Harakah Daily on Tunku Aziz’s resignation from DAP

May 15, 2012

Harakah Daily on Tunku Aziz’s resignation from DAP

Harakah Daily–On Tunku Aziz’s Resignation from DAP

Just saw recorded (video of) Tunku’s TV interview as I was taking a flight. Heart-broken @ ending of Tunku’s stint in DAP. TQ  for  efforts 4 yrs n best wishes”.–Lim Kit Siang on Twitter

May 14–DAP Vice Chairman Tunku Abdul Aziz Ibrahim, given a prime time slot on UMNO-controlled television channel NTV7, tonight announced his resignation from his party post and membership, saying he would notify the leadership.

In an hour long interview aired by the station, Aziz, whose remarks criticising the BERSIH 3.0 rally of April 28 brought out into the open his differences with party leadership, called on the public to support the Barisan Nasional government’s ‘transformation’ programme.

“The government is listening. Although I belong to the Opposition party, I can see the merit of what they are doing. Give them a chance to show that what they are doing is for the benefit of all,” said the 78-year old, whose senatorship was not renewed by the Penang state government following his remarks deriding peaceful protesters in Kuala Lumpur.

Suggestive questioning, NTV7 style

In the hour long programme in which a pair of hosts threw suggestive questions on him, Aziz took pains to stress that he was not against electoral reforms coalition BERSIH 3.0’s demands, but was only against its decision to defy the Police’s warning against participating in a sit-in at Dataran Merdeka.

Last month, having denied entry to the historic public square, some 200,000 people gathered for the BERSIH 3.0 rally in several parts of the capital, calling for urgent electoral reforms be carried out before the next general election.

Aziz repeated the now familiar argument in the mainstream media accusing BERSIH leadership as serving a political agenda, saying it was “unfortunate” that the popular NGO was seen supporting Opposition politicians.

On Malaysian Bar Council

Turning to the Bar Council which has recently come under attack from BN leaders and top police brass over its stand last week condemning the police for the way it treated protesters last month, Aziz chided it for being “more concerned with politics”.

“The Bar until recently had a commanding influence and seen as fighters for justice and equity. But recently, for several years, it has been seen as being more concerned with politics,” he said, agreeing with criticisms by UMNO leaders against the Bar’s unanimous resolution last Friday.

Many times during the interview Aziz described himself as “naive” and “stupid” for his decision to join politics. Recalling the decision to join DAP in 2008, Aziz said he was obliging veteran politician Lim Kit Siang, whom he described as “the one man I trust”, who offered him a platform in the party.

In the interview, Aziz however disputed suggestions that DAP was a Chinese-based party, saying the party’s meetings were conducted in the national language, something he said was proof that it was “trying to change”.

‘I didn’t join PR’

Before ending his interview with an announcement that he would tender his resignation, Aziz claimed that he chose to stay on in the party for fear of “letting my friend down if I withdraw”, adding that his role as Vice Chairman was “somewhat circumscribed in that you are not totally free”.

Asked why he had not joined PKR instead, Aziz argued he did not know its de-facto leader Anwar Ibrahim as much as he knew Lim (kit siang). According to Aziz, he had only joined DAP and not Pakatan Rakyat. “I didn’t join PR, I joined DAP. Don’t expect my views to coincide with theirs 100 per cent.”

Aziz, however ,refused to be drawn in by the tv host’s allegation that Anwar had a “questionable image and reputation”, saying DAP’s agreement to appoint Anwar as a Prime Minister in the event PR governs at the Federal level could have been “for the sake of the coalition’s unity”. “Anwar seems to be the person best suited,” he added.

‘PAS no pushover’

He brushed aside allegations that DAP had been able to put pressure on fellow coalition partner PAS, stressing that the Islamic party was “no pushover”.

“You can’t subordinate PAS. They have their own ideas and strengths,” he said, adding that differences among PR partners were usual and expected.

Aziz, however, made clear his support to the BN government, saying it had done a “reasonable job”, although he quickly added: “But they could have done better”.

Praise for Najib’s ETP Agenda: Moving in the Right Direction

He said the BN government was moving in the “right direction” in the much-trumpeted ‘transformation’ agenda of Prime Minister Najib Razak. “They are on the right track. I have absolute confidence,” declared Aziz, repeating a familiar argument by BN leaders that governing a multiracial country like Malaysia is a “monumental task” – something which Aziz said the PR coalition had “no experience” in.

30 thoughts on “Harakah Daily on Tunku Aziz’s resignation from DAP

  1. Clearly Tunku Aziz is nursing a bruised ego. He could have been true to his principles and just let the matter slide away refusing to give an interview to a clearly biased media. That would have salvaged some of his integrity. But he didn’t. And that speaks volumes as to his character.

    Finally he’s just another wannabe.

  2. He should continue to be the Anglophile he has always been. For him a ride on the back of a buffalo into the sunset along with the bloghost, yours truly, with Tean-Rean scooping up the kerbau’s droppings and Tok Cik and retired U.S. Vietnam Vet Pak Semper engaged in a rearguard action is hard to conceptualize.

  3. Also involved in the rearguard action are our latest recruit Goolbatok Singh and a posse of loyal supporters Bendover Singh and his two sons Bendalot and Bendabeet and Justdoeet Kaur and of course Jaswant Singh forever looking for that one opportunity.

  4. Good riddance . People like this are actually reflecting their ” deep state “. And in Tunku Aziz’s case , his deep state reflects that his EGO and his curriculum vitae is more important then the challenges this country faces.

    He cannot be bigger then the party and neither can he be the party. So good riddance.
    Even Lim Kit Siang is more generous than you, Mr Nawas. Are you a DAP member? –Din Merican

  5. You mean to say Tunku Aziz was ‘bought over’? Then you do not know Tunku Aziz Tunku Ibrahim.
    Who ever this Hamid is, he does not know Tunku Aziz as well as we do. No money can buy this man. He is 78 years old and is financially okay. Money is not the be all for him. I agree with Bean.–Din Merican

  6. I was surprised Tunku Aziz Tunku Ibrahim took the plunge into politics the way he did four years ago. It was so out of character for him. To be rubbing shoulders with regular folks.

  7. DAP loses nothing. Come on, how many so called great leaders have left the DAP . Yet the party kept growing stronger and stronger every year. What has Aziz contributed to the party.? Zero contribution. He was not even able to bring in a single Malay into the DAP.

    Good bye Aziz and please join UMNO. You are no better than Ibrahim Ali, Hasan Ali and Zulkifli Nordin.Finally you had your day on TV and prime time to boot. What else do you want? Tomorrow every DAP member will forget you. I will say good riddance.
    You belong to the Abu Nawas group. You have only used one criterion to judge the man. Are you a DAP member? If you are, how many Malay members have you brought in to DAP. Ridiculous to compare the Tunku to Ibrahim Ali, Hasan Ali and other frogs.Think before you write.–Din Merican

  8. To go on TV to announce his resignation from party and party position before informing the party, in itself tell us plenty about this Tunku’s ego.

    Good riddance to people like this .

    Ambiga should be given his post . She has greater passion for the future of Malaysians and Malaysia.

  9. The fact stands that :
    1. Bersih 3.0’s target is ELECTORAL REFORM and even the BN Government does not dispute that there are irregularities in both the Election Commission and the Electoral System;
    2. Bersih 3.0 had not breach the court order against the sit-in in DATARAN MERDEKA and therefore is not illegal and the good Tunku had presumed that the protest will breach the court order and end up as being illegal;
    3. PDRM and the Minister had taken one person’s utterance to represent the “DEATH WISH” of 200,000 protestors and that utterance is just a reflection of the frustration of the protestors on that historic day;
    4. PDRM had repeated showed the turning over of the police car. But that same police car had tried to run over peaceful protestors before it incurred the wrath of the protestors as shown by various U-Tube postings and witnesses to the incident.
    5. For Bersih 4.0, my advice is for the authorities to just “stand-by” like what they do in the “cow head’, “Lim Guan Eng” and other UMNO sponsored demonstrations;
    6. The Deputy IGP is a laughing stock of the whole world for suggesting that Burger stall outside Ambiga’s house is totally legal? How about hawking licence from DBKL? Traffic obstruction on a public road by both the stall, curious onlookers and “customers”? Is the particular area a designated “food court”?

  10. Tunku’ Aziz , should now join Zaid in KITA as an ordinary member and work his way to the top.

    I don’t think he will make it to the top even in a lousy party like KITA. His personality, as seen in this episode, in itself will ensure that KITA’s grassroots won’t allow it .

  11. “You (Tunku Aziz) are no better than Ibrahim Ali, Hasan Ali and Zulkifli Nordin.” Sam01

    Do you know dogs Sam01? This is like lumping together mongrel to Dachshunds, Corgis and Labrador.

  12. He was and is essentially an “establishment man”.

    It would have been a matter of time before he found himself a bad fit in DAP. If not over Bersih 3.0, it would have been something else.

    I wish him well, but I disagree with him about the PM’s “Transformation” being on the right track. Its more a Decepticon type of Transformation.

  13. They got to him?

    The Spirit may be strong but the Flesh is weak especially with age.

    Sometime last year I remember Tunku Aziz’s comments on Najib’s and his governance as Leader of BN.

    01.I (TunkuAziz) would not buy a Second Hand Car from this man(Najib).
    02.We(Malaysians) need him like we need a hole in the head.

    Even I thought the above comments were too strong…but…lo and behold …
    his “praise” for the BN government …”They(BN) are on the right track.I have absolute confidence.”… is unbelievable ; constrasted with previous comments.

    Don’t think was “bought over” but perhaps “got to him”….SAD!!!

    The Struggle Continues!
    Hidup Malaysia!

  14. I won’t make any accusations against him, but I find it amazing that he is now sounding almost like a BN/UMNO advertisement.

    I’ve always seen him as an “establishment” man, but did he really have to go that far ?

  15. “The ship is more than the crew” — TA probably never come across this as he was not from Clifford School, Kuala Kangsar.

    Suddenly an exTMI chairperson saw the “positive impact” of “transformation” initiated by Najib and deemed demonstration as something against the law but conveniently forgotten the word “transparent” which he used to fight for vigorously. He lost his integrity just to salvage his ego. This is the usual script written for most of the elites who enslaved themselves with some utopia fantasies.

  16. True to the phrase – cant teach old dogs new tricks. Mongrels , German Shepards whatever , he succumbs to his on idealism .. The gracious old man had made his dissenting views heard , quits and heads for the door, On his way out , pays tribute to the elder Lim. (Lim) senior who garners lots of respect from malays non malays alike.. This much we accord TA credit for.. His praises of the establishment’s tranformation plan is widely open to debate

  17. 6. The Deputy IGP is a laughing stock of the whole world for suggesting that Burger stall outside Ambiga’s house is totally legal? How about hawking licence from DBKL? Traffic obstruction on a public road by both the stall, curious onlookers and “customers”? Is the particular area a designated “food court”?

    Jeffrey Lim – May 15, 2012 at 9:32 am

    That deputy will be given a character in GELAK_GELAK KHAS VERSION 2050 as pelis pencen la…kah..kah..kah..some screw loose la this timbalun pelis??? kah..kah..kah..?

    BTW..good for you tunku…dok gi solat berjemaah byk2 n lupakan politik nie –x bleh bawak mati pun? ???

  18. If BN is doing a good job (on the right track) then why did he join the DAP? He should have joined UMNO?
    And he says “he had only joined DAP and not Pakatan Rakyat.” He is talking through a hollow hat.

  19. The pressure of being a politician at his age is too much for him. But what a way to go, with a bruised ego and a big chip on his shoulder. It’s true what they say about politicians that they never leave peacefully. They either die or get dumped eventually.

  20. salam sir,
    could you relay to T.AZIZ my “1 SIMPLE QUESTION” AND I WANT “1 SIMPLE ANSWER”


    p.s. : to me, his answer will determine, dia ‘orang baik’ or ‘orang jahat’…simple isn’t it !!!

  21. If Tunku Aziz believes in diversity in opinions, why the need for him to resign? Shouldn’t he argue for his right to dissert from official party position if he is brought before a disciplinary board?

    Why the need for Tunku Aziz to announce his resignation from DAP in a prime time slot over a national TV station even before submitting his official resignation letter?

    Maybe when he joined DAP 4 years ago, he never expected a hugh public expression of discontent with the government like in Bersih 2.0 and 3.0. He probably thought politics is only for politicians. Being an old geezer and coming from a traditional police family who believes in rule by law (instead of rule of law), these hugh public rallies frightened him. He rather have small incremental changes which he now believes Najib’s alphabet soup will bring instead of drastic changes that the public demands.

    A good politician needs to have the heart beat of the masses without even being a good intellectual or administrator. Tunku Aziz is more of the latter.

    His interview over NTV7 has given BN a heads up. With the usual ‘proper editing’, his interview will make him sound like an UMNO minister. What will be more interesting is whether there will be other interviews and public announcements from him.

  22. Good comment, Jamal.
    TA is probably our friend Isa Manteqi’s alter ego.
    Slow-slow means no-go in this world of changes. UMNO is irredeemable as a 21st century entity, but they do have some ‘rare’ good people there who still insist on Carma and Entitlement instead of Enlightenment.

  23. I opt not to comment on him, does’nt bring us anywhere. irrelevant, as far as the quest for change is concerned.

    these demonstrations are not going to stop, nothing but the demise of umno will bring peace and harmony in malaysia.

    one last advice, never trust a man over forty!

  24. Why the need for Tunku Aziz to announce his resignation from DAP in a prime time slot over a national TV station even before submitting his official resignation letter? — Jamal Majid

    He must have informed the Party’s Chairman prior to appearing on TV. I’m sure of that.

    Let’s end this tirade.

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