Leaked Penang PKR Meeting Minutes: Guan Eng is Cocky and Arrogant

August 23, 2012

Leaked Penang PKR Meeting Minutes: Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng is “Cocky and Arrogant”

by Susan Loone@http://www.malaysiakini.com

EXCLUSIVE: State PKR Chief Mansor Othman is upset that minutes of the party’s Penang strategic meeting on preparations for the 13th general election, where he described Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng as arrogant, have been leaked.

Mansor, who is Deputy Chief Minister I, said he was aware of the leak and expressed his disappointment that it has been published verbatim in an obscure blog.

NONEHowever, Mansor (left), who is Penanti assemblyperson, said the contents – detailing questions raised on the coming polls and his responses to them – were “genuine concerns”.

“Give me a few days, I am investigating the matter. The contents of the posting on the blog are based on genuine concerns but what I cannot accept is the leakage,” he told Malaysiakini during the recent Hari Raya open house in Guar Perahu.

In the blog titled ‘Gelagat Anwar’, the June 16, 18 and 19 postings listed the attendees and detailed the discussions on seat allocations and problems faced by PKR in Penang.

A check revealed that one of those in the list of attendees – Kebun Bunga assemblyperson Jason Ong Khan Lee – was absent from the meeting. Those present, other than Mansor, included state PKR Deputy Chief Law Choo Kiang; Bukit Bendera division Deputy Chief Felix Ooi; Bayan Baru Deputy Chief Tan Seng Keat; 2004 candidate for Bayan Baru Raymond Ong; Tanjung Youth Chief Ng Chek Siang; Batu Uban Chief Cheah Peng Guan and the DCM’s Assistant John Ooi, who is also a PKR member in Bayan Baru.

Malaysiakini approached several in the list for comment, only to receive the standard reply, “please refer to Mansor”.

2008 status quo to remain

During the meeting – which appeared to be very focused on PKR’s Chinese candidates – Mansor said that except for Machang Bubok assemblyperson Tan Hock Leong, the other incumbents would defend their seats.

PKR Youth Information Chief Lee Khai Loon is said to have been proposed to replace Tan – who suffered a stroke recently – as he is from Bukit Mertajam, but the idea was shot down.

Mansor, who is also PKR National Vice-Chief, added that Chinese candidates would be fielded in five state seats and one parliamentary constituency. This is in keeping with the 2008 formula.

In the general election of 2008 that brought Pakatan Rakyat into power in Penang, PKR contested 16 state seats and won nine. The party’s partners DAP went for 19 state seats and took all, while PAS fought for five seats but took none. UMNO captured the remaining 11 seats. PAS the following year won the Permatang Pasir state seat in a by-election.

On the controversy over Pantai Jerejak – a Chinese-majority seat, Mansor said it would probably go to a Chinese, although MPPP councillor Rashid Hasnor’s name has been proposed as the candidate.

“We have to look at the winning factors… maybe we have to look for a Chinese with more chances than a Malay in Pantai Jerejak but the decision is still up to the centre,” Mansor is quoted as saying in the meeting minutes posted on the blog.

He has named Felix Ooi as the potential candidate for Pantai Jerejak. However, this needs endorsement from the PKR national leadership.The state leadership will support whatever decision that comes from the top, Mansor said.

He has assigned Seng Keat, who is also MPPP councillor, to “talk” to Rashid about the possibility that he might not be fielded in Pantai Jerejak, currently held by Bayan Baru PKR Division Chief Sim Tze Tzin (left).

Bayan Baru is a hot seat for PKR as three of the constituencies under it – Pantai Jerejak, Batu Uban (S Raveentharan) and Batu Maung (Abdul Malik Abul Kassim) – are held by the party.

Speculation is rife that Sim, although he is evasive about it, is set to replace former PKR State Chief Zahrain Mohd Hashim, current Bayan Baru MP, who has quit the party.

Chinese candidates a threat

On whether the DAP has requested any seats from PKR, Mansor is quoted as saying he would not budge on that. He said PKR’s Chinese candidates are seen as a “threat” to the DAP.

When it was pointed out that DAP and PKR may not be caught in a tussle for seats this time around, Mansor said that was not certain as matters have yet to be finalised.

He remarked that his boss in the state administration, Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng was not only “arrogant” but that it was undeniable that Penangites thought of him as a “tokong” (a diety).

NONE“He (Guan Eng) is very arrogant, I tell you… cocky and arrogant. It is not easy. Now more arrogant,” Mansor says about the DAP Secretary-General.

“They (the DAP) are sure of winning 19 (seats) and they want more. Because with two more (seats) they can form their own government and they can take from us (PKR reps) to be on their side and (then) abandon us (PKR),” the minutes quote him as saying.

On the possibility of three-cornered fights if PKR does not accede to DAP’s alleged demand for more seats, Mansor said “We will fight”, adding another list of 10 Chinese candidates would be prepared for constituencies such as Sungai Pinang and Jawi.

Several problematic seats

Meanwhile, Mansor lamented over several seats that appear to be problematic, for example, Tasek Gelugor, held by UMNO, where the division is “asking for money”.

The seat might be handed over to PAS, Mansor said, as their partner wants to contest an additional seat, or a total of six. He complained about the Sungai Acheh division, too, which reportedly issued letters to its members to “boycott a visit by the boss (Opposition Leader and PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim)”.

“Just because it did not go through the division. Look at the problem we are dealing with. What if the letter (about boycott) fell into UMNO’s hand? Then we are dead,” he decried.

The meeting finally toyed with the possibility of Pakatan taking Putrajaya in the 13th general election, which must be held by the latest in April next year. Mansor said there would be thousands of jobs but he was not that interested, joking that he preferred to be posted as the “Chinese Ambassador”.

He told his subordinates in the party to rally together, that the Chinese members must visit the Malay grassroots, to drive home the point of the party’s multi-racial status.

“Now, our job is to kick UMNO. We have to swallow everything. We must not give an inch to UMNO… cannot make mistakes… mistakes like these…”.

12 thoughts on “Leaked Penang PKR Meeting Minutes: Guan Eng is Cocky and Arrogant

  1. With friends like this (Mansor) who needs enemies? Why can’t intelligent people phrase their words carefully when they know that UMNO is hanging on to every word coming out of their big mouths?

  2. This is not a good development for PKR-DAP relations. UMNO-BN will exploit this to the hilt. Let us hope CM Lim Guan Eng is big hearted enough to overlook this matter and get on with preparations for GE-13. The objective is for Pakatan Rakyat to win the elections and retain Penang.–Din Merican

  3. LGE’s a Tokong? Nah, just Taikor.. Big Cargo Cult status no doubt.
    Cocky and arrogant? What’s the difference? But i would agree to whatever it means. Accountants aren’t exactly salt of the earth sorta fellas (with apologies to those who’re feeling salty).

    At least LGE got rid of one of his useless key appendages recently, but he’s got lots more surrounding him. The problem with DAP hacks is that they think a world of themselves once they’ve achieved a modicum of success. Goes to the brain like grapeshot and probably due to severe deprivation. Don’t have the money, but power (so they figure) more addictive. Don’t know how to act magnanimously, so how to be humble? Look at their jokers elsewhere – everything also got strings attached and sometimes their EQ resembles that of Asperger’s syndrome..: ‘I dun fren u’.

    Of course, there are exceptions: His dad LKS, is more personable. So too, Karpal, Teresa Kok, K.L. Fong and some of the other old guards.

    As for that Mansor fella, i think he talks over much. Verbal diarrhea. Just buat lah and keep all these types of revelations outta public scrutiny. No tape/voice recordings can or not. All hand phones at the door. PKR jokers another bunch of: ‘Whaddya?” I’ll leave PAS alone, if they leave me alone. Too many MC’s already.

    But if the BN jocks think this amounts to earth-shaking ammunition, they are shooting themselves in the cojones – again.

  4. Dato Din, let me share this story with your blog visitors, it is something I and my family witnessed directly about a year ago.

    One Sunday afternoon, about 12 noon, I brought my wife and her folks to a Chinese makan shop along Burmah Road famous for its Teochew Porridge. We were there early so we got a table for ourselves.

    There was another family waiting to be seated as the tables were all filled up. Then a familiar-looking man dashed across the street with a wife in tow and carrying a young boy, probably 2-3 years old. It was CM Lim Guan Eng and his wife Betty and his young son.

    When he arrived at the shop, the shopkeeper was embarrassed and quickly found a table to be set up quickly (the foldable type of table) and grabbed three chairs for the Chief Minister and his family…

    CM Lim refused the table, instead he went to the family who had arrived earlier and waited for their table, to take the “new” table offered by the shopkeeper. We were all touched by that gesture.

    How can CM Lim be an arrogant person? We have heard he is firm, tough and strong minded, but he was never arrogant. Even when we discussed with him about the function we are having end of this month for our community’s 7th Moon, he refused our request to have our Geitai stage show beyond 11pm… because he says other races need to sleep… he is tough but he is not arrogant, that we know!

  5. Greenbug,

    I agree with you on LGE. Whenever I wanted to know about developments in Penang I used to call him on the handphone. Sometimes, he could not answer my calls, but he always returned them with apologies for not responding earlier.Frankly, I am not used to hearing apologies from big shots in our country. LGE is an exception. So he can’t be “cocky and arrogant”.

    But I can tell you this: LGE is a tough negotiator for his party, a demanding boss who expects high performance standards from his associates and wards, and a dedicated servant of the people of Penang. Although he was originally from Melaka, he is in my book a Penangite because he works hard and under enormous pressure for the people there.

    No matter what UMNO and the mainstream media put out against him, LGE is doing a great job, and now Penang is a clean and vibrant place. I always have time for him.–Din Merican

  6. PKR members and leaders are their own worst enemy and responsible for PKR downfall. They forget that PKR needs DAP and PAS to make PR happen. They think just because two alphabet PR are part of PKR they control PR. Too egoistic, needs to bring them down to earth. Just because LGE can’t and won’t bow to their wishes or request, LGE is arrogant. How about the PKR leaders? Aren’t they arrogant, maybe more arrogant.

  7. State PKR chief , Mansor Osman should just grow up. He should not be OVER SENSITIVE like Malays generally are . To do a good job one has to hold oneself back for the general good – which is what Guan Eng is doing.

    Being overly sensitive , means you are only thinking of yourself , like most Malays do. People like Mansor won’t make good leaders . They only sit on high positions because of a lack of choice . Good leaders need to be humble like Anwar Ibrahim and Guan Eng.

  8. Back to Basic (B2B) August 24, 2012 at 8.00 am

    Back in 2008 – 2010, I used to remind the Councillors, “We must strive to conduct ourselves in an amiable manner and always to try to find amicable solutions to whatever problems that were on hand. We are not in the opposition. So think, articulate your thoughts and ideas in a respectable manner. We do not have to raise our voice, to make ourselves understood. Make a little more effort to convince your listeners that your points are worth listening to. Seek to understand others before expecting to be understood.”
    I mooted an idea that the MPPP Councillors should sit through a properly conducted, pre-council meeting; a couple of days before the monthly Full Council Meeting. As a reward for speaking out my mind, the councillors appointed me to be the Secretary of the Pre-C meeting, with Prof. Francis Low acting as the Chairman. A few of us, Finn Choong, Chor Huat and Ali Akbar managed to harness the excessive arrogant disposition of a number of our councillors.
    Orang Malaya’s concern should not be taken lightly, not only by the PKRs but all in the PRs. Each component needs the other. A not so old mans’ advice: Do not talk like a loose cannon.
    To DCM 1, Do take cognisance of an old adage,”Terlajak perahu boleh diundur, terlajak kata emas padahnya”
    Dato’ Din, I am an avid reader of your column. Hope to meet you in Penang, may be at the OFA, before the year ends. T/Q.

  9. Politics is all about perception.

    Politicians need to be careful about what they say and how
    they are perceived by the public.
    Unless you are Ibrahim Ali or his patron Dr M 🙂

  10. Clf has already proven himself as the anwarista. If thamrin jump to pas, must be a katak. But if pkr, semis pun boleh. That’s why I wanna arrange a fight between you & ktemoc. He has mentioned in great length, the arrogance of pkr.

    Wanna bet! How about the exco arrangement in selangor? Why pkr got 5 instead of 4? How many seats pkr contested in Sarawak? Tian Chua instructed dap to contest 13 seats only, forcing dap to give up batu lintang. The incumbent is dap adun.

    Seriously pkr itself got big problem. You know about the issue with khalid & azmin. Read raffick’s complain on azmin incompetence. Pkr is the weakest link period.
    I supported the idea of pkr give up 2 seats in penang

  11. Presbyopia, please spare us your “over sensitive like most Malays generally are” and “only thinking of yourself, like most Malays do” type of generalisation. Such statements not only reduces the credibility of the rest of your observations but also highlights your sentiments of bigotry in also implying that Mansor is only a token-Malay DCM for Penang.

    Dato Din, in this particular incident I would take it as some degree of frustration being expressed, albiet in private, by a man in a position of high expectations. Obviously the leaking of his private view was to undermine his credibilty as an effective (Malay?) leader. 

    But as a Penangite observing the workings of the PR government, I can sympathize with his view of LGE. This not to take away the credits of LGE’s efforts as CM, but talking several key government officials, one senses their feelings of helplessness for not being able to give any positive assurance on anything at all without the agreement of the ‘Headmaster’. In effect it is now at the point where we are asking why we should continue to vote for these ADUNs if they cannot be effective in their own right. If LGE is the not a dictator, as many allege, then he obviously has no regard for their ability and contributions except to make up the numbers.

  12. Er what’s your beef, Looes?
    Can’t understand metaphor ah?
    What i’m saying is that DAP has to shed it’s chauvinistic hubris. It’s not the leaders who are the problem, it’s flunkies and groupies like you.
    Arrogance is not only how you treat the minnows/inferiors. It is also perceived when you pretend to have principles and treat your Peers with contempt or beneath notice. Arrogance is rooted in Ignorance.

    But you’re not my peer, because i’m of a different species altogether. That’s stated in my moniker.

    Humility can sometimes confused with ‘philanthropy’, like what greenbug was intimating. Philanthropic manners occur whenever one is ‘above’ – not ‘below’. True humility is about listening to what others say and acting on it in a way that sometimes seems altruistic. It comes from the heart and is spontaneous.
    Therefore Arrogance is not the anti-thesis of Humility (vice-versa). It is a state of Being.

    PKR can be arrogant and sometimes stupid because they have the unshakable belief that they are the continuation of BN in more balanced clothes. As for seat allocation, it’s best PR central committee handles it away from public scrutiny and hacks like you. I couldn’t care less.

    Btw, you sound more like a UMNO troll, who’s trying to drive wedge between the components of PR. Good luck.

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