Congratulations, Rinong wins a Bronze Medal for Malaysia

August 10, 2012

Breaking News: Congratulations, Rinong wins a Bronze Medal for Malaysia at London Olympics 2012

Pandelela Rinong gave MALAYSIA a Bronze medal in the women’s 10m platform Diving event at the London 2012 Olympics. Pandelela scored a total of 359.20 points to take the BRONZE medal. With that bronze, MALAYSIA is placed tied 52nd (1 Silver and 1 Bronze) in the medal tally.–Din Merican

18 thoughts on “Congratulations, Rinong wins a Bronze Medal for Malaysia

  1. I have been following diving closely in this games. I was so proud of her and her partner for synchronized diving for just being in the finals but she surprises us with this bronze.

  2. Great to know that as Malaysians, we must keep trying and never give up even against better opponents…Great Pendelela Rinong we are proud of you!!!

  3. Aiseh.., stop whatever you’re smokin’, reeper. Golden dreams are elusive la.
    Pandelela Rinong Pamg is truly a gift to Malaysia. No one gave her an outside chance, but as she would say: “Okuk tungang!” That’s Bidayuh for “I Can!”
    Congratulations and be of good cheer, Ms Pamg.

  4. I repeat what I said yesterday! How much MONIES did this country spend on HER to win Bronze!She trains in China I was told with the top divers of CHINA! Her coach is Chinese off course!

    So can anyone reveal how much MSN & ISN together with Kementerian Belia & Sukan spends on our athletes for this GAMES?

    Maybe the Govt can rethink about priorities when public funds are wasted!What does the Bronze & Silver do to this country? Does it make us any better than our neighbours – Spore & Thailand ( they got their medals too)

    Please I need some real answers!
    Olympic medals mean a lot to all participating countries. Let us acknowledge that one Silver and one Silver is good performance for Malaysia. Our Diver is very young and will do better in Rio in 2016.

    I think we can do better if we send our best, not on the basis of NEP approach. We should be going to Africa and other place and import some long and middle distance runners and make them Malaysian citizens. Our Olympic Council needs new leadership. Put politics out of sports. Of course, there must be accountability and transparency in governance.–Din Merican

  5. “But as she would say: “Okuk tungang!” That’s Bidayuh for “I Can!” — CLF

    That’s close enough. In Kedah lingo that would translate to “pungkok tonggeng” — something that would come to mind when you watch those divers.

  6. Ride on Mr Bean, you must have been in the weird WTF moments…
    Anyway this young girl had been consistent enough for the last two years. She won gold at Commonwealth Games in 2010 and was runner up in the World Championship early this year prior to the Olympic…So what the fuss all about Pension man??…

  7. Her coach is Chinese off course! – pension man

    How can a chinese ‘off course’ coach her la?
    lets be proud of the little bit of success we have at the olympics, pension, at whatever cost. thereby we hope that for the next time meritocracy will rule in malaysia.

  8. Stil people talk about wastage and the less fortunate of this land we come home!
    And at the same breath agree that monies wasted justified!
    MSN & ISN must table out the years of wastage from Soccer, Takraw, Rugby AND HOCKEY, the games we can never WIN!

    If Squash & Ten Pin Bowling can be successful maybe it is justified!
    Other than that, we are all fooling ourselves…..we find it difficult even at the regional level, what more at this stage?

    IS Wasting public funds it not a CRIME?
    Buidling a single monastery worth close to a billion for just a person is another shame, no matter what justification given, the country is crying foul about expensive housing and inflation. And we can say it is OK!

    YET we can still continue to justify these actions !
    WHOSE money are we talking about?
    BNM can never say anything, they remain loyal ONLY!

    I beg everyone to forgive me for this immoral outcry!

    JUST another sad soul seeing the poor souls of this land suffer on!

  9. You are quite right, pension.
    There must be transparency and accountability.
    But sometimes being too result orientated takes out the joy from life. Remember, the poor we will always have. Certainly, i would not begrudge Pandelela’s just dues. But we should revamp the whole sports culture in Malaysia – which is inherently dictated by jaguh kampongs with the mentality of goat-herders.

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