Your Weekend Entertainment- The Heart Breakers

June 9, 2012

Your Weekend Entertainment- The Heart Breakers

Feeling sentimental and nostalgic? If you are, then we have pleasure in presenting Ms. Joni James for your listening pleasure. We have chosen Joni because, aside from being Din’s favorite Lady of Song when he was student at University of Malaya (Second Residential College, now Kolej Tuanku Bahiyah) in 1960-1963, she knows how to touch our souls and reach out to our longing for love and devotion. At least, we think so.

Wikipedia wrote : “James was born into an Italian family in Chicago. As an adolescent, she studied drama and ballet, and on graduating from high school, went with a local dance group on a tour of Canada. She then took a job as a chorus girl in the Edgewater Beach Hotel in Chicago.

After doing a fill-in in Indiana, she decided to pursue a singing career. Some executives at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) spotted her in a television commercial, and she was signed by MGM in 1952. Her first hit, “Why Don’t You Believe Me?” sold over two million copies. She had a number of hits following that one, including “Your Cheatin’ Heart” (a cover of Hank Williams‘ hit) and “Have You Heard?

She was the first American to record at London‘s Abbey Road Studios, and recorded five albums there. She was also very popular across parts of the Asia-Pacific region, particularly in the Philippines where she performed at Manila‘s now defunct EM Club in 1957. She also scored a big hit in Manila with Filipino composer Salvador Asuncion’s work entitled “In Despair.”

James had seven Top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. “Why Don’t You Believe Me?” (#1 in 1952) “Have You Heard?” (#4 in 1953) “Your Cheatin’ Heart” (#2 in 1953) “Almost Always” (#9 in 1953) “My Love, My Love” (#8 in 1953) “How Important Can It Be?” (#2 in 1955) and “You Are My Love” (#6 in 1955) as well as sixteen other Top 40 hits from 1952 to 1961. She has sold more than 100 million records and recorded more than 25 albums”.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the music and songs by Joni James.–Dr. Kamsiah and Din Merican

Joni James-My Foolish Heart

Your Cheating Heart

Why Don’t You Believe Me

You’re Breaking My Heart

I have but One Heart

There must be a Way

You’re My Everything

How Important Can It Be

Purple Shades

10 thoughts on “Your Weekend Entertainment- The Heart Breakers

  1. It is nice to have our DrKam take over from the exhausted Dato who is badly in need of a rest. The problem with guys is that they don’t have energy for the long haul. But Joni Who??

  2. Yesterday I witness the arrival of USS Iowa BB61, a battleship that served for over 60 years in San Pedro where it will be berthed and displayed as a museum. The ceremony was very moving with old veterans and crew that served on USS Iowa giving it the salute amidst “Anchor Aweigh” being played at the start of the move and other military songs played by a band. The USS Iowa made a final pass under the Vincent Thomas Bridge with about 8 feet to spare from its top mast accompanied by the Los Angeles Fire Boats spraying a display of water.

    Later in the evening we were treated to a swing 40’s Gala Ball at the San Pedro Ballroom at the Crowne Plaza.

  3. In the early 80s, you can’t get anywhere without Endless Love playing in your ears. I love that song like forever.

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