Najib’s Reaction to BERSIH3.0 Rally: The Police were Victims!

April 30, 2012

Najib’s Reaction to BERSIH3.0 Rally: The Police were Victims. What a Joke!

“We must look at the proper perspective. In general, the Police were the victims. Violence was aimed at the Police”–Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak

Malaysiakini reports:

Despite injuries on all sides, Police were the victims at BERSIH 3.0 rally on Saturday, says Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

“We must look at the proper perspective. In general, the Police were the victims. Violence was aimed at the Police,” he told a press conference late last night after the UMNO Supreme Council meeting in Kuala Lumpur.

Najib was responding to a question on allegations that several journalists who were covering the protest had been targeted by Police.

“The problem is when facing mob psychology, the Police are also under pressure. Their colleagues have been beaten and their car overturned. It is not just you (journalists), the Police have also suffered,” he said.

Adding on, the Premier assured that if the Police had crossed the line in their handling of journalists who were covering the rally – the biggest in recent history – its Internal Affairs Department will take due action.

“If Police had overstepped (in dealing) with journalists, we will investigate and we will take action.We will not cover anything up, I am also concerned about the journalists who had worked during the BERSIH protest,” he said.

‘Wrongdoers will be charged’

Asked who should be responsible for the protest which saw scores of injuries in clashes between police and protesters, Najib declined to assign blame.NONE

“Investigations must be done first. We cannot simply take action, rule of law must take place. There has to be a fair and objective investigation and the attorney-general will take action without resorting to emotions,” he said.

Responding to BERSIH co-chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasan’s call for an inquiry by the Human Rights Commission (Suhakam), the Premier said it would be best to wait for police to complete its investigations.

Najib lamented that ‘certain quarters’ were trying to influence public opinion through the recounting stories of arrest and police brutality, be they truth or half-truth, on social media and the Internet.

As such, the Prime Minister said the Police must move to explain what had truly happened on that day.”There is no reason for us to cover up. Tomorrow, the Police will hold a press conference and they will inform the public about (releasing) their (video) recordings because the rakyat want transparency. We will reveal what happened so the people can judge for themselves,” he said.

30 thoughts on “Najib’s Reaction to BERSIH3.0 Rally: The Police were Victims!

  1. 1. Police investigating themselves ?

    3. “The problem is when facing mob psychology, the Police are also under pressure. Their colleagues have been beaten and their car overturned. It is not just you (journalists), the Police have also suffered,” he said.

    Note that he admits that journalists have also suffered.

    4. Finally, this reminds me of the infamous “police riot”
    of 1968 at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago.

  2. Yeah Najib, our ever so logically perverse PM, just like in the Altantuya murder case, Najib and Razak Baginda are the victims !! Altantuya’s murder was coincidental !!

  3. The only action Najib will take is to lie and cover up. He will then proclaim that the Police personnel on duty at 428 BERSIH.3.0 rally were innocent. The rakyat was at fault and yet it is we who will decide whether he is Prime Minister or not come General Election 13. How much more stupid can Najib get. We are not dumb as he is. I have to send Goolbuttock Singh to see him so that the Prime Minister can get real again. What do you think, Bean and Tok Cik?

  4. I cannot believe that a person holding the high office of PM of a nation (except banana republic) can make such a statement… The police have the law behind them, the full force of the water cannon, tear gas, sticks and whatever. What do we protesters have? I brought my own supply of salt, 2 pieces of towel, plastic bag of apple cider vinegar soaked tissues, drinking water, and minyak angin. How can I, a 55 year old, victimise the police? With this kind of talk, no wonder we see rising violation of the rakyat;s rights and liberty by the PDRM and other forces aligned to BN.

  5. You see now they will release a video ( because rakyat wants transparency it seems) tomorrow to show Anwar instigated it against the Police. Gosh its like watching a Soap on TV. We should call this the Good, the Bad and the Uglies. Prime time TV.

    Suddenly he will be transparent. BTW PM if the police are not being trained enough to cope with peaceful assemblies than your training needs reworking. Need advise?

  6. I was once an army officer and I was trained on the use of tear gas to disperse crowds in an illegal assembly and we were told that tear gas were to be used only in open areas. The fact that the police threw several canisters of tear gas in an enclosed area like the Masjid Jamek LRT Station after deliberately filling the station up to the brim with people who only wanted to take the train to go home is VERY CRUEL!

    I think the police started the violence, not the people.

    There were other police brutalities on Saturday and I hope they will be fair and just and show the good things as well as the bad things about what the police did and not just only the bad things about what the people did and only the good things about the police.

    I still think the police started the violence at the BERSIH 3.0 Rally last Saturday.

  7. Our Election Commission is backward. The sec gen , adnan mansor of UMNO Barisan is a moron .

    And our Prime Minister is a ……….. .

    Can someone fill in the blank please.

  8. How can you deny the Rakyat to go to Dataran Merdeka. If the ban was not sought then the problem would not arise. BN was and is still worried that the crowd could swell to 500,000 or more if they lifted the ban. This would have a damaging effect and that is why they barred the Rakyat. In a crowd of more than 100,000 there are bound to have some hot heads or bravado and from the way that the police treated them that there was only very minor damages to buildings or other properties shows they were not out to cause trouble like what happen to the London Riots. They were responsible and a bit more brash to go to Dataran Merdeka which we as citizen of Malaysia has every right. Let me say this; if the crowd had stayed behind the barricades and waited, the police sooner or later would probably charge and fire the tear gas.

  9. Guess who ordered the gates to the LRT stations shut? Guess who fired those tear gas cannisters at the multi-racial, young & old crowd locked out at the stations? Only God succeeded in NOT creating a stampede to further maim & injure more Malaysians?

    And your pm said “the police are the victims…” ?

  10. Ha, Najib, Najib!
    Before the rally you were silent, not a word.
    During the rally you were still silent, very very silent. No comment what so ever.
    After the rally, we heard your voice and you talk so much.
    Where were you before this ?
    Menyorok dalam kain Rosmah ?
    You heard people said ‘ Anchok Rosmah ‘ at Central Market, jib ?

  11. Yes the Police are the victims, the are good soldiers, following stupid
    orders they are not to ask question and to reasons why ? It is the
    authorities who gave the orders is the real victim . Let see PRU13 who is the real victim. The are no such thing as bad soldiers, it is the general
    who is bad, giving wrong orders, at the wrong time and place.

  12. And not a word on the issues raised by BERSIH nor about the Chairman nor his deputy of the Election Commission.

    It looks like the statement made by the 500,000 attendees at the sit in on april 28th 2012 means nothing to this Prime Minister .

  13. Yes didi thats why the police force cannot be paid more because it goes into their pockets to cause mischief and harm. Thats why.

  14. You know who the real victims are, Kathy? It’s us for being subjected to makcik’s imbecility and ludicrousness.

  15. Yes we are. And this troll still doesnt get what democracy means even if its front of his face in the fact that he is free to comment but we are prejudiced it seems against M’sia. ( What the troll means is we must support the Umno malays come hell or highwater, I can read between the lines!).

  16. Hello Din! Just to let you know, the picture of the overturned police car made it to page to of The Herald Sun here in Melbourne. Unlike The Star, reporting of what happened was unbiased. Oh and Nick Xenophon getting tear gassed made news here as well…

  17. That’s why we don’t troll there, makcik. Dengar kata Anwar bayar berjuta? Dengar kata??? Saya pun dengar kata yang mak makcik menyesal melahirkan makcik.

  18. didi, “dengar kata” literally means hearsay. So hearsay is inadmissible because its GOSSIP. Thats what trolls like, to gossip. familiar didi? favourite past time of those who have no other agenda than to cause mischief and harm. “whom the gods want to destroy, He first makes mad”.

  19. I agree with YAB Perdana Menteri that all “wrongdoers must be charged.”But not only those who did wrong on the 28th of April, 2012 but all the wrongdoers who have escaped the drag net of the law todate. Thank You YAB Perdana Menteri you have my full support.

  20. Najib’s reply is making himself a laughing stock to rakyat n the world at large.. He shd have said,’ the end result of a demo is expected to be like this,thank god not many were hurt’. At least show that he cares for the rakyat esp the one police car knocked down.

  21. Hmmm so once again the brilliant Founder PM of the Little Red Dot City Lee Kuan Yew has been proven wrong on his theory that brilliant parents breed brilliant offsprings…. He might have produced a brilliant son in Lee Hsien Loong and Onn Jaafar might have produced a brilliant son in Hussein Onn, but unfortunately both Tun Razak and Hussein Onn have produced morons as sons in Najib and Hishammuddin and these morons are deciding and managing my future! Adoi!

  22. Our prime minister is a turtle….hiding in the office and even no dare to come out to face it…if u n ur govt not full with shit den come out n face us all the a talk in front of the rally… bird…

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