Seeing BERSIH3.0 from Afar: The Bright Side

May 7, 2012

PART 1: Seeing The Bright Side

(Next Week: Part Two: Lessons To Be Learned)

By Dr. M. Bakri Musa
Morgan-Hill, California

In the aftermath of the largest public demonstrations against the Barisan government, the officials’ obsession now turns to the exercise of apportioning blame and the associated inflicting of vengeance. Both are raw human reactions, but hardly enlightening, sophisticated, or even fruitful. Besides, there is plenty of blame to go around. I prefer to look at the bright side and on the lessons that can be learned.

BERSIH 3.0 clearly demonstrates that Malaysians no longer fear the state. In that regard we are a quantum leap ahead of the Egyptians under Mubarak, the Iraqis under Saddam, or the Chinese under Mao (or even today). When citizens are no longer afraid of the state, many wonderful things would follow. BERSIH is also the first successful multiracial mass movement in Malaysia. In a nation obsessed with and where every facet is defined by race, that is an achievement worthy of note. Another significant milestone, again not widely acknowledged, is that the movement is led by a woman who is neither Malay nor a Muslim. Ambiga Sreenevasan broke not one but three Malaysian glass ceilings!

On a sour note, BERSIH 3.0 revealed that Barisan leaders (and a few from the Opposition) have yet to learn and accept the fundamental premise that dissent is an integral part of the democratic process, and expressing it through peaceful assembly a basic human right. At a more mundane level though no less important, the authorities’ performance in BERSIH 3.0 also exposed their woeful incompetence and negligence in basic crowd control.

In any mass rally you expect a minority to get carried away or be willfully indulging in criminal acts. It is the duty of the authorities to prevent and apprehend them, but not to use that as justification to treat as criminals the vast majority who are otherwise peaceful, or for the Police to behave like criminals in responding.

To keep things in perspective, and with no intent to insult those injured, whose properties were damaged, and those otherwise inconvenienced, the mayhem last Saturday was no worse than that following an American college championship game. More to the point, considering the vastly much larger crowd and the much more pivotal issues at stake, no lives were lost.

Discerning The Winners and Losers

As with a college championship game, there were definite winners – and champions – from last Saturday’s contest. As for the losers, there were plenty of them too. If you were to appear late on the scene or just a distant observer like me, it would not be terribly difficult to figure out who were the new champions and who were the sore losers just by watching their reactions.

It  was a tribute to BERSIH’s leaders that they did not gloat – the hallmark of genuine champions. They remained cool and confidently went on to target their next trophy, the removal of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Elections Commission for the pair’s blatant political partisanship by being, among others, UMNO members.

Although BERSIH was a coalition of NGOs, it nonetheless welcomed participation from all, including members of political parties. Thus there were generous representations from the Opposition as they too shared BERSIH’s objective of clean and fair elections. Again it was a tribute to BERSIH’s enlightened and sophisticated leadership that it welcomed their participation and did not try to control or otherwise censor their speeches and actions. BERSIH leaders respected individual freedom, again reflecting their maturity and sophistication.

As for the political players on either side of the issue, we too could also easily discern the winners and losers among them. KEADILAN’s leader Anwar Ibrahim described the event as a “celebration of unity, an awakening for liberation. [It] … shall go down in the nation’s history as Merdeka Rakyat when 300,000 spoke in one voice to demand a free and fair election. …. [Those who] came down in full force were encouraged by a sense of justice to demand liberation from usurpers. Their message cannot be mistaken – a free country cannot be enslaved anymore.”He continued, “BERSIH 3.0 represents the hopes and dreams of all Malaysians that the political legitimacy of any government in the future can only be attained through a genuine democratic process.” That is the confident voice of a winner.

Contrast that to the reactions of the Prime Minister, his Deputy Muhyiddin, and Home Minister Hishammuddin. Muhyiddin was first to the draw, threatening to make BERSIH pay for the damages, presumably including those caused by those ubiquitous razor fences, tear gas explosions, and blasting water cannons. For his part, Hishammuddin contemptuously dismissed the smashing of journalists’ cameras as “standard operating procedure,” only to be contradicted later by his Chief of Police. As many later found out, the Police smashed more than just cameras.

Najib’s hospital visit to the injured journalist Radzi Razak was a gracious personal touch. However, the heavily-covered media event backfired as it revealed too much. Radzi’s facial expression during Najib’s nearly quarter-of-an-hour monologue where he (Najib) apparently apologized to the injured reporter showed that he (Radzi) was anything but comforted by the Prime Minister’s presence or words. Later Najib blasted the demonstrators for not respecting a court order banning entry into Dataran Merdeka, conveniently forgetting his administration’s contempt for citizens’ right to peaceful assembly. The irony of the venue; Dataran Merdeka – Freedom Square!

In short, the political trio of Najib, Muhyyiddin and Hishammuddin behaved like typical losers, consumed with blaming others and seeking vengeance. They were not unlike the three blind mice running around as if BERSIH had cut off their tails. The trio may not be blind but they certainly behaved like three myopic mice, unable to see beyond their whiskers.

Futility of the “Blame Game”

Trying to apportion blame at this stage of the game, even when attempted by well-meaning and neutral observers, is a futile exercise. When done by political hacks, as most surely it would, the exercise would serve only to aggravate old wounds.

When you have dry rubbish strewn all over, cans of gasoline purposely left open, and match boxes recklessly tossed around, the question of who lit the first matchstick becomes irrelevant. There will always be someone who saw somebody else who struck a match earlier. Then the analyses and debates would quickly degenerate into the minutiae of determining the exact seconds or minutes, or interpreting what certain gestures and phrases may or may not mean in the heat of the occasion. Indeed such a puerile exercise is already well underway, and worse, it is being taken seriously by the authorities!

A more useful endeavor would be to learn ways of, metaphorically speaking, getting rid of the dry tinder, the thick brush of mutual suspicions, the open cans of inflammatory slimes, and the readily available matches. Such an exercise would require of Najib, Muhyiddin and Hishammuddin (right) to be other than the three blind mice. Mice, blind and otherwise, thrive in rubbish.

Najib et al. need to look far beyond their whiskers and ponder whether the laying of razor fences at Dataran Merdeka and turning the center of modern peaceful Kuala Lumpur into an Israeli-occupied West Bank, Korea’s Demilitarized Zone, or Stalin’s Gulag is the equivalent of removing open cans of gasoline or merely spewing more fuel. This point was forcefully made by a poster on one razor fence, “Welcome to Tel Aviv!”

There are hundreds if not thousands of such pictures as well as personal accounts of BERSEH 3.0. One touched me immensely. “Up ‘til Friday afternoon I was still unsure about going,” she wrote. “… Then I saw the photos of the Police rolling out the barbed wire and I saw red. Since when did our police, or whoever is their boss, roll out barbed wire – barbed wire!! – against their own people?? Are we thugs? Terrorists? Thieves?”

The observer who wrote that is no raging anti-establishment anarchist. On the contrary, Marina Mahathir is a thoughtful commentator, very much mainstream. She saw only the pictures of Police laying down those razor fences, and she was incensed. Imagine if she had been strolling down the street and been rudely confronted by that hideous sight? What if she was a foreign tourist?

Ponder the mindset of those who proposed the idea in the first place, or the personnel who laid down those razor fences. Did they think that Malaysians are such unruly hooligans that could only be kept away by those menacing barriers? Or were the authorities gleefully imagining and salivating in anticipation of some innocent citizens being ripped apart by those sharp blades? We judge others through our own image. To our leaders we must be a nation of thieves, thugs, and terrorists because they themselves are.

Najib and others readily referred to the damages done by the demonstrators while conveniently overlooking those incurred by the police, as with the unnecessary road closures long before the event. I wonder how many ambulances and doctors were delayed on their way to the hospital to attend to emergencies before the rally because of the massive road closures. Violence was perpetrated upon the city long before the first demonstrators arrived.

Do not expect much introspection from our leaders; sore losers are incapable of that. They could not for example, fathom that the laying of razor fences, widespread closing of streets, and heavy Police presence contributed to the violence. Such an insight escapes them.

Next: Second of Two Parts: Lessons To be Learned (Next Week)
May 7, 2012

Malaysiakini reports:

Dr M: Give Najib strong mandate to revive Internal Security Act (ISA)

Former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad urged the people to give their full support for BN in the next general election to provide Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak a stronger government so the people can demand that Najib revives the Internal Security Act.

The maverick politician, who has been in support of the draconian law, is of the view that Najib’s predecessor Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who was marred by cronyism, passed a weak government over to Najib.

Hence Najib, fearing the loss of more support, succumbed to pressures from the opposition and abolished the ISA, Kwong Wah Daily today reports  Mahathir as saying. He said if Communist Party of Malaya secretary-general Chin Peng returned to Malaysia, or a religious extremist formed a political party, Malaysia would not be able to stop them from forming a communist or extreme government without the ISA. Only by returning more seats to BN to form a stronger government, Mahathir stressed, could the people urge the government to bring back ISA.


Opposition not confident of winning GE 13

According to national news agency Bernama, Mahathir also said that the Bersih 3.0 demonstration in Kuala Lumpur on April 28 was led by the opposition parties to discredit the government because they were not confident about winning the next general election.Through the rally, Mahathir said, the opposition accused the government of cheating in the elections to reject the democratic results.

“….so they want to topple the government through the demonstration and Nik Aziz (Nik Mat, the PAS spiritual leader) said it is permissible to bring down the government in this manner (by demonstrations). They want to make Malaysia like Egypt and Tunisia, which were brought down through riots, and now Syria…. if the government does not fall, (they) can appeal to the foreign powers to help and bring down, even if it means using fire power.The people must think and should not allow this thing to happen by giving a big win to the BN in the next general election,” he said when delivering his speech at the forum organised by the Association of Former BN Elected Representatives (Mubarak).

Mahathir said the opposition would continue to create problems so that the government would look bad and dirty and thus had to be cleansed by the people. He said a weak government could easily be blackmailed and must entertain all kinds of blackmail to the extent that Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim dared to announce that he would form the government on September 16, 2008, although this did not materialise.

In this regard, Mahathir urged UMNO members to check their bad practice of bringing down candidates fielded in order to ‘teach’ the Party President for not selecting them.

‘Anwar impatient to become Prime  Minister’

On Anwar, Mahathir said his former Deputy was impatient to become Prime Minister and had planned to achieve his goal since he was imprisoned. He said a landslide victory for the BN in the next general election would enable the rakyat to continue to enjoy progress and prosperity.

“Malaysia’s achievement now is most amazing and far more progressive because the British, when they colonised Malaya then, had disgraced the Malays who were described as stupid and incapable of administering the country. The success was due to the deeds of the BN (previously Alliance) and now it is still a model country to most of the Islamic nations – which has led some people to become very keen to be the prime minister,” he said.

Also present were Mubarak national chairman Abdul Aziz Rahman, Kedah Mubarak chairman Abdul Rahman Ibrahim and former UMNO leaders.

14 thoughts on “Seeing BERSIH3.0 from Afar: The Bright Side

  1. As usual, Bakri is at his journalistic best with insights into what happened at 428 Bersih 3.0 rally as seen from afar. The Government was incapable of handling a huge mass of people totaling some 300,000 who converged on Dataran Merdeka (Merdeka Square) on April 28, 2012. This was an essentially middle class protest in support of free and fair elections. Our brothers and sisters in the rural heartland have yet to wake up to this and if they do, UMNO-BN will be severely punished come GE-13.

    It is time for the government to rethink its role in managing public protest of this scale. The people have spoken up and it is time for the Prime Minister to heed our call. Do the right think, face up to the issues of corruption and abuse of power and lead.

    Someone just told me that Najib has lost control over his administration. It could be that the master puppeteer of Malay politics is working his magic again, and Najib is only responding to his machinations. Mahathir said that BERSIH3.0 wanted to topple the government. He refuses to acknowledge that BERSIH3.0 is about electoral reforms to ensure free and fair elections. Also read what he said in Alor Setar, Kedah just recently.–Din Merican

  2. Tell me. Has Mahathir once, just once, sided with the people in anything. Or had the rakyats’ interest at heart. Sure he has built grandiose projects, but the bottom line was always to help line the pockets of his pals. The one-for-you, ten-for-me-and-my-thiefs thing.

    Has he even once berated Proton for producing shoddy cars. After over twenty years on the scene, all that Proton can guarantee is that the auto windows will work! And so thrilled were they, they splurged full-page ads in the papers. Talk about misguided pride. Did he shed tears for MAS losing billions, or TNB, a monopolist, operating at a loss? Indah Water created more sewage than it cleaned up. Did he tell them to clean up their act? That they should provide value for the hard earned money the people were forced to pay them?

    Anytime anyone complained, the Dr came down hard on them. Yet he never, ever screwed the big companies for dishing out rubbish at the expense of the rakyat. So much for the great leader. Even now he can’t wait to foment trouble. Knowing full well that those in power have no backbone to forge the destiny of the country for the better on their own cognisance rather than depending on this whitewash of a statesman.

  3. He wants the ISA so that he can make sure ALL who went to bersiha re imprisoned later when they win. God I have never hated anyone in my life but this man…I have no words tod escribe what I am feeling right now. If his daughter was really fighitng WITH the people , she would condemn his call right now as well. But I know she doesnt really care because she only likes it when people suck up to her. So Dr Bakri, I respect you but I dont really care about the Mahathir clan. They mean nothing at this moment in time. Nothing. So I dont care what Marina Mahahtir thinks or whoever she is.

  4. Jibs lost control over the administration?
    No-lah. I think it’s the other way round. The administration’s lost control over Jibs. Senior gomen flunkies are no longer sought out to advise – they’re no longer relevant, and the country is run by auto-pilot. Policies don’t mean dip-shit. Everything is reactionary to political expediency and nothing has surety. The ministers are mincing and traipsing on addled eggs.

    His Lembekness is cocooned by layers upon layers of Zegna suited ‘advisers’, who can’t tell night from day and whose prime purpose is self-serving. So much so that Lembek can’t distinguish the vitriol and hatred from the Birkin handbags.

    While many blame old fox Octo, it’s his own spinelessness, detumescence, cowardice and immaturity that begs an answer. Octo’s hatred for Dopey was ‘cuz ‘dia tak mengikut peritah’ among other things; while Jibs is trying to be his own ‘man’ without the cojones. If anyone in his coterie can stand up to Octo – it’ll be Drs. Flomsie, for it needs ‘weight’ and evil fortitude.

  5. Hey, guys, his daughter is pro-BERSIH because she knows that it is about electoral reforms. In contrast, her Dad is not accepting the reality of this and cannot forget Anwar Ibrahim. But she will never criticise her Dad. So how credible can she be, Dr. Bakri. Let me say that Marina is over rated.

    The former Prime Minister is stuck in the past and cannot see that politics have changed and with my disclosures of his activities via books written Jomo, Terence Gomez and lately by Barry Wain,a new generation is increasingly disenchanted with his politics of communalism, and crony capitalism. Universiti Utara Malaysia in Sintok, Kedah has a programme on the Thoughts of Tun Dr. Mahathir. How pathetic.

    I can understand Muslim Malays wanting to emulate the thoughts and ways of the noble Prophet Muhammad.The Prophet of Islam is admired around the world for his almost angelic qualities. On the other hand, it is sickening even to think that our Kutty brother is worthy of their adulation.

    I am sure CLF, Frank, Tok Cik, Mr. Bean and Orang Malaya have more to say about this disaster of a Prime Minister. Even Bendover, Justdoit, Justmender and others are disappointed with those who hero worship this Octo Kutty. Najib is just as bad as his predecessor but less clever. Mak cik kisses the ground Mahathir walks on.She must be careful because Belakang Singh is waiting for the opportunity to strike.

  6. “Our brothers and sisters in the rural heartland have yet to wake up to this and if they do, UMNO-BN will be severely punished come GE-13” — Dato Din Merican

    Brothers and sisters? Rural heartland? The last time I checked there is just Tean-Rean astride the neck of an overfed buffalo in short skirts flaunting his assets for all the world to see.

    By adding your voice to that of Pakatan supporters, and asking that our farmers and fishermen wake up from their long slumber, separate the chaff from the rice, the ikan bilis from ikan kembong, you are ignoring that all these are very expensive over where I am. Further our farmers and fishermen have long woken up from their slumber. They wake up daily to the smell of fresh brewed homemade coffee rather than processed Sumatra coffee from Starbucks sold at prices beyond what their unspoilt minds could conceive.

    Beneath that layer of calm and tranquillity and indifference is the conviction that under UMNO-BN or Pakatan life for them goes on as usual – and as usual is what they want. And rightly so. While you and I want to ride their buffalo into the sunset. They got their buffalo. We don’t. We have only Gurubachan and his posse of sex starved followers, Bendover Singh and Anal SIngh and Jusdoeet Kaur follwing us from behind looking for a ride.

  7. Now they may take the easy way out by making a “Fatwa” that street demonstrations are “haram”. That would take 80% of the demonstrators off the streets, so they think. It is not street demonstrations that topple governments but fraudulent elections. I hope that the people in Putrajaya are also keeping a watch on the global Main Stream Media and not just the local MSM.

  8. kera originated fr where if not kerala… So ol mad-ir must be kera-la… no need la to listen to this ol kera…behaving mo and mo like kera kena blacan..revive isa..chiisssh…minta rayat mandat besar untuk revive represive laws.. This ol kera has .lost his mind.. Orang malaya lagi teruk , have no mind , melayu cakap tarak otak for obeying this repulsive kera for too long…

  9. A 17th century Americano campaigned for the abolishment of slavery and abolished slavery he did what conrast and in the modern age as we speak.. A weasel of a mamak down kerala bay whose papa then emigrated and made his home adjacent to where Tean once lived ‘ is thinking of having the ISA as a mainstay instrument of the state urgh!

  10. Methinks we are in the final phase of battening down the hatches and priming the fuses. GE-13 is soon, as they seem to be throwing everything at the Opposition, including the kitchen sink, toilet bowl and dirty dish-water. Even heart-broken mother-son domestic quarrels are aired, beside the usual ‘pornification’.

    Then Octo comes out swinging with his blood-curdling street rebellion-revolution, ‘communist’ ranting and ISA-ing, besides his usual 14th century perspectives. Reiterating what Lembek needs to say and do to keep afloat. The reference to ISA is of course not ‘accidental’, as he’s telling Lembek to do whatever to destroy the Pakatan leadership, as he would have surely done.

    My speculation is that both SB and MI have warned against it. It’s just they are running scared, very scared. Watch May 11th closely.

  11. “I am sure CLF, Frank, Tok Cik, Mr. Bean and Orang Malaya have more to say about this disaster of a Prime Minister” – Guru.

    Guru, I won’t waste my breath talking about this Kerala cloth merchant neither do I have time waxing lyrical on Marina’s attempt at damage control. Everything and anything to do with Al Kutty is taboo to me. This past-the-shelf-life moron is one big yawn. Period.

    Thanks for asking, bro.

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