UMNO playing the Race Card

July 3, 2012

UMNO playing the Race Card 

by  Nawawi Mohamad, Malaysia Chronicle

UMNO must accept that it has done too many wrong things. Forgiveness even from the Malay community which has supported it in the past won’t come so easily any more. The party just has too many scandals and failed to do too many things it is duty bound to do.

Even with 55 years of authority, it has mismanaged the country’s economy, failed to raise the standards of living of the majority of the Malays which is supposed to be its main objective and failed to eradicate poverty amongst all Malaysians, which they promised all of us.

There have been too many disastrous economic decisions that have now resulted in the country sitting on an incomprehensible RM460 billion mountain of debts. Debt alone has stunted the development and progress of our country; we can all forget about becoming a developed nation by 2020.

Cooking poison curry

Face it, the education system is also a disaster zone. Both Malaysian parents and children are put in a confusing and irritating situation. The dilemma of whether to really embrace English as the language of economy, science and knowledge or of improving and enriching the Malay language is still being fought out and the systemic ad hoc changes made every few years are destroying education system and confusing the students.

UMNO has also failed to maintain social harmony, religious tolerance or integrate the various ethnic groups and culture. Malaysians are naturally very tolerant of each other and at times have shown kindness, caring, respect and kinship to each other beyond racial and religious boundaries. There are inter-marriages and courting couples and their offspring are beautiful to behold.

There are many Malays who look Chinese, Chinese who look Malay, there are of course Malays who look Indian and there are Indians who look Malay. Malaysia is a cultural melting pot, but one that UMNO is stirring into a cauldron of poisoned curry.

We can participate and celebrate each other’s festivities and eat a meal with each. Even the different varieties of cuisine have somehow molded our taste buds for food and these have become uniquely Malaysian in taste. The social integration is spontaneous and can grow but UMNO won’t allow it. If we are comfortable with each other, UMNO’s biggest political weapon – divide and rule along ethnic lines.

Going all out to destroy social harmony

UMNO despite the decades in power has achieved little success. Yes, they can boast when they compare  Malaysia with its less developed neighbors In ASEAN. But why not compares against Singapore, Taiwan or Korea. After all, the Korean auto industry started around the same time as Mahathir Mohamad’s Proton. But ask any car buyer today, and they will say Korean cars are better than our heavily subsided Proton.

Now, UMNO is actively trying to dismantle the fragile social fabric that has been naturally woven by the people themselves over years. We have the potential to be a real success story. We had natural resources to help us achieve our aspirations, but the greedy UMNO elite spoiled everything and continues to do so.

Even our EPF at risk

UMNO has robbed us of a huge amount of the natural resources in Malaysia, and is still doing it. Our timber is gone, minerals have depleted, fresh water polluted and our petroleum resources are depleting. UMNO has also milked the last bastion of our our wealth dry – our Employees Provident Fund (EPF). Our EPF is not safe any more.

Instead of improving our economy, Najib is just manipulating the statistics to mislead us. His claim that his Economic Transformation Programs have been very successful is misleading. If the ETPs have been successful, then our national debt should have been manageable.

Instead of taking action against the wrongdoers for the various scandals, for overspending and corruption, scandal-tainted Najib and UMNO have tried hard to cover up or sweep these wrongdoings under the carpet. Najib and UMNO have instead protected the culprits and punished the whistleblowers instead of probing and charging them.

Green light given for extremism

Still UMNO is not satisfied even though Najib has managed to bulldoze through many controversies such as getting the MACC to clear Wanita UMNO’s chief Shahrizat Jalil of corruption.

Najib and his party are now encouraging religious tensions by refusing to take any action against individuals or groups that instigate racial tension.

With the latest PERKASA attack on Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, Najib and UMNO have in essence given the green light for all pro-UMNO individuals like Ibrahim Ali, Hasan Ali and groups like PEKIDA, JATI, TIBAI, and of course PERKASA to continue their  efforts at creating discord in our society. UMNO-BN politicians are also being encouraged to do the same.

The outright brutality against civilian protesters at the BERSIH rallies and the harassment against Dato’ Ambiga, the butt exercises by ex-Army officers and the latest call to “hang Ambiga” by an UMNO Member of Parliament are evidence that UMNO has lost its way.

Now, many Malays have lost faith in UMNO. To prevent a greater exodus and to recapture those who have left, former Prime Minister Mahathir is leading a propaganda charge to brainwash the Malay community that the non-Malays are dangerous people. And only UMNO, Mahathir and Najib are their saviours.

But will the Malays come back to the UMNO fold? Well, UMNO can just dream on. The fact is more Malays are ashamed of and disgusted with UMNO’s actions. Many have decided to abandon UMNO. Just look at the number of prominent individuals like the ex-senior civil servants and artists joining PKR and PAS.

The fact is the Malays no longer need UMNO to defend them or Islam – there is PKR, PAS and also DAP, which is starting to grow its Malay membership.

Self-interested and greedy individuals

Within UMNO, party leaders think as greedy individuals, bickering amongst themselves without caring about their party and our country. UMNO leaders  can be called modern day pirates and their ship is now sinking. These leaders are only pursue their self-interest and are blatantly corruption.

They know their ship is sinking but they won’t do a thing to stop it. Why should they bother, why should they be the one to lose their advantage – this is their mentality.

No wonder, UMNO and Najib are afraid to face the 13th general election. Their lack of confidence is preventing them from seeking a fresh mandate for the people. They know that this time around the voters including sensible Malays are less forgiving and want UMNO to own up to its mistakes.

Malaysia Chronicle

26 thoughts on “UMNO playing the Race Card

  1. To Malaysians sick of the racism at home and who have made the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave your home, about to celebrate the Fourth of July (and 236 years of Independence) do not forget your committment to ‘change’ and to your ‘tanah tumpah darah ku’. Go home and cast your vote. Your vote could make a difference.

    To Pak Semper,

    You may want to stop over at Jakarta and have a bowl of teloq torpedo before proceeding. Meanwhile yours truly could only dream all the teloq torpedo he has missed.

  2. What do you expect from a racist party? Color blind? Their very existence depend on playing the race card. Otherwise they will be out of business.

  3. Truth hurts…. I just hope that umno realizes their shortcomings and change. But then, I doubt it will anytime soon.

  4. Mongkut Bean,
    Yes July 4th a time to remember the blessings of living in the land of the free and home of the brave.
    How to go home and vote when we don’t even know when election is going to be held. In the US election is always done in November so everyone can make plans to be home for election.
    I just sent you a business proposal at teloqbesaq. It’s better than teloq torpedo. Let me know if you want the Master Franchise.

  5. Junior partners MCA and MIC play the race card too.

    Throw them all out at the next General Election !

  6. Racism rears its Ugly head at this critical time of an impending GE 13, merely to create fear in the ‘enemy’ line, hit them low psychologically, so that the opposition would be cowed and bring their supporters down, in order they hope to achieve a walk-over in the ” final battle ” to win the hearts & minds of the populace – It won;t be that easy for the opposition to raise the white-flag simply to be fooled by this cowardly tatic…

  7. Leaders in UMNO lost track because of the wealth they see could be theirs instead of using this wealth for the benefit of the people. I felt the contributions that I made to fight for the freedom of this country had been a total waste when UMNO betrayed the people’s trust. We talk when we first achieve independence ‘mengisi kemerdekaan yang telah dicapai’ ie to create what is needed to fulfil the aspirations of the people. But instead these leaders filled their pockets at the expense of the people. 50 year of betrayal! That is UMNO!

  8. There is no choice UMNO has to change & improve. This is an information age wherein no banning of information sources will be effective and all UMNO wrong-doings will be revealed very quickly. UMNO needs a Transformation. It does not mean other political parties are without faults though.

  9. “The fact is more Malays are ashamed of and disgusted with UMNO’s actions. Many have decided to abandon UMNO.” Nawawi

    That’s the only decent thing left for Malays to do at this moment in time. What little credibility left of the party is all gone thanks to these irksome morons.

  10. UMNO Barisan is a gang of crooks , thieves and gangsters . There seems no decent human in UMNO Barisan at all . There is only greedy , corrupt and low scums . The gravy must be so good and tasty that they just can’t be bothered what happens to the country – so long as they can line their pockets.

    Playing the race card is a reflection of their tidak apa attitude.

  11. UMNO,MCA,MIC all play the race card, with UMNO being the big bro. So for us ‘pendatangs’, if BN wins GE 2013,we may very well be thrown out of our own country. Esp since most things are considered pendatangs fault, that we are not patriotic, biggest laugh – that we, the minority races, are going to take over the country, lol.

  12. I think all right-minded responsible Malaysians should just come together and rebuild this country and make it what it once was – multiracial and harmonious and a rich cultural community. And with all the money in the bank saved from the corrupted leaders, we can make this country a happy rich country too… who cares if you go to Chinese, Tamil, Malay or English schools, we all drink the same teh tarek favorite – the only difference is biasa or kurang manis only – because it doesn’t matter anymore! We can call each other sepet or Cina babi or Keling or Kaki Botol or Melayu Bangang or whatever – the end of the day we all drink teh tarek happily together and scream our lungs out together for our jaguh kampung team Harimau!

  13. Change or be changed. That is the message of this article. Put an end to rent seeking, corruption and bullheadedness. I just finished a round of golf at the RSGC. My playing partners are saying that nothing can change if Mahathir is still around. He is evil incarnate, they told me. Najib knows that status quo UMNO is not viable, but he is too weak as a leader to do it. Or could it be that he too benefits from this corrupt system to end it.–Din Merican

  14. The stakes are very high. If these guys lose they know they will have to flee to their rat holes in Perth, London etc. The first task of a new administration is to try to repatriate all the nations wealth stashed abroad for the inevitable reckoning…

  15. We dont want them in Perth. Thanks.

    Once a upon a time, Umno was there to save malays, now they are there to save themselves? Save the malays, c’mon who are you trying to kid.

    And please leave the curry dish alone, dont poison it. it must be the most popular dish cooked in Uk now. Everyone eats curry in UK.

  16. RM 640bln or US145bln?

    Alamak Din. Can buy 2 Nimitz Class aircraft carrier,
    20 F16s
    Maybe a few Frigates & Apache copters.
    If UMNO can do that, then ..Wah Caya Lu Beb…

  17. I just sent you a business proposal at teloqbesaq. It’s better than teloq torpedo. Let me know if you want the Master Franchise.

    semper fi – July 3, 2012 at 7:04 am

    Will check. The last time I checked you offered me a franchise for JAWI sponsored halal condoms to keep Satan at bay. The United States being the Great Satan that she is, with a sizeable Muslim population that threatens to dwarf 60% of 28 million of self-professed Muslims in Malaysia, it would not be untimely to bring Dato on board for this multi-billion venture. And since the next President of the United States is himself a mormon who believes in multiple wives, the financial incentives that we can expect are huge. Especially now that college kids can no longer depend on ObamaCare to help get their hands on contraceptives.
    You miss an opportunity to join venture Goolbuttock, Justdoit and Bendover with Jesminder Kaur to do that in Malaysia.–Din Merican

  18. Rather than outsource the business to UMNOputras back In Malaysia, it would be better to manufacture locally and sell the U.S. certified halal condoms now that elections are near and UMNO gang bangers will be banging their heads every which way with their pants down to their ankles.

  19. You and I, Semper fi, and to the many Malaysians here, we owe our freedom to the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. And so a very happy birthday this 4th of July !

  20. My,my Mr Bean,that’s a good one, ” Umno Gang Bangers ” and the Halal condom,the one wearing pants are in town n them kampong Umno’s “Selak kain aje,sometimes wonder whether they have time to pakai Halal condom,”menatang ayoh wan,pade dok saje,baik bahang jubur lembu ” oran ganu kate.To Ahmad Mustapha, I feel the same,wasted my youth on chasing the commies,while the real ones are in Town,in 3 piece suit fronting for Umno/Bn.Umno goons are a bunch of crooks,inclusive of my 2 uncles, Ayah Musa n Ayah Li, so very2 glad that I have never ask them for anything.Thank god I mata sepek sikit n cerah kulit,malu laa,every time we call them stupid Govt for spending money,actually,they are the smart ones,coz we let them do it,we Rakyaat,especially Melayu’s are the stupid ones,the chinese n indians,jack them Umno’s n end up fronting them, n malays that front them ,kebas their money openly,for eg. Sam,another idiot in London ( that ship builder ) ecetera2.Najib’s/rosmah’s malays,so stupid,buy condo for lembu’s,buy subs that floats only,Aiyaaa,the chinese play golf,carry balls,Mahathir’s indian,lick whoever is the boss,belit to survive maaa.I’m sure you people can fill in the rest.

  21. UMNO should be blamed for converting many educated Malaysian intelectuals into USA worshippers.
    Hussin, I take exception to your remarks. I will criticise the USA any time and I know that they are big and confident enough to accept criticisms and will learn to do better. If there is anything that UMNO has done good is that they keep sending Malaysians (Malays especially)to the US and elsewhere overseas for their tertiary education.–Din Merican

  22. UMNO sends the Malays abroad thinking that they will come home and be eternally grateful.

    The irony is that these same boys returning home are now educated enough in Western justice and fairplay to realise that their benefactor’s intentions are not what they seemed.

  23. Dato’ Din, I have not included you in my previous remarks – you are one of the many other exceptions. I have been observing that you are balanced in all your remarks. To allow my remarks in your blog is a clear proof that you are one of those exceptions.
    That’s fine. Argue well and there is no reason to delete your views, although I may not agree with you from time to time.–Din Merican

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