Tunku Aziz’s Resignation will hardly make a dent to DAP’s image

May 19,2012

Tunku Aziz’s Resignation will hardly make a dent to DAP’s image

by Moaz Nair @www.malaysia-chronicle.com

“Given the paucity of good and decent leaders, it is understandable that a party like the DAP locks on to the one or two who appear on its radar. With his meticulously manicured image as the evangelist for transparency and good governance, former party Vice-Chairperson Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim was a prime catch for many reasons: Malay, well-schooled, a politically-useful personal branding and the requisite gravitas.In short, a very attractive package, which, as revealed by the turn of events, has proved to be too good to be true.

The lesson here is simple: if you do not take the time to perform due diligence, to really scrutinise the package that appears at your doorstep, you will spend time on damage control… after it explodes the way this has.

Going by all that has been reportedly said by Tunku Aziz, the nature and timing of his appearance, his obviously planned exit and the delivery of his final ‘support Najib’ thrust between the shoulder blades of his erstwhile comrades, this was a human IED (improvised explosive device), set to go off to cause maximum harm. Caveat emptor (Let the buyer beware)”.–A Reader on Malaysiakini

DAP does not stand alone in Opposition politics in the country. It is part and parcel of a Malay-dominated Pakatan Rakyat where PAS and PKR are crucial members. DAP works with PAS and PKR to ensure that the two-party system in the country can become a reality.

Tunku Abdul Aziz  joined the Democratic Action Party (DAP) in August 2008, citing shared “values and ideals” with the party. His many anti-corruption initiatives made him a popular figure locally and internationally. He was appointed national Vice-Chairman of DAP and in July 2009 he was made a senator in the Dewan Negara, representing the state of Penang.

Go like a gentleman

In May 2012, Tunku Aziz broke the ranks with DAP when he spoke out against the BERSIH 3.0 rally in public citing that the event encouraged Malaysians to break the law. He also criticised rally organisers for allowing the Opposition coalition to “hijack” its agenda. He later indicated on national television his desire to resign from the party, citing irreconcilable differences.

With due respects to Tunku, if he decides to leave the DAP he had chosen he should go like a gentleman to reflect his personality as a statesman. As a patrcian, he should leave in a magnanimous manner. Seeking space in the mainstream media to denounce DAP after enjoying the “fruits” in the party does not reflect well on Tunku.

His public tirade and personal accusations against DAP are inappropriate, to say the least. In party politics one cannot choose not to toe collective party decision. It was on this ground that Tunku was rightly rebuked over the BERSIH 3.0 issue by DAP Secretary-General for not toeing party decision and making his own opinion heard in public. This sort of reproach, in fact, is nothing unusual in party politics.

Hitting brick walls and stone faces

A politician who cannot accept criticism might as well quit politics.  Politics is not a profession for those who are timorous, and sensitive to criticism. Politics is a game for tough minds. To seasoned politicians ,criticism becomes a matter of hitting brick walls and stone faces. They do not easily succumb to reproach or for that matter decide to quit on the slightest pretext.

Without this staying power and the ability to deflect criticism with panache one should not be in politics. An aristocrat, just like an intellectual, more often than not does not make good politician. They customarily expect unequivocal respect from the people thinking that they are a notch above the rest and just detest the idea of being disparaged. An intellectual, alas, lives in his perfectionist world when politics cannot be an art of perfection in the eyes of the ordinary people.

Tunku is probably one of the many intellectuals who have contributed to the scholarly world. He has written and expressed himself well internationally.  But to the ordinary people out there he is still a stranger in politics. He may fit well in the academia with his lofty philosophies. His thoughts and ideas are worth debating in academic seminars but he cannot reach the majority grassroots whose hopes in life are mundane things such as food on the table, decent education, jobs and shelter.

Cordiality displayed by DAP

However, since Tunku personally decided to join politics and chose DAP as his elevated platform, he should now not be apologetic. His decision then must be based on his intellectual epitome and discretion without being coaxed or coerced by anyone of lesser wits than him.

Tunku, being a Malay and highly intellectual, was appointed Vice-Chairman and the first DAP nominated senator from Penang. No senior DAP members exhibited any grouse against these appointments though Tunku was very much junior in terms of party membership. Such was the cordiality displayed by DAP members when they accepted him into their fold.

If Tunku feels that it was a wrong move on his self to join politics, and for that matter DAP, then his integrity as an intellectual could be questioned. He must have  made the decision to resign from DAP based on his emotional quotient, not his intellectual acumen. Having just a minor tiff with a DAP leader cannot be a valid reason for him to leave DAP since the party is bigger than any single leader.

Does not reflect well on him

Why the sudden dislike for DAP now after being in the party for four years and given all the privileges to hold a high party post and be a Senator? This emotional reaction by an erudite Tunku does not reflect well on him.

His criticism of BERSIH3.0 protest held late April did draw some flak from party members as it is a norm in any political organisation. According to political observers, Tunku’s criticism has been found wanting; futhermore, it should not have been done too overtly. Nevertheless, in Tunku’s case, no disciplinary action was taken against him.

If political wisdom had prevailed in him, he could have at least discussed his displeasure over the BERSIH 3.0 issue within the party before making any public statement. But if any remarks made by DAP leaders that Tunku Aziz should have toed the party line had offended him, he cannot become a worthy party member.Criticism or censure is part of the territory of party politics.

Politics is for those with a tough mind. Those with a weak mind or are too emotional have no place in politics.

Those who want to be too idealistic or too rational in their approach cannot survive the usual robust and often unfair games in politics. Many intellectuals who have been too idealistic in their approach to politics have failed as the rough- and-tumble in politics is not their cup of tea.

He was never a politician

Tunku may be an intellectual but most political observers describe him as more of an arm-chair politician. He suits more to be part of the think-tank of a political party but not the down-to-earth politics. To the grassroots he was never a politician and being set in his aristocratic ways, he can never be.

His ideals expressed in many of his intellectual discourse – spoken and written – are for the intellectual dreamers, but most of which cannot be put into practice. Politics to the grassroots is not a sophisticated ideology. It is more of the ordinary people’s hopes and aspirations for a better life. For this reason, Tunku cannot be a politician.

Lofty ideas that are of seminar substance will find hard to trickle down into the political realm of the ordinary people. It is for this reason that not many intellectuals have made it in politics.  Unlike Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter, Tunku Aziz  is too distant and aloof to connect with ordinary people.

Many other Malay intellectuals in DAP

When Tunku decided to join DAP, the mood was different. He was regarded with contempt by DAP adversaries, especially those in UMNO, but he was well received by DAP members. It was a kind of boost for DAP to have Tunku in its fold at the beginning.

Later on, this euphoria faded away after many other prominent Malays and former UMNO members joined DAP. At present, there are many other Malay intellectuals in DAP  who able to reach the grassroots to explain the reality of Malaysian politics today – specifically the need for a two-party system.

These Malays see DAP as platform that could be used to promote the idea of social justice for all Malaysians. The Tunku’s role was diminished and many within DAP began to doubt his effectiveness as a party leader and Senator for Penang.

DAP’s image still strong

There are clear limits in party politics. Of paramount importance is one’s adherence to party policy. Party leaders and members may have their opinions but ultimately it is collective party decision that must prevail. If Tunku cannot subscribe to this basic principle he should resign without rancour.

Tunku’s decision to quit the party, after a brief four years as a member will not cause any dent to DAP’s public image. This is only a minor hiccup for the party. DAP’s image is bigger than any single individual,  even if that person is the Secretary-General is of the party.

“Tunku’s departure from DAP will not dent DAP’s or Pakatan’s hope of forming the next government,” said a political analyst from a local university.

Malaysia Chronicle

34 thoughts on “Tunku Aziz’s Resignation will hardly make a dent to DAP’s image

  1. This will be my last post on Tunku Aziz’s resignation from DAP. Tunku Aziz deserves the right to respond and I will carry that on this blog when it comes. I am too biased to comment on Moaz’s piece.

    Tunku Aziz and I have been colleagues and friends over many years. I know him as a professional, not as a politician. I have nothing but admiration for the man. As a professional manager and a writer, Tunku Aziz is one of the best of his generation. Those skills of his were never used fully by DAP, and that is indeed to DAP’s disadvantage.–Din Merican

  2. Dear Dato’ Din,

    I agree with you and you must give him a chance to explain and answer the searching questions that the people who believed in him for over three decades need answers to.Personally, I am not disturbed that he has made a turn around, all of us must have a chance to change our minds, but my concern is the strident and extreme manner in which he has done so. But ever since the term ” turning around the witness” gained momentum and currency in our country we may question if the turn for the better was based on a matter of principle or otherwise.

    Whatever it is believe me many those who supported him during his TI days are also going to turn around. It is a master stroke in political dealings by the BN and like all master strokes I am afraid that we will have to wait for another ten years before we realise the full impact of he has done. In the meantime enjoy the ride.

  3. Tunku Aziz made a u turn toward Mah Chot not knowing that there are many people running away from UMNO. Look at this joker…really funny..pasal dia tak dapat …Ipad

  4. This disgruntled member of UMNO with an axe to grind is a candidate for stroke and a heart attack. I recommend that he takes a rest.

  5. Aristocrat , blue blood , intellect or whatever description , Tunku Aziz has brought nothing but disgrace unto himself.. Those who approved his right of dissent(Bersih sit-in protest) are now having second thoughts over this man’s character… When he was initially reprimanded for voicing out his differences , DAP leaders , noteably its Sec-Gen was reduced to being a laughing stock for not practising what they preach.. Tunku Aziz , after his latest antics , has since inherited that title from them..

  6. “Tunku’s departure from DAP will not dent DAP’s or Pakatan’s hope of forming the next government,” said a political analyst from a local university.DAP’s image is bigger than any single individual,Yeah right,n what you would call Gandhi,one individual is all it takes,Perception my dear friends are everything,especially in Politics,.It takes years to be build a credible image,what was Kit Siang’s book all about,then you let some lowdown party member shove it down the drain,really smart thinking.You do an OD change program for the whole DAP n perhaps,non chinese will see DAP from a different view point.

  7. This Tunku Aziz is unpredictable guy…back stapped his own party and nevertheless he realized his noble doing slashes himself too…not very much to gain my respect of him. Maybe he is highly educated and made him an ego pakcik and never learn to love and respect others thoughts. Earlier if he left with dignity and dont tell others biadab….I definitely respect him…a true Malays never talk bad of his once friends….must be a wacko from tg. rambutan….

  8. yes, this should be the last article on him.
    good summing up by M.Nair, crisp!

    I believe it damages the umno-bn, chinese votes for MCA will be further reduced. DAP is playing smart by not commenting on TA.

    I can understand your position Dato’ since you have worked with him. for others his present actions tell a different story.

    what a way to go

  9. You join a party, you toe the party line. You disagree, stand up and speak but it is not right to speak publicly when you are not in line with the party’s declared stance. And I am not talking about the DAP here, it can be any party, can be UMNO, can be PKR or even the Red Cross or the Boy Scouts movement. If you disagree and cannot obey the discipline, just leave.

    There was a saying being posted in Twitterjaya last few days “you cannot leash a dog easily once you have placed a crown on his head” I am sorry Dato Din, I know this Tunku Aziz is your longtime buddy, but sadly it kinda fit him, this proverb that is.

  10. This ‘ articulate’ writer keeps on repeatimg over & over the same point, what could have been a short two paragraph of his ‘ frustrations’ against Tunku’s leaving the DAP. He like so many is deeply distressed and feel miserable that an Intellectual Stalwart has quit the party he adores…..

    But this writer confirms ” it was minor tiff ” between him and his Colleague/s that drove him to decide to quit – but the fact remains that resentment is built over years, which prompts a leader to make such a drastic ‘ about-turn’ based as in this over a ‘ minor tiff ‘ as an excuse to relinquish his post.

    ” ….a cyclone in a tea-cup’ matter blown out of proportion, by people who feel miserable about this let-down on the DAP

  11. The fun will begin when the next time he makes an accusation that a leading member of the government is corrupt. So please give him all the rope he needs.

  12. In other words Tunku is not a jerk like politicans are and cannot go down low like a politican right? Ok. So he was in the wrong job. Ok so he has a bad temper. etc etc blah blah blah. Now he is angry. I wonder why? I want to know what happened internally that has made him this furious and refusing to go quietly and turning against DAP in this manner. I want to know what has happened internally. Something has made him this angry.

  13. DAP is playing smart by not commenting. Indeed. They want power you see. So before they get power they have to do everything right so t hat the people will think they are better. Once in power dofferent story. This is all a game. The nations state of affairs is a game to these crass politicans. It is about power again. No wonder Tunku cannot fit in. No professionals can fit in the game of DOG eat DOG.

  14. After all politics is about perception isnt it. So the perception is tunku has lost it ( yes he ahs, he is one angry man), Tunku cannot handle politics ( and which clever man can ia sk?) Tunku sshould leave quietly ( mmmm, WHY should, why cant he have his say in a spectacular manner?) tunku is a Porfessional ( correct, he is not crass and pwer mad, so crucify him) . You people are too literal as usual. No wonder those who govern can run circles around you.

  15. Ph and btw DAP is palying smart by not commenting in public. ( You see that has made me DAMNED worried about this party who plays smart and not tell us the people anything)coz they know its about perceptions. Nothing else.

  16. True, all political parties want ” power “, but the DUM-No plays it Crude, simply b’coz Mahathirism did not want ‘ yang cerdik-pandai’.
    DAP is aiming for ultimate power, like Singapore, but they are cool & calm, so it is the ” silent ” game.

    When the Brits were leaving, the CPM wanted power, they too did it cool & calm, by inflitrating the The Workers’ Organisation….step by step. but the MI 5 & SB cut them short,

    Same thing now, those who play it cool & calm, are enlisting MTUC support, and in the long run enlisting too PKR/PAS, Bersih & may be some Kotor fronts…..

    The Crude game, everybody reads them, but the Silent game, no one knows and none can predict…..Not just ” perceptions “……

  17. Just disappointed with Tunku Aziz . He took 78 years to nurture his image as a stalwart standing up against corruption , against everything that was anathemic as represented by Tun Daim and Tun Mahathir – but with one stroke of his tongue, over a matter so trivial , he has lost the plot and finds himself in the same corner as the other national pariahs like Kutty , Diam, sami value and Ling .

  18. If TA is quite TRANSPARENT, telling the SG that he is uncouth but can he be more transparent as to his 180 degree turn? If not then, there is some cloud without sliver lining. Or better to be Lee Lam Thye to keep silent

  19. A Chinese proverb says that it takes 3 years to learn how to be good. However it takes only 3 days to turn bad.
    Spot on!

  20. No appologies, but with due respect, we should heed what the Bloghost has decided that this Article on Tunku Aziz should be the last, without prolonging the ” agonies” each side has to bear…..

    Things could be Endless, b’coz both have their side of pros & cons, the revelation of each will not be good or healthy for the other. !

    Let by-gone be by-gone…..as they go their seperate ways…..leaving Dato Din and all of us move on – in the spirit of true Malaysians….

    Thank you Dato Din for magnanimity and latitude extended to us to vent our anger & frusterations here…..

  21. Din,
    Thank God this will be your last piece on Tunku Aziz. Someone, in a previous thread said you had “thrown him under a bus”.

    I would say you have thrown him into a lion’s den and he deserved this. The more we read about him the more outrage he will elicit from us.

    I think in all his 78 years, Tunku has never been so vilified, denounced, denigrated, damned, disparaged, debased, cursed and berated. What a fitting tribute!!

    Where else can find he a better valedictories, except perhaps from Din and Makcik. I hope Tunku has read all our vituperations here, at Malaysia Chronicle, Malaysiakini and Sakmongkol47.

    Tunku Aziz is a worm. Let him crawl into some hole and disappear from sight.

  22. Saturday, 19 May 2012
    Tunku Aziz’s exit from DAP
    by SakmongkolAK47

    It offends UMNO that Malays choose to join DAP. Why do the action of Malays joining another legitimate political party which is not UMNO, induce that feeling? The answer: It springs from arrogance and political xenophobia. Najib apologized for this inbred arrogance a few months ago.

    UMNO is the chauvinist party that sees people who reject it ( for whatever reasons they choose) as a betrayal to UMNO. That is what offends UMNO actually. They can’t understand why people can be `disloyal’ to UMNO. UMNO expects Malays to be loyal to it- but what principles and values does it offer that can sustain the much desired loyalty? What is UMNO’s purpose that cant be done by any other political party better? If not DAP, PAS for example? Who can perform any worse than how UMNO does at the moment?

    UMNO arrogantly believes that an UMNO Malay is the only Malay. So it offends UMNO to see Malays abandon UMNO as though, the Malay has converted into another race. UMNO is fast adopting the Hassan Aqidah Ali mentality.

    Next it offends UMNO not being able to see an exodus of other Malays from DAP. Suddenly UMNO has credited Tunku Aziz with some extraordinary attributes that must without fail, encourage other Malays to leave DAP. Alas, Tunku Abdul Aziz is alone. UMNO’s hope that Tunku Aziz’s action can serve as the catalyst prompting other Malays in DAP to do likewise crumbles. Indeed, Tunku Aziz’s action reinforces the determination of Malays who joined DAP to stay put despite his u-turn.

    Then it dawns on UMNO- despite them being feeble in mind, that people adopt a certain political stand not because of loyalty to a figure. Such loyalty is ephemeral. You will see that soon- as soon as Najib performs worse than Pak Lah, those fellas now tripoding Najib will abandon him like rats do to a sinking ship.

    The real issue in my mind, is not about Tunku Aziz’s departure from DAP at all. It’s all about UMNO seeing this as chance to revive its own diminishing legitimacy. UMNO thinks, by being able to cast this action as a racial thing, it regains its own lost legitimacy as representative of the Malay voice. How many times have I said, that UMNO can’t event claim it’s representing the Malays. In 2008, UMNO candidates got only 2 million of the 5.7 million votes. That’s a clearer sign that UMNO is no longer relevant to Malays than Tunku Aziz’s exit from DAP as suggesting that DAP is not compatible with Malays.

    Like UMNO’s favorite line when interpreting Tunku Aziz’s exit, the exodus of Malays from the UMNO mother ship can only mean that Malays are no longer compatible with UMNO. If you are eager to arrive at such conclusion from Tunku Aziz’s exit, then you must apply the same line of reasoning and accordingly, conclusion regarding UMNO. Can?

    If cant, then see Tunku Aziz’s departure as it really is- the departure of one man who realizes now that changing something cannot happen within a self-imposed time frame. Just like Tunku Aziz’s sudden eureka moment that Najib’s transformation takes time that same logic must be applied to whatever Tunku Aziz wishes to happen to DAP.

    Except the problem with Tunku Aziz: – changes that Tunku Aziz wants in DAP must take place NOW, but the changes that Najib sloganizes MUST be given a chance to take place. Why not the same treatment?

    Since leaving DAP, TunkU Aziz has become UMNO media’s darling. He has been described as the Malay face that DAP can use to attract more Malays. What rubbish. Malays who joined DAP did not even include Tunku Aziz in their equation. With due respects to Tunku Aziz, he was an unknown political entity. It’s absolutely not true that DAP wanted to use Tunku Aziz as the face that would entice Malays into joining DAP. I find that offensive. The Malays who joined DAP find some resonance with the values and struggles which DAP espouses.

    If the Malays joined DAP on account of Tunku Aziz’s presence and face, the party must take steps to weed these people out.

    To repeat, UMNO is offended that Tunku Aziz’s exit did not create the opening the floodgates effect. UMNO is offended that Malays reject UMNO. UMNO’s longevity and legitimacy rests very precariously on its success to cast itself as the sole spokesman and savior of the Malays. It’s not.

    If Malays don’t want to join DAP, there are better off joining PAS- the real Malay party founded on values and principles. UMNO? No principles and no integrity. It has as much integrity and principles as the plunderer and thief. It’s a sinking ship.

    Why is UMNO worried at all about a handful of Malays being in DAP? It should encourage more Malays to join DAP to restructure DAP as a multiracial party. It should not stand in the way if Malays choose to join DAP. Unless of course, it’s very survival depends precisely in being able to keep alive the racist slants of Malaysian politics. Then having an opponent composed of only a single race or even races opposite of themselves, UMNO keeps itself alive. More Malays must join DAP to serve the bigger agenda of speeding up the demise of UMNO.

    Thats how UMNO is. it can only survive on the misfortunes of others. It has never grounded its survival on the strength of its own principles and values.It Must depend on the weaknesses of others.

    Who shall look after the lot of Malays then? Why should or must it be UMNO? UMNO hasn’t improved the lot of Malays despite having and placing Malays at leadership levels in politics, in government institutions etc. Malays dominate the land offices, served as director generals of departments, become district police chiefs, the State secretaries are almost exclusively Malays- does having Malays at these leadership positions helped the Malays? They have not achieved the desired results because the UMNO Malays helped out the chosen Malays.

    We Malays don’t depend at all on UMNO. The laws of this land, the institutions of democracy and most of all our own industriousness and work, protect us. We absolutely don’t depend on UMNO.

    My advice to Malays in DAP- don’t belabor yourselves with lofty agenda at the moment. The immediate agenda is to kick out xenophobic UMNO.

  23. The more Malays that join DAP and the more
    middle class Chinese that join DAP, the more
    progressive DAP will become.

  24. SakmongkulAK47 ??…a disgruntled and frustrated former UMNO MP who had fallen apart and rejected by the party’s leaders for reasons best known to him…and lured to DAP’s den, as his platform to avenge the frustrations on his former boss…

  25. The late English (Jewish) intellectual Tony Judt writes:

    “… conventional and familiar division among opponents of all authoritarian societies: between those who are willing to credit the good faith of an authoritarian ruler’s marginal reforms, and those for whom such reforms are the greatest dangers of all – they weaken and divide the forces seeking more radical change”

  26. ” The more Malays that join DAP and the more middle class Chinese that join DAP, …… “. – Phua

    Why Malays and Chinese Phua ? Why not just Malaysians ?

  27. as I have already said before, join DAP and make it a multiracial party. the malays and indians in DAP are doing the nation a favour by helping to build a strong opposition party that that is not based on racism. DAP is registered as a malaysian party therefore anyone can join it. contrary to BN where the different races are kept segregated, to help manipulate them. if this is not racism then what is it??
    umno-bn should be banned for stoking racial sentiments among the people of malaysia. should be banned for the massive corruption. should be banned for in failing to build a developed in five decades.

    dear MCA and MIC members, if you are not a crony living off the contracts churned out from umno then you are miserable dreamers and as far as umno is concerned your are eunuchs at their beck and call to vote for them. if you have an iota of pride in you take all that they give and vote for the opposition, if not for your sake, at least for your children and their children, amen.

  28. sorry….should be banned for failing to build a developed nation in five decades.

    DAP is not conspiring with Singapore to take over malaysia because logically it is impossible. DAP, PKR and PAS are parties that are not race and religion based which should be welcomed in this presently polarised malaysia, if we want to move forward in this globalised world.
    umno-bn can’t even provide us with reliable leaders. cronyism and corruption is their game. meritocracy is unknown to them. money – no problem!

    what is the PM doing in Europe now?? pleading with the french for mercy??

  29. The mutation of Tunku Aziz — Martin Jalleh
    May 20, 2012

    MAY 20 — Below are excerpts of an article written by Tunku Aziz. It appeared in The Malaysian Insider (of which he was then a columnist) on August 6, 2009, and the following day on Lim Kit Siang’s blog.

    No comment on the man whom I once held in very high regard for and quoted quite often is really necessary here. The excerpts of his article and his glaringly contradictory stance today are sufficient to reveal the transparent and telling self-inflicted tragedy of the man.

    (The paragraphing has been edited for convenient reading.)

    Demonstrations: A fundamental right of citizens

    By Tunku Aziz

    Minutes before writing this article, I had just finished reading, for the second time after a lapse of some years, F.W. De Klerk’s “The Last Trek – A New Beginning.” He was, of course, the President of South Africa who dismantled apartheid and gave the people of that troubled nation a new democratic constitution, which saw the once proscribed African National Congress in the seat of power after winning the general elections in 1994.

    I mention all this because in spite of the fact that the Republic of South Africa had been under a state of emergency and under siege, De Klerk, in 1989, a few months before his inauguration as President, made a conscious political decision to legalise protest demonstrations that had been made illegal until then, much to the consternation of his security advisers. They thought it was madness on his part given the circumstances prevailing at the time. Why did he do what he did?

    Let him tell us in his own words:

    “We were faced with the fact that it would be impossible to avoid the gathering of thousands of people committed to the march. The choice, therefore, was between breaking up an illegal march with all the attendant risks of violence and negative publicity, or of allowing the march to continue, subject to the conditions that could help to avoid violence and ensure good order.

    “These were important considerations, but none of them was conclusive. The most important factor, which tipped the scale, was my conviction that the prohibition of powerful protests and demonstrations could not continue. Such an approach would be irreconcilable with the democratic transformation process that I was determined to launch and the principles of a state based on the rule of law, which I wanted to establish.”

    In terms of the security and public order situation then obtaining in South Africa, and the situation in Malaysia today, where peaceful demonstrations are illegal, the two situations do not bear the remotest resemblance.

    The justification trotted out with regular monotony by the government is so outrageously dishonest as to insult our intelligence. A government that sees a need to continue to impose an undemocratic law has no place in a parliamentary democracy.

    For F.W De Klerk, the man who worked himself out of a job, it was nothing more than “restoring what was regarded throughout the world as a basic democratic right.” [Emphasis mine (TA)]

    Perhaps De Klerk’s most inspiring statement in defence of democratic principles is “…..no vision of the future can justify any government to ignore the basic human rights of the human beings involved. No cause is so great that we should allow it to dilute our sense of justice and humanity.” [Emphasis mine (TA)]

    On that note, as our legal friends would say, I rest my case. Now over to our self-proclaimed reformist prime minister. (Please take note of what he called Najib Razak then!)


  30. I do agree with saudara ahmadi hussein. If he is a malay ordinary member of DAP then its ok for him to do all those. He should just go and quit quietly. He went off as if he has a vendetta of ‘four lousy years’ against the DAP!!! But he is a vey well learned and knowledge man of high credibles!!! Will he be given prime time slot if he is ‘me’??? I doubt it!!! Why the need for him to go on air primetime??? Surely if he is the presiden or the Secretary general of a party he would hv feeled like he has been stabbed in the back!!!!

  31. I beg to differ just on this one point here : The difference in this case was, before he called it quits, the Tunku has Affirmed the Right to Peacefull Assembly….but merely qualified it by emphasizing Not to break the Law….

    It was’nt even a ” Dissent ” but was purely an innocuous statement any Elderly person in ANY Party would make, reminding protestors on their right to ” Peacefull ” demonstration, and not to breach such right…..

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