GE-13: Prime Minister Najib Keeping Us in suspense

September 21, 2012

GE-13: Prime Minister Najib Keeping Us in suspense

by Syed Jaymal Zahiid @

UMNO President Najib Tun Razak today (September 20) continued to leave everyone guessing on when polls will be held when he said the party’s annual general assembly will take place in November.

“It is up to you to make whatever interpretations you want to make,” he told reporters after chairing the UMNO’s supreme council meeting here.

The Barisan Nasional Chairman also said that party elections, which are supposed to be held at this year’s AGM, will not take place, a move strongly suggesting that Najib is looking at a 2013 date to hold the 13th general election.

But when asked to confirm this, Najib said that he would leave it to speculation, adding that the decision on the polls date is still within his purview.

“Even if I have set a date [for the AGM], I can still postpone it,” he said when asked if the decision to hold the meeting would invite speculation that national polls will be held next year.

“Let them speculate. I like them to speculate,” he joked when pressed further on the matter. Observers, however, have warned the Prime Minister against delaying polls to next year while some have urged him to hold it this year when Malaysia is capable of weathering the global economic storm which has yet to see the worse.

Delay is detrimental

Several dates have been bandied about since he took office in April 2009 and rumours were strong that he would hold it sometime this year, but numerous political setbacks have allegedly forced him to stretch the current term.

UMNO sources speaking to FMT said one of the major hindrances for an early date was the factional fighting over candidates although some of its leaders denied the allegation.

This was said to be one of the major causes behind the ruling coalition’s record losses in the last general election.

Najib, an unelected Prime Minister, now faces the task of restoring Barisan Nasional’s two-thirds mandate, but analysts predict a tough ride for the UMNO’s seventh President as he will lead a split party into its tightest election.

Yesterday influential former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad gave a gloomy outlook on Najib’s chances, saying he would likely lead a weak government despite surviving the polls.

A recent survey showed Najib’s popular rating hovering just above the 50% mark, but analysts warned that this does not necessarily translate into votes for the current government.

The Prime Minister will also likely use Budget 2013, to be tabled next week, as his final weapon to give his election chances a big push.

11 thoughts on “GE-13: Prime Minister Najib Keeping Us in suspense

  1. Najib may be keeping some people in suspense, but he’s not keeping ME in suspense.

    I already know that IF he ever does call the GE, it’ll be as near as possible to the time the Parliment will have to automatically dissolve anyway. For all the so-called complexities underlying a decision on the GE’s timing, Najib and his not-so-merry band of cutthroats have eyes only on the following considerations:

    1) All the time they can scrape up to loot the Rakyat’s coffers as much as possible.
    2) Play for as much time as possible for EC & NRD to complete their chicanery at stuffing the voter rolls.
    3) Public response to their likely pork-barrel Annual Budget 2013, as their final major ham-fisted attempt to bribe targeted citizen groups.
    4) All things being constant, NO time at all can be a good time for Najib’s showdown with the PR in the absence of a major blunder by the Opposition.

  2. “Let them speculate. I like them to speculate,” What an irresponsible statement from a head of state. I can’t even plan my holidays with my family..
    Go ahead with for your holidays. GE-13 will be next year and here I am speculating. Najib wants feedback and the mandate from UMNO. If this is the case, he is right.–Din Merican

  3. Looks like the incumbent wants to hang on to power as long as possible by delaying the GE13/PRU13 to next year.

    Otherwise, even if BN wins the next GE, he will be forced out like his predecessor for the poor showing of BN.

    Is there a possibility that he will be ousted as party leader by his own party at the next UMNO general assembly?

    Meanwhile inflation will accelerate in Malaysia as
    widespread & unrestrained “close to vote-buying” continues
    (partly funded by quiet increases in prices of essentials such as petrol RON97. These hidden price increases will also contribute to inflation).

    We should all fear for the future of the Malaysian economy under this kind of financial management !

  4. GE13 will be held in late February or more likely early March 2013. BN is expected to win with a slim majority no matter what Najib does with the coming Budget.

  5. Just a reminder. Since the PM does not have his own mandate, the real power lies with the you know who behind the throne. This real power holder is a master provocateur whose every move is to perpetuate his legacy.

    But time has changed with the internet loaded with multiple source of information accessible to the crucial section of the electorate: the young. This is where the battle-line has been drawn. The result of this historical change irreversibly shifted the power to the people.

    I see no way that the person responsible for the creation of Umno Baru in 1987 is capable of letting go his hands on the levers of power and instead be remembered as a statesman. It is already too late, and I predict he will bring down the party he single-handedly created by default to his grave. A benevolent dictator is still a dictator and power sharing or power transfer is simply not in his DNA.

  6. “Let them speculate. I like them to speculate,”

    Well, Jibs&Co. have come full circle. There will be many theories as to why they need to drive such speculation. But i’ll just emphasize one of their hubris:
    They see Time as a Commodity. It’s Commerce. Being Privileged, they assume that Time is also theirs to manipulate and to dispense. Nothing is of value in and of itself anymore. Everything becomes fodder for economic piracy, political expediency, social stagnation and cultural dependency in their Own Image.

    That’s basically how i read Jib’s smirking response.

  7. People in truly transparent & democratic countries like UK, US, Canada, Aust & NZ see things too clearly. Malaysians have been fooled and deceived in the 40 years before the internet, while BN, UMNO & cronies stole and plundered big times to the tune of RM$100-300billion. Scorpene, NFC are only what leaked out.

    Foreigners have no respect for these UMNO leaders, in fact they are a big shame and disgrace to all of you. Najib: “I would like to stress here that I have never interfered in MACC’s operations. They are independent and free to carry out their investigations on anyone.” “You help me I help you.” Then likely to Musa, Taib, MACC, Shahzirat, Baginda: We saw nothing heard nothing.”

    Perhaps to the dynamite blasters: “Finish her off & shut her up”. “ Promises fulfilled.” Are these the thoughts and words of an honorable, ethical leader with the country’s interest at heart or someone bent on sabotaging opposition, human rights NGOs, on deceit, gangsterism & crimes?

    Answer it yourself. I speak from NZ, rated one of the world’s top for human rights, transparency, and democracy. If we had a National oil company we wouldn’t have one race occupying 99% of jobs in Petronas. Everyone is equal in the eyes of God ! Mahathir !

    I pity Malaysia, one can write a book on its losses and tragedies. When will you the Rakyat wake up and vote BN out?

    Plan your vendetta against these criminals after GE13. Nail them, jail them!

  8. What is there to speculate? The present parliament will lapse comes April next year. It is almost end of September with your last cameo as Santa Claus to dish our Malaysian Edition of QE3(BR1M 2) so you need to wait until November to get the budget passed by the Upper House. But whether November this year or April next year will it matter? After all we have waited so long. We will do what we have been waiting to do, November ke? April ke? Outcome will still be the same.

  9. Much have been said of the Govt. of the day. Just vote for a better Malaysia for all Malaysians come October, November, December, January, February, March, April or kingdom come. I hope to see again the Malaysia I know in the 50s & 60s where I could put my arms around Md Fauzi, Ramasamy & Gurdial Singh and eat together and play together without any inhibitions. God help us all.

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