Point of No Return for Tunku Aziz

May 16, 2012

Point of No Return for Tunku Aziz

By Joceline Tan

Tunku Aziz Ibrahim’s live TV resignation’ from the DAP will damage the party’s image among thinking Malays.

THE persecution of Tunku Aziz Ibrahim has begun in earnest on the Internet. The former DAP vice-chairman was hailed as a hero by Pakatan Rakyat supporters when he joined DAP in 2008. Today the same people are vilifying him on pro-Pakatan news portals, criticising his decision and calling him all sorts of names.

Politics is a cruel game but the anonymity afforded by the Internet makes ordinary people even more cruel and ruthless than politicians. The irony of it all is that some of the kindest comments made to Tunku Aziz have actually come from people within the DAP.

A top-ranking leader from Penang not Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng texed him minutes after his “live TV resignation” to commiserate and to wish him all the best.

Some of the DAP politicians who have seen him up close say that he is a principled man, he speaks like a gentleman and carries himself with dignity. They do not share his views on BERSIH but they respect him and are sad to see him go this way.

Selangor DAP leader Datuk Teng Chang Khim tweeted to critics of Tunku Aziz to “be passionate but do not get fever”. What he meant was that they should not go overboard in their zeal to condemn the man. Teng, who is also the state assembly speaker, was quite appalled at the name-calling that he saw on an established news portal and told a friend that, “I despise those who condemn him (Tunku Aziz) this way.”

Party adviser Lim Kit Siang, who often comes across as incapable of emotion, actually tweeted that he was “heartbroken” and thanked Tunku Aziz for his time in DAP.

Tunku Aziz caused ripples when he joined DAP but his shock exit is making waves although not everyone in the party is surprised. Very few people in DAP could visualise him continuing in the party after the very public fallout with their powerful secretary-general.

Guan Eng does not like to be contradicted and those who take him on find themselves isolated and struggle to survive in the party.But the question being asked is: What will be the impact of his resignation on the DAP? The folk in DAP are confident that it will have little consequence on their traditional Chinese base. The present political mood for the party is strong enough for it to weather the impact.

Their concern is the impact among the Malays, especially the thinking Malays. Many Malays were incredulous that someone of Tunku Aziz’s stature would join a party which had championed Chinese education and opposed the NEP – issues that struck at the core of Malay nationalist interests.This same group of Malays are probably telling each other now that they knew it would be a short-lived love affair.

The resignation will hurt DAP and its Pakatan partners where it matters most – the Malay fence-sitters, the group that will decide who forms the government after the next general election.

Tunku Aziz is merely going the way of other independent personalities like Dr Kua Kia Soong and Dr Lee Ban Chen who had joined DAP with rose-tinted glasses, found that they could not fit in with the yes-man culture and quit.

Guan Eng was reported in Roketkini, the party’s Malay mouthpiece, as saying that he wants to persuade Tunku Aziz to rethink his quit decision and stay on as Vice-Chairman of the party. It is rather too late in the day. Tunku Aziz’s dismay with Guan Eng was not just solely about being publicly rebuked over the BERSIH matter.

He had seen Guan Eng in action at meetings, the way he treated senior figures in the party like Karpal Singh and how thin-skinned he is about opposition to his decisions. It is a side of Guan Eng that people outside do not see and let’s just say that Tunku Aziz has been less than impressed by what he has seen.

If Guan Eng was sincere, he would have endeavoured to meet the older man much earlier. Instead, he sent his henchman Zairil Khir Johari to offer Tunku Aziz a position in the Penang Institute think-tank that comes with a stipend of RM50,000 a year plus travel perks.

It was the ultimate insult to Tunku Aziz who had thought to himself: “Is that how they rate me?” Tunku Aziz is an old-world gentleman who is often rather understated in his words and action.

The fact that he chose to announce his resignation on a live TV talk-show showed he had reached a point of no return with the DAP. The Tunku has crossed the Rubicon or to quote the man himself: “It’s sayonara forever.”


59 thoughts on “Point of No Return for Tunku Aziz

  1. An “analysis” by Jocelyn Tan ???

    Get real… she is an UMNO-BN stooge, prostituting her journalistic skills to put food on the table.

    I see the title, then I see the name. And I refuse to lower my intellect and intelligence to even read the first sentence.

    Bloody waste of time and band with.

    Next posting, please!!

  2. OMG, not again about this old goat. Why does Din, hero-worship him, I wonder. Why talk about Judas?????? Shall we move on to some thought provoking issues?
    I don’t hero worship anyone. But I believe that my friend, Lim Guan Eng, has not handled a very senior man well. Please write a thought provoking piece and I will be happy to host it.–Din Merican

  3. A little success has made DAP big-headed and arrogant. To Mr. Frank, UMNO and everybody else are pariahs. Those who do not share his views are vilified. I think his education has failed him.

    I stand by my views that Anwar Ibrahim who is consumed by his ambition to be Prime Minister, like his mentor Mahathir, is a menace to Malaysia. He is an anarchist and will not be able to govern. Those who have been associated with him know that he is all himself. Some of associates have left him. His supporters are mere cannon fodder to be used and then cast aside when they are no longer useful.

  4. I agree with Dato’. LGE has not handled this very senior person very well. Shame really. However the road to political maturity is full of challenges and all politicians back home have a lot to learn about the difference between being a mere politican or a true Statesman.

  5. I stand by my views that Anwar Ibrahim who is consumed by his ambition to be Prime Minister- Gurubachan Singh

    What an idiot of a baii. I have no qualms with your views on Anwar Ibrahim. That is NOT the what I said about you.

    Anwar is a politician, he wants to be PM. So what? That’s his choice of profession. You don’t like him. Don’t vote PKR or PR or him.But that is not the point of what I wrote.

    Read again what I wrote about what YOU said.

    Bodoh punya baii.. Nak cakap banyak, tak tahu baca pun. Gunalah otak sikit.

  6. Dear Gurubachan Singh,
    I must admit that I am not as educated as you but here we are discussing about TA, LEG and DAP. What has Anwar got to do here. You are barking at the wrong tree and you sound like a very vindictive person, especially with Anwar. Go and settle whatever you have with him elsewhere.

  7. What is this carma bitching on about !?!

    The garbage spewing out from her trap is for the benefit of her paymasters, UMNO. It is obvious that she is pouring oil into a small fire hoping that it will spread like wild fire as she is neither pro-LGE or pro-TA.

    It is time to stop playing the lollapalooza and stay focus on to what is more relevant.

  8. ” I agree with Dato. LGE has not handled this very senior person very well “. – Kathy

    So sensitive lah this old man . Why did he join a political party if he is so sensitive ?

  9. Tunku is behaving like a prima donna.

    Perhaps Guan Eng could have approach him directly and give him that “MALAY HORMAT RAJA”, where proctocols are more important than substance.

    Tunku is now seen as more form and proctocols than a man of substance by this action.. he resigned and he went on personal attack. A man of his stature should have just leave and keep his own council. That is more RAJA like than behaving like an UMNO apparatchik.

    But the man is a Chief MInister. What workload doesTunku have, that it is demeaning to him for Guan Eng to send his aide.

    Tunku thinks that because he is royalty, once headed the TI, that he feels insulted or slighted by this. Hey, DAP is a political party. Guan Eng even travels on economy class.

    Humility is a virtue especially for someone like Tunku. But it appears the man is just like many others in UMNO. Self-conscious of what they are, rather than who they are.

    I think, Tunku in DAP is a square peg in a round hole. In the last 4 years, I don’t see anything that is worth talking about. He even admitted he is failure in trying to bring Malays in. He was pretty quiet as a mouse in the four years in DAP.

    TunKu Aziz will go into history like Zahrain Hashim, Zulkifli Nordin, Ezam Noor, and those frogs.

    Don’t be surprised if UMNO-BN give Tunku Aziz a senatorship or some job as a Deputy Minister in the PM Dept.. I won’t be surprised.

  10. I might not be as smart as this gurubachan singh but does he seriously think politicians are not all about themselves? Politicians are all about themselves. They are self-serving. Some might say narcissistic. This singh probably thinks Najib is the epitome of selflessness.

  11. Can’t people just quit and not talk so much after resigning? He’s not an MP so he doesn’t have to explain himself so much. Why the need to say he distrust LGE to the press? Just move on.

    One other person whom I wish would stop blabbering forever would be TDM.

  12. Readers on this blog went overboard with praises for this guy when he joined DAP some four years ago and lavished him with praises , giving the guy an instant rock star status. I believe I was the lone voice then critical of his motives. Now the same guys who lavished him with praises are out to shed blood.

    Life goes on. I will have my morning coffee now. It is 5.30 am over here.

  13. His boss in Sime Darby looked upon him as a hard to control maverick. Does that not mean anything to you??

  14. Don’t be too harsh on Gurubachan Singh. If you know his other handle you would know he is only acting out his role as a troll.

  15. Mr Bean, yes I remember you had m reservations about Tunku Aziz some years back. I was ambivalent because I did not know much about his political leanings or his work in TI. I took a wait-and-see, thinking if he could help DAP into a less racially perceived party (for which it is not).

    To be frank, he did nothing or too little to have any impact. Tunku Aziz is a typical NGO-man, woolly-headed, airy-fairy, have ideas but unable to put into practice much.

    No wonder, he was offered a think-tank position. For those who talk more than being practitioners. In politics, you got to make things happen. Tunku Aziz does not have the skills nor the experience, to make things happen. Folks like him can only talk, but when the chips are on the table to make a stqnd, even how unpopular , they chicken out.

  16. I don’t believe he has his immediate and extended family members behind him when he took that unusual plunge into politics. It was uncharacteristic of the man. Those who know him know what I mean.

  17. maybe frank, outside of politics is where things happen. Those who queitly do rather than talk. I am sure there’splenty.What is politics after all? A sorry excuse for governance.

  18. He has always been a corporate guy, from a dying breed of Malay anglophiles of aristocratic leanings, not someone who wants to dabble in politics. That is for the common folks.

  19. Kathy, NGO-folks LIKE to make things happen. They can make SMALL things happen undoubtedly. Not the big ones

    Look at TI Malaysia under Tunku Aziz… what impact it has on governance in Malaysia. Little if at all.

    Bersih 3.0 can only make things happen because it has the political backing of the Opposition. On its own, I doubt it can create a dent.

    Tunku Aziz comes into DAP with an NGO-mentality. That was the problem he had, and that is what DAP had to endure.

    In politics, you have to act, and be one if necessary, “a bastard”, so to speak, to make things happen. Tunku Aziz cannot do that.. he simply can’t.

    I think Tunku Aziz joined DAP for opportunistic reasons, rather than that he thought he could make a difference in political landscape of the country. That is in hindsight.

    He had the benefit of the doubt. Now he has proven he failed miserably the party, and to himself. So it was a bit rich of Tunku Aziz to come out and make personal attacks on the DAP secretary-general.

    He dumps his apparent failure as a DAP politician into another person. That is cheap.

  20. Tunku Aziz crossed the line of respectability when he started to go public with his PERSONAL attacks on the DAP Sec general, immediately AFTER he resigned. Knowing that what he is going to say will be political capital.

    It is Tunku Aziz’s PERSONAL virulent ATTACKS in the media that is unbecoming of a royalty It is disgusting from a man of his stature.

    I would have respected Tunku Aziz much more, understood his reasons for resigning and would even defend his decision, if he had just resign and keep his own counsel ie shut up. That is more statesman -ike and more becoming of a royalty.

    Thus his action in the media is no different from the like of Zahrain Hashim. Zulkifli Nordin, Zaid Ibrahim, Ezam Noor, that lady-frog Hee from Perak, Tan Tee Beng, and other frogs, who BAD-MOUTH personal attacks after they resign.

    And that is sad because as a royalty, he knows that is very unbecoming of him and that of his stature as someone who had worked for the United Nations.

  21. lets examine that for a little.” make the big ones happen”. Lets be honest here frank, In Malaysia, only the Chinese have thus far been able to make the bg ones happen. (legitimately or not adn that is because also they have to work around a system that has failed them). They seem to have a network of web that connects to make it happen. Is it the psyche? is the feeling that they must always catch that boat? This enormous sense of insecurity or sense of not belonging has propelled them to make things work and happen and succeed no matter what. I see it even here. Its like watching what happens back home. They seem to make it happen overnight. You know what I mean frank. We malays do not have that network at all. When a malay tries to make it if he is outside the favoured ones, you can be sure some other malay wont want him too. Look at this troll called makcik, he will take you downright telling him what an idiot he is but with me, he will fight me to the core because I am malay, different in mentality and therefore at all cost I must be shot down. They will kill each other, mostly and then go and pray. Then theres that ever great “Sin” holding them back always.Beholden and bessotted to the imams and Arabs.

    Yes you are right Tunku is working from the definition of who he is. He can only do that he cannot do otherwise , he wouldnt know how to by reason of status, education or failure of the malays as a whole to unite and connect and understand what the Chinese and Indians understand and that is to make damn sure the future generations will be ok, even if we die doing it. We do not have the resilience.

    As for attacking in public, I do agree it shouldn’t happen. It si so uncharacteristic of him don’t you think?

  22. Kathy

    The chinamen can make things happen ONLY in business, when $$$$ is involved. Other than that, the chinese are pretty useless in getting big things done on a social side of things. I am not talking about the chinese in mainland china,,, in china, it is politics that make things happen.

    Look at the chinese education NGO in Malaysia… they get nowhere in achieving what they want. They talk and complain in the media about the UMNO-BN, that’s all.

    The chinese is not particularly keen in getting involved in NGOs or social organisations. To them its a bloody waste of their time… that will take them away from making money and away from their family, the two things of prime importance.

    If you want the chinese to get involved in NGOs to make things happen, make sure you convince them, what’s in for them, or much $$$ they can make….

    So your example of the chinese able to make things happen is faulty.

  23. Bean, Frank and others,

    Hhere is what Lim Kit Siang says as reported by The Malaysian Insider:

    May 16, 2012

    Lim Kit Siang has called Tunku Aziz Tunku Ibrahim “a man of principle and integrity” despite the former DAP vice-chairman accusing Lim’s son of being untrustworthy and lacking decency.

    Kit Siang’s son Guan Eng, the party secretary general, had publicly rebuked the ex-Bank Negara advisor for not toeing the party line and refusing to support Bersih’s April 28 “illegal street protest.”

    But party stalwart Kit Siang, whom Tunku Aziz said he still respected and has a decades-long friendship with, called on the founding president of Transparency International Malaysia and DAP to “move on in our separate but still common destiny to create a clean Malaysia.”

    “I would have been the first to welcome any change of mind by Tunku Abdul Aziz about his resignation as DAP national vice chairman and DAP member but I fully respect his decision if his mind is set on resignation.

    “Over the decades, I have known Tunku Aziz as a man of principle and integrity and my views have not changed one dot, as Tunku Aziz would have known in our three recent meetings, twice at his house and the third time in Parliament,” he said in a press statement this evening.

    The DAP parliamentary leader added that “if a parting of ways with his resignation from the party is unavoidable, let it be as gentlemanly as possible with the minimum of rancour and acrimony.”

    Guan Eng also refused earlier today to “exchange personal attacks” with Tunku Aziz despite the latter claiming the Penang chief minister had insulted him by “dangling” a job offer before he quit the party on Monday night.

    Guan Eng had also said in an immediate response yesterday that he would try to convince the former party vice-chairman to rethink his quit move.

    But Tunku Aziz, who was the party’s most senior Malay leader, has since openly criticised the Bagan MP in an interview with The Star published this morning, saying Guan Eng was “biadap” (uncouth) and that he did not trust him.

    “I have no wish to exchange personal attacks against Tunku but to convey the party’s thanks for his service during his four years as national vice-chair of DAP. Time will prove who is on the right side of history,” Guan Eng said in a statement that signaled the end of efforts to woo back the 78-year-old.

    Tunku Aziz told The Star that Guan Eng had called him on Sunday offering him a senior fellowship in Penang Institute and “[dangled] travel as an attraction” after his tenure as senator was not renewed.

    “Then yesterday, Zairil Khir Johari (Lim’s political secretary) called and repeated the offer and stated there was a stipend of RM50,000 to go with it.Totally, totally insulting, and I could only conclude that it had come from someone who had no sense and not even a modicum of respect.

    “Did he think I was that kind of person? This man has no sense of decency. The only word is a Malay word, and it’s ‘biadap’,” he was quoted by the English daily as saying.

    But DAP and the Penang Institute have insisted that the job offer was “genuine” and that it had nothing to do with Tunku Aziz leaving the party or to compensate for the loss of his senatorship.

    DAP has tried to reach out to Malays, who make up 60 per cent of the 12-million strong electorate, by recruiting leaders such as Tunku Aziz.
    But he has conceded his failure to win over the community to the Chinese-dominated party that has been accused by UMNO of being anti-Malay and anti-Islam.

  24. You are right, Frank. I believe the UMNO-BN government should give him an institute to head befitting his intellect statute aka with Dr Chandra Muzaffar. If even Dr Muzaffar can be president for International Movement for a Just World, why not Tunku Aziz be president for International Movement for Transparency & Integrity?

    Tunku can then organize international conferences and have Najib deliver keynote addresses about global transparency and integrity. Let’s leave these intellects on their high horses and the rest of us move on to fight for real changes.

  25. To LKS and LGE.

    You both have stayed consistent and magnanimous. While not perfect, the both of you have fought for a better and fairer Malaysia for all of us through DAP and the very imperfect PAKATAN. I agree with how you feel about Tunku.

    Unfortunately for all of us common and ordinary people, we will have to live with Tunku’s poor timing and method and choice of how he chose to voice his resignation. In his effort to protect his integrity and pride, he didn’t just reject DAP but he also put all of us ordinary people out to dry in front of the very parties that have exploited us the most. And they are UMNO-MCA-MIC-BN. Still Cry Geranimo

  26. Thanks Ahmadi Hussein, for the heads-up.

    I echo what Lim Kit Siang said… and to paraphrase, resign and go but go like a gentleman, without rancour and personal attacks.

    It is wise that Guan Eng said he would engage in counter personal attacks.

    As I said in my earlier posting, Tunku Aziz CROSSED THE LINE of Respectability when he went to the media and let loose a barrage of personal attacks at Guan Eng, who IS the DAP ( and was his) Secretary-General.

    And that is why I withheld any respect I had for Tunku Aziz before this.

    Tunku Aziz lost the plot. He should have held his own counsel after he quit. He already gave his reasons of his disagreement with the party without further engaging in personal attacks in the MCA-owned Star..

    Just go and behave like a royal gentleman ie shut up, instead of engaging in childish personal attacks.

  27. “Did he think I was that kind of person? This man has no sense of decency. The only word is a Malay word, and it’s ‘biadap’,” Tunku Aziz Tunku Ibrahim

    Why am I not suprised?? Nothing to do with anything that LGE might have said or done.

    Folks, time to move on.

  28. “..instead of engaging in childish personal attacks.”

    Unfortunately, i think that will not be possible. Being vindictively ‘childish’ for a person of his self-perceived stature and greatness, is a sure sign of irrevocable brain atrophy. It’s like an degenerate octogenarian or nonagenarian who plays with his own shit thinking that he’s making a cake. Sometimes we see it as a cardinal symptom of senile dementia.

    Be as it may, LKS & Son has gracefully said their peace. They are no angels, but they are not demons either. They will be the first to admit that they are ‘street fighters’. The demons are the One’s who call themselves Best, Bountiful, Beautiful and Bright.

    No matter what the outcome is, nobody with a shred of discernment will deal with a person who thinks that his ‘ethics’ and ‘integrity’ is better and beyond all others. You can be assured that this former founder of TI, like all the other founding members, will ultimately transform into ether.

    And yes, Frank i agree with you wrt to NGOs and civil society – they are likened to micro-credit facilities, as opposed to macro-economics of a nation-state. They know not what they speak.

  29. As LGM dad’ said, Tunku is a principled man and let us be gentleman go the separate way and continue our cause of fighting for a better Malaysia. I don’t know what happen between LGM and Tunku; however, this might be a good learning experience for LGM regardless who is right or wrong. Actually, I was surprised this article was not too negative. Lastly, let’s move on and continue fighting for a better Malaysia.

    Dear Sir,

    I am curious what’s your thought about the Malay view about DAP after this fallout with Tunku. What’s your suggestion for DAP if they do want to be a Malaysian Malaysia party?

    Anak Malaysia

  30. This Tunku fella got cubit little bit already crying like small baby. Imagine if they put him in kamunting @ sg buluh, he will definitely cry hell.
    Overly pampered man is not good leader.

    Frank, thank you very much for stripping this fella naked.

  31. Din :
    Hang tutup cerita tunku aziz ni. Boring. Hussein Onn and The Tunku resign from UMNO pun tak analyze sampai tingkat ni.

  32. ….like a spoilt child throwing tantrums.

    about arrogance:

    people having a lot of money and those with lot of power have to be arrogant sometimes if they do not want to be exploited by charity seekers and people wanting political favours.
    Guru, did LGE and Anwar turn you down in anyway? maybe they had a reason for it. you repeatedly write that they are arrogant. how do you recognise an arrogant person?
    don’t you see arrogance in the umno-bn government?

    yes Frank, in a normal democracy the politicians have to be doers if not they’ll be thrown out but in bolehland they’ll be rewarded.

  33. Cina Kedah

    Please criticize Tunku. Even YB Lim Kiat Siang praise him. I think it’s people like us that demonize Tunku that’s fueling this story to continue.


  34. Din :
    Hang tutup cerita tunku aziz ni. Boring. Hussein Onn and The Tunku resign from UMNO pun tak analyze sampai tingkat ni.

    Horse – May 16, 2012 at 9:32 pm

    lol … coming from a man named ‘Horse’? Could it be Sir Lancelot?

  35. wah! Old Frank is on fire! … Yup , Tunku should have left the scene gacefully… Say something decent , thank those whom he had work with and wish the country well.. Then , all will be ‘honky dorry’ to borrow Gen. Tok Cik’s favourite expression… Citing words such as biadap to describe an ethnic Chinese politician could only draw hatred from the mass majority of malays… Tunku knows this , and he goes out saying it anyway… We can see where the old man is going…

  36. Like man y people during the apartheid era, or should I say error’ he has gone black and there is no turing back. I have the highest regard for him because he playrd played his cards well. Now the problem is what do you do with all that money?

  37. ‘Biadap’ is a adjective, not a principle.
    Comes only from the highly principled, absolutely ethical and thoroughly righteous. Gimme a break. Last word on this useless cyclone in a teacup.

    So now the average Malay yearning for change will refuse to vote for this ‘biadap’ DAP? Yup. That’s only if they prefer Mr Guru’s prolonged probing.

  38. You guys fail to see how LGE tries to buy Tunku for that Institute post. That’s corruption. You guys only see BN’s supposed corrupt practices. DAP. PAS and for sure Keadilan is worse off.

  39. Tunku Aziz was seen as a gentleman. As a gentleman he had behaved well during his stint with Transparency Malaysia. But with his latest outburst, he have thrown out all the decencies and decorum that he had cultivated as an Anglophile gentleman throughout the years. If he had a choice I believe that he would not have put himself to ridicule by making a mockery of himself. It’s a mystery why he had turned out to be petulant and grouchy and is not amenable to conciliation. I surmise that this behavior manifested itself in self-loathing and anger because he is not in total control of his life at present.

    Let me explain. The timing of his outburst was suspicious. The bombshell he dropped was a surprise to many. He had not complained about his unhappiness and he had not divulged to the party his sentiment about street demonstrations. Out of the blue he began to throw punches willy-nilly. Then he repeated his accusations on national TVs and media, each time becoming more and more emotional and irrational; the intent was to inflict the greatest damage on the party he once held in high esteem. And the most unkindest cut of all he renounced the very principles and struggle that he had dedicated a good part of his career to promote, and made a 180° turn to embrace the opposite that he had deplored. Why did such a seasoned and hardened crusader gave up his belief in the brink of an eye? I think Tunku Aziz had been turned around by the Special Branch. He could have been entrapped or he could have landed himself into a compromising situation where he could not escape. I don’t believe he had been bought. Money is not the problem because he is financially stable. I believe the Special Branch had targeted him for some time and had finally got their quarry. The Special Branch is a unit that is specialized in dirty tricks and counter-activities. Tunku Aziz has a heavy reputation to support and he had no choice but to succumb to blackmail and be force-managed on what to do.

    The timing to expose the “evils” of the Opposition is always before an election. Remember Chandra Muzaffar, Ezam, the Perak co-conspirators, Zulkifli, Hassan Ali and the Secretary-General of PKR? Now it is Tunku Aziz’s turn to be forced to renounce his life work. I expect Tunku Aziz will be used as a tool to further embarrass his party. His latest diatribe had exposed him as a lesser gentleman. LGE has shown himself admirably well by not trading barbs and insults. Let Tunku Aziz destroys his reputation at the behest of UMNO.

  40. VSP, what at the behest of UMNO are you talking about? UMNO’s got nothing to do with it. He joined and quit DAP on his own accord.

  41. Let Tunku Aziz destroys his reputation at the behest of UMNO.-vsp

    I do feel really sorry for the old man. He is 78 years old. He has done good things and kept his nose out of trouble so far… until now.

    At this age, he should walk into the sunset and be contented that he is loved by a broad spectrum of Malaysians, instead of now be seen as a pigeon of the pariah UMNO Malays.

    I have to say I was very much surprised and taken aback, not that he desired to resign from DAP, or that he opposed to the sit-in at Dataran, but his virulent personal attacks at the DAP sec-gen.

    Kathy can confirm with me.. that in Australian national politics, a former Opposition leader, Malcolm Turnbull, who sits in the shadow cabinet is known to disagree with many of the policies of his leader, the Opposition Leader Tony Abbot. He was asked many times on this, but he said that his personal view is irrelevant once the party had made collective decision. His personal views are only within the four walls of the Coalition parliamentary team meetings, not for the public. This is what Tunku Aziz should have learned when he joined politics 4 years.

    Perhaps, Tunku Aziz, despite his age, is an inexperienced politicians.. he hasn’t eaten enough salt, compared to Guan Eng and the rest of the DAP leaders.

    Tunku Aziz should know that. In politics, you got to be a team player and be seen to be one… not to wash dirty linen especially to a Govt-own media. You make your grouses known among your team.. and you come out with the team, not as a lone ranger.

  42. Aiyo, makcik ah.., the Chinapek have great respect for the elderly, whether nyanyuk or not.

    This fella was offered the senior fellowship post after he withdrew from the senatorship, becuz The Tancho Man felt that he could still contribute to the well-being of Penangnites with his awesome ‘wisdom’ and ‘depth of character’. Unfortunately, his hyper-ego thought it was buying his loyalty pulak! Somethings never change, ergo Ego. After all, got some royal blood if not nobility.

    See all those bloated deadwood and space occupying lesions in the GLCs? Many of them don’t even have the stature of this Transparent fella. Like the business genius Felda Isa Samting? In fact most of them, nyanyuk and fall asleep even before you can utter Petronas, Mas or Roti jala. Maybe that’s Umno punya orang? Btw, don’t mention our most serendipitous national think tanks – they are all septic, but you’d probably qualify! Sudah apply tak?

  43. Most of us will not jump on the gun or shoot first before questioning.
    Seeing is believing, so they say.
    And after the news is all over RTM and TV tiga suku,
    Aziz’s integrity is not worth more than a dime.

  44. ” Tunku is behaving like a prima donna “. – Frank

    This man called Tunku , has proven that he is not a man of stature . Just another pariah.

  45. I think I or we all here, have said enough of the old man. At this point, I would leave Tunku Aziz in peace and allow him the space to brood over what had been said in here. I know he will be visited, sms and phoned by those pariah UMNO Malays to shower him comfort and support to his personal attacks on Guan Eng. If he has a chance to read what is written on blog’s blog ( I hope he does), we should give him the emotional space to brood all the criticisms on his actions.

    We can now move on to other issues at hand.. for now.

    I thank the bloghost for this.

  46. Thats enough now of trying to damage this man. It is uncalled for and disgusting. Enough. There is more tot he story than meets the eye. Do not go overboard with your wild criticsms of Tunku. Enough. You all are getting carried away.

  47. Just an old junk (surplus from the garbage).

    A man with principle and integrity will not resign just because of different opinion and not fight for clean/fair election for betterment of all malaysian.

    Can he provide any solution to have a clean and fair Election without a demo/rally from the rakyat? Can he sit down and talk to powerless EC to act fairly?

    If he resigned was due to corruption/unfairness/racist leader in the DAP party he had joined then I will salute him.

    Just a pariah Surplus and trying to badmouth and destroy a proven good party for Penang.

    A man with a vision to improve the whole nation will not look at the small issue like rally can damage the reputation. He should look at the overall improvement to have a fair/clean election.

    Based on his approach of old thinking, he should ban the use of internet, car ……etc that can pullute the young mind and air quality.

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