BERSIH3.0 causes further delay to GE-13: Najib is jittery

May 4, 2012

BERSIH3.0 causes further delay to GE-13: Najib is jittery

by Terence Netto@

Requiem for Democracy in Malaysia

Despair Not, There is Hope

COMMENT For a sense of the state of UMNO’s electoral prospects, consider how the question of what is a good time for Prime Minister Najib Razak to call for polls being steadily overtaken by a more distressing call.

This is whether or not he is indeed the leader under whose baton the dominant party of the BN can best fight the 13th general election.

The latter question bobs up on the back of speculation about what other damaging revelations will be uncorked by the ongoing inquiry in France into corrupt practices surrounding Malaysia’s purchase of submarines from that country in 2003.

military malaysia navy french built submarine scorpene classThe latest disclosure about then Defence Minister Najib having allegedly asked a French arms broker for a payment of RM1 billion to a proxy company for the privilege of commencing procurement negotiations with his Ministry may not be the only damaging morsel to come out of the ongoing inquiry in France into corrupt practices surrounding the whole affair; there may be more career-ending revelatory shards to come.

If indeed Najib’s liberalisation measures had been more substance than shimmer; if the national cattle-breeding project had not turned out to be a festering embarrassment; and if BERSIH 3.0 is not presently transiting from public relations disaster into festering sore, then the present judicial inquest in France with its potential to come up with subpoenas and arrest warrants directed at responsible Malaysian individuals would not be a matter over which Najib would lose sleep.

However, with a contagion of controversies swirling over the Najib administration, the question of when to time the polls – what with the clock on its necessity winding down fast – is now being overtaken by the issue of whether he is the least damage-prone pilot to bring the BN ship, via GE13, safely to port.

Liberalising drive

From April last year, Prime Minister Najib was been mulling the question of a propitious time in which to call an election. It was believed he considered holding it simultaneously with the Sarawak state election in April 2011, but then thought it better wait it out and see how Abdul Taib Mahmud faired for a better sense of what more he needed to do before asking the national electorate for the endorsement a new Prime Minister is traditionally in need of.

NONEThe Taib government in Kuching obtained a wobbly endorsement, sufficient to give the Prime Minister some idea of what more he needed to do before he could safely seek his own specific mandate.

Then BERSIH 2.0 was staged on July 9, 2011. The demonstration by the polls reform advocacy group upset the Prime Minister’s calculations.

The size of the crowds in support of electoral reform, its racial diversity and its generational variety forced the Prime Minister to defer calling for polls on the grounds he needed to do more than he had initially been willing to in order to face the verdict of the national electorate.

From last September, as a response to the signals emitted by outsize BERSIH crowds, Najib commenced a liberalising drive, coupling attempted reform of repressive laws with cash handouts to the hard pressed.

Opinion surveys reported that the handouts had created a feel-good glow felt by the have-nots for the Prime Minister but when the promised liberal reforms that his administration rammed through Parliament appeared to be more glister than gold, public sentiment began to run against Najib.

The Prime Minister had by then been stumping for votes on a platform of personal appeal. He as a new broom Prime Minister would sweep better than the much soiled party and coalition he leads, he was purportedly telling voters.

Sliver of chance

With his liberal agenda of reform shorn of credibility, the Prime Minister had a sliver of a chance to rescue matters by the way he handled BERSIH’s threat to call out the crowds once again in a third demonstration in four and half years in support of a hot-button issue: polls reform.

NONEHis administration feinted in the direction of allowing the demonstration before retracting its liberal-seeming leanings by first demarcating boundaries and, when these were apparently breached, responding with disproportionate force.

If the casualties from that reaction were confined to only participants in the BERSIH protest, matters would not be that bad.

Instead, a reactionary police force added battered journalists to the spiraling list of denizens who feel that the government is trapped in terminal decay.

Now the rot is so pervasive it prompts the question that even this late, a new pilot for the wobbly ruling coalition could plausibly pull a draw (a hung Parliament?) from the jaws defeat in GE13.

TERENCE NETTO has been a journalist for close on four decades. He likes the occupation because it puts him in contact with the eminent without being under the necessity to admire them. It is the ideal occupation for a temperament that finds power fascinating and its exercise abhorrent.

32 thoughts on “BERSIH3.0 causes further delay to GE-13: Najib is jittery

  1. Najib, be a good boy follow the 8 demands and don’t waste our time.

    1. Clean the electoral roll
    2. Reform postal ballot
    3. Use of indelible ink
    4. Minimum 21 days campaign period
    5. Free and fair access to media
    6. Strengthen public institutions
    7. Stop corruption
    8. Stop dirty politics

  2. Kutty says BERSIH 3.0 was out to topple the government. The Prime Minister is saying the same too. The dim witted election commission deputy head says the commission will not deal with BERSIH anymore . And Rais Yatim says Anwar Ibrahim does not ” care about the Malays nor Islam anymore “.

    Let all these scums say what they want . But when the time COMES we will all say WHAT WE MUST SAY WITH ONE VOICE AND ” BERSIH ” THE SYSTEM OURSELVES .


  3. Excuses, excuses, excuses, Ah Jib Gor looking for excuses to delay GE because he knows his days are numbered. He will use every reason to delay GE.
    You are spot on. UMNO must decide on Najib’s future as its President and as Prime Minister.–Din Merican

  4. The more the PM talk in Kelantan are proving that he will never ensure transformation in electoral system. He kept saying and blaming the BERSIH 3.0 objective is to topple the BN/governing coalition and he challenging the rakyats through ballout….well I will wait for the PRU 13 and believe me….his ruling time will be doom…..

  5. I’m not particularly skilled reading minds, but i think his Lembekness will do the seemingly unimaginable and try to catch his opponents with their pants down. He is presently trying to put blame here, there and everywhere except at himself and he seems to be doing so without any support from his Cabinet flunkies. Why?

    The sheer scale of vitriol, hatred and odium against the Establishment, has escalated since last weekend. It used to be that FLOM was the target of such vindictiveness (and still is); but now it seems that Lembek is targeted in equal proportion. Never has a PM of this nation been so vilified – even Octo. Whatever his expensive spin machine is doing, it’s not able to counter his opposition (both within and without the party) – and civil defiance can only boil over. There will be a ‘quickening’ of diffusion in angst into the rural areas which UMNO has no recourse to refute.

    We’ve got cornered rats here and they are known to be vicious. So, don’t predict. There are already too many Farters around and geniuses cleverer by half.

  6. Malaysian political and social scenes are reflective of many other regimes in their final days / lap! Najib’s days were numbered since the day he took office! Remember he was never elected, it was Kutty Kerala who twisted arms of Sleepy PM to appoint Najib as DPM! I am surprised he lasted even this long… we all have to end this rot and rebuild and consolidate our economic and social fabrics all over again, the quicker the better…

  7. Najib is making Malaysians long for the return of a Mahathir type, but one who is imbued with a passion for democracy and good governance. We had Badawi and now Najib who is a disaster for our country. His Cabinet colleagues should ask him to go for the sake of our future. Goolbuttock will deal with this Pekan manja boy and Bendover will finesse the job.

  8. Banana? I like Guru Nanak and his Blessings before plunging into action with a cute Kaur. Acaya hey. Orang Malaya likes Bendover. I thought he is straight. What you think, bro Bean?

  9. Gurubachan, I’m straight as an arrow but my friend Jesbinderjit ooops Jusbendabit Singh would like to get in on some of the action. Oh margia Ji
    He likes Ah Jib Gor and Che Mah Chot and show them what they are missing. They need to relax from all this politicising.

  10. Ah Jib Gor is dreaming. Why Kelantan so important, after all UMNO have been depriving and punishing the people of Kelantan for years now, but the Kelantanese are very resilient and very opinionated.

    Ah Jib Gor doesn’t have the support of the silent majority but rather the silent minority, those that are afraid to voice out because they are afraid for their periok nasi (maklumlah hidup dan kaya atas belas kesian dan tata susila UMNO) Kalau tidak, samalah dengan majoriti yang mana kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang walaupun dah lebeh 50 tahun Merdeka. Nak marah penjajah British tak boleh sebab sekarang dijajah oleh UMNO. Kesian nasib orang Melayu, pengemis di tanah ayer sendiri.

  11. ” Yesterday a confident Najib told the Gua Musang people BN will capture Kelantan with the help of ku Li.”… mak cik.

    I am not a mind reader nor body language expert… from the way he talk.. he may lost everything… yes… everything…

  12. The new style of government where citizens outside the ruling class are kept in obedience of the law is frimly entrenched in many parts of theThird World than they were ever in the past. Aided by morden technology governments are keeping the citizens exactly where they want them to be. I just read today that the Pentagon has come out with a ultra morden crowd control device that is mounted on a 22 ton truck. Biring it to where the demonstrators have gathered and then release sound VHF waves that rock your brain. In split seconds the crowds will run for cover. I am sure that many Third World governments would like to lay thier hands on this device and must be busy placing their orders.

    The so called Government Transformation programme must also include the need to reappraise the foundation on which the whole concept of human rights rest is indeed pressing. After having placed emphasis on universal education, surely you cannot build a nation by forcing the citizens into the mould that you have created.In this regard, our strong commitment to religion must be used in the exercise of good governence and just not for political purpose. We have to now devote our attention to expounding the meaning of the message of the various religions and organise a collective national movement to establish the kind of political order that is envisaged by our founding fathers and the constitution. We should not forget the sacrifice made by some of our leaders in the opposition and in government who have given up the luxuries of living today to uphold their principles.

    The technological developents that are taking place today provides more tools to further threaten human freedom and dignity. Our constitution does not permit an individual or a party on individuals to deprive the citizen of their rights or usurp the powers of the state. Nor does it allow an individual to to put on a false show of setting up a system and by means of such tactics as fraud, persecution, bribery, to get those who are beholdened to that individual in position of power. All of us like that wise man must do at the beginning succesfully what that fool does unsuccessfuly in the end.

    The way forward for Third World governments is to have an inclusive government and not one that is exclusive to certain groups of citizens.

  13. Makcik is talking utter s**t again. Again talking from his backside. What’s his purpose of coming here? To fulfill his RM 0.10 per posting?

  14. “Our constitution does not permit an individual or a party on individuals to deprive the citizen of their rights or usurp the powers of the state” Thumb Sucker

    Are you so blind and dumb that you cannot read Article 10 in its entirety??

  15. Yup Mr Bean…In its entirety…the right to freedom of speech ceases at the point where it comes within the mischief of the bloghost..!!

  16. So what about The Sedition Act??…If ever LorD William Reid’s giving more freedom to the executive and the parliament..??!!.

  17. Kesian Ah Jib Gor, tak dapat beri ucapan di Dataran Merdeka jadi terpaksa beri ucapan di Gua Musang. Agaknya berapalah jumlah pendudok di Gua Musang berbanding dengan pendudok Kuala Lumpur. Mengikut kiraan Mak Cik bilangan pendudok Gua Musang lebah dari bilangan pendudok Kuala Lumpur. Saya cadang Mak Cik balek bersekolah belajar ilmu hisab (bukan hisap ooi) sekarang ni dipanggil Matematik.
    Satu campur satu , dua,
    dua campur satu, tiga.
    tapi kalau ikut kiraan Mak Cik dan BN
    Satu untuk saya, satu untuk rakyat
    Dua untuk saya, kosong untuk rakyat.(cepat kaya)
    Ini kiraan Pak Man Telo atau Ah Job Telo

  18. Dear Mr. Bean,

    With all due respect it my incumbent duty to inform you that you have now officially become the people we are trying to replace.

    May God bless you.

  19. We?? I don’t remember the bloghost giving you the authority to speak on his behalf or any of the other readers giving you the authortiy to speak on their behalf?

  20. So now not only are you disrespecting the bloghost, you want to usurp his position? Go form your own blog.

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