GE-13: At Stake is the Survival of the Malays, says Prime Minister Najib

September 16, 2012

GE-13: At Stake is the Survival of the Malays, says Prime Minister Najib

by Tony Pua@

Bernama reported that the Prime Minister said that “the 13th general election is not an ordinary election. Instead, it will determine the survival of the Malays.”He used the threat of “the survival of the Malays” to threaten Malays into supporting Barisan Nasional.

The UMNO President said “Malays should realise that as the backbone of the Barisan Nasional (BN), UMNO would be able to continue the struggle of the Malays and Islam.”

The above statements proved that Dato’ Seri Najib Razak failed as a Prime Minister for all Malaysians, especially as the nation celebrates the 49th anniversary of Malaysia Day today.

Playing the Race Card

At the start of Dato’ Seri Najib’s premiership, he has made the “1Malaysia” slogan the cornerstone of his entire administration, which he defined as “every Malaysian perceives himself or herself as Malaysian first, and by race, religion, geographical region or socio-economic background second and where the principles of 1Malaysia are woven into the economic, political and social fabric of society” in the Government Transformation Programme (GTP).

However his exhortation to the Malays proves that the Prime Minister is more than willing to play the racial card to protect BN’s hold on power. He has shown that he speaks not as the Prime Minister for all Malaysians, but an instigator of continued racial division in the country.

Dato’ Seri Najib’s speech also exposed the fact that like his Deputy, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, they see themselves as “Malays first”, and not “Malaysians First” as defined in the GTP. Tan Sri Muhyiddin had said in 2009 “How can I say I’m Malaysian first and Malay second? All the Malays will shun me and say that it is not proper.”

As we celebrate both our independence from our colonial masters on  August 31, and the formation of Malaysia on September 16, a Prime Minister for all Malaysians should be extolling the virtues of a united nation regardless of race, religion, class or geography. However, what we have is a Prime Minister who tells the Malay community that they are being attacked and threatened by the other races in the country.

Hence it is not a surprise that Dato’ Seri Najib never reprimanded Tan Sri Muhyiddin’s public declaration that he is “Malay first” despite the clear contradiction to the 1Malaysia definition in the GTP. It is not a surprise because they both see themselves as “Malay first” and not Malaysian First.

1Malaysia ?

This also shows that Najib’s “1Malaysia” is pretty on the outside, but empty on the inside. The whole “1Malaysia” campaign is to present a false picture of Malaysian First, with no sincere leadership or intent build a truly Malaysian First country.

The Prime Minister’s position blots our 49th anniversary celebrations of Malaysia Day and it raises the question as to why, after 49 years of nationhood, we are unable to elect a Prime Minister who puts the interest of all Malaysians, above that of a person’s race.

We can only hope that the Malay community will not be so easily threatened by Dato’ Seri Najib and will, together with all other Malaysians, pick a government that will be fair to all its citizens regardless of race, religion, class and geography in the next general election.

Happy Malaysia Day!

Tony Pua is the DAP MP for PJ Utara

30 thoughts on “GE-13: At Stake is the Survival of the Malays, says Prime Minister Najib

  1. This is what the UMNO leaders will tell the malay in Kampong and felda scheme for the last 50 years.They can fool some Malay all the time or they can fool all the Malay some time but they cannot fool all the Malay all the time.

    Thank to the new explosion in IT.

  2. So much for His Most Awesome Lembekness, Dear Leader. Under stress his cojones shrink into nothingness and the easiest way is to return to myths of yore. That is called devolving and it surprises no One. UMNO (i think BN is no longer
    relevant) is in free fall into the Abyss.

    Having given up on the non-Malay vote the goons are falling all over themselves to brush up on their fascist credentials. Perhaps they think than the typical Melayu is as Lanunish as themselves. Good Luck.

  3. Tony Pua can spin & spin as he likes but the reality, the majority in Malaysia is that a Malay is Malay first, Chinese a Chinese first, Indian an Indian first etc, etc before considering himself a Malaysian unless he is a product of mixed blood. This is the result mainly of our bringing-up through the Malaysian education having multiple language streams.
    The reality, Mr Hussin, is that this country is not exclusively Malay or for the Malays. We have learn to accept that this is a plural society and our policies should be geared to benefit all Malaysians. We the Malays must learn to compete and not depend on a Santa Claus government.

    Wake up, we are in the 21st century. We can be Malaysians (nationality) and Malays (ethnicity) at the same time. But our politicians on both sides are forcing us to make a choice. I will not abandon my race to be Malaysian because I do not have to make that choice. I am both Malay of mixed descent, and Malaysian. This is one situation where I can be both. I can have the cake and eat it!–Din Merican

  4. This PM just doesn’t know how to be a Prime Minister for ALL Malaysians and has to say such divisive statement on a day like September 16th when everyone is trying his / her best to promote unity, love, tolerance and peace… sad we have aman who places more importance to his political survival than the welfare and wellbeing of the people and country. He should be removed from office before he could cause further damage….

  5. It is by far the easiest and most effective weapon to deploy….The Malays get infatuated whenever they are told the destiny of the Malay Kingdom has and will always be in their hands.

    A whisper of Malay supremacy will see goosebumps developed all over Mak Minah and Pak Abu’s cheek.. The Nons are here to disrupt the monetary , political hegemony and other priveleges enshrined in the Constitution.. Birth rights that are theirs for keeps their simple minds are compelled to believe….

    Of course they realised the Dato and Tan Sri elite Malay are milking the nations resources dry leaving bits of ‘ kai hong’ for the ordinary malay folk to saviour….They succumbed and surrender to the fact that a humongous portion of wealth are spread out and consumed through foul methods amongst the Apek elites and the Amma elites…. But neither these indicators awake them nor puncture a hole deep enough , piercing their conscience….

    Why? Because their minds are subdued by a piece of written document promising them the mooon and the stars akin to the land of milk and honey promised to the Hebrews….

    Tunku , you failed your countrymen

  6. Politicians really think we’re dumb. We also see PR politicians don’t put Malaysian first. They put race and religion first and not a word of condemnation from self righteous tony phua.

    The worst is the divisive segregation policy by race of our children into different race based schools. DAP has from time immemorial til now support this racial segregation wanting the chinese students to dominantly mix with themselves only and not with others in school. It has deprived my children of Chinese friends. And look: where is the condemnation on Lks and lge on this issue. Perghiiilah.

    We realize that you’re racist to the core too but to pretend to take moral highground is absolute rubbish. Start with dap. Condemned the racial segregation of our young. Show to the people that pr practice race blind policy. Show us also that in putting candidate you don’t put race first.

    So DAP contest in Malay constituency and PAS in Chinese constituency. So long DAP campaigns on Chinese sentiment like they show in Sarawak, don’t ever take the moral highground and pretend you’re not racist.

  7. Survival of the Malays? What is he talking about. Malays can survive anywhere in this world without the help of UMNO. Ask the many Malays scattered all over the globe. How did they survive? Did UMNO give them assistance when they are in foreign land? Ask those successful Malay diaspora, how come they are successful in the land of the pendatangs.

    Struggles of the Malay and Islam, yikes, you mean to say without UMNO Islam will perish? Oh my god, UMNO is more powerful than God. God has promised that Islam will survive no matter what and here comes some UMNO President that say without UMNO Islam will perish. May God have mercy on this 1Leader.

  8. Dato,

    This is tony pua take on najib statement and he is questioning the 1malaysia positioning against it. It is pure contradiction at the source, the pm himself. But now, i am questioning the actual situation and standing of BN & UMNO.

    Granted, the chinesse vote are basically gone – looking at the desperate and lethargic action coming from MCA & Gerakan. the indian votes are unknown but it will negated and engulf by the voting block of Sarawak & Sabah (i am looking % wise and i am considering that PR is dictating play and PRis focusiing on Sabah, Sarawak… BN is counter attack mode only, they no longer dictate… coz when they do lead, the issue chose are ‘remeh-temeh’ hence irrelevant – ironic isnit)

    Now, thr malay base – if we look at mainstream media n proBN blogs, BN has made progress and basically taken 2/3 the malay votes. Take a pinch a salt and a dose of reality, and i think its 50:50 status quo. Here the thing, contrary to popular belief, the typical malay kampung bumpkin always vote BN- look at the results of 2008 and 2004 for kampung area where malays makeup is 75% and you will be suprised. that is why the delination of boundry was carried out – to minimize the side effect of too many malay area voting for PR (well, now its ironic isnit) – i think that why some in PAS and Pkr scream UMNO has sold its soul.

    So, Dato and everyone else,
    What is your take on this? The PM took a huge risk. Y sidelining the rest to focus on the malay votes… Why? Was there an updated status report he just got? Was he being pressured by TSMY? Slipof the tongue, maybe,, hhehehe..

  9. 2020,

    This is politics. Najib must depend on Malay votes since he cannot rely on MCA and MIC to deliver Chinese and Indian votes. Pakatan Rakyat too wants our votes. Our politics is still race based.

    Read my response to Hussin above. I am both a Malay of mixed descent (a mamak if you like whose paternal great grandmother is Chinese) and a Malaysian. If you combine both, I am Malay-Malaysian or Malaysian-Malay. Take your pick. Call me anything else you like and it does not bother me one wee bit. Why? Because I know who I am.

    My country is Malaysia and I uphold and respect the constitution of our country. I respect my King, DYMM Yang DiPertuan Agong and the Malay Rulers. So that makes me by nationality a Malaysian and I carry a Malaysian passport. Wherever I go around the world, by showing my passport, people know that I am a Malaysian (technically a citizen of Malaysia). I always say I am a Malaysian and say that with pride.To me all politicians, be they in UMNO-BN or Pakatan Rakyat are playing with the fire of racism and I hope they all will get burned in the process.–Din Merican

  10. This is the reason why Malaysians should not vote for leaders that consider their race first. It is pure contradiction to those who vote on merit. It’s a very sensitive issue. Leaders must learn not to offend any race regardless of their minority or majority. Having named race already show sign of the leader’s inclination.

    So Malaysians, by some comments here have matured to identify leaders that are racists. Because race based leaders are dangerous and it’s extremely not good for all Malaysians.

    This kind of race inclination issues will never go away unless we voters do our part in voting in leaders that love all. Set policies that are fair to all and leaders that merited to lead all and not ones race. And of course the other danger is the mainstream media who are not sensitive to this race issues because they are puppets to the racist leaders. Stop printing race concerned issues and leave out mentioning them altogether. It will improve much racial relationship.

    Malaysia is a multiracial country like many. Why can’t we do away with race issues when others can. Malaysian should learn to live as a community, as Malaysian. One good example is our little red dot neighbour. They ran community centres all over the country, these centres organised program for all, not one particular race.

    Malaysia’s survival in this competitive world depends critically on the leaders we have. It’s the leaders who cause all our demise till today. Out fade were seal 55 years ago when the then leaders chose to go racial, setting up party based races. What is so good about Barisan National when inside there are polices within policies? This race parties was wrong from the beginning. There are countries who knew. Indonesia try uniting as one by having Indonesian names. Singapore maintenance as a multiracial society by educating all communities to practise meritocracy and indirectly helping the weaker race by encouraging the community leaders to assist.

    There are so much Malaysia can learn from others to out preform them but basically we have choose leaders whose egos are greater that the nation they served. Now, The ball is always with Malaysian, the voters. It is your voters that decide how Malaysia perform. So, start soul searching. In a nutshell all voters are responsible because we corrupt too…by the very leaders we voted in.

  11. Yup, the Opposition (which includes PR and many civil society movements) are forcing UMNO onto the ropes. They are dictating the pace and socking body blows. Inclusiveness was never part of the body politic of the irascible UMNO warlords. The old UMNO psyche which cherished Malay unity and loyalty above all self interest have long disintegrated.

    This ‘Prime’ response is not a well thought out strategy – it was more out of frustration and desperation. Jib’s handlers don’t have Muhamad Ali’s Rope-a-Dope solution to stinging punches – and are now, flailing ineffectually and indiscriminately with whatever energy and (considerable) resources they have left. Brute force and negative politics can never win any elections. They have lost the guerilla war using conventional blunderbuss methods. They are not loved, but feared and there can be no loyalty nor fidelity because such relationships are always mercenary and manipulative.

    I think Ellese’s comments are a bit misplaced here. While i’m not enamoured with DAP’s internal politics and the chauvinistic hubris among their rank and file, the problem here is that the Prime Minister of our diverse country is now ‘branded’ as relegating on his promises. That’s called Spineless Detumescence, aka Lembek.

  12. If GE 13 is about the survival of the Malays , then what about the survival of the Orang Asli’s , Kadazan’s, Muruts , Ibans , the Thai’s , etc ?

    IN MALAYSIA, ONLY MALAYSIANS ARE IMPORTANT . Their denomination or ethnicity is personal and so is their religion – and as such should remain personal.

    As Din has alluded in his response to Hussein’s comment , this country is not about the Malay’s . IT IS ABOUT MALAYSIANS – period.

  13. Din Merican,

    Just because you are of mixed ethnicity does not make you a Malaysian. I have to agree with Muhyiddin when he says he is Malay first for the MALAYSIAN identity does not exist. There however exist the MALAYsian identity. Judging by your name one of your parents must be a Malay/Muslim. Tell me are you not then as defined by the laws of Malaysia a Malay and a Muslim? The moment you put a ethnic-religious identity first then you also automatically negate the possibility of a national identity. This is something which Mamaks like you and Mahathir should think about carefully. The absence of a national identity which cuts across all ethnic and religious groups is a very dangerous thing. Thus far Malaysia has been lucky but very soon Malaysia and ASEAN will face their greatest challenge in the South China Sea. It would be a grave mistake to think that the US which is already permanently weakened on the economic front can help us as evidenced by Malaysia’s military exercises with the US.

    All the successful countries in the world are successful because they have been able to develop a national identity devoid of the ethnic-religion nexus. You are German not because you are Aryan and Christian. You are a Japanese because you speak and write Japanese. Not because of your religion. Even Israel accepts Arabs as Israelis first and Muslims second. The land of your ancestors is perpetually hit by religious strife because the Indians know not the meaning of India. Conflict among the major powers today is economic in nature. Economic might is obtained by way of a strong national identity. Look at the Arabs who have utterly failed at developing a national identity and the economic-political consequences for the Arabs have been nothing but disastrous. Still want to have your cake and eat it too Mamak?
    Hey Vincent Ang. You do seem to understand the difference between ethnicity and nationality, and what I have written.I have never allowed race and religion to define me. The government and politicians in power chose to put all of us in separate boxes. They are doing that for politics so that they can divide and then rule us.

    What passport are you carrying? A Chinese passport issued by the Government of Malaysia? I think, you carry the same kind of passport that I have. It says you are Malaysian (by definition a citizen of Malaysia). Stop talking nonsense.Keep your frustrations to yourself. I will not label you, though I can smell people like you miles away.–Din Merican

  14. Careful Dato. Labels? There’re ‘pretend’ psychotics loose in here woods.
    These flurs come outta woodwork when the environment is scorching.
    I wonder if they travel overseas much as ‘pendatangs’; or they lost their right and marbles because of the ‘bankruptcy’ of their national identity.

  15. Din ,

    Hang kena buboh depa yang racists tak tentu hala. Focus must be on developing a Malaysian National Identity.

    Najib ni dah abis modal. He is now leveraging on Race and Religion.Awat kalau UMNO kalah….Melayu mampuih ka ? Dan semua Muslims jadi kapiaq ka ?

    The truth is the guy is corrupt beyond belief.Cheers.

    Macam mana dia nak jadi pemimpin negara kita. Hanya boleh berpolitik kampong 24 jam. Yes, we are talking about nationality identity. But that is too complicated for him and his UMNO cohorts. –Din Merican

  16. The continuing existence of vernacular schools in this country, SRJK(C) and less so of SRKJ(T), etc. has perpetuated the continuing polarisation of races.
    1st step: Abolish SRJK(C)..the Dong Zhongs will hate me for this.
    So what. Some fellas cannot even speak Bahasa Melayu, and they are Malaysians.

  17. Polarisation of races is not perpetuated by the vernacular schools but the different treatment of citizens according to race as advocates by the BN govt. How do you feel when are only as good as a deputy for the rest of your life just because you are born with certain skin colour ?

  18. shina,
    improve the national schools or privatise them, then the verbacular schools will cease to exist.
    parents want quality education for their offsprings, the language is immaterial. how about establishing german, french and russian schools?
    the hatred for vernacular schools is there because they are better than the national schools? am I not right?

  19. Din Merican,

    As a constitutional Malay, you are automatically defined according to your ethnicity and religion. You may not like it but that is what you are legally in Malaysia. A non-Muslim Malay CANNOT exist under the law. Since as you put it ‘have never allowed race and religion to define me’ then tell me have you given up any of your constitutionally defined privileges such as housing discounts for so-called bumiputras and your kids automatically being given preference over non-Malays who have better results than them when it comes to the allocation of places in the IPTAs?

    The reason the Malaysian passport which I am carrying defines me as a Malaysian and not as a Malay-Malaysian or Chinese-Malaysia is simply because the way MALAYsia defines its citizens is repugnant to the rest of the world. Even the great Muslim killer Israel does not use apartheid like rules to define its citizens.
    Sorry, I got into university in 1960 (MU) strictly on merit and received a Kedah State Scholarship which I paid back. I also got a Bank Negara scholarship for my postgraduate studies. The Chairman of the Selection Committee was Deputy Governor the Late Choi Siew Hong. All my kids went to university and had good results. My youngest went to King’s College for her law on her parents’ scholarship.

    You should read more about the history of Israel before you make your comment.–Din Merican

  20. the Brits logic behind the vernacular school system was to give the pupils a chance to learn their mother tongue first and later to integrate them in Form 1.
    for childrens of estate and mine workers, with no exposure to english, had to be taught in their own tongue first, also the english schools were in the towns only. racism was not the reason then and also the parents had a choice.
    we should stop arguing along racial lines for every damn thing.
    the vernacular schools could be slowly phased out but is it possible to improve the national schools? a school system devoid of racism, religion and politics?
    does heaven have quotas for the malay, chinese and indians? and Hell is open to all – thats where I want to go la!

  21. Like Orang Malaya, I feel insulted that Najib even pops the question. How will Malays survive without UMNO and Najib Razak? What do you think they have been doing all this while?? Counting chickens to sleep?

    But then Rosmah Mansor is no spring chicken.

  22. As the political party that represent the majority population of this country since its formation in 1946, UMNO has always been the backbone of the Malays, like it or not…No country in the world has tolerated so much for its minority population, and yet a country like Malaysia gave the opportunities for its minority to prosper, in a country where the minorities forefathers look foward with great enthusiasm looking for greener pastures thousand of miles from their homeland faraway…Have you forgotten the history of our grand parents and great grandparents who struggles to make ends meet in their early settlement days in this country?…And thanking the majority local race then who allowed them to settle peacefully in this country…??

    Najib and Tony Pua are politicians trying their best to capture the hearts and mind of their supporters to vote for them…What’s wrong with that? It’s what any ambitious politician will do as long as it’s permitted by the law…Of course the majority race of any country in the world will want to remain in power at any cost, who don’t??…Tony Pua must realised he’s no better than Najib, perhaps worse if his actions as the Local Council Exco of Selangor dealing with issues that affected the various races, speaks for itself…!!

  23. Dear Robert,
    At what cost? Who is paying? You, your children or your children’s children? Our forefathers are not present to witness the grave injustice Malaysia has became. So they can’t speak for us. Will you be here for your children? Or have you planned their/your departure for greener pastures? If you have, than your posting is non other than selfish.

    Both Najib and Tony Pua may be politicians but definitely not on the same level. It is a great injustice to compare both. Najib political career is by affiliation, not visionary, full of baggages whereas Tony gave himself to be identified, to serve and with much hard work was an elected MP. He could easily join BN if he just want to be in as an opportunist just like many of the current BN’s leaders.

    No one can predict the future. Thus not able to predict the how Tony or any other PK leaders will fare but this moment we know after 55 years we been screwed.

    Judging from your comment you preferred status co. And guessed you must be doing well under the current system. Well, the Chinese says, “What you do, heaven is watching”, another goes like this, “Feng-shui always take its turn”. Now, is it still BN’s turn? We have to see.

  24. As expected, we always use racist and racism selectively. Those we oppose almost everything the do is called racist and racism. To those we support we give one thousand and one excuses to justify racism.
    The above article and commentaries reflect ones own values. We can condemn as much as we want that Najib is pursuing racist agenda when he spoke on Malay sentiment, but not an iota of criticism on lks and lge when they support and uphold the racist school segregation policy. When bn justifies racial policy based on constitutional right it’s racism but when dap justifies racial segregation policy based on the constitutional/legal right it’s not racism.
    We are lost. Worse are those complaining of not putting Malaysia first but send their kids into race based schools purely based on selfish need.
    We have too many blind followers.

  25. But you are still a Malay and so are your children as far as Malaysia is concerned and can never be otherwise. Will you tell your children or grandchildren to do without the so-called bumiputra privileges when applying for jobs or applying for licenses such as the Class F contractor licence which can only be given to a Bumiputra? Like I sad earlier you cannot as you put it ‘ I can have the cake and eat it! You and your children are Malays with all the attendant privileges given on a silver platter. Whether you people actually benefited from these privileges is a separate issue.
    I will tell my children and grandchildren to make it on their own. First, I will make sure that they get a good education and then go abroad to work and compete.–Din Merican

  26. Dato, Vincent Ang is just egging you on to leave Malaysia or prove you don’t need the NEP. You went to Uni when NEP didn’t even exist for one. Nothing to prove.

    Vincent Ang needs to expand his circle of friends beyond the UMNOputras. There are many Malays that made it on their own including their children. There are also many Malays that don’t enjoy the 5% discount and all the other perks of the NEP. Perhaps he needs to look beyond the new moneyed Malay. I’m sure he can find thousands just a few miles out of KL. Look properly and don’t let the Bumi status color your views and opinion.
    Orang Malaya,

    I have learned to live with this kind of prejudice all my life. My non-Malay teachers in 1950s told me that the Malays are lazy and stupid. I did not buy that but I can understand it; they were perpetuating this myth created by the British. My teachers had a colonial mind-set. So who is Vincent Ang? He is just another disgruntled Malaysian.–Din Merican

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