Congratulations, Negara Ku Malaysia

August 30, 2012

Congratulations, Negara Ku Malaysia on the occasion of Merdeka Day (August 31, 2012)

“We are now at a period in time which is monumental for Malaysia. Everywhere, the people can see significant changes not only at the individual stage but also the family and community.

As such, let us push up Malaysia’s image by fulfilling all promises made and realising the potentials we have for the sake of all Malaysians. Don’t let us destroy what we have nurtured and created. Do not ever jeopardise the harmony of our birthplace which has since long been built.”Prime Minster Najib Tun Razak (Merdeka Day 2012 Address to the Nation).


Kuala Lumpur, August 30, 2012

August 31, 2012 will be celebrated in grand style. Some say it is Rais Yatim’s day to show case the occasion with pomp and ceremony. Nothing is further than the truth. It is, in fact, our day as Malaysians.

Jalur Gemilang (the Malaysian Flag) will be flown with pride throughout the length and breadth of our country and there will be parade at Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur to commemorate the occasion, to be followed by spectacular fireworks at night.

We deserve to pat ourselves on the back, as we have lived in relative peace and harmony for 55 years as an independent nation (discounting the view of some “eminent” home grown historians who said that we never colonised by the British). Politics aside.

We should use this occasion to reflect on the fact that we have come together as One Nation (not yet as One People) and resolve that from this day on, we will work hard to achieve a developed nation status by 2020 and be Malaysians, not Malays, Chinese, Indians and others.

It is not often that Dr. Kamsiah and I would quote the views of a journalist from the UMNO -controlled New Straits Times. But on this special day, we are  pleased to quote  Chok Suat Ling, who wrote: “The country is free from strife, grinding poverty, and the raucous scenes we are now seeing in some other parts of the world. There is no war, no need to dodge bullets when walking out in the open.”

We agree with her. But that said, this should be the pretext for us to remain contented with the status quo. We need change, peaceful change that is, and free ourselves from the chains of mediocrity, incompetence and corruption.

We should seek to establish a government with the conviction and political will to deal with these issues. We must insist that government worthy our support must serve the people.

Merdeka Day should also be the occasion for us to renew our faith in our country. Our country is what we as a people make it out to be. Surely we can make Malaysia a haven of peace and harmony for all.  Selamat Hari Merdeka.–Dr. Kamsiah and Din Merican

21 thoughts on “Congratulations, Negara Ku Malaysia

  1. Din :
    Key dates & Events.
    31.08.1957 – Federation of Malaya granted independence.

    22.07.1963 – Sarawak granted Indepedence.

    31.08.1963 – Sabah unilateral declaration of Independence( as a sovereign nation)

    16.09.1963 – Formation of Malaysia.


  2. We join you Dato’ in congratulating Malaysia for the Merdeka Day. Yes, we also need peaceful changes for the better in the interest of all Malaysians. With all the feedbacks from the rakyat especially via the internet, we should get those changes coming, the sooner the better.

  3. How do I tell my kids I can’t take them to the Merdeka rally at Bukit Jalil since daddy has no invitation nor welcome…

  4. We have many buayas in the government pretending to be mati and one ole Apanama shedding ayer mata buaya. Selamat Merdeka ke 55 Malaysia

  5. Congratulations Malaysia.

    May the next 50 years be years of reflection, fulfillment, upliftment of everyone who calls this nation their home.

    The future can only be Good if you set your minds to it.

  6. Should we be proud? In Malacca, the malaysian flag, symbol of our nation’s independence and it should be our pride, is wrongly made! Founding hanging along the lamp posts along the streets and even in AEON mall, the flags all have the crescent on the right and the start on the left. How come the city council didn’t realize it, or is it a case of who cares, and no one will notice or complain? I am ashamed – what if foreign reporters photo these FU flags and we will be a laughing stock, oops, rather the historical city will be one, and Ali Rustam will hide his face, or perhaps, he will declare, so what?
    Guess what would have happened if these foul up flags were found in PKR states? Hell would have broken loose! God save our country!

  7. ‘We should seek to establish a government with the conviction and political will to deal with these issues. We must insist that government worthy our support must serve the people’.

    And where are we suppose to get this from?… The idiotic Ahmad , Ah Chong or Muthu Malayan?

    One has to be utterly mad to expect something as good as a clean trustworthy government to ever emerge out of the ashes of Malaya , when …even the most learned amongst them are scoundrels…

    What have we? An Ex-CM of a Malayan State with an uncontrollable addiction to sex and is a known peadophile to freely walk the streets…Appeallate court judges ruling that a convicted child rapist should be spared the harsh penalty of statuory rape with such bizzare – unsound reasoning –

    Then there is this sickening Ex-PM Mamak character ” mooching-about” in the Malayan midst guilty of treachery and other crimes , insisting on staying in the forefront of Malayan politics…

    Made worst by – An opposition leader who up till this point has yet to decide whether he is coming or going , coupled with other nuisance vis a vis nonsense to contain with… Last but not least , are the numerous Malayan blogging community constantly pointing fingers at all in sundry other than themselves nor their Malayan counterparts for the country’s shameful state…. Poorah!!! Ham Ka Chan!!! Boleh blah lah….

  8. Dato,

    Semper and I were not laughing at the country of our birth. How could we? We were laughing at ourselves. Angry with those who led the country into the mess that it is in. There is more reason to put the author of Negara Cuckoo in jail then there there is to strip Semper fi of his marine stripes.

  9. Merdeka? Questionable, perhaps the views of Sarawakians and Sabahans need to be heard. Without them, there is no Malaysia, just Malaya, Sarawak, Sabah as independent nations. About time we have open discussion on this very subject.

  10. If we’re going to take offence everytime someone sings ‘Terang Bulan’ or plays his rendition of what is a love song for more years than Malaysia has played its national anthem, then UMNO should get offended everytime the Star and Stripes is hoisted. But the country’s first Prime Minister so loved the founding principles of the world’s freest nation and the philosophy behind it that he embraced Old Glory as his nation’s own. Both are facts of history – and we cannot and should not run away from history.

    Today over here we are in the midst of the Presidential election and every American is reminded of what this nation stands for and that is “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. And so should all Malaysians.

  11. The tunes of the Star Spangled Banner came from a British drinking song first written by an American amateur poet in 1814 as Fort McHencry was being bombarded. Yes, a British drinking song from a London social club! Today millions of American stood at attention paying their respect and all because the Brits like to drink and getting drunk?? History has changed all that.

  12. In this moment of rejoice let’s not forget the sacrifices of those who died and fought for the Independence of this country. It’s their struggles and spirit that we Malaysians today enjoy the fruits of their effort, which sadly to say less appreciated especially by the young citizens who were naive on the history of their country.

  13. “In this moment of rejoice let’s not forget the sacrifices of those who died and fought for the Independence of this country.” — Jason

    The last time I checked we never had to fight to win our Independence. It was given to us on a silver platter on a sunny afternoon. And when our soldiers fought remants of the MPAJA, the para military arm of the Communist Party of Malaya, our soldiers fought alongside the British and not against them. The Communist Party of Malaya was fighting a war of liberation. Those who fought alongside the Brits were not. So let’s get the facts right.That makes Chin Peng a Malaysian patriot. Why are we not honoring the man?? What say you Gen Tok Cik?

    Bean, if we can get Independence by negotiation without fighting the colonial power, we are pretty smart, don’t you think? You do not have to be a streetfighter to qualify.Chin Peng blew his chance at Bailing when the Tunku gave him an olive branch.–Din Merican

  14. The forces “led” by Chin Peng were not merely the communists but included many nationalists who fought the British forces and later fought our own forces with British assistance. Chin Peng was inspired by & aligned with the Communist Party of China which would have control over Malaya if Chin Peng were to win. Our Armed Forces & the Police with British assistance initially fought & sacrificed their lives to retain our Independence. Our Independence was not given on the “silver platter” or delivered willingly by the British who, by then in their own national interest, found Malaya resisting continued British rule, untenable politically & expensive economically to be retained within its colonial empire which was breaking up. Don’t kid ourselves that the British or any other power for that matter, would be willing to give anything on a “silver platter”. And how could Chin Peng be categorized as a “Malaysian patriot” when we all know that he refused to lay down arms after the Baling meeting with the Tunku who was the Prime Minister of our beloved and undisputably Independent country? We have to have our facts right too. Selamat Merdeka.
    Tunku gave Chin Peng the chance to come clean at Baling in 1955. When he refused, Chin Peng lost it all. His patrons also abandoned him when the PRC received Tun Razak in Beijing and established diplomatic relations with us. Ideology and ambition got the better of Chin Peng. Now he cannot even come home. For the remainder of his years, he must sadly remain an exile. –Din Merican

  15. “Don’t kid ourselves that the British or any other power for that matter, would be willing to give anything on a “silver platter” — Hussin

    “Nippon come, Britsh go” is not unlike Mahathir’s “But British Last”. Long after we gained our Independence on a silver platter (it was on a platter and it was silver) the Brits still had control of the country’s economy and foreign policy. Nothing changed much. We remained colonized except this time by UMNO (sorry Tok Tam and may your soul rest in peace. Spinning in your grave is bad for health and is reserved for the Old Goat). Our foreign policy was the mirror image of U.K. foreign policy. Even the Old Goat could be forgiven for thinking we were still fighting the Brits when he took over as deputy Prime Minister in 1981. How do you explain the Old Goat’s frenzy in wanting to ‘take over’ Carcosa from the Brits long after they left our shores?

    Hussin, with all due respect, you may have done well in your School Certificate or GCE and may have graduated from an UMNO institution but you apparently lack the PhD material in you needed to make you the country’s intellectual rock star like Randy Rais and Awang Adek. History as you know is written by the victors (no exception there) and our history was written by UMNO right wingers with more than a little help from the right wing British Conservative Party.

    Chin Peng means many things to different people. He was on the side of the Brits, fought a rearguard action to re-take Malaya from the toothy Nips and was showered with accolades by none other than the British Monarch (at a time when many Malays collaborated with the Nips feeding into their promise of Malaya for the Malays and Indonesia Raya). Then comes the terrorist who may be another man’s freedom fighter. You can say he was all that. But like Barry Obama, love him or hate him, you cannot deny that he fought to liberate all of us from ourselves. For that he should be allowed to return to his place of birth Sitiawan (or City in the Clouds), Perak and be buried next to his fallen ancestors. A statue in his honor in a Sitiawan Chinese cemetery would be far better than a statue of the young version of the Old Goat urinating into a pond in his own backyard.

  16. It is time we rise above the bull shit we were fed with in school and re-write history – our own. We own this country. Not UMNO. They didn’t build it. We did.

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