Al-Fatihah for Tan Sri Hamzah Abu Samah

September 5, 2012

Al-Fatihah for a Sports Icon and Minister, Tan Sri Hamzah Abu Samah

My wife, Dr. Kamsiah and I extend sincere condolences to the family and relatives of the Late Tan Sri Hamzah Abu Samah. Semoga Allah mencuri rahmat keatas roh Allahyarham.Al-Fatihah.

I was privileged to know the Late Tan Sri who served our country with dignity and honour. He was a keen sportsman. Men of his generation are fading fast, leaving us with very fond memories of their selfless service to our King and country.–Din Merican

Bernama reports:

Seremban: National sports icon and the Olympic Council of Malaysia’s Honorary Life President Tan Sri Hamzah Abu Samah passed away at 3.30pm today (September 4, 2012) at his house in Staffield Country Resort, Mantin, Negeri Sembilan, due to old age.

The death of Hamzah, 88, was confirmed by his second son Zulkelim, 54. Hamzah leaves behind wife Toh Puan Zainon Hussain, who is the sister of the country’s second Prime Minister, the late Tun Abdul Razak, and seven children.

Apart from being a cabinet minister who headed various ministries until his decision to quit in September 1980, Hamzah was the President of the Olympic Council of Malaysia from (1976-1998); Vice-President of the Islamic Solidarity Sport Federation (1985-1994); Vice-President of the General Association of the Asian Sports Federation (1988-1998); Vice-President of the Olympic Council of Asia (1982-1986); Vice-President of the Commonwealth Games Federation (1982-1998); Honorary Life President of the Southeast Asian Games Federation since 1977.

He was also President of the Football Association of Malaysia (1976-1983); Honorary President of the Football Association of Malaysia since 1983; President of the Asian Football Confederation (1978-1994); Honorary President of the Asian Football Confederation since 1994; Vice-President of FIFA (1982-1990); Honorary Executive Member of FIFA since 1990; President of the Malaysian Cricket Association (1969-1990); President of the Malaysia Taekwondo Association (1987-1999).

He was a member of the International Olympic Committee from 1978 to 2004 and was appointed Honorary Member since 2004.

Born in Pekan, Pahang in 1924, Hamzah a Malay College (Kuala Kangsar) student who pursued a law degree at the Gray’s Inn in England in 1953, started his political career as Raub Member of Parliament (1967-1978) and Temerloh (1978-1980).

He was Sports Minister from 1971-1973, Defence Minister (1973) and Minister of Law (1974). During Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Malaysia in 1972, Hamzah was the Minister assigned to accompany the Queen of England. He will laid to rest on September 5, 2012.

6 thoughts on “Al-Fatihah for Tan Sri Hamzah Abu Samah

  1. Well, I don’t know much about him personally but then my regards on his demise. Here comes Olivia Newton John version, “Loving Arms”

  2. Dato,

    No mention of your former boss under whom you served not too long ago? The late Hamzah Abu Samah’s son is married to his only daughter.
    Tunku Ahmad and family are part of the Hamzah family.–Din Merican

  3. Al Fatihah.

    TS Hamzah was a pretty decent left handed batsman. Served MCKK , Malaysian Malays CA Team with distinction.

    He batted well in Life and played a good innings for the Country.


  4. I perchanced upon this blog and am saddened to read of TS Hamzah’s passing away.

    He earned my respect when as a visiting government minister to Wellington sometime in mid-1970’s in a dialogue with me as a student leader then he displayed his intellectual maturity unseen in Malaysian political leaders of the day and even today when he invited me to visit him when I returned to Malaysia and to discuss anything including Christianity because he knew I had just found faith in Jesus Christ. I don’t know why he raised the subject out of the blue but I guess the local Malaysian High Commission must have kept him informed.

    In contrast another Cabinet Minister who met me issued a veiled threat when I met him on a separate occasion in a social organised by the Malaysian High Commission to meet overseas students. This contrast in how Malaysian politicians have different approaches to their student leaders nonetheless left me with an indelible impression of TS Hamzah’s humility and graciousness. I never took up his offer and didn’t hear anymore of him until now.

    If I had met him I would have told him, “Tan Sri, thanks for touching my heart with your kind words when I was a young and idealistic student leader. When politicians make themselves demigods or devils to subsume them into their control you walked into my heart with your humanity. Malaysia is bereft of a rare gentleman in politics and so much poorer.”

    My condolences to TS Hamzah’s family.

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