DAP’s Malay Support remains strong

May 23, 2012

DAP’s Malay Support remains strong

by Dato Sabri Aziz@http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com

UMNO’s hope that Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim’s exit from DAP would serve as the catalyst prompting other Malays in DAP to do likewise has crumbled. Indeed, Tunku Aziz’s action has reinforced the determination of Malays who joined DAP to stay put despite his U-turn.

It has perhaps only now dawned on UMNO that people adopt a certain political stand not because of loyalty to a figure. Such loyalty is ephemeral. You will see that soon – as soon as UMNO president Najib Tun Razak performs worse than his predecessor Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

But the real issue in my mind, is not about Tunku Aziz’s departure from DAP at all. It’s all about UMNO seeing this as a chance to revive its own diminishing legitimacy. How many times have I said that UMNO cannot claim it is representing the Malays. In 2008, UMNO candidates got only two million of the 5.7 million votes.

That’s a clearer sign that UMNO is no longer relevant to Malays than Tunku Aziz’s exit from DAP as suggesting that DAP is not compatible with Malays .Like UMNO’s favorite line when interpreting Tunku Aziz’s exit, the exodus of Malays from the UMNO mothership can only mean that Malays are no longer compatible with UMNO.

If you are eager to arrive at such a conclusion from Tunku Aziz’s exit, then you must apply the same line of reasoning and accordingly, the conclusion regarding UMNO.

UMNO’s new media darling

If you can’t, then see Tunku Aziz’s departure as it really is – the departure of one man who realises now that changing something cannot happen within a self-imposed time frame.Just like Tunku Aziz’s sudden eureka moment that (Prime Minister) Najib Tun Razak’s transformation takes time, that same logic must be applied to whatever Tunku Aziz wishes to happen to DAP.

Except the problem with Tunku Aziz is that the changes that he wants in DAP must take place NOW, but the changes that Najib is touting MUST be given a chance to take place.

Why not the same treatment? Since leaving DAP, Tunku Aziz has become UMNO media’s darling. He has been described as the Malay face that DAP can use to attract more Malays. What rubbish. Malays who joined DAP did not even include Tunku Aziz in their equation.

With due respect to Tunku Aziz, he was an unknown political entity. It’s absolutely not true that DAP wanted to use Tunku Aziz as the face that would entice Malays into joining DAP. I find that offensive. The Malays who joined DAP find some resonance with the values and struggles which DAP espouses.

‘UMNO survives on others’ misfortune’

Why is UMNO worried about a handful of Malays being in DAP? It should encourage more Malays to join DAP to restructure DAP as a multiracial party. It should not stand in the way if Malays choose to join DAP unless of course, its very survival depends on it being able to keep alive the racist slants of Malaysian politics.

But then that’s how UMNO is. It can only survive on the misfortunes of others. It has never grounded its survival on the strength of its own principles and values.UMNO is a sinking ship and if Malays don’t want to join DAP, they are better off joining PAS – the real Malay party founded on values and principles.UMNO has neither principles nor integrity.

The writer is a former UMNO state assemblyman but joined DAP earlier this year. He is a FMT columnist.

39 thoughts on “DAP’s Malay Support remains strong

  1. I wonder why Dato’ Sabri should write this article if DAP is so sure that its Malay support base is strong. Both he and Aspan Alias are UMNO rejects and the new Senator for Penang to replace Tunku Aziz is not going to be any good either. Any alternative views, Mr. Bean and Mr CLF.

  2. It is called a retort to the claims of others and no there was indeed no exodus of Malays from the DAP Mr Singh

  3. The article does not touch on the real issue here… Malay unity and how to restore this in the country.

    Multi-racial parties will not work here… not for a while yet. That is why we must endeavour to strengthen the Alliance system, not weaken it. And for that, Malay unity is essential.

  4. DAP ‘looked highly’ upon Tunku and they even described him as a towering Malay… it was only a bait to attract the Malays. there’s no two ways about it.

  5. Samongkol, Tunku Aziz or Aspan does not bring any Malays to the party. The two frustrated ex-UMNO men will also leave DAP. No Malays want to join a party that is anti-Malay.

  6. Isa, have you ever heard of gestation politics and social reform?
    No? Well, it’s about starting down a tenuous path of changing the system of racist politics with it’s intrinsic apartheid, into one which is compatible with meritocracy, excellence, humility, good business practices, social justice and ultimately a confident, temperate, mature democracy.

    We are not talking about a sudden epiphany among the masses (but that is certainly possible) – but a period of consolidating our racial, economic, cultural, social and even religious cohesiveness. It does not mean that such a period is free of strife or conflict, but the over-riding purpose is to make Malaysian realize the Beauty that is Malaysia. There is no Other Malaysia, that we can belong to.

    With this gestation (pregnancy) period, we all become multiracial and are beholden to no One except God and Mother Malaysia. We are Malaysia – not the land or geographical location! Is that so hard to understand? Tunku Aziz in his Anglophile ways, is like a redundant prepuce and it’s attendant complication – phimosis. We don’t need ‘transparents’ to tell us must be done. We need solid Leaders, with a will to do the Right Thing – be it Utilitarian or not.

    Er.., i’m available for consultancy work for Pakatan, but i think they already have too many hacks. BN might offer, but i really don’t need the dough..

  7. Have any of the commentators above attended any Opposition ceramahs/rally?

    Have you seen the standing ovation and respect given by Malays to DAP leaders like Lim Kit Siang, Guan Eng, Karpal, Gobind etc.

    One has to be real naive to presume that DAP is abhorred and distrusted by the Malays.
    Any Malay who fears the DAP, fears his own shadow.

    Tunku Aziz has already been roundly condemned beyond words in several websites so I will not comment on this ‘traitor’ who has perhaps been advised by some royal houses to stay away from the Opposition and support BN instead.

  8. What do you understand by the term “dialectical materialism” apart from its Marxist inclinations, Isa Manteqi?

    Every system sows its own seeds of destruction. The inter-communal formula which is what Alliance is all about may have worked in the past but fifty years down the road we are poised to move forward. It is a natural progression if you will. And there is nothing you or anyone else can do about it.

    Having said that Pakatan offers a variation of the same formula.

  9. For once, Makcik makes sense. Don’t worry I won’t send Kebas Singh or Hentamdidepan Singh or Lesbian Jeswant Kaur to you.

    I am told DAP operates like a Stalinist party. Both Aspan Alias, and Dato Sabri will live to regret the day they joined DAP. Now they have to toe the line in the hope they will be given state or Parliamentary seats to contest. What happens if they are not given the chance? Can DAP trust them? Will DAP be assured that they will not be froggies and be tempted by lots of money if they are elected. Let us wait and see. I don’t trust ex-UMNO characters.

  10. Talking about Malay support within Pakatan, Musa Hassan claims the opposition tried to entice him to join them . It is in Malaysiakini today. Can’t believe the opposition would need another moron!

  11. Gurubachan,

    Have always spoken sense. but because I am an UMNO supporter, I am always deleted. I know so much of DAP dealings. You are naive if you think the two frustcos are not paid to join it. From what I understand from some sources, DAP also asked Sakmongkol to settle his alimony payments and etc to his ex-wife. Must have been given a good sum from the party.
    Makcik, you are not delete when you make sense.–Din Merican

  12. “I am ALWAYS deleted.” Makcik, if this is the case, how is it that I am replying to your comment?

  13. DAP only willing to contest in areas where the majority of the voters are Chinese – in the urban areas. What does that mean politically? Racialists or Malaysian Malaysia?

  14. Tunku Abdul Aziz was never what he tried to be… he is not good enough to be what he wanted to be… he is good riddance and this was confirmed by his utterances after his departure! He showed his true colours, no matter who sacked him nor did anybody utter anything about him! He did it to himself!

  15. Isa, you have an obsession with ‘malay unity’ and ‘coalition government’.the first is unity among malays; why shouldn’t they(malays) belong to different political parties in a democracy and that after 54 years of independence? do you have a logical reason for that? do you understand that that is applied racism, young man!

    second, ‘coalition government’ what do you mean by that? coalition of all the malay parties? how many of them are there? probably you mean Grand Coalitions, then please read:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grand_coalition

    we want to be a matured country with matured politics, Isa. not like Afghanistan or Zimbabwe or the Third Reich!

  16. Consolidating our cohesiveness… definitely… but this is best done by having distinctly separate political parties that cooperate instead of compete for political power. Our country, more than any other, has proven the truism of this formula… and if the system has been hijacked let us root out the cancer and not destroy the system.
    You sound like a member of the Edmund Burke Society of conservatives. The problem is that our system is rotten to the core and must be replaced. Kleptocracy must be replaced by democracy.–Din Merican

  17. Unfortunately, racist political parties are no longer de riguer nowadays, Isa. Although racism and religious distinctions will never be banished from the human psyche completely, we are in a brave new world/age – thanks to the electronic and information revolution. Any policy or system that can be hijacked so easily, is without internal consistency nor merit.

    Paradigm shifts in human thought processes and the need to see diversity as strength – not weakness, will be the way forward. An Orwellian dysfunction or disequilibrium is less likely to happen. A Huxleyan model is the key to survival for any nation. Oh yes, A Brave New World:

    “O wonder!
    How many goodly creatures are there here!
    How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world,
    That has such people in’t.”
    —William Shakespeare, The Tempest, Act V, Scene I, ll. 203—6[3

    From where i am sitting today, i see the changes that must come – if we are to progress beyond parochialism of feudal minds. Or do you insist on clinging on to good old apartheid (which is what all affirmative policies become, when they are open ended), fascism and ‘national socialism’ (i.e Nazism or Ketuanan)?

  18. Mak the Cik’s idealization of UMNO is without merit, but what the heck, it too must provide for it’s off-spring. Forgive, as it is good.. Last word from me on this micro-encephalitic cretin – who’ll soon be an endangered species. In my lifetime at least. Homo floresiensis indeed!

  19. You are absolutely correct, Adam Abdullah! It is the very same old DAP! It has not become the DMP or the DCP or the DIP or the DOAP or whatever else one chooses to include between the D and the P!

  20. Racist political parties = no go. But political parties based on race is another matter. Much better and more workable than multi-culturalism enforced on societies not ready for them.

    If our system is rotten to the core, Dato, it is because its people have made it so. Hence my suggestion that we weed out the cancer without killing the patient.

    Kleptocracy can rear its head in any system… but democracy is another matter because it has a myriad definitions and means different things to different people. The old East Germany used to call itself the German DEMOCRATIC Republic, I believe.

    Race is here to stay and we better learn to live with it; rather than trying to fudge the issue with wishy-washy theories.

  21. Heard of DPRK, which still exists? No need to use GDR-lah.
    We are talking about the Dignity of Man, Purpose of Life, Rule of Law, Pursuit of Happiness, Nation-building and all their ramifications.
    What exactly is your point of reference, Isa? Race? Religion? Tribe? Kampong? Surname? Year of Birth? Shape of Nose?
    Gimme a break..
    It’s not that we are impractical or overly idealistic – but we are Hopeful and Optimistic. And you are a sauerkraut!
    Remember the refrain? Proud to be Malaysian? With flurs like you lurking about, i’m afraid i’ll go to the grave Embarrassed as a Malaysian.

  22. Point of reference? Easy… it is nothing less than the wonderful country we call home… that has made it not because of but despite our differences. And that is one helluva achievement whichever way one looks at it.

    Wishing away race or trying to ignore it with sentimental references to dignity of man, pursuit of happiness and the like and calling it hopeful and optimistic is semantics and nothing more.

    Nobody wishes that you go to your grave but when the time comes, as it must for all, and you go embarrassed, it will be because those with views like you express, make the elementary mistake of trying to resort to fuzzy interpretations of philosophy when simple, tested ways suffice. Good luck and wishing you a long life.

  23. Race is here to stay and we better learn to live with it; rather than trying to fudge the issue with wishy-washy theories. – ISA Manteqi

    this expression says a lot about you. early anthropologists and biologist(Lemarck, de Vries and Co long before Darwin) thought that segregation of the races was paramount to human development. that was about 600 years ago. now we have a malaysian with the same theory.
    malaysia boleh!
    a single party reigning malaysia for more than 50 years, is corrupted to the core and our joker here says we can weed out the cancer.

  24. DAP’s ideology is social democracy.

    Tunku Abdul Rahman’s UMNO ideology is moderate Malay nationalism.

    Dr M’s UMNO Baru ideology is Malay ultranationalism (used to provide cover for kleptocracy and rent-seeking activities), bordering on fascism.

    Let’s not forget that Tunku Abdul Rahman refused to join Mahathir’s
    UMNO Baru until his dying day.

  25. Guys,

    I work in a palliative unit and have came across many cancer patients.

    I think the most sensible way to deal with cancer is by following the pro-active approach. It may often be too late to react once the symptoms started to appear…

    So, my advice to the BUMNOs, not my patients. is this – be prepared to bury your dying and to endure the ensuing pain and grief of your self inflicted loss, with dignity.

    Self inflicted because the negative responses to the integral biology factors especially stress; what and how we nourish our bodies; and the lack of physical activity, are among the most common causes of cancer and nearly all the major diseases afflicting the human body.

    And my dietary advice to Malaysians – it does not matter what you eat so long as your diet is balanced and healthy and make sure your bodies have all the antioxidants they need as they possess anti cancer forming properties. 🙂

  26. Unfortunately, this cancer is not a physical one, ocho.
    It’s one implanted by the onco-virus of the mind, corrupted by practicalities of existing and the inability to have a ‘leap of faith’. Some people, due to their basal conditioning are intrinsically unable to grasp the difference between Machiavellian practices and Pico della Mirandola ideals.

    It has nothing to do with politics, but who we really are. A social animal, yet yearning for something beyond our earth-bound existence. Some will remain ‘zombified’, without understanding the joyful existence of being alive. Being cynical and projecting their debased versions of Race, Religion and other divisiveness which is the Fall of Man, they have come to the conclusion that any form of Fascism is better than none..

    The extreme reaction is of course, the Communist Marxist – a miserable gnome who insist on absolute equality, which does away with any distinctiveness and beauty of the individual.. Both have got it wrong.

    The question put before us, is whether we want to go forward to change to a higher level of responsibility, altruism and humanity, or stagnate with ossified man-made classifications. I have given my answer and yes, it’s an individual one – while Isa will not brook, nor embrace the Other. Perhaps he’s been sequestered in a mono-racial and homogeneous environment for too long. Maybe he should take a holiday to New York, LA, Geneva or cheaper still, Sydney. But this is the stand, and the path we each have to to take.

  27. Many are racists here. Malay unity is a non issue if one love Malaysia or love being a Human. Malaysia/World is not built on ones race. In fact, this world belongs to human being. Not to the Malay, Chinese, Indian and whatnot. Malaysia is a community within this World as human beings. We don’t eliminate our kind but sadly this is not true because of selfish, self serving human leaders creating hate thus leading to wars and riots. Human beings are to unite to face the adversaries that is not from this world in order to make this world or should I say our part of the world, Malaysia a better place to live in.
    This is a simple theory made complicated by intellectuals who acquired power and dominance over the weak. And the weak are prawns who are ever ready to do the dirty job for self serving gains. Animals have more moral values because they look after their kinds. Human should be ashamed.

  28. Aiseh, CLF, tenang lah sikit bro. 🙂

    I got both Isa’s and your point but perhaps I may need to clarify what I wrote?

    I was metaphorically comparing cancer with the deteriorating state of the body politic of the ruling regime and referring to the physiological cause of cancer, not its effects which may be both physical or psychological.
    So, when the growth of cancerous cells reached the stage where the patient can no longer be saved, the only certain outcome is expiration of life…

    Thus similarly, it does not matter what type of government we put in place, democratic or not, so long as we have the right system with the essential checks and balances in place to promote good governance, the same way a balance and healthy diet will prevent cancer or at least, good health.

  29. oops … the same way a balanced and healthy diet will prevent cancer or at least, promote good health.

  30. ”Thus similarly, it does not matter what type of government we put in place, democratic or not, so long as we have the right system with the essential checks and balances in place to promote good governance, the same way a balance and healthy diet will prevent cancer or at least, good health.” ocho ondo

    ocho ondo,
    the discussion here is indeed about the Right system with the neccessary checks and balances – yes we know the importance of it too. the type of government is not immaterial as you say. what means of checks and balances do have in a dictatorship. what chances did the people of ex-GDR had against Honecker and sidekicks?
    West Minster type of democracy we have with all its measures against abuse, read checks and balances, so why does it not work in malaysia NOW? have you an answer?
    isn’t the quality and not the races of the doctors important?

    its simple, in simple language, change the bloody people running the bloody government, most importantly, a regular change of guards is essential to ensure less corruption.
    one party in power for 50 over years is the problem.

  31. A regular change of guards CAN be good only if the change is for the better. Right now what we have on our political menu as change does NOT look better. In fact it might make things a lot worse.

    Therein lies our dilemma. And why a coming together (coalition) will be better than the current trend to confrontation.

    Our country has, from its inception, been about separate races moving together… but this is now tainted. Remove the taint (cancer, I have called it) and we shall be back in business. No need whatsoever for confrontation.

    One party in power for 50 years is not the problem. One party that has lost its way is the problem.

  32. it boils down to the simple fact that you don’t approve of PR. PR is not one party but a 3 party coalition of conservative malay, moderate malay and a predominantly chinese party. a party that befits modern times.

    it is YOUR opinion that PR has lost its way, therefore you can by all means tell us in which way PR is lost. since we have a democracy the majority has to decide, as long as the election is free and fair.

    ”Therein lies our dilemma. And why a coming together (coalition) will be better than the current trend to confrontation”. Isa Manteqi

    probably your dream is the coming together of umno and PAS. my trust in malaysians as developed people is high, compared to all our neighbours, therefore I’d say that it will remain a daydream for you. if at all that happens then malaysia is screwed good and proper once and for all.

    the basic idea of a democratic system is to give power to all, in separate ways, that is primarily for the avoidance of abuse of power. it is beset with all the mechanisms necessary for checks and balances.

    the changing of guards should happen according to the wish of the majority of the people and not by a certain party or members.

  33. “West Minster type of democracy we have with all its measures against abuse, read checks and balances, so why does it not work in malaysia NOW? have you an answer?” – Reeperbahn

    Wrong question, friend. We DID have checks and balances and then along, came a smart ass racist monkey who started to fiddle and dismantle the whole system.

    “its simple, in simple language, change the bloody people running the bloody government, most importantly, a regular change of guards is essential to ensure less corruption.”

    Simple but not quite as such. It reverts to putting back the proper checks and balances. Hence, we need not just a replacement but a complete overhaul of the system with the right bolts and gauges set in place to constantly monitor its systemic function, Otherwise, the next government will be just as rotten if given the chance.
    Just look at Singapore or even Hong Kong and learn how they maintain the efficiency of their systems of governance. If that is too extreme, then, how about the Kiwis and the Scandinavians.

    “One party in power for 50 years is not the problem. One party that has lost its way is the problem.” – Isa Manteqi

    That’s not the problem. “One party that has lost its way is the problem.” is a gross understatement.

    It is not correct to give a terminally ill patient the false hope that he or she will recover. Like I said, it makes more sense to prepare the burial of the dying. Malaysia does not have the time nor luxury to await a miracle from God.

  34. In response to REEPERBAHN’s posting : sorry for my unclear English. The “one party” stated twice in the final sentence meant BN and not any other. My apologies.

    But PR also fits in just as well because it has lost a golden opportunity to make a difference to our country… an opportunity that might not come its way for another generation.

    BN IS in a terminal state but we simply have to find ways to save the system that has underpinned our country’s stability. Three races sharing political power instead of competing for it is the best option for Malaysia.

    And yes, a whole new system of checks and balances, about which enough has already been said in previous postings.

  35. ”Hence, we need not just a replacement but a complete overhaul of the system with the right bolts and gauges set in place to constantly monitor its systemic function, Otherwise, the next government will be just as rotten if given the chance”. ocho ondo

    yes, I agree with you but first you have to bury the dying regime very very deep. a complete overhaul of the system at one go? first a change of government and then the necessary pressure from the civil society put on the new government to overhaul the system. malaysia has enough educated and experienced people to make the change.
    I hope the informed and educated malaysians would take a lead showing the correct way.

    just looking at S’pore, HK, NZ or Scandinavia don’t help, malaysians have to start putting pressure on the present regime.
    Hindraf and now Bersih demos are turning points in the political history of malaysia. people publicly opposing a government denotes the maturity of people and politics.

    ”Three races sharing political power instead of competing for it is the best option for Malaysia”. -Isa Manteqi

    it was the best system then but no more after it has shown how easily it could be abused.

    Isa, you can wash the BN politicians with all kinds of soap but you can never make honourable politicians out of them!
    beyond redemption.

  36. It’s Friday. This Patti La Belle hit is dedicated to all the Lady Marmalades that strut the political wilderness in Malaysia who sell themselves to the highest bidder. 🙂

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