What Happpened@ BERSIH3.0

June 13, 2013

What Happened @BERSIH3.0

Carolyn Hong – Straits Times, Singapore | June 05, 2012

The Barisan Nasional government plans to release an official video of April’s electoral reform rally that ended in chaos, as it continues to struggle with the fallout five weeks later.

The People’s Version

It will release the video compilation this week, which is expected to continue to push the message that opposition figures were responsible for the violence.

Dozens of people were hurt in the rally on April 28, which brought tens of thousands of Malaysians into the streets. The rally started peacefully but turned violent after protesters breached a barrier and police retaliated with tear gas and water cannon.

Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said a compilation of the footage will be available on the ministry’s website beginning on Wednesday.

“The video is to show what really happened in the rally, so the rakyat [people] can make their own judgments after viewing it, and not be influenced by the narrow opinions of others,” he said on Sunday.

With the next general election imminent, both the government and opposition are blaming each other for the violence.

The way the authorities reacted to the rally has affected Prime Minister Najib Razak, with his approval rating slipping from 69 percent in February to 65 percent last month, according to a survey by the independent Merdeka Center. His support among Chinese Malaysians plunged, but went up among the Malays.

The government started the ball rolling when it charged opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim and his righthand man Azmin Ali two weeks ago with instigating their supporters to breach police barricades.

It also sued rally leader Ambiga Sreenevasan for damage caused to Police vehicles during the rally.Ambiga has said it was the firing of teargas by police that triggered the chaos, which degenerated into violence.

Last week, former premier Mahathir Mohamad weighed in, writing in his blog that the rally was “preparation to reject the general election results if the opposition failed to take power.”

Over the weekend, Malaysian King Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah joined the refrain, warning Malaysians not to be “hoodwinked by external negative elements who are trying to meddle in the country’s affairs, including acculturating street demonstrations.”

Both Datuk Seri Najib and his Deputy Muhyiddin Yassin echoed similar views.The Prime Minister said on Sunday that the government will not compromise in quashing any threat to public order. Tan Sri Muhyiddin said the Barisan Nasional government was bracing itself for the possibility of violence from the opposition if the latter lost the election.

21 thoughts on “What Happpened@ BERSIH3.0

  1. A little off topic here if I may.

    We know that our well-compensated Ministers are quite adept at putting their feet in their mouths, and fairly obtuse when it comes to the reality on the ground, but of late it has gone to ridiculous levels.

    This morning the WWW15 Minister said the public should politely tell smokers not to smoke in a non-smoking area. Has he tried doing that? You’d have to spend your whole dinner time being polite going by the number of folk who feel it is their god-given right to contribute to the smog in restaurants. Or risk being beaten up by that toughie lighting up and letting smoke get in the eyes of his wife and little kids.

    Then the Education Minister chimes in and says that the PTPTN fiasco was not meant to victimize students. Then, pray tell, who was it aimed at?
    The university gardeners, the mat rempits on our roads, the smokers in restaurants, the Universities who have been sponging off the PTPTN mother-lode? Who?

    Seriously, do these folks even bother to even think before opening their mouths anymore?

  2. The beasts and devils under Keris-Umno are in the process of editing and censoring the video clips. Just wonder if there is any effort taken or if it is possible to send the video clips to the United Nations Human Right Commissions to open up their eyes again on the barbaric acts and cruelty the UMNOPUTRAS have done to the innocent peoples in Malaysia.

  3. Even before viewing it, its most likely to be doctored to show the police were angels. Chaps don’t waste your time.

  4. Can’t wait to see the video. Am eager to compare it with my own experiences being on the frontlines during Bersih3.0, and judge for myself whether the video is a true and accurate reflection of what really happened.

    Will it pass as a documentary, or will it be just another movie?

    Bracing for violence from PR if they lost? Hah! Who are they kidding? Violence from UMNO/BN if they lost is more likely. Witness the violent tactics and disruptions the UMNO/BN goons practiced on PR ceramahs.

    Instead of playing the blame game, why couldn’t the government seriously take proactive actions to ensure a clean and fair election process?

    We all know the answer to that, don’t we?

  5. The truth has but one version. The images speak for themselves. The people need to speak next. The general elections will be so rigged that more votes would be cast then they are voters casting them. BN will steal the elections and vote themselves to power. The struggle continues.

  6. Whatever happens, during GE 13 and after that, let’s have continued peace and harmony in our most beloved country Malaysia.

  7. Victory can only be won through extra-constitutional means since the law favors the incumbent fighting to preserve their hold over power through foul and fair means – more foul than fair. We need a Che Guevara very badly; whereever he is today he certainly is not busy making Molotov cocktails.

  8. A government accusing its own people of potential violence. hmmmm. tragic to say the least. Ii is obvious that both sides do not trust each other.The violence is yet to happen mind you. Its abit like preemptive strikes dont you think? we all know what happened when preemptive strikes was used as a reason dont we?

  9. They need to call in a Hollywood technician and movie censuring and doctoring expert to review the clips before they make them public. None of the local experts were willing to do that and there are no experts in FINAS, RTM, Merdeka Films, KPKK and even ASTRO for them to call on. Not even their cronies in KRU!

  10. These dumbos are too smart to doctor the video. they will cleverly edit with many scenes showing violence supposedly ‘created’ by the protestors. Scenes where pdrm tear gas were shot, chemical water jetted on protestors will be heavily censored.

    Scenes where for e.g. up to 18 anak jantan in uniform hammering, kicking, slapping, whacking and generally causing bodily harm to 1 (Yes, ONE) fallen skinny protestor will definite not be shown.

    And mark my word, the BERSIH protestors will all be young, bandana’d men yelling, screaming, fighting those heavily armed pdrm victims.

    Them Mak Ciks, Pak Ciks, Uncles & Aunties plus children who peacefully sat, sang songs, carried flowers are simply not there on that fateful day…

  11. OK so Bersih demo was an attempted coup. What else is new?? Malaysians are the most docile, obedient, easily cowed and easily threatened and intimidated pussies to walk the earth. Look at how they put their tails between their legs and ran for dear life at the first sign of tear gas ! And here these BN goons are crying ‘coup’? Gimme a break !

  12. Calm down didi. No use crying over this flur who has somehow crammed his brain into said the water bottle (500cc izzit?) then pickled it with salt.

    C’mon lah, UMNOb propaganda really is becoming so Ludicrous and Sick, that only micro-cephalics with 500cc brains can figure it out. Btw, this is less than my pet mongrel, and about on par with Homo floresiensis (the progenitor of ebu gogo, a cryptid supposedly roaming the jungles of Sumatra)

  13. They are just laying the foundation (like lawyers do before they introduce their theories at the begining of their case) for suspension of Parliament and declaration of Emergency come general elections. It is deja vu all over again with a slight twist. Today the commies who failed to take over the government in the ’50s and ’60s by force have returned to infiltrate civil society advocacy groups and cause mayhem.

    They even brought an old goat Hanif Omar (a retired IGP haunted by ghosts of dead CTs) from those days to connect the dots for us.

  14. Emergency? No can do, buddy. At least ain’t heard of it, yet.
    Even the most clueless of the UMNOb putras are aware that they will mampus or vaporize as that happens. Why? Capital flight of unimaginable proportion which they haven’t got time to figure out yet, and don’t forget the Borneo states.

  15. The ER or Emergency Rooms will be full of BN’s folks if PR wins the next GE. All hospitals in Malaysia need to set up Category 1 Cardiac ER to handle all the potential heart attack patients. They should encourage DNR cards (Do Not Resuscitate) or better still DNR tattoos on their wrists. That way EMC crews do not have to waste time and precious resources trying to jump start these folks.

  16. They don’t have to stir the pot now. But it is unimaginable that they would bow out to the will of the people gracefully. These guys know they are facing prosecution for abuse of power and corruption. No mention of possibility of having to invoke emergency provisions makes it very likely that they will do just that i.e. invoke those powers when push comes to shove. I don’t see them as having any other option. Do you?

  17. Let the Independent Panel see the 73 hours videos. Simple logic.
    The problem is that the panel is not independent. Both BERSIH and Bar Council are not cooperating with Tun Hanif. I am wondering what kind of report this panel will come out with.–Din Merican

  18. They took so long to ‘rojak’ the video,more than 50days still not satisfied with the doctored version,i for wont bother to watch it. It will invite more unfavorable comments,especially from the world at large who had watched the originals. The trouble with the govt is the more desperate they are,the more stupid things they will do or say,e.g. A minister claimed that the salt and water bottles brought along by the rally protestors,can easily topple the govt??? Is he admitting that the govt is that weak to be toppled so easily by the simple salt and water bottles?? The world must be having stomachaches laughing over that clown’s stupid claim!

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