Mahathirism goes to Yemen

June 11, 2012

Mahathirism goes to Yemen

BERNAMA reports:

Yemeni Prime Minister Mohamed Salem Basendowah has invited former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad (pic left), credited with spearheading Malaysia’s tremendous economic growth during his 22-year administration, to be Yemen’s special economic adviser.

Dr Mahathir visited Yemen, a country in the southern part of the Arabian Peninsula, on Thursday to seek clarification over Salem’s invitation to be his adviser, the Malaysian embassy in Sana’a said in a statement.

Dr Mahathir attended a lunch hosted by Salem and a meeting which was also attended by Yemen’s former Prime Ministers, members from the ruling and opposition parties, senior officials as well as a World Bank official.

Salem referred to Malaysia’s achievements and transformation from an agro-based economy to a developed nation as the “Malaysian Miracle”, the mission said.

“He looks forward to gaining Dr Mahathir’s insight on how to assist in rebuilding Yemen,” the statement noted. Dr Mahathir, it said, took the opportunity to share Malaysia’s experience and policies implemented during his tenure as Prime Minister.

“Dr Mahathir told the Yemeni prime minister that he felt honoured to be invited as Yemen’s special economic adviser,” the statement said.

Salem was appointed Prime Minister on December 11 last year and is spearheading efforts towards national reconciliation in his country.

Dr Mahathir also called on Yemen President Abdu Rabu Mansur Hadi during the visit.

18 thoughts on “Mahathirism goes to Yemen

  1. Thanks Yemen for taking this menace away from Malaysia. Keep him busy so that he will have no time to mess around with our politics.

    One of the first things he will do is to advise your government on how to manage the reserves of your Central Bank. In 1992, he with the help of the then Governor, Bank Negara Malaysia and his rogue currency trader Nor Mohamed Yakcop donated RM30 billion to currency markets when they gambled on sterling. What is interesting is that to this day, no one is held accountable. In fact the rogue trader is now a Minister in the Office of Prime Minister Najib. That is Malaysia under Mahathir’s influence for you.

    He will then recommend that Yemen should have a national car with technical assistance from Syed Mokhtar Albukhary and Proton. Finally, and this is good for Yemeni politicians, he will tell you how to make lots of money at the expense of the people of Yemen. Mahathirism is cronyism and banditry. God save Yemen.

  2. Mahathir recipe for Yemen:
    1. Launch your own car. Name it Yamahathir.
    2. Get you Central Bank governor to go into currency speculation.
    3. Put up the tallest building in the Middle East.
    4. Keep wages low and lock up any labour activists or buy them over.
    5. Get your media to spin about your economic transformation.
    6. Build a tolled highway across Yemen.
    7. Lock up your opposition leaders.

    But sorry I won’t keep my billion in your banks.

  3. The trend in Malaysia nowadays, anything that associates with Mahathir & UMNo does not sell anymore. The bread story will tell you more, and isotonic drink here is equally in limbo as they anticipated of more bad news to follow. Still not convince, look at Bursa UMNo related counters and discount the GLCs’ and EPF factors for better perspectives.
    That’s the reality of market force.

    Any bread maker entrepreneur who dare to package his bread in green, with moon logo will sell more breads than existing branded ones.

  4. OMG! We haven’t reached “developed nation” yet, not with infantile butt shakers and ministers on board. And we have not experienced any “Malaysian Miracle”, but certainly experiencing a “Malaysian Debacle” really.

    Well Salem, keep the Mamak out of your politics. If you want him for planning world record white elephants, then you’ve got the Man.

    And we are mighty grateful that you have taken him away from us, please keep him as long as you want. Better still, why not give him and his family citizenship.

  5. This is a good chance for the United States to kill two birds with one drone. Yemen is a nest for terrorists. This one is in pin stripe suits, a pin head and self appointed spokesman for Al Qaeda.

    This slippery character has escaped the clutches of Bendover Singh only to surface in the deserts of Yemen.

  6. Yemeni leaders have not read Barry Wain’s book yet, I suppose.
    It takes two of a kind before a deal can be struck. Syed Bukhary is interested managing the port and selling Proton cars. Mahathir wants to remind the Malays that he is still demand. He should take Nor Mohamed Yakop as his advisor for Yemen.–Din Merican

  7. This is just great news, maybe he can then turn his son into a Yemeni,then topple the Govt n have his son PM, sh..t maan,it’s much faster to be PM over there,then wait for Flip Flop to decide.hope they don’t have Kak Ros’s twin over there,if not mampus Mahathir.1 advised for Mahathir,you fork up the PM and his Govt,you’d not only have to deal with him,his cabinet, or his family,you’d also have to deal with his tribe n they lynch people there or perhaps in his case,they just lob off your head,just to make sure,heee3,please accept that position ASAP,we’ll send pisang to Masjid,take your time over there,so we can korek2 all your misdeeds just so to let you know we don’t forget n definitely won’t forgive,Ta.

  8. Alamak,I forgot,Hey Che Det,can you also bring along your cronies,especially Nor Yaacob,he’s good in finance you know,,just see what he did to our country.Bring along your side kick Diam2, n Walk a Mile for a Spring,Yemeni Spring and that Bukhari too,please bring him along,he’d be at home again there.I hope they still practised Syariah law there.

  9. the Artful Dodger goes to Yemen to teach Salem the Art of Cheating and Looting. who could know it better than the Chief of all malaysian pickpockets mahakutty!

  10. If and when Pakatan does win Putrajaya you may hear the argument that the bumiputras were kept on ‘dependent syndrome’ to facilate the take over by Pakatan.

  11. Sounds more like another infantile effort to try to restore Kutty’s image in the eyes of the Malays via the main stream media . The earlier effort was the doctorate he acquired via an obscure university from Thailand.

    Wonder how much they pay for these things?

  12. Yemen you are most welcome to take the pest away from Malaysia. If you want transparency and a better person look elsewhere and I am sure you have capable Yemeni people who can fill the shoes.

  13. Let’s plan a grand send off party for Apanama Che Det. MAS please get your brand new A-380 ready to take Che Det and his family and cronies over to Yemen. What a great way for an inaugural trip. I’m sure the A 380 have enough space for all the cronies and their baggage including excess baggage. If not TUDM can prepare the Charlie C-130’s.

    Apanama Che Det can start training how to avoid the drones and also join the pirates off the coast of Somalia in plundering the ships that ply the seas there.

  14. From now, only Allah can save the people of Yemen.

    Allah could not save Malaysia in time…. And we are paying the price.

    I think Mahathir should bring Nor Yakcop to advise their Central Bank on how to outwit others on foreign exchange trading. We are the experts on this. Mahathir should bring along his proxy, the pea-brain “I am Malay first Malaysian second” DPM/Education Minister on how to make Yemeni education the best I the world. According to Muhyiddin, Malaysia has world class education system.

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