so that they have a good start in life. Where is your shame?

  6. Why complain? Sarawakians deserve Taib Mahmud because they voted for him for 20++ years! Sarawakians should just shaddup and continue to enjoy the Taib dynasty for another 20++ years when Bekir Mohd Taib takes over the helm… Bikin apa mahu bising bising kalau kamu orang yang sendiri undi dan pilih dia jadi Ketua Menteri?

    Losers like Sarawakians always blame the people from Semenanjung for screwing up their state but then they continue to vote for Taib… wake up lah people of Sarawak, jangan lagi biperbodoh-bodohkan dan diketawakan…

  7. I remember a few years ago when Sarawak was shrouded by the terrible haze, this good for nothing man fled with his whole family to Canada and came back after the sky was clear. Later in the state legislative, when the opposition raised the matter, he had the cheek to say that he went there to study Canada’s forest conservation program. He is not only terribly corrupt but also a lousy leader!

  8. I do concur with Greenbug. The Sarawakians ask for it. If they still continue putting Pa Moh into the helm, then they have no one to blame but themselves. Wake up lah, Sarawakians, just put this word, “ABU” deep into your heart or just let all the thieves to dry up Sarawak’s resources….

  9. Someone asked what kind of greed is this. Well this is no more human greed, it has gone to the level of satanic. Human is willing to get this much wealth by doing business like Bill Gate, but corruption and plundering of other people wealth at this level is surely at the satanic level. Najib can close one eye, but when BN falls, we will get him accountable for disregarding and closing his eyes on Taib’s corruption.

  10. Aiya Taib is just a clone of his mentor from the peninsula, Kutty and Daim !!! They do not believe in hell money so they need lots for themselves and family and hangers on, on earth !!!

  11. Din.I was the nominee for Taib Family when they bought all Sarawak SEDC assets in 1993.They took over the Utama Bank,the Hotel,the Cement plant,the land etc.In return for my nominee services they presented me with a brand new Mercedes 350 bearing Sarawak no plate.

    Looking back after 20 years I felt guilty and regret my doing.I hope the Sarawak people forgive me.
    Not worry, Hamid. I appreciate your frankness. –Din Merican

  12. I don’t know where we are going with this. Probably syiok sendiri.
    As long as this flur is alive, we re wasting our breath calling on the authorities to hammer him. Even if PR does take over, not a single white hair of his will be touched. That’s how the world works. My guess is that he’ll keep his options open and will be the Sword of Damocles on whoever resides in PJ. Being as wily, cunning and the consummate deal maker, he holds most of the aces. Jibs is probably more afraid of him, than all those self serving warlords within UMNO combined. And I wouldn’t want to ‘speculate’ what deals Anwar can make with him.

    Oh btw Hamid, don’t take it so hard. Who doesn’t like Santa Claus? I hope you’ve traded in your S350. At least you fronted for that flur. That’s work. There are others who expect free lunches and handouts ala UMNO!

  13. syiok sendiri. yes thats about right if do nothing about it. Investigate this. make him accountable. God we talk about billions in corruption and nothing….then we are complicit?

  14. At a press conference today Najib made two comments, you become the judge of this so-called leader:

    Statement #1 : On SUARAM and foreign-funding – let CCM proceed with the investigation;

    Statement #2 : On Taib’s ill-gotten wealth – there are all kinds of allegations, jangan lah dilayan…

    You decide!

  15. for allegations of 2,400 of flags, a youngman has to die in MACC office.
    chief thump his chest in front of audience he will resign if he dares not touch the umnoputra elites. ahmad, did you say that? just like UMNO ministers, cakap seja.

  16. MACC is poor in maths they are only capable in small change like 2500 ringgit or at most a few million. Even million must not be more then 250 million ringgit , Otherwise, NFC will be in the dock. When comes to billion ringgit they either shy away or unable to count. Perhaps there calculator has only 7 digits readout. By the way MACC claimed to be the best in
    this region . Needs be they may have to learn from Indonesia or Singapore.

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